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    His deeds made a smoke of him & he touched his own reflection.


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    "Arcane Love"

    My heart has clouds,
    From smokes of "what-ifs"
    I didn't notice
    I was already falling

    Your sweet language ensnared me
    To the point that we almost happened
    I will dream instead of our future
    As there's the reality of us I've yet to know

    You apologized for the pain you caused
    It's been months and time made me forgive you
    Our past bond may have died
    But remember that forever in my heart
    You are alive.


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    Arcane Love

    Your eyes used to be warm
    Hazel-brown as beautiful autumn
    Yet now it hurts how they look at me
    They're filled with emptiness
    No sign of care and affection
    They show the feelings of blue
    As an icy winter with frozen stares
    and so cold.


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    #start #foreverc #fallingc #cloudsc #apologizec #smokec
    #brokennessc #almostc #octoberc #timetoleavemylove
    @milliondreamsarekeepingmeawake I ended same line !

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    7 Oct 2021 11 am

    (Beatrice means - she who makes happy )

    Beatrice to Beethoven ~

    I love night walks, I've always loved the streets stretching long and wide before me, luring me to measure the distance between my love and my destiny, which stays hidden amidst white lights, pink frames and pied piper's songs. Even tonight I'm walking, with half a mind to stop, just return back home and the other half urging to walk until I surpass this scenery. The one which will be engraved on my mind in bold tints of hues - a buried symphony of rain(tear)drops.

    Loud zephyr surged through birches lining the asphalt. Lonely footpaths are piling heaps of dried dreams, that once had palmistry of a prospering future. Just like the rosy lines on my pale palm, they are fading and blurring. Leaving mere marks that resemble scars of being alive. Maybe they'd never disappear. Maybe they'd stay forever on me. Reminding me that I once had umpteenth possibilities, all of which got flooded by unrestricted emotions.

    The ache in my heart is tracing branches of thunderstorms lighting the darkening night sky in flashes. It all started from a single drop, that leisurely rolled off my forearm, slowly. Falling, falling and then hitting hard on the concrete crossroad. Welkin left no raindrop orphaned. More of those tragic pearls fell like an ornament of the heaving clouds. 

    Fogged streetlights adorned divinity as if a halo, blessing otherwise pitch black way. With every step I took, I let some tear drops cuddle the enlarging puddles on my way. Some steps deliberately stomped on fallen leaves, unwilling to lock away my distress. 'It must be October', my hazy mind tried to reason, why my pathway is paint-dipped in crimson-maroons and amber-bronzes. Just like my red-rimmed eyes and scar-studded thighs. 

    A heart that once poured love like marvelling monsoons have now closed off with raging smoke, a clouded mind.
    It's almost impossible to believe that he's unaware of the ways he's transformed 'from beaut to beast'. His hands tremble so hard if he can't refill poison pools in the glass bottles. Mirrors showed him neither reality nor fantasy. Music is no more his high, notations are mind maps to hell, a trepidating trap. 

    Echoes have left him aeons ago, whispers can't reach him even within hairline distance. Trumpets and drumroll veiled silence, piano poignantly ponders, violins wail intermittently. Euphony unreachable, cacophony undeterred. All that left was a mirage of eutony, not even approachable. And caresses have withered as soon as winter bound him in frore, lending me blossoming whiplashes.

    I stayed by him like a shadow that has taken an oath of solemnity. But there's only so much I can do when none of my attempts could disclose his despair. He was hell-bent on pushing me away. Would promises wither if their voices travel back to their origin ? Would love disappear if the hearts unwind their own beats ? Would forever fall down to never-again if brokenness gravitied the fall ? Who is to apologize to whom, if both are hurt and keep hurting each other ?

    This wretched rain has drenched me depressed yet my heart is shielding a drought rooted in loss. This scenery is fated to fade in forlorn.
    And every foggy breath I exhale is chanting a farewell to my once-wished-eternal-spring -
    " It's time to erase this scenery.
    It's time to leave, my love..." 

    / I couldn't be a Beatrice to his Beethoven
    For I'm Betrothed to Brokenness /

    © Anjali Krishna
    All Rights Reserved

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    I love night walks, I've always loved the streets stretching long and wide before me, luring me to measure the distance between my love and my destiny, which stays hidden amidst white lights, pink frames and pied piper's songs. Even tonight I'm walking, with half a mind to stop, just return back home and the other half urging to walk until I surpass this scenery. The one which will be engraved on my mind in bold tints of hues - a buried symphony of rain(tear)drops.


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    * 19.9.2021; 6.55 P.M (Malaysia)

    #smokec #smoke #challenge @writersbay

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    Am I? ~

    Am I a moron? Like a moke!
    Am I ugly? It's like mirror mock!
    Am I fat? Ladylike. I wear smock.
    Am I annoying? I'll gone like smoke!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • rekhuu 5w

    there is more to life
    than a handful of lessons
    learnt from heartbreaks
    for I'm yet to know
    the real meaning of life
    the struggle it takes
    to change my scars to stars
    for the smoke to clear
    the doubts in my mind


  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 5w

    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    Donning my diurnal daywear
    I deleteriously delequesce
    Into the denouement of the Divine
    There are blessings in brokenness
    Bright beams that bang and boom
    Whilst bemoaning their
    Beleaguered benediction
    Stymied by a scintilla of hope
    They sonder scurrilously
    In wisps of smoke
    And like that thing
    That died before death
    They stay and watch
    With bated breath
    Crashing crescendos capitulate
    They wave me on
    As I continually rise above
    There is no perfection here
    Though in ways I've yet to know
    Beauty is upon you, this I swear.
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 9/18/2021

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    Lingered Smoke

    She was the hot flame that
    Burned with such sexuality,
    I was the rising smoke that
    Lingered within her velvety

  • kamala_kammu 5w

    She was transparent
    With all the smoke inside her
    And vanished at a glimpse of
    Turbulence speed towards eternity

  • shadowofthoughts_ 5w

    Rather than a temporary glitter,
    make me a permanent scar.
    In the eyes of cigarette cigar,
    make me a hollow smoke jar.

    ~i'm bizzare


  • blinganshu 5w

    Smoke rising from the burning fire
    Tries to hide the warmth and the light
    Dims the spirit to fight
    The fears grip the heart tight
    The courage doesn't come in sight
    The walk for happiness takes you
    Through dark, gloomy night
    Not every choice you make is right
    Broken hearts are often void of might.

    But the darkest moments are the goodbyes
    A few even leave you without that last goodbye
    The moment between saying goodbye and leaving
    Drains you of all your love and faith.

    Once you get over dark moments
    You know that the smoke is not enough
    To keep you from lightening the world.

    #smokec #combination #wod #walk #goodbyes #blinganshu

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    Smoked light

    Once you get over dark moments
    You know that the smoke is not enough
    To keep you from lightening the world.

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    Ask for help when you need it. There are certain battles you cannot fight alone, no matter how much you try. We're all growing, so let's bloom together.��

    Thank you @writersnetwork (19)��❤️

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    Chaos and the silence

    /What died before death were the feelings of love and warmth I felt throughout my childhood, shortlived till 8.
    I drank a glass of motivation every morning, to get out of bed, and onto the bus to school, for I realised that the sun did come up, whether I liked it or not. I survived. Survived for my mother, survived for my father.
    Sexual assault, a word I didn't even know about, until I turned 12, I faced it, for quite many days but I wondered, whether anyone would believe me, so I kept quiet and hoped it would leave my frail little heart, before I took my last breath/

    /You turn a page and touch another life when you walk around brave, wearing your heart on your sleeve. I decided to forget everything which happened when I was a kid and take life, one day at a time. By the time I turned 16, I was shy because my body was growing. I felt weird. I turned to books and movies to enjoy life and then the pressure of school struck me. My parents began noticing my behavior of ignoring little things and told me to be myself, only then the world would make sense. So I decided to try it out, to turn the page and start being myself on my seventeenth birthday, to start fresh/

    /A lone girl and a familiar song stayed with me as I went to another city for college. Still listening to 'Love Story' by Taylor Swift, I started fresh, pushing away my past. I met a cute guy who brought out the best in me. He pampered me, took me out on dates and loved me for who I am. I spoke to myself every night, I was happy, and grateful for everything until one fine day, I read an article online about an assault of an 8 year old and I froze. The dirty touch of that man, sent shivers down my spine and I stayed awake the entire night with a pool of fresh tears, stealing away my sunshine. It rained heavily the next morning and I didn't get out of bed. My smoked conscience didn't let me/

    /I loved you a little more than I loved myself, always remember this, but I cannot take this relationship forward, I blurted. He caressed my hair and asked me what happened but I shivered to his touch. He wrapped me in a blanket, gave me some water, while I cried my heart out and listened to me while I told him about my assault. He hugged me tight and convinced me that it'll all be okay, and in his arms, I slept like a baby. I felt a burden lift off my chest, because I was no longer battling this alone. I knew my secret was safe and that he'd never tell anyone. Three years of college flew by/

    /The moment between saying goodbye and leaving grows flowers and sews your heart sending tears down your cheeks in hopes of meeting again. Thousands of miles is a lot of difference when it comes to liking someone, but when you love someone, those thousand miles don't even matter. Both of us cried a lot, but knew that we wouldn't ever fall apart. That's when you know it's true love. It's been nearly 30 years of loving each other, but I think, I love him a little more than yesterday. He helped me to accept and move on from the darkest parts of my life and I helped him add colours to his. He brought in silence to my chaotic world of one and helped me bloom/

    A little bit of love and kindness can save a soul who has no desire to survive. All of us fight battles no one knows about, but believe me, all of us need help. Help from a friend, family member or even from a therapist. Don't shy away from asking for help when you need it.

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    Surrounding observations give me a picture,
    Although love is invisible,
    Yet it is a great beautifier.
    The further you encounter and fall into it,
    Utterly cherished you in any form,
    Turns you into a lover and addicted,
    A tender look which becomes a habit,
    Like smoking.

    Love is like smoke,
    Although it gives pain,
    Yet it's beyond everything,
    To stabilize the relation of both parties,
    Always bestowed to makes the ride worthwhile,
    Wisely make a strategic plan to win the battle,
    As love is a war,
    Sacrifice needs to be done,
    As a trophy of hard effort,
    To form trust and make happiness happening,
    On both sides,
    Not only a day,
    But for such a long time,
    Immortality, unconditionally
    As it is still on the right track,
    Together as one.

    Love is like smoke,
    Although it is the most beautiful thing in life,
    Yet it could turn into the most terrifying one,
    Ruin mutual relations,
    Disappointments could set in,
    One side feels like the highest cloud,
    While another party is not on the same track,
    That suffocating happens,
    Suffered severe disease,
    Causing serious pain and slowly killed.
    To save the suffered party,
    Retreat needs to be done from another side,
    Not to give up,
    But to let go of another party,
    For the sake of love,
    To find own space from toxic relation,
    Liberation through move on to heal,
    For each sides' happiness.

    #smokec #wod
    @miraquill @writersbay @writersnetwark

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    Love is like smoke


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    Darkness brooded over my eyes as
    She ran past the hazy lines
    And slid under those stardust covered smoke.
    As she did uncover herself
    Whistling a very known tune to me,
    I snatched a glimpse of her -
    It was a lone girl and a familiar song.
    I woke up to face the mirror.

    This dream was to stay forever.


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    Set A-the movement between saying goodbye and leaving
    Set B-remember
    Thanks for the ❤
    Happy reading ❤
    #combination #smokec
    @writersnetwork @miraquill @writersbay
    Thanks a lot @writersbay for the ❤(1)

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    The moment between saying goodbye and leaving was just"us".
    You left those wounds on my skin are blooming with your poetries.

    //And darling i remember when we met again in the heaven,sky was releasing the smoke of our love//

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    hehe ��
    @shruti_25904 srry i can't
    @writersbay #smokec

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    she doesn't crave for dusky dew drops
    her smoky soul whisper blues of dark deep Ocean ..embracing her existence in golden
    ragged sands.

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    #combination #smokec

    @writersnetwork Thank you so much wn for the repost ��

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    Blue stains and grey poesy

    When I was stuck on the pages of life
    where serendipity and voids depart
    from the tree 
    that day I realized..
    "What died before death".
    ~When people start surviving
    without souls and dreams.

    When I saw a blue butterfly fluttering wings
    on unpainted canvas;
    Suddenly sanguine breeze and autumn leaves
    embrace me tightly.
    Illusions are trying to distract me,
    and I start faltering steadily steadily
    from my path; before it's too late,
    I smile and wrap all the illusion
    completely in hues of blue and grey.
    I whisper on the ear of canvas..
    ~"I loved you a little more than I loved myself"
    But now
    "I love myself a little more than
    I love you".

    I knew better, better than anyone
    The moment between saying goodbye and
    leaving will grasp me one day,
    Candles of my wait eventually melt away
    Long awaited kiss of sorrow when touched me,
    from the rhyming ballad
    I start evaporating in the air
    like blue smoke.


    17 September 21
    3:00 pm

  • shruti_25904 5w

    The smoke visible in her lips narrated a whole fairytale, but the smoke in her heart couldn't blew the dusty dewdrops which were stuck in her thread of love.

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    Word of the day: Smoke

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    The way her body existed only where he touched her. The rest of her was smoke.

    – Arundhati Roy

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    Tried to write some erotica types first time ��
    I know it's more of a bleh bleh and doesn't make sense ��
    #poem #erotica #love #vibes #smokec

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    Your Smoky Hot Eyes
    Sets My heart On Flames
    Which reduces it to The Love ashes
    Which I breath and Get tranquilised
    And I feel High On Love
    Your Glossy Red Lips,
    Makes My Heart Ponder ,
    Makes It skip a beat ,
    The way you smile wide ,
    I just crave to be yours
    The strawberry red Lips ,
    That Taste sweet n Sour
    When we may share a kiss
    When you blow the kisses in the air
    It feels like truly
    Love is in the air
    And I breathe the same
    Making Our love eternal .