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  • unhinderedwriter 66w

    Snatched Career Choices

    On the threshold of decisions we students stand,
    In a jiffy uninvited advisors arrive: 
    The parents, the teachers, the institute and the public.
    With the horns of advices on,
    They run off at the mouth about all the career hints. 
    "A Doctor, an Engineer, a Lawyer, a Banker…"
    "You should pursue This, you should pursue That" 
    All the samples of advice we get. 
    But do we really need them? 
    "No! Not at all" 
    A generation of us would say.
    We know what we need,
    Give us our snatched career dices
    It's now for the real aspirants to lead.

    Each of us is unique
    Not all are born to follow the beaten tracks
    Those tracks yield no fulfillment for many
    Instead a brutal exploitation of time and energy.
    We the passionate beings,
    Passion is what we strive and seek.
    Money making or degree - not an aim,
    It's all surrendered to the love of just engaging.
    Be we writers, photographers, artists, musicians, comedians or sportsmen and earn a little,
    Still a joyous spark won't fade from our visage.
    What else is life all about, if it's not about bliss?
    Give us our snatched career dices,
    It's now for the real aspirants to lead.


  • mrspectacular 87w


    She was just a young travelling sister
    The last thing she expected was this twister
    That brought with it a painful oozing shame blister
    Giving her, from the happiness country, a dister
    Stealing from her, her worn glister
    Killing her soul with a lister
    She would have loved to meet with chastity, her mister
    But this men would deny her the pleasure for their own pleasure.

    Walking along the road heading for her abode
    Seeing these men together, her instincts gave a danger bode
    But she dismissed this diode
    And its glaring code
    Hence she became one who the world, to the order of shame, would hode
    And whose innocence, the coming sequence would erode.
    Her life would become an agony lode
    That would degenerate into a pain node.
    On her feet she, past them, rode.

    Extending a greeting so pleasant
    One would think they would be bitten by the mercy ant
    And say amongst themselves in their cant
    That to do such as they have thought, they can't
    For it would not be so elegant
    But apparently, they were defiantly ignorant
    They would make her, of the town of bitterness, a forced optant.
    For their goal was nothing else but her pant.

    They beckon on her to come over
    In surprise, she gives a bever.
    Part of her foretells doing so would not be clever
    As it will make her beautiful happy soul become a griever.
    Owing to this, he pulls her reverse lever
    And turning away, she chooses not to, for any reason, pullover
    But these guys have contingencies as well in their plan-quiver.
    In their words, she must be poured out like a river.

    Chasing after her, they do not stop.
    She trips over in her flip-flop,
    Picked up and into the nearest bushes, she is given a drop
    And her chastity eaten like a crop.
    After this is done, she cannot help but in pain & shame, home hop
    As her dignity has been given, in the street, a mop
    In her own blood, she has been given a sop.

    She weeps and sobs
    For she had been put through the greatest looting of her life.


  • soulmatters 113w


    She took my humility through his naivete, then by her personality she snatched away my humanity

  • kaivalya 161w

    खुद की साँसो में भी फर्क महूस होता है,
    जब कोई हमसे हमारी सबसे प्यारी चीज़ छीन लेता है.।

  • aditya_11 173w

    Someone Asked R U in a Realtionship or brokeup??
    "Snatched" He replied with smile...


  • maanuu 174w

    Again you have arrived..

    Just everytime my mind strucks
    when you arrive..
    You make my life
    worst living for..
    My parents love you
    the most..
    But I hate you the most..

    Everytime you arrive
    and make my life horrible..
    You are the reason of snatching
    my fun and freedom..
    You are a part
    of my friends..
    But my hateness for you
    will never end..


  • jenavieve9 195w


    Some people are there for whom you care alot and suddenly they turn against you...

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    You've snatched away everything of mine and you'll be happy to hear that I'm not fine...


  • kriti11 212w

    I wonder�� yes you have stolen me from myself with the trust you broke ���� #broken #snatched #trust #gain #mirakee

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    I wonder if you have snatched my soul too, with the (taken for granted) trust,
    For I can't find myself anywhere in me these days..!!