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  • itsssiya 13w

    #love #euphoria #tonight #sweetdreams #firefly
    #friendship #somethingmore heyy yall I hope your having a great day My friend wrote this poem and I really loved it so I wanted to post it show her some love @manasa_taetae ��

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    Tonight, I’ll send you the firefly from that day
    To your window
    That means that I love you

    I remember our first kiss
    Every time, I close my eyes
    And it takes me away to the farthest place

    Like the words written in the sand
    Where the waves are
    I’m afraid you’ll disappear
    So I always miss you
    I can’t take out
    All these words in my heart
    But this means that I love you

    How did someone like you come to me?
    If only we could be together right now
    How nice would it be

    Like the words written in the sand
    Where the waves are
    I’m afraid you’ll disappear
    So I always miss you
    I can’t take out
    All the things written in my diary
    But this means that I love you

    Tonight, I’ll send you the firefly from that day
    To your window
    I hope you have sweet dreams

  • emyflorencemoses_ 107w

    When the year is going to be over and I think about the days..
    My human mind usually forgets the blessings and the sorrows they stay,
    Teach me, Father to be grateful for the gifts
    And the learning that hard days have taught.
    Happy to move on knowing that my tears were valued
    And my smiles, they mattered to a few.
    Of how expected things didn't work out
    And unexpected wonderful things did.
    I'm not sure how the year ahead will be,
    I'm not expecting anything great,
    At least let it be one year with peace and love written on all days, and please never leave my side...❣️

  • roshannay 107w

    Enough with the negativity,
    I am not going to be chained by your betrayal,
    I made a muse of the heartache you gifted me with,
    I took inspiration from the pain that lapped at my soul,
    I am not some girl who will be broken by your actions,
    Am something more...

    You gave me a lesson I wouldn’t forget ever,
    My broken heart pierced me like a shard,
    But in all these hurt you forgot something,
    If you are the river, forceful and mischievous,
    Am the wind uncontrollable,
    You maybe caged by the dams of betrayal,
    You maybe stopped in the middle of your way,
    Me? I will always do what I adore,
    I am not some girl who will shatter and lose,
    Am something more...

    Chose someone else for all I care,
    Your loss will hit you hard,
    When the oasis you ran after,
    Will dissolve like mirage and tear you apart,
    I will be standing watching your misery,
    While you will yearn for my fierce downpour,
    I am not some girl who will mourn what never was,
    Am something more...

    Life is not given for regrets that blind,
    A human is the one who utilize them,
    I will let my regrets make me fine,
    With the hope I will wash away all my pain,
    You will watch me as I soar towards the sky,
    This is just a fall, an obstacle, as I learn to fly,
    If you are the wave that hugs the brazen shore,
    I am not some girl, am the currents that flow through the ocean’s core,
    Am something more...


  • darkclaw828 124w

    A New

    I long for something more.
    More than just my broken record day to day.
    I want something new.
    Maybe a beginning.
    Something that lights up that old spark that hasn't burned since my record's been stuck on repeat.
    A something that brings back joy, purpose, a future to look forward to.
    Maybe it's love.
    Maybe it's a friend.
    Maybe it's a new scenery all together.
    Or maybe it's all the above.
    I need a new story.

  • binchbegone 126w

    Something more

    I like you
    But do I really
    I feel the things that others say is love, but
    I don't know you

    And you don't know me
    The more I talk to you the more I am sure
    But time spent away from you makes me think
    Is this really what I want?

    Because I am not really sure I want something more
    Am I ready
    For anything that comes with pouring my heart into your hands
    I want to try for you

    I want to try for me
    But I don't know if I am ready for the risks
    Maybe that's my answer
    But am I really sure

    Because this is all a hypothetical
    I'm sitting here, on my bed wondering
    Not doing
    Is this really what I think

    It may be what I think
    But is it what I will do
    Some people say follow your heart
    Some people say follow your brain

    I want to follow my gut
    But my gut says that it's all a fantasy
    I've always loved things that could never happen
    Is this one of them

    Or am I mistaking my gut for my brain
    My heart hopes for something more
    My brain tells me this is not the time for a relationship
    But which should I follow

    Would I be happy knowing something could have happened
    Or would I be sad knowing if I just kept quiet I wouldn't ruin our relationship that was already there
    Not like there is much anyways
    For I'm just an admirer of you

    We are barely aquaintences
    Yet sometimes...

    I still wish for something more.


  • _mayee 134w

    Too much of him is poison she said. That he's a venom with which I shouldn't be playing with.
    Someone that could make you hit rock bottom but could still make you yearn for more like there's no saying no.
    The kind that could make you feel fiesty while you know that one wrong move and it's all a stupid act. Just one wrong dose and it's all dark and dead ...

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  • avihra 157w


    I can be polarised opposites
    Like mirages of rivers and
    sand dunes roaring
    Standing through dust storms.
    For you, maybe. Or maybe just for me.
    I can be flights of fire
    through winds dire,
    Be hexes and potions of
    magic uncontained...
    For you. Or maybe for me?
    I could be tamed and rough
    In wilderness and sober woods
    And so much more, or so less.
    I could be couples of varieties
    hanging throuh common ties,
    Or be musical journeys
    amidst strokes of nostalgia.
    Not for you, but for me...
    I wanted just an excuse
    To find the uninvented, unintended
    Uninterrupted side underneath
    And maybe, you were nothing
    But a simple setting hue,
    Ah! Yes.
    Maybe all I did then was just for you...
    Call it serendipity, that I seem to find
    more and more of me as you faraway go.
    Some sides so new, that to be them
    I've got to feel so mixed and matched,
    I am due.
    To be something, something
    different along this way, I am due.
    To be little more, I am due.


  • the_everwandering_soul 187w

    Adoration, can be for anything. A person or passion for something. Even our own life. As days pass, we learn something about ourselves, and the things that hold our interest. And everyday, we learn a little more about our passion, gain knowledge and even become fascinated by it. And slowly that turns into something more. For life it can be goal or dream. And if it’s passion, it grows so much it might even become our dream and goal. #adore #writersnetwork #pod #readwriteunite #somethingmore #mirakee

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    As I discovered new things about you each passing day,
    My adoration turned into something more.
    Something fierce,
    Something strong,
    Something, beyond my words could express.


  • super_poet_santos 194w

    “Give me”

    Let’s forget the party.
    Forget the fire belly feeling
    From alcohol that fills
    Our need for warmth.
    I don’t not want to be
    On a busy dance floor
    With blurry vision
    And music blaring.
    No, give me music
    That is the background
    To our conversation
    As we paint the walls
    With all the ways we want
    To solve world hungry.
    Give me art that
    Is multicolored liquid
    Too big for its canvas
    So we dyed the world pastel.
    Give me poetry in which
    The words seem to melt
    Off the page cascading
    Into puddles that
    Cures my inquisition.
    Give me nights where
    The stars remind us
    That we are just
    A very small part
    To an otherwise big picture.
    Give me something more.
    -Angel Santos

  • shawndanny 233w

    I was nice to her
    But being nice wasn't enough
    She wanted something more.