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  • ghost_writter__ 13w


    The moment I open my eyes
    I keep thinking about
    Our time
    Our laughs
    Our smiles
    Our Hugs
    Our Smell
    Your Eyes
    Your Lips
    Your Touch
    Our Everything
    Then it goes all blurry & black


  • icarus18 20w


    Somedays I am extrovert cheerful, happy and energetic... Spreading my energy and vibes to others making them smile and enjoy the moment..
    Somedays I am an introvert gloomy, sad, wanting to hide cuddled up in corner, not be bothered...
    Somedays I am hurt, yet smile anyhow.. Over thinking things, overwhelmed with too many emotions.. Times as such I write, about all the unease, frustration, anxiety, fear.. My words are all gloomy and painful.. Angry on things I can't control, angry on myself for not being able to keep my emotions in check..
    Somedays I am strung up tight, fighting with traitor tears to not let them slip easily.. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don't.. When I succeed I feel numb for a while, throat all clogged up and raw just to keep myself from screaming... Jaw set tight to keep myself from speaking something hurtful..
    But at times I slip.. I let that facade of being strong slip, I cry myself to sleep, I break things, punch the walls say hurtful things when angry.. There are also days when I can't put a smile on anyone's face nor mine.. There are days when I just want to sit in a corner away from everyone but still being held by someone..
    There are days when everything seems beautiful, I forgive quickly no matter how offensive the things are.. I make everyone around me smile, draw, sing while in shower or in the kitchen while making something delicious... When every little things make me happy.. And a cup of tea brings a smile to my face.. When I call almost everyone, talk to them, make them laugh and bid goodbye..
    But what I find strange is why everyone prefers me who is always smiling.. Why no one wants to understand the other parts of me.. Why am I always there for everyone no matter in what frame they are.. Why am I called a nuisance when I stay away from everyone and talk less..
    Somedays I am like the brightest Sun,
    Somedays I am pale like the moon...
    Somedays I am pleasant like the autumn wind..
    Somedays I am cold like winter frost bite...
    And Somedays I am just a mere human, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a lover, tending to the needs of my people, Iistening helping them cope with there problems, trying to help them as much as possible, trying to lessen there burden by just being there..

  • kjumai 25w

    I DON'T THINK...

    I don't think I'm starting to like you anymore but to love you greatly more than I ever did before.

  • muski_ki_baatein 25w

    Some days

    Some days we feel like we wanna talk to somebody and at the very next moment we don't just wanna talk. Yes it happens with each of us most of the times.We go numb no feeling at all. Neither pain nor smile! Everything appears as if it's the end, life appears to be suffocating leaving us in trauma that nothing will ever be fine. So the next time when You feel something like that just think that this will also pass. Just take a deep breathe and feel the cold breeze running through your cheeks, the blood flowing through your veins and that cute tiny heart popping out with every breathe. This is just a feeling for a while and after a couple of minutes or days or months ,You will definitely be in a different comfy zone!

  • theturquoisemetaphor_ 25w


    On somedays I feel like I am in a battle called life,
    On somedays I feel like I am a battle of life,
    Aren't we all a battle of life that none can defeat?


  • sidharth_jeevakumar 30w

    Some Days

    Some days I just want to walk,
    Holding her hand in mine.
    Some days I just want to run,
    Taking her in my arms.
    Some days I just want to eat,
    Cooking her favourite food.
    Some days I just want to chill,
    Having her by my side.
    Some days I just want to talk,
    Making her listen to my insanity.
    Some days I just want to listen,
    Giving her space to vent out.
    Some days I just want to sleep,
    Resting her head on my chest.
    And everyday I just want her to smile,
    Loving her for an entire lifetime.


  • rebekah_spencer 30w

    I don’t hate you .
    I can never hate you .
    I just can’t love you anymore.

  • selenophilic_873 35w

    Somedays I wonder

    Somedays i wonder
    How sun sets and breaks sky
    Into pieces of beautiful colors
    How the rainbow forms in company
    Of sunny summer drizzling shower

    Some days i wonder.
    How falling star even after a fall
    Awakens a spirit of hope in heart
    How even being just mere dust
    It starts new green life on earth apart

    Somedays I wonder
    How even after reflecting someone else's
    Light moon shines through the night
    How even after being discarded from clouds
    The rain drops bring new light

    Somedays I wonder
    How mere your thought enters my mind
    The way you wink love and smile
    How just your simple sober laugh
    Makes me believe everything will be fine

    Somedays I wonder ...

  • shivu14 36w


    Somedays it feels like there is a longing feeling of peace that cannot be found out here. I work so hard for that so bad that it is the only thing I want. And as much as I want it more it gets more hard and hard to get it. The feeling of peace- Isn't it what we all live for! Or maybe I live for!
    And somedays a moment of it I get, a lill moment like a flicker that appeared and disappeared, like it came and went and it is hard to tell was it truly there or maybe not! But that moment increases the longing feeling making it want more and more like a mirage. A mirage of water in a dessert with the thirst of having it all.
    I don't know is that somedays only I feel or does people long for this feelings too!!

  • stella_writes 47w

    Can't stop these tears anymore,
    It's like they just need a reason to flow,
    As if they were trapped for years and now they can't be tied up,
    So I let them flow for a while,
    Even in between laughs I cry and feel funny yet sad,
    I can't decipher it's cause or effect but I know it's right!

  • scribblesandmemories 67w

    Not much to pen today
    As my heart sinks in pain,
    I've been trying to cheer myself up
    But all that ends in vain.

    Some days are difficult
    And today is one of those,
    I'm in my vulnerable worst
    And maybe broken too, I suppose!

    So I'm just taking it easy
    Letting my heart just be,
    Tomorrow will be a new day
    And I'll shine again, as well as be happy!


  • ae_jae02 73w

    On some days,
    I tuck it somewhere
    at the back of my mind.
    And I hold it together.
    On others, just like today,
    I remember everything.
    Until it overwhelms me
    and then all comes
    crashing down.
    I become undone.
    Today may not
    have been great
    But when tomorrow comes
    we will rise.
    And we will try again.


  • revathymohan 81w



    മിണ്ടാതിരിക്കുന്ന 30 മിനിറ്റുകൾ


    അത്രമേൽ ഭ്രാന്തമായ ദിവസങ്ങളിലൊക്കെയും എന്നോളം അപൂർണമായ മൗനത്തിൻ സാന്ത്വനം നൽകുവാൻ കഴിയില്ല മറ്റൊന്നിനും.

    #somedays #scribblingthoughts

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    ഈ മൗനം നിനക്കർത്ഥമാക്കുന്ന
    തെന്തെന്ന് എനിക്കറിയില്ല, പറയാൻ വാക്കുകളേറിയ നേരം വേണ്ടെന്ന്
    വച്ചതാവാം, പക്ഷേ.. അത്രമേൽ
    കൈവിട്ടു പോയ ചിന്താചരടുകളുടെ
    ഭ്രാന്തമായ, ജല്പനങ്ങൾക്ക് മുന്നിൽ,
    ആശയറ്റു നിൽക്കുന്ന രാത്രികളിലൊ
    ക്കെയും,എനിക്ക് വേണ്ടിയിരുന്നത്
    ഇത് പോലൊരു മൗനമായിരുന്നു...
    എന്നെ അറിയുന്നൊരുവന്റെ
    നിശബ്ദമായ കൂട്ട്... വിസ്‌മൃതിയിൽ
    ലയിച്ച വേദനയുടെ മൗനം.


  • rachelc 82w


    Some days feel like a maze
    Some days feel filled with praise
    These days we cannot count on
    Be ready, be steady, and be drawn
    The sunshine catches my effrontery
    And memories remind me our life is not about luxury
    As I continue on, I see happy endings
    While on the other end, I see dreams rending
    No promise should be made
    No lives should be taken
    No one should live miserably
    Some days it is a blur
    Some days things spur
    You just never know
    Just take it slow, enjoy every moment and follow the flow


  • minnu_thomas 84w


    Some days are really annoying. I don’t find a particular reason for it. Simply the vibe is bad. Today was one such day. The problem is that it is not just going to affect me but all those who surround me. I can be a total bad vibe creator for a very happy person. That is the power of such days. Today I decided to think positively about them. Even those days help me in some way. Usually we don’t talk much to people on such days. We tend to isolate ourselves. We think. We rethink and we overthink.  Sometimes we cry for very weird things which might have happened long back. Well, it is not a total waste. Sometimes we might have a bad past. Some things which we promised to our own selves that will not be repeated again. This day might be a reminder or assurance to our own mind that I will still keep that promise. Time is a real consoler and at the same time, a reason to forget certain promises we made or to certain lessons we learned ourselves. Nobody can teach you that lesson you learned yourself. Nobody can remind you how you felt that day. That movie is just in your brain. This day might be to remind you of everything. To keep you in your pace of life if in case you have slipped out of it. 

  • manasvi_joshi 108w

    You'll Find.,
    Someone Who.,,
    Will Never Break.,,
    Your Heart And.,
    Will Always still.,,


  • unknowinglyknown 112w


    In this world of extremes, you are my peace. In this world of discords, you are my sanity. You are the song that calms my restless heart, you are the blue skies that i dream of in cloudy nights, you are my symphony, you are the light i see at the end of every dark tunnel, you there, you make me believe that if forever had a name it would be you.

  • freakish_galz 113w

    Some days

    Some days, I want to sit the near the ocean, so I would be isolated.
    Some days, I wanna dance in the rain, so no one could see my leaking tears.
    Some days, I wanna hide in woods, where no one would be able to seek me.
    Some days, I wanna be away from myself.

  • mm_manmeet 113w

    Loyalty isn't difficult,
    you're just immature...❤

  • writerz_spot 116w

    Some days,
    You don't want responsibilities,
    You don't want to
    cope with situations,
    You don't want to
    handle any last minute emergencies.
    You just want laziness.
    You just want to curl up like a baby
    and read a new book.
    You just want to hug your favorite cushion
    and sleep for some time.
    You just want yourself.