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    'The mom had a miscarriage after she had the protagonist. During the miscarriage, the doctors were unable to save her. The girl would have been in her teenage if she were alive.'

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    Legion of Demons

    Cozy and comfortable, I finally sleep after an hour's struggle.

    At around 3:30am, I feel a strong presence beside me. I slowly open my eyes to a girl, who appeared to be in her teenage, standing still at my bed.

    Red and glowing eyes gaze at me. "She isn't real", the girl says, pointing to a portrait of my mom on the wall.

    I quickly close my eyes and start to scream, hoping to wake up from this bizarre dream.

    "What happened, my son?", my mom asks as she enters the room.

    Completely shook and terrified, I try to understand what's happening.
    I have been living on my own since the past 10 years.


  • realnotreel 22w

    What comes to your mind as you read the following line?

    “�������� �������� �� �������� ���� �� �������������� ��������… ������ �������� ���������� �������������� �������� ����������.”

    A slim, messy hairdo, simple yet enchanting girl with an apron around her waist was treated gruesomely by stepsisters and stepmother.

    She then met a shining knight suit of armor rode a white horse in the lush green forest.

    The knight happened to have a castle and madly deeply in love with her.
    A servant of the house became a princess.

    She was rescued from her misfortunes.

    ������ �������� ������������ ���� ���������� �������� �������������� ������������������������ �������������� ������ ���������� ���� �������� ������ ������������������ �������� �������������� ���������������� ��������.

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    ���� ������ ������ ���� �������������� ������ �������������� �������� ����������.

    ���������� ������ ������, ������ �������� ���� ���� ������ ��������������.

    A love relationship is not just about smelling the red roses and bathing in bubbles of champagne.

    It also includes jealousy, insecurity, power struggle, and manipulation.

    Because deep down, there is a little girl who seeks safety in the arms around her lover.

    Her wish is to relive the nurturing and warmness of being cradled by her mum.

    Out of desperation to quench her thirst for love, she would give everything away.

    Yet, the more she gives herself away, the harder it is to find the source of love.

    Because the wellspring of love is inside her all along.

    What’s your story like?

    P.C. Pinterest.



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  • sandyblue 27w


    Brown boy , my identity often fluctuate
    First person among my people to be a graduate
    Show off my valour by degrees
    As I labour hard at ease

    They treated me according to the my Sur name
    The treatment was so brute, it's a shame on behalf of the social structure
    When I raise my voice to them, it would lead to a joint venture

    My roots are so deep to trace
    No matter what we all belong to human race
    My ancestors tilled the lands
    They produce, they're the real artisans

    My proletarian ancestors had their own clan
    Revolutionary minds with a game plan
    The only moral they uphold is to preach equality
    That's the only way to bridge the humanity

  • eternalnihilist 29w

    A sting of the emptiness
    Reverberates through the endless memories of nothingness
    Casually stopping by
    At some temporal memory junctures
    To pass on some energy
    Rebirthing those dead memories
    Like a salt on a wound

    A half empty food plate in the corner
    Fleas circling the half eaten
    He sits in the darkness
    Staring down the endless pit
    Of now dead moments
    He wants to relive
    But can't

    She stares at him
    With her wide eyes
    The wall paint is ruined

    He wishes the paint did not get ruined
    He wishes he did not come home
    He wishes he did not see her with ...

    He wishes to travel back in time
    To the unknowingness
    When his hands were still cold and dry
    And not wet and warm and red
    With the bloodgroups
    Mixed now
    And he can't distinguish them
    And he cant remove it


  • royalty12 33w

    I love me!������

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    My Life

    My life is an adventure
    I would want to take
    Again and again,

    My life is an experience
    I would want to relive,
    Again and again,

    My life is a testimony
    I would want to share,
    Again and again,

    My life is a name
    I would want to say,
    Again and again,

    My life is a story,
    I would read a thousand times.

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    Ofc temporary.

    If sleep is death being shy then what's waking up?
    Waking up is atoms being miraculous.

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    And you were there to reduce my pain,
    But all I gained are these heavy weights in my brain.
    Everything is washed away by the rain,
    The only things remaining are the shreds of our memories we made.
    How to slow down, I don't know.
    My back is heavy with all these arrows they targeted.
    Black and blues are the only colours I know.
    Everything is affordable, but your absence isn't.
    To elevate my own ways, ready I am.
    To feel you in every deepest part of me
    Is my privilege, to carry your cologne in
    My veins is the scar that is embedded deep
    In the hollow tissues of mine.
    Feeling pain, feeling better, feeling loved are all temporary things,
    Sadness is permanent. Permanent is soul. Soul is indestructible. Indestructible is you?

  • royalty12 39w

    You're beautiful,
    You're unique,
    Don't mind whatever
    They say you are,
    Or what flaw
    They claim to see,
    Even if it's true,
    It'd soon become a praise,

    You're who you're,
    There's no other body
    Just like you,
    Don't ever let
    Their talks influence
    Who you are,
    Even if they are right,
    You had soon get past it,

    Keep on love,
    Don't relent,
    The world would come
    To admire your uniqueness
    And appreciate your being.

  • royalty12 42w

    Happy new year everyone, welcome to 2021. It's certainly gonna be a wonderful year for everyone, very certainly.
    To achieve this goal of a successful and better 2021, there are things to do. To everyone that wishes to make this year a better year, there are things to do. You don't just wake to a better 2021.
    So, we would go over these things randomly.
    1. Learn: learn from the mistakes of 2020, the failures, the setbacks and successes and aim to make them even better. Close the loopholes, return to the right roads and be a better person.
    2. Set levers, make goals: To achieve success and eternal joy in this year, you've to make goals, long termed, short termed, Make goals, a plan to run with for the rest of the year.
    3. Action: act on whatever plans you have made. Make sure you act towards it and work towards it. Don't sit and say 2021 will be a wonderful year for me when you are not making any effort towards making it really. Be wise.
    4. Determination: Be determined to be the best 2020 stopped you from being, in whatever area at all. By making goals and acting on them as earlier said. Keep striving for the best. Don't be too desperate, be determined, I say.
    5. Be happy: Life isn't a bed of roses folks say, that is just as true. There would always be setbacks, pain times, trouble storms, but with everything be happy, because in happiness the way naturally comes. Be happy and optimistic.
    6. Stick with God: In whatever you do and however you do it, stick with God - your God, whoever you worship or hold unto. Don't lose hope in the power of your God, whoever you are Muslim, Christian, whatever you are. Keep being connected to your God.
    These are the few I can write now. 2021 is going to be your best year if you put these things and more to practice.
    Happy new year again������

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    A beautiful house requires a beautiful plan and a beautiful hand.

  • royalty12 43w

    Things go after things,
    So be careful of what things
    You follow after,
    So that certain things
    Wouldn't come after you

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    The love isn't only imprinting your lip marks in his shirts or hoodies besides love isn't only to feel her smells good! It's apart from that! How could be you tolerate when your mutton Biryani delivered with out egg?����it's like "puriyatha puthir"��Can't bear all this, right?�� You can't feel enough! It's apart from everything!����That's the same thing love is!���� If you're trying to seek love! It's all about seriously end with nothing. "NOTHING TO GET BACK" NOTHING IS CONSTANT" So, don't seek and measure your love, one fine day true love will seek you!����

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    "A soulmate isn't someone who completes you. No, a soulmate is someone who inspires you to complete yourself" - Bianca sparacino

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  • cmtoca 87w

    She day dreams, of wild sunflowers across mountain tops.

    Cravings of Truth, to heal the pasts of broken youths.
    The earnestness for Honesty, to keep the conscience constantly modest.
    And unquestioned Loyalty - for when the inconsistencies of life,
    are too much to bare alone.

    So instead, she day dreams of wild sunflowers.
    Growing high, across mountain tops.
    Waiting to find a match,
    To journey with her, through different mountain paths.


  • autumnbreeze 122w


    The tripling sound of rain
    couldn't pursue grief in me.
    Cold cigars flamed truth.
    Ripped off pages kept your company.
    Smudged ink consoled my past mistakes.
    Water outgrew the sod, maybe it were my tears.
    Unpolished desk signified our ruined promises.
    The room mellows every evening...
    forlorn footsteps are heard.
    Abolishing the idea of you,
    is how l bypass my time, creativity.
    Writers play with vulnerability,
    you kept saying while l dismissed.
    Now my nib strangles...
    barely to be noticed, heard.
    And the words scribbled on the pages,
    configurate your name.
    Making me the object - writer.
    While you being the subject - vulnerability.
    Replacing play with agony.

  • prettyproses 132w


    When I went to school
    They told me to find goodness
    Listen to your soul & don't be a fool
    Where there is heart there is happiness
    Use your mind as a tool
    And your hands for acts of kindness
    Abide by the nature's rule
    Inculcate words of politeness
    Feel the Zephyr in the soft wool
    Pen words with strength and firmness

  • zeelbpatel 133w

    The Sod Of Paradise

    T’was a sod of paradise,
    But she didn’t know,
    That this world new;
    Would turn out to be
    Her heart’s first home.

    Blissful she was
    On her day one,
    Only to realize the grief
    Of isolated loneliness.
    For she was parted
    From her refuge.

    Algid nights of monsoon,
    Mum puffs of monsoon;
    Gave her the sense
    Of a mamma’s lap,
    Of a daddy’s hug.

    The sod of paradise
    Had allure of its own.
    Soon it began to woo her,
    Like a momsy to her child.

    Diurnally she counted days,
    To get back to her refuge.
    Days many passed,
    Months many passed,
    Years many passed,
    Her first uniform turned bitty.

    Soon started she discovering,
    Wonderful cryptics of living.
    Concealed forte she discovered,
    Rooted beneath her soul.

    She had experiences great,
    She had teachers great,
    She had friends great,
    Only to realize in her last years;
    That this paradise was great.

    A parting that ruptured her,
    Made her heart sing of pangs;
    Was not her refuge.
    But, ultimately, a sod of paradise.

    T’was the land,
    Where her heart found it’s nest.
    T’was a land,
    Where her soul resides;
    For myriad years to come,
    Until a jiff when she’s ice-cold.

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  • cmtoca 143w


    In the dead of night, he watches. Lurking, cautious to not be seen. Just for a chance, to mentally grab a glance, at her body and her face. Only enough, he thinks to himself, to fall asleep. For without a glance, he is incomplete. The game he plays, he is invigorated. No, he will not be checkmated.


    Seeming to feel eyes glaring at her, turning towards her window, she stares into the night. Uncomfortable by the feeling of wanting to take flight. She sees the butt of a cigarette, in the distance, now being put out. Not unusual, no, she had no doubts. But just in case, she shuts her drapes. As goosebumps start to form, seeing the person walk away.


  • cmtoca 144w

    What's your poison?

    One shot, two shot, three shot, four.
    Drown my sorrows before I head to my drug dealers door. Chanting along the way, "Maybe tomorrow everything will be ok." The tone of my voice, already pass'e.

    One puff, two puff, three puff, four.
    Loving myself was such a chore.
    Take a hit, to reach the sky. I want to leave my childhood built of ruins, behind.
    I walk with my anguish, hand in hand, transendental; Feeling numbed by the fray, of an intoxicated mental.


  • my_cosmic_world 153w

    Lonely house

    "Far away above the hill
    I saw a lonely house uphill
    It was located nearby a mill
    There wind was cold and shrill
    I came closer then I felt the thrill
    Smoke emerged by its window sill
    The house looked strange and chill
    It had the voids that no one could fill
    I was scared inside but I gathered my will
    Door was open so I entered for my wish to fulfill
    With the peculiar air and darkness inside, I felt so ill
    I turned the light on but everything inside was so still
    In the table nearby, I got startled to see a strange quill
    I took it and ran outside when I saw the shadow of a deville."

  • mokathepoet 174w


    Amidst the forest;
    We are lost,
    Among many more
    We are wanted the most.


  • jsdaham 177w

    What is a song but a fake receipt?
    To fool our hearts with counterfeit.
    What is a song but a make believe?
    Of a perfect she, nay, how naive.

    What is a poem but a foolish heart?
    Trying to go back to the very start.
    What is a poem but a silent scream?
    A useless call, a stupid dream.