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  • the_penfluent_stories 73w

    // Stand by me //

    Stand by me, oh dear!
    When I don't feel fine
    When life isn't perfect,
    Or when I loose my shine.

    Stand by me whenever I fall,
    be there to make me stand again
    Well, steady and tall.
    Stand by me when I
    Am drowning in pain.
    Stand by me when I need
    a shoulder to cry on,
    Be there to fill my aesthetic
    Life with some crayons.

    Stand by me
    When I face danger
    Be like no stranger,
    Stand by me when I count my tears
    Or when I carry my fears.

    Stand by me
    When I need to feel alive,
    When I need to feel appreciated,
    When I need to be listened
    When I need to talk.

    Stand by me,
    through thick and thin
    Blacks and whites,
    Highs and lows,
    The world may scare me,
    Spook me or defeat me,
    Stand by me so that I can
    Be weaponised by your presence.

    Stand by me
    When I am on the edge of the land,
    Stand by me to pull closer
    By firmly holding my hand,
    Nothing else I ask for,
    All I need is you to just stand by me.

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  • pramisha 104w

    I wrote a song for you

    I wrote a song for you today
    A song you always wanted to cherish
    About our love,
    About togetherness
    And all the glorious days that we shared
    Of the moments that we could have spent
    But we could never make it

    I have always listened to your songs
    Songs of melody or melancholy
    Song of happiness and sweet memories
    Or of tragedies
    I have cherished them all
    As part of our never ending love
    That love which is yet to be bloomed full from a bud

    I reminisce those days
    Under the canopy of the cherry blossoms,
    Smelling the sweet scented zephyr
    We traded our songs,
    To never apart from each other
    And promised to sing them together
    Till our heart’s content

    I dream about the songs
    The songs that you wrote for me
    About the story of our lives
    Of the magnificent times of our love
    In all those letters,
    You secretly kept under my pillow,
    Hoping I would read them someday

    And here I stand, under the cherry tree
    Waiting for our song to be sung
    Just as Sakura waits for her Haru
    Just as the autumn red leaves wait to turn green
    I wait for you, for your song
    To soothe this broken heart
    For how long will I be able to hold
    the tears that wish to stream down
    In the emotions of your song.

    Now to all the bittersweet memories,
    Engraved in my heart
    Like your name in the epitaph,
    Under the cherry tree
    To cherish all that love
    And our togetherness
    Quintessential time of friendship,
    I wrote a song for you
    A timeless melody for your symphony.

  • boundless_stories 119w

    That time U told me, sing a song for me,
    And I was confused. And I don't know what to sing ....So now it is here....❤️
    Dekho Dekho Jaanam Hum Dil Apna,Tere Liye Laye.....Laayee......
    Socho Socho Duniya Mai Kyu Aaye, Tere Liye Aaye......Aaayee.....
    For more lyrics and music go to gaana.com


  • poetryblisss 150w

    The crowd cheering in the stands. He breathing in and out before hitting the stage. Strumming his guitar, whispering the name of his one true love hoping she's in the crowd.

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    As soon as I reach there and closed my eyes,
    Picture of you came into my psyche.
    Snubbing all that applaud and cheer
    I am looking out at the crowd
    searching you everywhere.
    You are my spur my dear,
    You impel my mind taking away all the fear,
    I lift up my head, now I can watch you clear.

    Fingers automatically
    synced with the strings.
    Emotions keep wandering
    like a breeze of spring.
    Playing your favorite song,
    I wish you to sing along.
    Everytime you standing in this twilight,
    I'll be shouting from the limelight
    Girl! You don't have to worry
    I'm always with you and
    I'll be coming back for you!!