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  • biswajitdev 2w

    Isn't it strange to write a letter to strangers! You don't know name, locality nothing.
    But sometimes it's better to write such letters as someone may seek love, hope, & solicitude in its solitude.

    My #LetterToStranger, To Whoever Finds This.
    Drop a ❤ if you can relate and convey your suggestions without any hesitation. #Stranger
    Dear Stranger,

    Everyone covets for the gift of serene sunshine & rapturous rain
    But ever wonder, Will these be awarded without any pain !

    Neither dark night passes away peacefully nor breeze sings lullaby always
    Dauntless soldier fights against any adversities coming across its voyage.

    Steer ship of your life towards land of dreams, not to halt through storm & scream
    Leaving the darkest nights of terror, rise & sail until it became a half-remembered dream.

    None can shatter your zesty spirit into pieces
    Ride waves of joy instead being buried under the sea of sadness.

    I'm a stranger to you like a lighthouse to sailor
    Guiding with light of love, hope and solicitude even in solitude, when the sky is paler.

    You're the sailor of your life.
    Your journey & story are important.

    Hope to see you on the other end of Universe.
    Mr. Stranger

    * GLOSSARY :-
    Covet - Strongly desire, Serene - Calm & Peaceful, Rapturous - Joyous or Blissful, Wonder - Feeling of amazement, Breeze - Gentle wind, Lullaby - Gentle song, Dauntless - Fearless, Adversity - Hardship or Unpleasant situation, Voyage - Journey, Halt - Stop, Scream - Make a loud cry, Shatter - Break, Zesty - Pleasing, Bury - To cover something, Solicitude - Care & Concern, Pale - Less colour *
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    Background Image credit to the rightful owner

    Heartiest thanks for the kind visit @writersnetwork. I'm on cloud nine ����

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  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 4w


    Sitting alongside the bonfire,
    amidst the feilds of snow.
    Where he had never been prior,
    melting within, acted to be strong though.

    It was his first time far from where his cottage stayed,
    from the grasses and sand of his small village.
    His land where his baby footprints still jumped and played,
    to uphold the vows, he took in school through the Indian pledge.

    Sitting away from crowd, privacy he sought,
    to unpack the boxes that he had brought.
    That contained his uniforms, neatly pressed,
    along with the requisites to get decked up & dressed.

    He found a small box, a mini tiffin,
    Bearing sweets, he loved since he had no teeth within,
    The aroma of pure love of his old mother,
    fused with the winds of unfriendly weather.

    He found a tiny doll, as he digged further,
    so that he could hug it, when he missed his daughter.
    A paper bearing the cologne of his wife, he opened,
    with rhymes of love and ink of tears which was dampened.

    The last thing with shivering hands and teary eyes,
    he found in the bag that rode on him through deserts and ice,
    was an idol of Lord Ganesha, he cried & held close to his heart,
    put by his father to hold him intact; never let him fall apart.

    #soldier #family #seperation #pain #tears #bond #mirakee #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #writerscommunity

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  • arya_ballal 5w

    Wow! This is going to be a long one! Buckle up, and enjoy the journey!! (Btw, I know its kinda late to do a free-verse challenge, but here it goes!!).

    I remember;
    The distant chattering in my mind;
    For what I believed and what I didn't;
    Just faded away like a foggy mist in a chilly night;
    I took the keys;
    And started brushing past the gushy fields;
    There was not a single flower that blossomed this morning;
    Not a single patch of green land;
    Just a completely barren land;
    Its futile presence made me question God;
    Why did he make this barren land, when he had nothing to do with its fertility at all?
    Why does the sky lack a shade of blue today;
    When there's not a single rainbow cast in the month of May;
    The thick mist taking over swift roads;
    As if its overbeautifying itself on these shrewd roads;
    I feel the soldiers approach me;
    As I get down from my car, ready to escape from this sanitized insanity;
    I start to run;
    No thoughts of today or tomorrow;
    No hopes of joy or sorrow;
    Emptiness filled within me;
    Thickness in the air that I breathe;
    I take a look back and there are my friends;
    Promised to stay with me in the military;
    Often questioned about life, genius answers given indeed;
    I spent my life with them;
    They shoot a bullet at me;
    The ten years of torture singularized into a particle piercing through me;
    The undying pain indeed;
    I am a soldier and shouldn't be hurt by bullets;
    But then I'm a human with blood and flesh;
    First time experiencing a shot at me;
    My body burning from inside;
    My insides turning along with the pain;
    I take a step forward and plunge into the other side;
    A side I have no idea of being right or wrong;
    A side unidentified, unheard, and always misjudged for;
    I collapse on another ground for the first time;
    I could see my land in front of me;
    The soil I promised to serve;
    The position I worked so hard to deserve;
    The people now I am parting with;
    My soldiers, and my family;
    The sky is still a shade lower than Blue;
    The land is still barren, now with blood, a sanguine hue;
    An escape that nobody would be proud of;
    A fear and torture, nobody would be heard of;
    I may have disappointed millions by not serving my country;
    I may have been a star for billions for showing the reality;
    I am not a soldier who chose to live before serving,
    I am a human who chose life before a country.....

    *The famous escape of a soldier from North Korea. No words needed to explain anything. The name speaks for itself. He was shot 5 to 6 times before escaping to South Korea. He was then hospitalized and it was found out he had eaten bugs. Turns out the soldiers had to eat bugs to survive. He suffered multiple injuries. He is in his 20s living in South Korea. Just like him, many other people escaped. Did they deserve so much pain?*

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @_create_23

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    I am a human who chose life before country


  • unnati_writes 8w

    One that blundered with hundreds;
    Ignoring his safety, combat with tons!
    He is a soldier a die hearted personage;
    Not only brawl, but also make us one.
    Bravery be told among whole of the world;
    Salute to his mankind and natural humour!

    National beat his favourite rhyme,
    Tricolour his favourite colours;
    He is a kind of unworn dream,
    Of, every Indian mother!

    Lullaby, his dream, a nap in mothers lap!
    The best he consider, is sleeping at the deck!
    Giving his last breathe, in honour of the flag;
    He counts his end moments, dedicate to his motherland!

    Let's count from one to twelve,
    Without making any tumult;
    In every breathe you take,
    Thousands unheard unrest.

    Take his name in a sigh,
    Let his soul be relived;
    Re-alive his renunciation,
    Forgetting all the treaties.

    His soul is the purest,
    Purest is his kind heart!
    Search for the betterment;
    To fill his blind part!

    Make your country, his dream;
    Give his sacrifice a faith!
    Give him a bit more value;
    Draw his country as he trained!


    Giving us many faiths to live,
    They sacrifice their life in midst.
    What about those mothers who
    don't even see their dead kids;
    And those fathers who train them
    themselves to be national devotees!
    - unnati

    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #wod #soldier #support #ironman

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    Bravo! A brave soldier...

  • thewriting_ace 8w

    Dear love,

    I hope that you are alright. You must be wondering why I care to write you a letter? when I didn't care to leave you on the second day of our marriage, without even informing. I understand your anger.
    But for a soldier like me, duty always comes first.
    Yeah, but that doesn't mean that you are not my priority. From the first day that I've loved you, you are my priority. And the first time that I've seen you I fell in love with you. I still remember the first time we met at that coffee house. You came in that pretty red dress holding your beautiful precious smile on your face. That was the moment I fell for you. For a moment I forgot my reason to be there. And when you said "hello" & asked my name I forgot that too. I was there for my tinder date & you came to see the boy your father had chosen for you. You thought me to be that boy but I wasn't & I knew that but I never wanted to lose that one chance to talk to you so I never said that. And day by day you fell in love with me. Those misunderstandings led us to our marriage. I remember every detail of the moments that I've spent with you.
    I love you.
    But still, I chose to go, leaving you alone. Even when I knew that maybe I won't come back. Yeah, we are in a war condition here & I don't know if I would ever be able to make it back to you. But I am here to save my country & to make sure that everyone sleeps feeling secured. It's my duty love, I have to stay here & fight. If I don't then everyone will lose the people prior to them. I've pledged to save them.
    Dear, I hope you'll understand & forgive me.
    And when I die, don't cry, because the wife of a soldier is also a soldier. And a soldier never cries. I'll always be there in your heart being your heartbeat.

    Loving you.
    Your Idiot soldier.

    ( Everyone should know, what a soldier sacrifices for you all to live. Respect them.)
    Thank you for reading.



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    Dear love

    (A letter from a soldier to his wife)



  • skystorm_sharad 8w

    A Soldier's Scars

    Deep and dark, each having a story behind,
    Mention of which flashes a story in mind,
    In the form of scratches or bullet marks they are,
    Interesting and precious are a soldier's scars.

    That mark on the cheek below the left eye,
    You ask a soldier, its origin to clarify,
    And with a smile, he goes back to memory lane,
    Telling about the enemy bullet that missed its aim,
    as it scratched along his cheek with a flash,
    Blinding him for a moment with the blood splash.

    What about this long scar across the face,
    And hear him relive the terrifying war days,
    "Oh this was an enemy who came too close,
    and struck with a sword across the nose,
    He was a fine gentleman who fought well,
    But too bad that I had to ring his knell".

    I heard you have bullet marks on your chest too,
    With a laugh, he will show them to you,
    "This one was not destined for me though,
    but I jumped infront of a man to save him from blow,
    He was so shocked later I almost had a laugh,
    but I was so hurt, my eye lids opened half."

    He will go on and on, about his days and nights,
    adventures with coursemates, and the fights,
    Some of the training days, and of the camps too,
    Near-death experiences, of people old and new.
    If you want to hear more, take out some time,
    I will tell you a few, sipping tea, coffee or wine.


  • vaisampayan 9w

    Ballad of the Ranger

    The dust has finally settled
    I can now clearly see
    Hired gunners have rebelled
    Now its just you & me.

    The train has left the station
    The boat has left the bay
    Running outta ammunition
    But friend we ain't going away.

    We are children of the midnight
    Born to raze & kill
    Death dances in hindsight
    But we're gonna stand still.

    Here lies the empty outpost
    All the heroes have ran away
    The horde is pouring in through the coast
    Buckle up mate we're gonna stay.

    Making love with death my friend
    Oh what a feat it will be
    We're gonna buck the boring trend
    She ain't gonna startle you & me.

    We are children of the midnight
    Born to raze & kill
    Death dances in hindsight
    But we're gonna stand still.

    The dust has finally settled
    Swords and bullets roar
    Off we go for the last hurrah
    Immortalized by troubadours.

  • hindikibindi 9w

    बाढ़, भूकंप, दंगे, चुनाव
    फ़ौजी सिर्फ़ सरहदों पर नहीं लड़ता

    - मिथिलेश बारिया

  • keithallencovell 9w

    Basic Training

    Drowning in the sea of helplessness
    Lashing at the information waves
    Good enough to swim the distance
    Sensitive enough to die trying


  • happy_soul9 10w

    Where did you go? ��

    I never had you
    In my birthdays
    I never had your signs
    in my mark sheets
    I never had your presence
    in parents' day functions
    I know; you are serving
    for our country.

    The autumn wind is blowing
    And a get together is going on
    in our house; full of people
    Momma is crying,
    people are crying,
    over a brown coloured casket.
    Even today you are
    not here.

    Have you forgotten us?
    But we didn't
    I talk to your,
    Photo everyday.
    Have you heard that?
    Even today ; we have
    Placed that photo
    on the top of that casket
    and garlanded it.

    Where did you go?
    I miss u pappa!
    come fast, at least
    before this function ends.

    - An innocent military kid-

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    Where did you go?

  • keithallencovell 11w

    It Wasn't Only I

    They looked down on me
    But I fought for them
    Cold shoulder
    Simmer down
    It wasn't only I


  • angel_sneha 11w

    “ए मेरे देश तू ही आज़ाद रहे, तेरा यह अधिकार रहे।
    तेरी इस आजादी पर मेरे जैसे लाखों जान कुर्बान रहे।
    कांटों के बीच फूल खिलाए, धरती को स्वर्ग बनाओ।
    आओ सबको गले लगाए, मिलकर गणतंत्र दिवस मनाए।
    वतन हमारी शान है, वतन ही हमारा मान है।
    हम उस देश के वासी हैं जिसका नाम हिन्दुस्तान है”।
    आप सबको गणतंत्र दिवस की बहुत सारी शुभकामनाएं।

    जय हिन्द ! जय भारत !! ����



    #happyrepublicday #26thjanuary #soldier #india #jaihindjaibharat #friends #flag

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  • iamsmvk 11w

    Memories of fallen

    Songs were not for the soldiers,
    for their stories had no glory.

    Kings' earned all the praise
    on the blood ridden battlefields
    trading lives of peasants
    for the thrones built on the dead.

    No choice left for the living
    but to bury the memories of fallen

  • sri_nidhi__ 12w

    Just a thought

    ನಮ್ಮನ್ನು ಕಾಯುತಿರುವುದು, ಕಾಪಾಡುತ್ತಿರುವುದು

    ಸೈನಿಕರು, ರೈತರು, ವೈದ್ಯರು


    ನಮ್ಮನ್ನು ಕಾಪಾಡು ಅಂತ ನಾವು ಕೇಳಿಕೊಳ್ಳುವುದು ಮಾತ್ರ ದೇವರ ಹತ್ತಿರ

  • tranquility_07 16w

    You stayed away in the outskirts of our land.
    Away enough, that you were sometimes out of my reach.
    You were not here beside me,in the days when it was cold.
    Cold enough, to numb my heart sometimes.
    The darkness of the nights, I almost was consumed by, many a times.
    In the days, when I see a little sunshine to adore.
    But, never enough.
    How it could ever be?
    The calls? No, they were never enough.
    You really felt that too, I know.
    "Don't worry. I'll be.", I had assured you
    when you asked me to be brave as I see you leave
    Our place and the town, where we first met.
    Trust me, I never shed a drop of tear.
    I stayed so strong and I never learnt to be fragile.
    As, you always wanted me to be.
    The beautiful little angel, you always wanted to see
    and cover her so that no one could harm her?
    Yes, she's breathtakingly beautiful and still innocent.
    She looks like you and surely thinks beautifully like you!
    There were nights when she cried but most of the times,
    when she saw a picture of you, she became quite.
    As if, you were telling her to be brave as well and she was
    just being her dady's obedient little girl.
    But, there are days she didn't stop crying.
    It ached my heart. It took all of me to not cry.
    I tried but she didn't stop but trust me,
    I never lost hope, I stayed as strong as a rock,
    I never shed tear,
    I hold my tears in the obscure part of my heart
    and decorated a smile on my face.
    I had to be strong, I knew from the day I married you.
    My parents were in denial but I loved you.
    Somedays, it was so difficult that
    Hallucinations were the closest thing to heavenly.
    I hallucinated you and the holy comfort in your presence.
    I hallucinated the words you'd have whispered
    in my ears, the love and the truth.
    I hallucinated how you'd have hold her in your hands,
    looked into her eyes for the very first time
    and the tear drops that'd fall out of your eyes.
    I hallucinated how you'd hold us tight.
    I imagined us dancing peacefully
    under the starry night, to our favourite song
    after you'd have come back home,
    Just like we did when you used to be 16 and I used to be 15.
    I imagined hugging you after long to finally
    let my heavy tears and pain fall out of me.
    I imagined us growing up her and her world.
    I imagined it all like, they all do.
    You came back, yes you did after years!
    I saw you and your beautiful face!
    I'm sorry, I couldn't hold my tears this time.
    I'm so sorry, I couldn't gather my hopes all around.
    I'm so sorry, I couldn't be brave anymore,
    when I see you wrapped in tricolour inside that
    Coffin I was suppose to be proud of.
    I'm proud but I'm sorry I couldn't be brave this time.
    I cried so much and for many days.
    But, then I saw her watching me.
    I loved you then, loved you when you got your dream responsibility,
    Love you now and forever.
    Don't worry, I'll be who you wanted me to be.
    The brave other half, just like you.
    I'll be the strongest they'll ever know.
    I'll carry me, her and our parents so gracefully!
    I'll not let her cry, as I'll narrate how brave you were
    to sacrifice your life.
    How proud, strong and gentle she should always be.
    Don't worry, I'll keep you alive in me and in her!

    • Thankyou a bunch, dear reader for reading such a long long post!•


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    Wife of a soldier

    ©tranquility_07 this one is inspired or maybe a potrayed emotions into words of a woman I saw on yt. Who lost her love.

  • james_taumas 17w


    Not a normal day
    Strangers with guns
    Fear and frozen
    Shroud pulled over
    Never see my family
    No goodbyes
    Darkened journey
    Tortured nightmare begins
    Identity stamped down
    Guns replace crayons
    Childhood into the abyss.


  • vondutchess 19w

    Big Picture Little Purpose

    Camouflage. Sort of an homage to a government that... Mmm, doesn't want much. Just your fuckin life, and to reshape the way you think, and everything you are. Turn you into a SoLDiEr, a fuckin robot. Your family in arms, whom you get paid jack shit, to stand together in the path of Harm's Way. For what? Greed. Goddamn money; someone else's. No stronger bond exists, than family who holds fast in crisis but at what expense? Home from deployment, fighting yourself on a battlefield where you stand alone? The aftermath, the battle at home, is the battle least discussed. Our government and healthcare systems handling of it is unimpressive, at best. Disgusting, how you wait for a person to harm themselves, or another before anything will even be addressed. Nothing is preventative, only reactionary. You don't fucking care what happens to anybody, so long as you've got dollar signs ringing in.
    Now, gaurde your damn kids... Creepy Uncle Sam just got here for Thanksgiving, and he's always recruiting for the holidays.

  • aswatha_victor 20w

    Hey, guys this is the second chapter of THE CALL..hope! You'll like it...
    Thanks for all your support. Happy quoting!
    @aswatha_Victor #love #soldier #warrior# chaos #fierce #unknown #the call #chapter #words #writeups

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    "THE CALL"
    ~ Chapter 02

    At the other end
    A repulsive draconian with fierce eyes
    About to turn the world into chaos,
    Eagerly wanting to take the breathe
    Out of me.
    - to be continued

  • sid_rulz 24w

    आग में तपाकर कर सोना बना लिया
    अब हथियारों को ही अपना ख़िलौना बना लिया
    निकले हैं सब सैनिक मिट्टी का क़र्ज़ चुकाने
    अपने कफ़न को ही अपना बिछौना बना लिया।

    Image source: to the rightful owner

  • storyteller_agam_ 24w


    The one who dies for nation
    Love their family and work with passion.
    The real heroes with real work, are our soldiers with all the work.
    Love is all they want to carry out feeling by being numb. And they are those, who are completely one of wow! I don't know working how with all the energy I am feeling now.
    We call them soldiers, the power of nation, the strength with passion and love with affection.