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  • exploreelysian 6w

    Feelings of soil on seeing Rain

    Waiting I am for you
    O rain!
    Sometimes you come early
    Sometimes late
    But when you fall on me
    I enjoy you to every vein.

    Till now I am parched
    Filled with sorrow
    Of my death
    But when you come
    I become green again
    Filled with lustre green
    I shine again.

    O Rain
    When you fall on me
    I smell like heaven.❤️

  • raman_writes 6w


    किसी मिट्टी के बर्तन अच्छे बनते है किसी से इंसान ।

    मैं वहाँ रहता हूं जहाँ लोगो को मिट्टी की परवाह नहीं ।।


  • girlywriter 10w

    Context: far in the future rain stops for a while, and this talk is between the rain and his soul mate 'the soil'. Read this melancholic talk of soil to the rain.

    Inscruplously I have been waiting
    To rejenuvate my soul.
    Now that it's been long,
    since you approached me.
    Where have you gone,
    Living me here.

    Gone were the days!
    when you visited;
    when we were in conjuction;
    The interval between us;
    even for a small time,
    dried me up.

    The time we met,
    You came in as drops,
    nudged me with ease:
    and then we danced,
    with all our energy.

    It's prolonged,
    I'm no more feeling alive,
    I'm in my death bed,
    a small touch of you
    would bring me back.

    Where are you,
    My soulmate,
    With love.

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    Where are you,
    My soulmate,
    With love.

  • alexi_silver 14w

    All the time I looked in wonder upon the ocean and her sky,
    Marveled upon her strength,
    And bowed down in front awe of that ancient wisdom,
    I was enchanted by their waves and winds,
    But in my stargazing vision,
    I forgot the world nestled beneath my feet,
    I adored the stars but trampled upon spring grass,
    I forgot the ever patient earth,
    The one who nurtures life through winter and fall,
    In front of the power and fury of the waters and the wind,
    I forgot the empathy of the soil,
    The only one with the courage to stand firm in the face of an unrelenting storm,

    Perhaps it is time,
    To love our soil as much as we worship the ocean and the skies,
    To recognize the strength in quiet perseverance and compassion,
    Against the roar of power.


  • debanga 20w

    To live with the Mundane

    Frustrated, she was
    Finding herself confined;
    To the mere four walls
    Of her apartment.

    These 6 months seemed like decades
    For hailing from a village
    In the north eastern direction
    These this big yet narrow world
    Suffocated her.

    She was quite envious of the urban lifestyle
    But never in her wildest dreams
    Did she imagine, that this very dream
    Might result in her end.

    A dense weary called her outside
    And just like an obedient child.
    She obeyed to the balcony;
    She closed her eyes, remembering her childhood.

    A gust of rare fresh gail blew hard
    And she let it take her to her native land
    She flew all the way to the place,
    She dreamed every night; HOME.

    On the verandah of her ancestral home.
    She drifted joyfully on the swing.
    Under the shade of an amlokhi tree
    Consuming every moment through her senses.
    A rush of fagun touched her on it's way,
    Seemingly welcoming her and praising her innocence.

    She remembered her treasures,
    The pond where she learnt to swim,
    The fields which were the world,
    The precious trees, that satisfied every craving.
    This was her home. All of it.

    She opened her eyes
    Only to be disappointed by the stale air
    Her spirits fell hard, like never before.
    She found the the jubilant house dull as before.

    But now she was recovered
    Even for a brief moment,
    She found the long searched joy.
    The will to live, after a prolonged battle.

    She realised that ambition had polluted
    Just like the world she was in.
    The only thing she longed now,
    Was to surrender to Mother Nature
    She longed to Live instead of surviving.
    And die in the arms of her soil.


  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 23w


    The soil of my land, nourishes all,
    Be it a huge manal, humans or insect very small,
    Bread and butter of nourisher, the farmer's friend,
    We rest in peace beneath it forever, it cradles until end.

    The soil, we believe as most powerful & pure,
    Festooning the patriotic foreheads (soldiers) as Tilak, on battlefields,
    The irresistible fragrance so pure and aromatic,
    When merges with the virgin drops of rain,
    our soil yeilds.

    I can feel the strong sense of connection,
    With the soil of my motheland, my nation,
    The soil that's fertile since ages and be it always,
    Like a rainbow, it bears the seeds of varying shades.

    *Reshma kausar Mohideen.*

    *Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86.*

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  • khwahishaan 27w


  • musings26as 29w

    your problems
    upon me
    and let the soil
    of my devotion
    the fragrance
    in you.


  • monicker 29w

    The unlocking

    Grounds still frozen
    Creeks swollen full
    Opening Season
    I'm feeling pulled
    Decent dreaming
    The sleepings old
    Breathing deeply
    You keep my soul
    Dark sky dripping
    Clouds giving all
    Missing reason
    The treason's toll
    Season's starting 
    Ground's still the stall

    And all I want to do is dig!


  • _a_n_u_u_u_ 32w

    Choose that soil which bind your roots to its soul.


  • raman_writes 32w


    ज़मीन से जुड़े है तो पुराने ख़यालात के है ।

    धोखाधड़ी करने वाले नए ख़यालात के है ।।


  • poukii 32w

    My tears mixed with the

    raindrops in the soil,

    I stood still,

    staring at the rainwater flowing in the ground.


  • siddhu_writes 33w


    The weather is changing gradually
    Dark clouds ☁ start to fill the sky
    Soil smell starts to raise above the ground
    Slight drizzle start to reach the earth
    Dancing in the rain with you
    Let the chillness of the rain cool down the heat of the kiss between us


  • raman_writes 44w

    कितना आसान होता है ना किसी को मारना ।

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    नज़ाकतें समझते नहीं रिश्ते की ये बेचारे ।

    तोड़ देते है वादे जैसे कोई रेत का घर हो ।।


  • sreelakshmishaji 46w


    മണ്ണോടു മണ്ണായ് അലിഞ്ഞിടും നാം
    നിന്നിലേക്കായ് എന്നെ നൽകിടാം
    ഞാൻ .....
    ജനിക്കുമ്പോഴും നിൻ ചാരെയായ്
    വന്നു ഞാൻ.
    മരണമിതാകും നേരം നിൻ്റേതു
    മാത്രമായ് അലിഞ്ഞീടുമെന്നും

  • gutzwvw 48w


    Alone is nothing.

    Add a seed and soil.
    And behold life.
    But this caused strife.
    And ended life.

    If water is life.

    Then women are water.
    Shapeless, formless and ethereal.
    And the propagators of our prodigy.
    Who sustain our continuity.

    If Umlo is water.

    And he the Valar who never abandoned man.
    Should not his children be women.
    Who were sent to guide man.
    And foil Mogoroths plan.

  • rhythmic_beats 49w

    Sympathy, sympathy, sympathy,
    Oh where are you,
    I feel so drained out and vanished
    From my life,
    Nowadays me and my loneliness only
    Orbit around each other
    As if there is complete
    Voidness around!

    Melancholic life arises daily
    As a side effect of technological
    And robotic life;
    No hugs and cuddles
    But only discharged soul
    At the end of the day!

    Oh I switched off my daily life
    And stepped into the steps of nature,
    Barefoot I started walking
    In the moist soul just after
    The soothing drizzles,
    The fragrance of petrichor was
    Attracting the soul to dance
    With the earth, the peacock feathers
    Lying all around was like
    Rainbow kissing the soil!
    I was smiling like a small child
    Fully free from all the stress of life.
    The squirrels were playing and
    Singing with me
    And the trees were rustling
    It's own rhythm,
    My heart also started to play
    And enjoy with them.

    I heard a voice from downwards
    "Oh my dear child, finally you came
    To visit your mom,
    Come my child,
    Let me feed you delicious food",
    I sat on the muddy ground
    Which charged me instantly
    With calmness of earthly touch,
    I sat on the lap of Earth and she
    Hugged me so divinely
    That my eyes flooded with
    Joyful tears, my ears could
    Hear the most melodious music!

    She feed me all delicacies
    Of life one by one as
    My hunger couldn't hide more
    Which was roaring voice of
    Restless soul of modern life.
    The hug was so divine
    That for a moment my physique
    Turned off and the soul
    Travelled into the soil,
    Like the roots spreading deeper
    To the ground collecting
    All minerals for the tree!

    I could feel her vast sympathy
    Pampering me with full of love.
    All her energy synchronized
    My halted growth,
    She is sympathetic, she is empathetic,
    I understood how important
    It is to live along with soil,
    She is support system of our life,
    All foods, dwellings, trees,
    We all live because of soil,
    Because of her strength; her blessings!

    Can we all just care a bit
    For her selfless sympathy, empathy
    And love which she gives unconditionally daily
    Though we are unaware about this fact?

    After death the one who accepts our dead physique
    Is she, the lovely soil,
    Only she has the power to
    Transform the dead to essence
    Of life for other lives,
    Only she welcomes us with love
    After our physical death!

    Holy verses of soil can never
    Be expressed in words
    As it's an energy upon which
    All are living and breathing
    After death too!

    Sympathy within the soul;
    Sam~e~mpathy within the soi(u)l!

    © rhythmic_beats

    PS. It's said that walking barefoot exchanges electrons between us and the soil. That in turn charges our body and soul with positivity and gives a relaxation and different energy.

    Soil has precious bond of sympathy, empathy and love with all creations on the Earth. Do feel and fill your soul with blessings ����

    Image: Instagram

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    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Sympathy within the soil
    Sam~e~pathy within the soi(u)l.

  • normancrane 54w

    Digging Potatoes

    I hold the tool. I am the blade. I drive
    myself into the fertile ground. I dig
    potatoes out. They were buried alive,
    but in darkness they thrive. Now the old pig
    will feast. When he grows fat I will slay him
    to feed me and kin. I don't like killing
    but when necessary it's not a sin.
    I shall live another year, God willing.
    I have long been on the land. I am old
    but my sun is not yet setting in the
    sky. When I was a child I was told once by
    my father you become earth when you die.
    If so, I hope my children carve my chest
    with blade. I hope I'll yield a fruitful harvest.

  • iam_daisy 55w


    A few decades ago, a woman tried to sue a butter company that had printed the word 'LITE' on its product's packaging. She claimed to have gained so much weight from eating the butter, even though it was labeled as being 'LITE'. In court, the lawyer representing the butter company simply held up the container of butter and said to the judge, "My client did not lie. The container is indeed 'light in weight'. The woman lost the case.

    In a marketing class in college, we were assigned this case study to show us that 'puffer-y' is legal. This means that you can deceptively use words with double meanings to sell a product, even though they could mislead customers into thinking your words mean something different. I am using this example to touch upon the myth of organic foods. If I was a lawyer representing a company that had labeled its oranges as being organic, and a man was suing my client because he found out that the oranges were being sprayed with toxins, my defense opening statement would be very simple: "If it's not plastic or metallic, it's organic."

    Most products labeled as being organic are not really organic. This is the truth. You pay premium prices for products you think are grown without chemicals, but most products are. If an apple is labeled as being organic, it could mean two things. Either the apple tree itself is free from chemicals, or just the soil. One or the other, but rarely both. The truth is, the word 'organic' can mean many things, and taking a farmer to court would be difficult if you found out his fruits were indeed sprayed with pesticides. After all, all organisms on earth are scientifically labeled as being organic, unless they are made of plastic or metal. The word 'organic' comes from the word 'organism', meaning something that is, or once was, living and breathing air, water and sunlight.

    So, the next time you stroll through your local supermarket and see brown pears that are labeled as being organic, know that they could have been third-rate fare sourced from the last day of a weekend market, and have been re-labeled to be sold to a gullible crowd for a premium price. I have a friend who thinks that organic foods have to look beat up and deformed because the use of chemicals is what makes them look perfect and flawless. This is not true. Chemical-free foods can look perfect if grown in your backyard. If you go to jungles or forests untouched by man, you will see fruit and vegetables that look like they sprouted from trees from Heaven. So be cautious the next time you buy anything labeled as 'organic'. Unless you personally know the farmer or the company selling the products, don't trust what you read. You, me, and everything on land and sea are organic.

  • ayushi_m_writes 56w

    Where I Belong

    I belong to the rain that washes away all your worries with its every single drop. I belong to the sky that loses itself in you whenever you want to be alone. I belong to the fire that ignites your soul. I belong to the soil which one day, I'll get mixed into.