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  • wtf_ankrit 7w

    Be aware who you trust!��
    Reminder: In this selfish world the society will always try to ruin your best part.
    Be mindful.
    Follow this page if you agree ☺❤
    @writersnetwork #miraquill #wod #trust #society #epistrophe #kri_k_sni

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    Those people.

    Today's relationship is not about for durability;
    But our society made it like for 'Durex' and 'Ability'.


  • madinah_writes 7w

    Your age does not define you
    Nor the clothes that you wear.
    Your complexion does not define you,
    Or the name that you bare.
    Your height isn't the real you.
    Or what you think you know.
    What Defines a person,
    Is the prayers you give.
    The greetings you say.
    What Defines You is the smiles you receive,
    The tears you weep.

    What Defines You,
    Is the real you.
    The you when you're alone in your room.
    You're the songs that you sing loudly.
    The things you believe in.
    You are the people you love so dearly,
    The future only you believes in.
    The natural beauty you own defines you,
    And not the makeuped face you intimidate from your phone.
    But all you did was to forget,
    When you decided you were defined by people, not yourself.
    By things that doesn't even exist with you,
    What Defines You I the you by yourself and nothing else!

    #poetry #writerscommunity #pod #You #miraquill #life #thoughts #writersnetwork #realyou #society

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    What Defines You


  • madinah_writes 7w


    Social media,
    A silent pain killer.
    If over used can lead us to our untimely deaths.
    Separates mother and child,
    And comes between lovers,
    Till they chat no more.
    Social media.
    Beneficial and life consuming the same time.

  • chynxzejynx5150 7w

    Counterfeit People!

    Freakin' me out,
    You wear a mask called counterfeit.
    You're freakin' me out,
    You wear a mask.
    Freakin' me out,
    You wear a mask called counterfeit.
    You're freakin' me out,
    You are a....

    I wonder, I wonder,
    What it's like to be a clone.
    Doin' nothin',
    Nothin' on my own.
    Alone in your misery,
    Filed as a counterfeit,
    Goin' down in history,
    As nothin' but a copy cat.
    So if you're fakin' and all that,
    I'll aim my ball bat, right where your head is at.

    All your desperation causes separation,
    Your weakness screams obvious on your siren.
    Phonies get the hint quick,
    Smacked with a wicked lyric.
    Pain for the fakers fame,
    You can't maintain.
    Because you're sick of yourself.....

    Well I'm sick of you too,
    You're a counterfeit,
    You know we figured you out?
    Well I'm sick of you too,
    You're, A, Counter-feit,

    All these phonies:
    You disregarded your Life.
    You disrespected your Friends.
    You've even stolen your Appearance.
    But I should have never dropped my guard.
    So you could stab me in the back,
    But you were freakin' me out, you wear a mask!

    Now you're steadily startin' to change.
    You wanna re-arrange your lifestyle,
    Live like the wild child
    With the vibe alive you could lie,
    To try and be so fly.
    A lie, but you still deny,

  • fathimagulzar 7w

    An ode to the growing dowry-deaths and to all the sufferings a family goes through while wiping away every penny from their savings.
    #dowry #death #domesticviolence #marriage #society

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    Head held low
    Heavy with the burdened flowers
    Of responsibility, traditions and unwanted obligations.
    Clutched with the golden bangles of restrictions
    Dragging back into the cycle of societal diminutions.

    The very decorative bride
    Is the apple of her parents' eyes
    Tomorrow she is to be
    Her in-laws money laundering vine.
    Greed wrapped into the drapes of presents
    Unfolds barbarity of the minds
    If left unquenched
    The same is draped around her neck
    Hostility further benched.

  • iampranav1496 7w

    We're trees growing
    with a lot of expectations,
    hiding almost feet
    beneath the ground and
    doing nothing.


  • priyanshusinha 7w


    I was having a good warm night. My whole society was calm, guess everyone were sleeping. I heard a knock at my door. It was not that late so I wasn't surprised. I went to check and found that my neighbor's kid was there holding a round covered thing in his hand.

    "What is this kid?"
    "Just a gift for you"
    He handed me that thing and went back to his house. I went to my room to check. I thought it might be a ball or something. When I uncovered it I was shocked.
    It was the head for that kid's father. I ran to my phone to make a call to police. My eyes caught something at the window. There was someone standing over there. I hold a knife and went to the door. As I opened it, I slipped there.

    There were the heads of several members of society. The only thing I was able to hear,
    "Now no one can scold the kids"

  • muskaanbhatt 8w


    Humne kuch nahi bigada tha kisi ka
    Par na jane ku ye zamana dushman ban betha hamara

  • ndeenda_elao 8w


    Today I lay in bed
    Afraid of society
    A place where
    a lie becomes reality

    A mischievous
    Turns into a

    Contributions of lucrative
    and critic thinking
    earns you an enemy

    A place where
    restrictions of thoughts
    is so oppressive
    and haunting

    Especially when
    these thoughts
    tend to question what
    society deems normal

    An evolution of
    non-confirming minds
    scares them, as they
    realise liberty is
    something one can access

    As the laughter of the
    little ones echoes
    I wonder if they
    too will fall victim of...

    A community
    A society


  • iampranav1496 8w

    The size of your shoe
    still wants to fit
    in your toes. If it can't,
    it'll be your own
    toes that have grown.


  • chitrak 8w


    Sometimes I wish to break down

    Let's See, how much are they strong?

    How much hatred carry

    In liquid eyes.

    I see an oil painting, a blurred cinema

    water scratches it again and again

    Don't paint.

    At the centre of the mossy layer

    one-two Mountain was awake.

    I don't like that civilisation

    'Past is good ' not say my lips

    Why so the present was always bad?

    I'm not alive at liquid vapour od noon

    They survive beneath the neem trees,

    Sometimes I wish to mix up

    With particles, with soil

    Then at least someone will survive for me

    Not me for someone.

    Don't think my burned history

    I have a handful of ashes for you.

    Sometimes I wish to speak for a long time

    Without hesitation,

    They will remain silent with poisonous faces.

    What I have not been able to give till today

    I want to pay at the vomiting bloody tide.

    Something will happen then. What happened?

    After Diwali, At the end of the lamplight

    The vampires will wake up, twisted human blood.

    Sometimes I wish to write a rhyming poem

    For whom? This is the opposite of civilisation

    Are there any borders of the blood?

    Then where it will stop, this side or this side.

    Sometimes I wish in the twilight of burning chest

    Burn to myself

    Then if the darkness gets a little break.

    Sometimes I wish to stop my pen,

    Keep the diary white

    As a symbol of peace.

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    Sometimes I wish


  • anuradhasharma 8w

    असल मायने में , वो रानी कर गया मुझे ।
    आख़िर अब , समझ आया उसके रानी ।
    कह के पुकारने का मतलब ,
    इतना काबिल मानता था मुझे ।
    लड़ सकती हूं , हर मुसीबत से ।
    गैर हाज़री में उसके ,
    पूरा यकीन था उसे ।


  • anuradhasharma 9w

    इक ख़्वाब अधूरा बुनते गए ।
    जितना फिक्र करते गए ,
    हम और बरबाद होते गए ।
    आख़िर में , वहीं तन्हा करते गए ।
    शिकवा भी , भला किससे करते ।
    अब तो हम , अकेले ही मरते गए ।
    इक ख़्वाब अधूरा बुनते गए ।
    जितना फिक्र करते गए ,
    हम और बरबाद होते गए ।
    आख़िर में , वहीं तन्हा करते गए ।
    इस तरह , इक ख़्वाब अधूरा बुनते गए ।


  • yasirahmad_ 9w

    A Kite Runner

    Winds were stroking her soft hair,
    It felt like a river was flowing through
    Her forehead and the sunbeams were
    Visible through its spaces, and it was
    Taking the form of a diamond shining in some dark room, standing all alone by herself and Brazing through these Gusty winds, Sometimes these winds carry some sand
    And clay with it and irritating her
    Big, bulged, blue eyes but all this don't
    seem to bother her, she was deeply in
    Her thoughts and a thing was striking in
    Her mind, while flying this kite,
    She could hardly find any difference between herself and this kite, both were
    Bounded and limits were set forthem,
    Like a kite, this strong thread was keeping
    It falling off from the sky, in the same way, Some things hold women from falling Off in
    A society, cutting away from morals and traditions will disvalue her.


  • sourabh_ed 9w

    A generation

    With sad life and all beautiful pictures.
    With few traces of brain cells and building up with supplements.
    With care going for a toss and rebound being a fashion.
    With Acquaintance for short memories and less love towards short stories.
    With Gratitude getting convoluted and Ignorance becoming a bliss.


  • nivirraman 9w


    Work on yourself, by yourself, for yourself.

  • sanketspeaks 9w


    कई सालों तक था चल रहा अत्याचार
    तब जाके कहीं परिवर्तन की हवा चली
    उजड़ भी गये कई घर उस झोंके में
    हमें यह आज़ादी सरल न मिली

    दिए बलिदान इस मिट्टी के सुपुत्रों ने
    फैल गया संग्राम हर नुक्कड़ और गली
    जल रहा था हर कोई अंदर ही अंदर में
    हमें यह आज़ादी सरल न मिली

    आज नहीं हो रहा नारी का सन्मान
    भ्रष्टाचार के बिना शामें नही ढलती
    लड़ते रहना है हमे इस सब के खिलाफ
    क्योंकि यह आज़ादी सरल नही मिलती

    आज़ादी के बाद भी खत्म नही हुई मुश्किलें
    कुछ न कुछ होती रहती है हम से गलती
    मगर यूँही डटे रहना है हमें आखिर तक
    क्योंकि यह आज़ादी सरल नही मिलती


  • affansajid 9w

    If you are good,
    Others are good.
    If you are bad,
    Others are worse.

    ©Arab Affan Sajid

  • anuradhasharma 9w

    बेफिजुल दुनियां की बातों से , ध्यान हटाओ यारों ।
    न तौल पाएगा कोई तुम्हें , इक दफा छाओं तो प्यारो ।

    ज़िंदगी तेरी , इनकी हसीं ठिठोली की हकदार नहीं ।
    रूह में तेरी , खुदा ने फूंका जान अलग ही जन्नती ।

    मुकद्दर बस्ता ही , किसी और ठिकाने तेरा ।
    फिर इनके नज़रिए को अपना नज़रिया , मत बना !


  • johnettan 8w


    "പെഴച്ചു പെറ്റതല്ലേ, തള്ള ചത്തില്ലെങ്കിലേ അത്ഭുതമൊള്ളൂ ".
    അവളുടെ അമ്മ തന്റെ ചേതന പകുത്തി നൽകി യാത്രയായപ്പോൾ നാട്ടുകാർക്ക് ചായക്കടയിൽ വിളമ്പാൻ ഒരു വിഭവം കൂടി.
    വളർന്നു വരുമ്പോഴും കേട്ടു 'അന്ന്‌ മ്മ'
    വളർച്ചയെത്തിയ അവൾക്കു അവർ വെടിച്ചിയായിക്കണ്ട അമ്മയുടെ പേരുമിട്ടു അന്നമ്മ
    അന്നത്തെ ദൈവമായ് കണ്ട അവളെ അവർ വിളിച്ചു 'അന്നം മ്മ'
    അവസാനം അടക്കുന്ന നേരത്തു അനക്കമില്ലാത്ത ജഡത്തിൽ അടക്കിപ്പിടിച്ചവർ വിശപ്പ്‌ മാറ്റി
    ആശിച്ചവളൊത്തില്ലെങ്കിലും ആശ തീർക്കാൻ ഒരുവളെ കിട്ടിയല്ലോയെന്നു നിനച്ചവർ പറഞ്ഞു 'അന്നം മ്മ്..മ്മ്..മ്മ'
    അങ്ങനെ അന്നമ്മയും മരണത്തോടെ പിഴച്ചവളായി.