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  • sneha_choudhuri_2005 137w

    Time flies with wings of a fast flying bird,
    Life is short, often have you heard;
    Let the seasons of your life not have you stop,
    Don't hold your umbrella high, let it drop;
    Let your wings get ready for the flight,
    For you are the only one who can colour your life bright.

  • sneha_choudhuri_2005 157w

    Love happens

    Love happens in the most unexpected time
    Only to prove itself to be the most divine,
    Cupid stricks us without any warning
    And lets us give away our love to someone charming,
    We know the consequences of falling for someone
    But still continue to call him/her our loved one,
    Love happens in the most unexpected time
    Only to prove itself to be the most divine...

  • sneha_choudhuri_2005 159w

    When Cupid Struck Us!!!

    Hated you at the start
    I didn't know you would end up
    Becoming my life's most important part,
    Owning my heart..

    Liked you as a friend
    But you always deserved more
    By having my heart mend,
    Whenever someone broke it as a trend..

    What I developed on you was a deep crush
    All because of your concern for me
    All through my body I had hormonal rush,
    Whenever you talked to me, and I had myself blush..

    Didn't know if you felt the same
    Never confessed to you about my feelings
    At this thought I always had myself overwhelm,
    And I felt this was very lame..

    One day your proposal came
    My heart skipped a beat
    I could not believe what you said,
    My cheeks became full red..

    I kept you waiting for a bit
    You had your patience kept
    Then, I had my feelings for you admit,
    Now, we are happy in a relationship, fully commit..