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  • dr__aditi 3w

    Less and less words flowing
    in the air
    sound space is empty.
    Isn't this lovely?
    Silence brought upon
    beautifully with grace
    in moonlight's shadow
    over snowflakes.

  • divshetty04 20w

    The First Snowfall

    Like a pristine white carpet
    As if paradise on earth,
    The skies showering snow
    Falling like sponges on the foliage,
    All the greens turning whites
    The flowing rivers crystallized,
    The furry creatures rambling
    The reindeers running
    Through the snowfalls,
    The mountain peaks camouflaged
    The trees covered by the snowy bedspread,
    The evanescent sun in the skies
    The humans playing with the snowballs,
    The melancholy faces dancing with glee
    The first snowfall brought ecstasy with it.

  • pavipappukutty 25w

    Your love is like a snow fall
    Falls on me like dew drops
    It can only be experienced and felt

  • rinchenn 31w

    Unrequited love ,
    Time doesn't matter .
    #tears #silence #love #decade #forever
    #snowfall #time

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    It been few years since i waited,
    I hoped to catch a glimpsed of a snow.
    Aswell i remember the snowfall after years,
    That day i saw him for the first time.
    I think i was a fool back then,
    I just like him at the first sight.
    I know that fairy tail doesn't exist,
    Still feel like i was somewhat princess.
    My unrequited love started since that day ,
    I was upset that I didn't know where he was .
    Few days later he camed my home,
    I was shocked aswell happy.
    I once thought, that it was density.
    On my 1⁸teen i was in love,
    With my childhood sweetheart.
    He camed to meet me after a decade,
    I didn't knew that i should talk or stay quiet .
    I was kinda nervous that time ,
    We ressembled our memories again .
    the one who made me cry back then,
    He is the one who makes me smile now .
    Our moments that will stay with me forever ,
    He didn't believe in making promises.
    But still he kept his promise ,
    that he will met me at my 1⁸teen .
    We literally chat for hours ,
    He said that he will leave tomorrow.
    I asked that I will take him out ,
    We were walking in the streets.
    Nabil arise and we again made a promise,
    That we will meet again.
    It been few years since I'm wating,
    In with him forever.

  • 13_prerna 36w


    Most admired season.
    People in higher altitudes enjoy the moment which every person in world wants atleast to witness ones in a lifetime.

  • virta_wagde 38w


    Not all the time...
    But how about a day?
    Just you and me...
    Hot coffee, a blanket....
    And Snowflakes outside ❄
    Not all the time ..
    But just one day..
    When it's cold out there..
    And we are filled with warmth..
    Nothing to do or say..
    Just stay..just stay..

  • suprajaasubbu_94 41w

    All i desire is for the peace felt inbetween the snow fall .
    And a mug of coffee in my hand
    Were i could see the sky
    When the pug (dog) touches my feet to play around .
    I admire the harmony sorrounded bye ...
    Feels like heaven .

  • re_ms36 41w

    #Snowfall #kashmir

    Captured : 5 Jan., 2021 12:48 pm

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    In the rooms well-ventilated
    Enjoying hot cups of tea ,
    Snow flakes making them excited
    Other creatures,they don't bother to see
    Filling their galleries with captures serene
    And blurring the helpless scene of ours.
    Ohh Humans! Pay us a heed!
    We are right now in need!
    The Chill outside has us freezed
    Hunger and thirst has made us lazy.
    Isn't there anyone for us to feed?!
    Nothing much, just little grains we need.
    Ohh Humans! Pay us a heed!
    We are right now in need!

  • scoutfinch 41w


    The euphonious chirping of the robin with his scarlet breast woke me to a hushed morn, the world outside my window resembled a white Dreamland.
    On the branches of the old willow tree lay the quiescent snowflakes as if putting it to sleep till the warm summer arrives.
    The snow falling from the surreal dusking skies, so quiet and calm, I could heard myself breath as I saw the lands far and wide getting covered with a white veil.
    Without a footprint set on it's velvet surface, it called out to me, reminding me to mark a new journey , a new start like something beautiful out of a fairytale. Just a moment till I step out.

  • princess_diary 43w

    Happy Christmas

    The glittering tree
    With the star at the top
    And Jingle are being played
    Snow that is falling out side
    Kids are making snow man....
    With carrot as his nose and sticks as his hand...
    Well there old Christmas tradition
    All know it well
    When you meet under the mistletoe
    And then you both must kiss
    As its said it increases love
    Its where Santa and mrs Santa shared 1st kiss
    Sky that glows with Northern lights...
    The stars that guides your way....
    May this Christmas brings more love and joy....
    Full of Happiness and togetherness..

  • pallavi4 55w


    Waking up to a lazy winter sun
    Perched on a tree sings a lark
    Lives seem indolent and lethargic
    Snow falls softly, while the day is still dark

    Covered in a sea of hazy mist
    Lies a mountain range far away
    Slippery snowy slopes seem inviting
    Now that gone are the days of May

    The grass covered in dewy snow
    Completes the winter fantasy land
    Life seems to have collided with a story book
    Where the scenery is both fantastical and grand

    Slowly as the sun begins to shine
    And the snow ceases to fall
    The children make their way outside
    To enjoy their day and the snowfall

    Enveloped in a blanket of white
    Frozen solid now is the great lake
    Children drag their sleighs and
    On it intend to skate

    Looking outside the window I sigh
    To be a part of this yearly I strive
    As music fills my home I wait
    For the fireplace to come alive

    Pines laden with last night’s snow
    Look majestically, princely tall
    These are a few of my favourite things
    For which I await every winter, every fall


    29th of September, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner , “Winter River scene”

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  • vswrites97 72w


    हम भी एक दिन केदारनाथ आएंगे महादेव! सुना है वहां स्वर्ग से हवा आती है.....

  • _akss_ 86w

    आस में

    ठहरा है
    खुद के
    ही हाल में
    नहीं ; किसी का मुन्तजिर वो
    बस खुद का ही मयस्सर बना बैठा है ।।

  • _desaiagraja 89w


    I believe in magic
    The magic that is seen
    When the sun sets and the the sky turns itself into a magical background.
    When the snow falls and how that cold shivering winters make me come out of the house and twirl.
    When the boat in the ocean disappear at the never meeting horizon.
    When in a hot summer morning, sun rise feels like never missing out feels.
    When that slidy monsoon roads makes me want to dance on it as it rains.
    When you turn your ugly sad face of your loved once into happy tears face.
    When from some where around the world I hear my favourite song and how my legs starts grooving on it.
    When the waves are racing eachother and how the kid tries to save his castle.
    When the big round world appears to be so tiny from the mountains.
    When the moon peeps to you from that white cloud in the dark soothing nights
    It feels magical, it feels love

  • eveningpoetressalaktaka 91w


    Without You,i will melt like the snowfall.


  • muskaangandhi 93w


    She's like the cold winter
    Even in the chilly temperatures
    You crave for her winter sunshine
    Even with the freezing ice
    You crave her snowfall
    Even in her captivating blizzards
    You crave her enchanting snowflakes
    Even in hatered you feel
    You crave her love

  • sarika_gupta 97w

    His presence is being missed,
    His laugh is being rewinded in her head,
    His voice has been constantly playing in her heart,
    His charisma is becoming more attractive for her,
    He is being missed more than she misses snowfall.


  • drnits 96w


    इस बार कुछ ऎसी कड़ाके की सर्दी आयी है जनाब,
    कि रज़ाई से निकलने का दिल ही नहीं करता,
    और गरम चाय की प्याली से मन ही नहीं भरता,
    कुछ इस तरह कोहरे ने धूप को छिपा रखा है,
    मानो जैसे किसी राज़ को दबा रखा है...
    उसपर इस बिन मौसम की बरसात ने तो,
    बस गज़ब ही ढा रखा है...
    बर्फ भी वक़्त वक़्त पर,
    ज़मीन को यूँ ढक जाती है,
    जैसे किसी ने सफ़ेद चादर बिछा रखी है...
    इन सर्दियों ने तो बस कहर ही ढा रखा है...

  • travelosic 101w

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  • mudasirfirdosi 102w


    A little bird sang to the stars
    lullabies of your serene grace
    of sweet waters in your streams
    and scented breeze of pastures.
    Unaware of the vicious clouds
    darkening the frontier,
    Autumn overtook the summer soon.
    Why should winter wait for long?
    Snow covered leafy trunks,
    unable to endure the burden of the fall.
    Her fragile nest broke off sudden
    throwing the hatchlings across the wall.
    Heaven turned upside down,
    with rugged winds in command
    Bulbul is eager to welcome Katij
    Spring shall come to free you soon.