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  • questioning_life 10m

    I told a lie to save my self,
    And watch the crown as it fell.
    Murky trust left in its wake,
    Their reassurances that were fake.

    I never saw wondering eyes,
    Get berated and demised
    All the people did was say,
    I should carry pepper spray,
    That I was in wrong time wrong place,

    They really have to educate.
    Their sons about the right way,
    I'm tired of getting the blame.

    And now look at what we've achieved,
    No longer 97, but 99%.

    99% who have a story to tell,
    Of horrific ordeals and dignity that fell,
    Of the failure of the people and law,
    Of the failure of the ones that saw.
    Stop blaming me what they did,
    When did I ever ask for it?

    I saw their eyes look into mine they say I'm fine but know they lie
    I felt the pain all the same and that day I felt it rain
    Now at night I feel the fright I try to fight, but now I write.
    Why do they get away with their game and still they say:

    That the victims were the ones in the wrong.

    Because she was asking for it,
    Because she never said no,
    Because she had a skimpy fit,
    Because she didn't know.

    I told a lie to save my self,
    And watch the crown as it fell.
    Murky trust left in its wake,
    Their reassurances that were fake.


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  • _written_by_soul_ 2h


    Kya ye society kbhi kisi ko zindagi jeene degi
    Ye sab baatien bolna bnd karegi
    (Ladkiyan ye ni karskti ldkiyan vo ni karskti)
    Kya ap log bhi kamzor samjhte h ldkiyon ko!?
    Always remember this-(hum karne p aagye toh bohot kuch kar sakte hai)
    Han ajkal ye society bohot judgemental hogyi hai kitna notice karliya girls ko
    • Ek ldki or ek ldka kabhi dost ni bansakte
    • bhai vo ek ldki hai akele kese jaygi
    • late night parties(+nightouts) ahann ldkiyon ke liye toh hai hi ni ye
    • chote kapde pehenti hai sanskari ni hai bigdi hui hai
    • job ahaann safe ni h
    And many more...
    Please stop saying all this bullshit
    Not a single girl is weak,nd that's her choice to whom to make a frnd and what to do in there life nd where to go nd what to wear

  • iampranav1496 15h

    If you let your light
    to reach them, let them
    feel they too
    have become your earth.


  • iampranav1496 1d

    It is there that God
    is keeping your heart safe
    between the hands
    you are always extending
    to save others.


  • iampranav1496 1d

    // Your feet do not need a cloud, it needs to walk on the earth to feel. //
    #podcast #poetry #society #writerstolli #feelings #pod #writersnetwork
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    The feet that have
    chosen a mountain as its
    height of tomorrow,
    will likely forget its twin
    to walk with sorrow
    and love.


  • questioning_life 1d


    I'm told I'm unique
    Not because they truely believe it,
    But because that's
    What every parent
    Seems to tell their kids.
    They tell us that we should
    stand out. Yet the moment we do
    We are criticised and
    Shunned for the way we are.

    I remember there was this trend
    going around that romanticised
    Being psychopathic
    So children who didn't know better,
    Were going around and saying they were
    Psychos. They were so naive.
    We were so naive.

    And now we are romanticising
    Mental health problems
    And people I barely know
    Are telling me they have
    depression and anxiety
    And I am inclined to believe them
    Because if they do have
    Depression and anxiety,
    It would crush their soul,
    If I didn't believe

    My friend who is mentally stable
    Told me that she
    Feels pressured to pretend
    She has bad mental health
    Because the people she
    Hangs around with
    Talk about their problems
    And issues and how they can't cope,
    And yet she has nothing she
    Can tell them. So she

    And isn't that funny?
    We push to be sincere
    But all the same we still pretend.
    The line has gotten so
    Blurry I don't know
    What is real and what is pretend.

    Black lives matter,
    Was an important movement
    That will help tackle racism
    Yet people
    Feel entitled to start an
    'all lives matter' movement.
    The privilege they have,
    To even be able to start
    Something like that,
    Maybe they feel threatened
    Of the change that
    I hope will come.

    It's been a long time since I've
    Seen influencers talk
    About black lives matter.
    Maybe it's because it's no longer trending?
    Peoples rights shouldn't be a trend.
    But then everything from
    Our body shape,
    To the way we speak,
    Seems to be a trend.

    I told the stars
    That I wish for a changed world
    But I can't decide if its changed for the
    Or for the
    I guess I'll just have to wait and see
    While we sit here in quarantine.

    I hope everyone finds their happiness,
    For what is a world without happiness?
    But suffering is still important
    Because if everyone was happy all the time,
    Happiness would loose its meaning.
    After all, yin isn't yin without yang.

    But the world can be a cruel place
    And soon you find your self
    Drowning in double standards and
    Hypocrisy, because all society seems
    To be good at is

    (And isn't that hypocritical of me
    To complain about the hypocrisy around me
    When I myself am hypocritica.l)


  • madinah_writes 2d

    I wrote this in highschool. Then, I used to imagine what it feels like between a mother and a lover's love and affection. What are the differences and similarities. Maybe someday, I'll be able to share this with her.

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    Away From My Mother

    My horizon is lightened,
    My life is Brightened with you, mother.
    When I was too shy to ask, and stole your money.
    You still offer me advises, and asked me not to worry.
    You pet me as I fold my tiny self like a guilty pussy,
    You pat my soft body.

    With my colorful adored attire,
    You place on my waistline a dozen of colorful beads.
    The beads you made for me with so much love.
    A chain of your love and adoration towards me,
    A crown, I'll always wear.
    I walk proudly among my mates, showing off my slim waistline and sets of crystal beads.

    You train my body and soul,
    To that of our religion.
    Yet, my heart concurs,
    With the demands of religion.
    You know that I am excessively sentimental.
    Just yesterday,
    I told you about my new love.
    I probably left you astonished,
    By my disclosures.

    What is this madness, heartlessness, weakness or should I say… Irresistible love?
    What inner confusion made me tell you about my biggest sin,
    I wanted to hide from you.
    Better still,
    You kissed my forehead and advised me to overcome my silent bitterness.
    You accepted my new relationship while I can still hear the rumors in town against me and him.

    They say school turned me into a prostitute,
    A devil who lure men of wisdom and wealth from the righteous path.
    But to me,
    Marriage is a personal thing of joy,
    Just like family.
    I reported to anyone who cared to listen.
    I don't know why,
    I feel bad, I feel guilty.
    I feel I'm cheating on your love, mother.

    I feel I'm cheating on your love,
    I dared committed such an act of disapproval adultery.
    Forgive me mother,
    For only you can instinctively feel where my happiness lies.
    Even though others labelled me she-devil,
    Many wanted to possession me.
    Yet, you were there for me.
    You'll always be my first love and mother,
    And he'll be my lover and partner.
    You're love will always win over he's,
    I promise.
    Even though I'm away from you,
    My mother.

  • iampranav1496 2d

    I want no more sky
    than a dark place, a moon
    in the corner and
    a few falling stars every hour
    for every little
    universe who is dreaming.


  • shailesh_d_one 2d

    She doesn't even know !!

    She doesn't even know,
    what love means to me ..
    should I approach her,
    and set my heart free ??

    We always spend time,
    beneath that tree ..
    society is against today,
    call us 'divorcee' !!

    Together we dream ,
    to start a new life ..
    I hope very soon,
    she's my wife !!

    Our parents are nice,
    but they never advise ..
    pain of the past,
    made us wise !!

    Nobody around today,
    wanna see us rise ..
    but we battle it out,
    rather wetting those eyes !!

    Believe it or not,
    we defeated death twice ..
    attacked by a group,
    but they paid their price !!

    To be one,
    was a matter of choice ..
    she accepted my proposal,
    n we roll the dice !!


  • stars_scribbles5 2d

    A girl is not a toy that you keep with yourself until and unless someone else like that toy for himself, or she is given to someone
    else. She has feelings..she is not a caged bird to who you let fly as per your feelings. Even in today's era it takes ages for people to understand this.....

  • rochand 3d

    Why are man so strange?

    Why are man so strange?
    Why these creatures can’t change?
    Love them, they will be selfish
    Ignore them, they run to you like dogs
    Care for the, they become spoiled and childish

    Offer them your love and they will refuse
    Be generous to them and they will abuse
    Be cruel to them and they will be like shoes

    Give them, they will only take
    Sacrifice for them, and that will be your biggest mistake
    Be passionate with them, they will tell you “give me a break”

    If you give them respect..
    you will really regret, cause all they will give you is neglect
    Disregard them, they bend on their knees
    forget about them, they will beg you please

    Be nice, they will give you a cold mood,
    Be rude, you will be misunderstood
    Offense them, they treat you as a queen
    Please them, they become really mean

    Treat them as a king …
    They treat you as if you are nothing
    Treat them as a slave
    and they will really behave

    Only when you are lost, they will appreciate
    Tell them you don’t want them, they will surely wait
    If I can find someone in between, that will be great.

  • iampranav1496 3d

    //If you are wondering what you can do, you will have kindness as an answer //
    #podcast #poetry #society #writerstolli #feelings #pod #writersnetwork
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    You can only place
    your heart in the ocean
    and ask it to
    shrink with all the pain
    in the name of your
    own kindness.


  • iampranav1496 4d

    You choose yourself to
    do something,
    when a place becomes
    your home.


  • writups 4d

    are like books:

    Some Deceive You
    With their Cover
    And other Surprise you
    With their Content

  • iampranav1496 5d

    If you can't hold the
    tree to not let the foliage
    fall, choose it as
    your shade, at least later.


  • zuhaib_hassan 5d


    I'm an emotional person. I feel everything deeply and intensely. I choose peace over power. I seek respect more than attention. I may cry over a romantic movie. I open up to anyone who has a pure heart even if I don't know them. I focus on the smallest situations. I fall in love with the little things and tiniest details. A simple random act of kindness can make my heart melt. A simple bad word can leave a permanent scar. I enjoy making someone's day, with a flower, a bar of chocolate or even a text. I send long paragraphs to cheer someone up, to support them, or to express my love to them. I fill your cup with my own. I care about every single person in my life. I'm sensitive and I overthink all the time, but force myself not to.
    I'm a soft-hearted person and I can't be anything else but that.
    This is who I am. I love myself that way. I accept it all.
    And I will not change this, despite all the pain I've been through, I will not change.

  • anuradhasharma 5d


  • nistha_das 5d

    #boys #emotions #emotionsofaboy #feelings #society #sad

    People in our society sometimes behaves very harsh with the boys. Why from the beginning the boys are taught to hide their feelings? Why he is asked to stop crying? Why he is asked not to show his tears in the society? These things are taught to a boy from very childhood. Whenever he gets hurt he is asked to keep quiet rather than crying, he is asked to keep mum and bear the pain with silence because of all these only some boys have grew up so tough that they behave to everyone like they don't have emotions. But I think sometimes we need to look behind that tough face to see their soft heart with lots of buried emotions.
    Love, anger, joy all these are natural and everyone have the right to express it! When our boys are tough to be very strong and rough hearted person. But they also have feelings right? When they cross their patience of hiding their feelings from everyone they one think of one thing " How can i escape from this place and go to one unknown place where no one knows me, where no one will put restrictions on me for expressing my emotions, where only I'll be my own company ?"
    Some of the boys even commit suicide because they are not able to share their feelings to anyone. We need to stop this, boys are also human being they also have all right to express themselves without any judgement on their masculinity.

    These all are from my experience i saw a boy suffer like this in front of me... And when he was crying it was not only tears that came out from his eyes it was his hurt heart that was crying. Each tears of expressed his buried emotions that he kept inside. His tears were so pure! And it was very hard for me to see him like this. And then i thought that this is what maximum boys in our society suffers.

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    ~~some words from the heart of a boy , boy who also have emotion!

  • noesis9 1w

    In the 21st century, if your head is crammed with gender differences, complexion preference, dowry, or caste prestige then in this fancy world you are ‘literate’ only but not ‘educated’.

    #India #Society

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    Acknowledge your priorities instead
    of following aged rituals of society


  • the_writer_beyond 1w

    Puzzle Pieces

    Everyday I take apart myself and rebuild to a new model
    I rebuild to something brighter and smarter but each copy still remains with the longing feeling to be accepted

    I pick at my personality like puzzle pieces
    Trying to decide which parts of me blend in the most
    Which parts of me I can not be ashamed of

    I throw away the other pieces to the pit of my stomach
    The pieces that don't connect with society's standards
    The pieces that have edges so dull they no longer hurt against my wrists

    Unfortunately I've spent so much time
    Choosing and eliminating
    That I've lost pieces to ground
    I've worn them out with my anxiety and now they're crumbs to emotions I will never feel again
    I am an unfinished puzzle
    And I will never be whole