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  • immanuel14 1d

    Blue Notes (3)

    Theme: Distant Memories
    Author: immanuel14
    Date: 7th Aug, 2021

    If only I existed in the subconcious of your mind, like you do mine.

    I would place the smell of rose petals right next to the portrait of you I have in my head.
    So you'ld remember to breath when next your thoughts are flooded.

    I would erase the feeling of sunlight and touch from your skin and expose you to the cold, so you'ld have to experience it all over again, but this time with me.

    I'll help you polish the mental image you have of yourself past perfection but leaving out your flaws because they're perfect already to me.

    Maybe tamper with the spelling of your name a little bit flipping it to 'Amino' which is an acid that forms protein in the human body.
    Then sit back, gazing at you with a smile on my face while you piece it back together.
    (Haha lol)

    I'ld shut the doors to your thoughts & fears and open the windows of your heart, to enable you see the beauty all around you.
    So, you would just have to look through to see the color hues.

    Lately, I realized that our existence can only be mirrored in the memory of others, and my favourite memory is the reflections of your smile. Damn, they're beautiful.
    Expecially the sirenic tone of your giggles, they drive me crazy.

    I'ld selfishly hide countless pieces of me in your favourite love songs, so you'ld think of me and maybe laugh a little about how weird and vurnerable I am being right now.

    I won't breed any false thought of the things I discover myself because they're false until you tell them to me yourself.
    So, do not worry about me invading your privacy because i'ld never violate them.

    I'ld immerse myself into the deepest shadows of your unconscious mind, and i'ld slip these lines into your nightmares, so when next you face your demons, you'll know that someone somewhere loves you completely and unconditionally.

    And maybe i'ld place butterflies in your stomach to make you smile whenever you look up to the sky and see how you light up my world.
    Hmm... If only I existed in the subconcious of your mind for a day, you'ld be obsessed about yourself too.

    Do have a beautiful day.
    xoxoxo... I miss you.

  • _unicorn21_ 1d


    When we move away from people and enjoy our own company is a bliss in bon. Sometimes you may feel low but it's strengthen you somehow. You can understand yourself more, you can be more productive, no dramas and sentiments . Just vibing with a fruitful work.
    Just realised that nothing is permanent in this world and no one is going to travel with us to the end of our lives. The fact is paths divides wide . Working, spending time for yourself is the only possible way to succeed.
    I seek peace in solitude, and brain works beautifully.

  • mr_stylezzz 1d

    If I'm just a body ,
    You are my soul of that body....
    But when you willingly opt to leave me ...
    It feels like breaking up is not an incident or an occurrence....
    It's a choice made by you..
    Now my body left empty !!
    My Mind settles down for the memories... Now it's enough it could live with your memories...
    Our favorite book and fav movie always comes to an end... I'll get enlightented that everything has an end same like ours...
    I have to break down million of times to remove you from my life..
    But u just ghosted me....
    Now my writings become my soul.. ❤


  • mr_stylezzz 2d

    Breakup is a choice......

    #solitude #healing #breakup

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    When I drink black coffee the bitterness in it reminds me of her.. Reminds me of the horrid things she said to me ...but still I don't keep the cup away ...i gulp down the whole of the bitterness within me...cuz. for me she is important


  • one_minimal_universe 3d

    Washing face
    To remove disgrace
    Trying to get rid of that stain
    I got while loving you
    With endless pain.

    But something
    Never changed
    And remained the same
    Like time...
    On my mind
    You and me
    Laying down on a bed
    Gazing in each others eyes
    Like infinity.

    Now when I seek
    My existence
    In your life.
    For something I wasn't
    Like your priority.

    You left me to rot
    Like a tarakota pot.
    Used, crushed and dissolved
    Back to where
    It came from.
    A paradoxical event occurred
    Rarely in my lifetime.

    It hurts
    It is something I never deserved.
    But fault is mine
    You moved
    I stayed

    A part of me evaporated
    In this cosmic incident
    The only witness I am left with
    Is time...


  • miswaram_ 2w

    Heal with Nature

    Travelling into the raw wildness of tranquility melted with the serene calm ambience of nature and from soil to sky the mind travelling... opening the eternity of blue sky and in night sleeping on a sea shore listening to sounds of waves fading away and absorb beautiful positive vibes, be yourself in a world of peace and harmony of innermind......

  • disisdiplim 3w

    When your close friends stamp labels at your personality,
    I know you are strong and you will eventually ignore it.
    But won't you agree it dam stings at that very moment?
    Like a metallic pin inserted in your soft skin,
    that hurts and you feel the sudden jolt of pain.
    And the overwhelming feelings crumble you and your eyes get brimming with tears.
    When you are asked on why are you single?why no one stays with you romantically?
    I know the critic inside will roar and
    blame you for being unloveable and docile.
    But trust your heart at that very moment,
    And know that you are assertive, grounded and
    you seek someone who respects your boundaries.
    And you would define romance as mutual love, sacrifice and respect and not unhealthy toxic superficiality.
    And it's okay to be single
    Its never okay to be in love with toxicity.
    And being alone is not a flex neither a shame.
    The thing that only should matter is how much are you in love with yourself and feel secure with yourself.

  • sophia_figueroa 3w

    Wind rushes by me
    On its merry way today
    Cool, refreshing gift

  • czarcasm 3w


    Words I search to be recognized
    Almost desperate with a plan I can't devise
    With no one that on me relies
    I walk each day, a ghost, comprised
    I want to be known for my writing
    But losing hope, a scope without sighting
    Like a waterfall, the water falling
    I have to keep my own self from even stalling
    Such misery is the one who is alone
    Their only comfort a simple phone
    Living numb but broken apart
    And looking for a place to restart
    What is a life with out a purpose
    Not just a me, a we... No, us


  • czarcasm 4w


    The twinkling in the far distance
    Shrouded by a pool of black
    Reminded me of something that this life had said I lacked
    Like a diamond you shine as if in the sun
    It's a moment in time I never want to say is done

    You shine so beautifully you inspired my species
    To learn about Astronomy many would say it isn't easy
    Such constellations are astounding
    That you have my spirit easily bounding

    Once the sun falls and mother moon rises
    A moment alone with you is what my mind devises
    I wish for another night for the sun is what my soul despises

  • i_shukriya 4w

    Solitude tastes like - fallen drops which descend without exception to adore the core but deserted when get traumatize the facet.


  • jan_balan 4w


    Solitude be like Citrus fruit,
    try to add sugar like good books and
    pinch of salt like movies.
    Sometimes it can be good lemonade.

  • immanuel14 4w

    Mirror On The Wall

    Title: Mirror On The Wall
    Theme: Self Evaluation
    Author: Immanuel14
    Date: 19th March 2019

    Here is my feelings put to words...

    Mirror Mirror On The Wall.

    What do you see? I wonder,
    Staring at my reflection, all striped of my pride as I ponder.

    I stand before you naked, with a deep void in my heart.
    Search my soul, I whispered as tears rolls off my eyes.

    I'm a being that crave that which has never been given to me "attention".
    But I don't seem to ever get any, and it hurts beyond measure.

    I feel pain within, for my dignity is fractured,
    can't feel numb, for I'm burdened by the uncertainties of the future.

    The struggle to understand human emotions is so intense.
    But still, I live through it all with pretence.

    A noble man I seem, as others would think,
    for my demons remains unseen, little do they, know for it silently lieth within.

    An expression of fake smile I put on, and none can tell.
    But my soul crieth out for help, and none can hear.

    I've lived my whole life, watching from the sidelines.
    All alone with my thoughts, while I find the bylines.

    I feel so lost & clueless in finding the resolve of my life.
    I guess it has all been this way all my life, so solitude is where i thrive.

    I'm in a world where I cant seem to find my self!
    Where have i gone wrong? I asked my self.

    But then, I thought to myself...


  • anupriyachauhan18 4w


    Which one is worse actually being alone or having so many people around you and still feel alone. Solitude is not the state of being alone, but how lonely you feel even when you are surrounded by people. Everyone wants to indulge in the conversations going on, but you just dont feel like it because something feels off each and every moment of the day. You feel like being alone, staying quiet, out of the sight of the people.

  • immanuel14 4w

    My Epiphany

    Title: My Epiphany
    Theme: Mind Space
    Author: Immanuel14
    Date: 1st August 2021

    Mind Space, my mind's place.
    The center of my solitude and aloofness
    You're dearer to me than all my possession,
    And sweeter to my heart than all vane glory.

    Mind Space, my mind's place.
    My self knowledge and acceptance.
    Through you, I know that I'm yet young and swift of foot,
    And can't be trapped by crumbling walls.
    In you, I have found aloneness,
    And the joy of being shunned, scared and scorned.
    Cause through it all, I stand firm and strong.

    Mind Space, my mind's place.
    My perfect frame of reflection.
    In your eyes I have stared and read,
    That to be enthroned, is to be enslaved,
    And to be understood, is to be levelled down to mere words,
    And to be grasped, is to be cherished and loved.
    Like a ripe fruit is to fall, be consumed and tossed aside.
    But yet, takes root and blooms again.

    Mind Space, my mind's place.
    My trusted companion.
    You shall hear my sorrows, my cry and... my silence.
    And none but you, shall speak to me of my ripped wings while watching feathers glide through the wind, falling.
    Or drowning in the raging seas of thought or the mountains that burneth through the night.
    Cause you alone can grasp this gekyume.

    Mind Space, my mind's place.
    My fearless courage in the face of death.
    You and I shall laugh together at the storms when they pass.
    And together we shall dig graves for all that dies within us.
    And we shall stand together at sunset reading their wills.
    Reminiscing on old memories, fading off with the wind into the sunset like dandelions.
    And we shall be lay them to rest.
    And keeping moving.


  • bharathkoli 5w


    This moon transfers me its solitude inspite of so many sparkly warkly.

  • fervent_writing 6w

    "Have you ever felt that,

    Even though having so many people in your life, sometimes you feel like you don't have anybody who understands you completely.."


  • devdevil 7w

    Somedays I love myself a little more that I laugh alone so hard, dance alone madly,sing out loudly, kiss myself in the mirror, record myself being weird and watch it on a repeat mode.

  • the_fragile_broken_and_lost 7w

    And Then

    And then she did,
    Find her way through.
    And then she did,
    Grow in into the shoes made to fit her.
    And then she did,
    Look the other way from negativity.
    And then she did,
    See from all new perspectives.
    And then she did,
    Learned from her pain.
    And then she did,
    Lose her mind at times.
    And then she did,
    Know better than to trust anyone.
    And then she did,
    Know better, than to look back.
    And she did,
    She finally understood.
    And then she did,
    Grow into her shoes.
    And then she did,
    Find the solitude she craved.
    And then she did,
    Recognize her reflection.
    And then she did,
    Accept herself, as she was.
    And then she did,
    See herself, in a different way.
    And then she did,
    Know how it felt to just be.

  • dharshinisg 7w

    A phone is worth a friend indeed.....

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    A ray of light

    Wrapped in quilt
    And accompanied by solitude
    I was lying in my cot
    With the wind being my listener
    I laughed out loud
    At the ray of light
    That my phone gave out
    For it was my comrade
    When I am alone........