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    This was originally written as a song, this is the first section before parts repeat and the tone changes etc. The theme for the songs I'm writing is loosely based around past, present and future. If anyone is interested in seeing the rest of this song then let me know! (These are my first attempts at song writing so constructive criticism is welcome).

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    For Now (You complete me)

    Sometimes I see you each day

    and sometimes not for a week.

    But when you are here I feel just fine

    (and) You make me feel unique

    Even when we are far apart

    Our friendship is guaranteed.

    Our distance can make my mind blur

    (‘cos) you are all (that) I need.

    We can build a life together

    Hand in hand we’ll make it there

    Journey on through stormy weather

    I’ll make time for you I swear.

    I will always be there (for you).

    Sometimes it doesn’t feel real

    How perfect you are for me

    I can find it hard to believe (‘cos/that)

    We’re like (a) lock and key

    Our goals for the future may vary

    (and) I wonder, will our love prevail?

    (but) For now I don’t need to tell.

    (‘cos) You complete me

    You complete me