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  • panyin_odame 87w

    I Love You Too

    The first day I met you
    I must say that I smiled
    To have made a new friend
    Something I hadn't done in a while

    Little did I know though
    That you'd not be just a friend
    That you'll be something more to me
    Someone I'll cherish till the end

    If words could describe
    What I feel for you
    I'd tell you in a heartbeat
    And you'd know my words are true

    I know we've not been together for long
    It feels as though we have been
    Because of the love we have for each other
    I believe we'll make it together

    You've shown me; you love me
    I know you really do
    I just wish you knew
    That I do love you too

  • _paakhi_ 119w


    तू सनम तू खुदा तू दिलो जान मेरा
    है तुझपे निसार हर एक अरमान मेरा
    में खाकी से खाक भी हो जाऊ अगर
    तो भी चूका न पाउ वतन में एहसान तेरा

  • panyin_odame 120w

    A small pup you were
    The cutest of them all
    Chosen from a litter
    You stood strong and tall

    Not knowing what you should be called
    We craved a name for you
    Although it seemed absurd
    Your name showed who you were

    It's said that a dog is a man's best friend
    But you've been a closer companion for us all
    You brought us laughter
    When it had seemed like the end
    When everyone was down trodden
    When my broken heart was too broken to mend

    Although another might be surprised
    And think an animal should not be celebrated
    I'll celebrate you my dear friend
    And sing of the love I have for you

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder
    And I must admit that I've been left a broken mess
    Although the pain of loss might stay
    We'll remember the joy of the good old days

    If wishes could be granted
    And mercy shown to a bereaved soul
    I'd ask that you remain happy wherever you may be
    And that you'll be free from control
    Cos you've been a good puppy
    One that I'd give anything to again see

    And so I'll keep my dear dog's memory with me
    Safely where I'll cherish it forever
    In a place where all good memories come together
    I'll remember you, old friend,
    In my heart, my jaded heart

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    Someone asked me what the most difficult thing about having a dog was.
    I replied,"the goodbye"

  • panyin_odame 120w


    Home is the place dearest to me
    T'is the only safe haven I see
    When in life I become an achiever
    It's the place I'll always remember

    I do agree I won't be home forever
    Yes, I'll go into the world
    Although I might be far from home
    I'll have thoughts of where my beginning was told

    I do not know where this life will take me
    Nor where I may go
    And even with these uncertainties,
    I am assured of one thing

    That if ever my feet wanders
    And life takes me a mile away
    Wherever I may roam
    I'll always find my way back home.

  • panyin_odame 120w


    Relations are built, relations are destroyed
    Friends are made and some set aside
    Through life, we find different things
    Love, hate and characters employed

    Some people form deep bonds
    Bonds that keep them together
    And though trials threaten these bonds
    They stay as one forever

    Little by little friends are made
    Friends for life, they often say
    Memories are made and cherished
    And mistakes for which there will be later pay

    Though old age will catch up,
    And life will come to an end
    We are assured of one thing
    Though loss will leave a heartache no one can heal
    Love will leave a memory no one can steal

  • panyin_odame 120w


    Today I mourn
    Not the death of a human being
    Nor of a living entity
    Neither the end of a new dawn
    Nor the start of the day

    No, I mourn for the death of another
    Another that has been sacrificed
    All in the hopes of saving one thing
    But I think sacrificing the latter
    Would be far better
    And if I were to have my own way
    I'd strive for the other to stay

    Alas! It is out of my hands
    This decision is far beyond me
    And as it holds, as it stands
    I wait in earnest and live to see
    The result of this decision

    My only solace, my only hope
    Is that the latter be good too
    And if only this were a sure guarantee
    I'd be my redemption

  • panyin_odame 120w

    We'll meet again

    It's been so long a time
    When we had roamed the streets
    With literally nothing, not a dime
    Our beds, the thin linen sheets

    It's been so long
    When food was hard to find
    When hunger and thirst became our song
    When we seemed out of sight, out of mind

    We had parted ways
    At least we'd thought it was best then
    Had searched the world for days
    Not knowing, not caring when
    Good fortune may come our way

    And now I wish you were here
    Your presence a sure wonder
    Your jokes,so dear
    And it leaves me to ponder

    We'll meet again I know
    At least I do hope so
    And we'll find joy in our past pain
    The pain that for years will wane
    For our broken stories we'll mend
    Oh! How I miss you old friend

  • panyin_odame 120w

    My little library

    Imagine I was given a chance
    To have a day; a single moment
    To relive a slice of my past
    One that could be permanent

    I'd cherish that moment all my life
    In a little library I call my heart
    I'd remember our time together
    Before we had to part

    But to pick a single memory
    Will be a task of difficulty
    For my library will hold so many
    And I wouldn't like to belittle any

    I will fill it up with stories
    And take a stroll through
    My little library will be a promise
    That I will never forget you