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  • slotha 9w

    Nothing to see here~ Like always~ #slotha #slothnessly

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  • slotha 9w

    I Want You, But...

    You're cute, adorable, caring,
    and many good things I could pin point out.
    You're also older than me.
    The way you talk,
    The way you laugh,
    The way you walk,
    The way you look at me,
    I'm naturally attracted to you.
    I want you.
    I wish to spend more time with you.
    But I promise myself,
    I won't be in a relationship
    until I got myself a job.
    And this is killing me,
    because I can't even tell you,
    about this feeling,
    about this pain of loving you in silent.
    I hate myself.

  • slotha 13w


    If only I could go wherever you were,
    I might the happiest person in the world.
    I love you, indeed.
    But, our world so different.
    You're made of pen and paint,
    While I am made of blood and flesh.
    I hate these kind of differences.

  • slotha 18w

    Are you the same as me? Or perhaps, just in some similar situation. #what #about #you #slotha #slothnessly

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    [My Runaway]

    I am a sinner, yes.
    For my own pleasure,
    I watch things that you always judge
    as bad things to be watched.
    And after that I realize,
    I am afraid of myself.
    What if I do things like that?
    Because I know I am capable of it,
    but still holding tight onto my so-called humanity.

    I am a sinner, indeed.
    For my own happiness,
    I do things that you could judge
    as an awful things to be done.
    And after that I learned,
    that this happiness wasn't last long.
    Why did I do things like that?
    Because of those thoughts,
    I am now wide awake in the middle of the night.

    I'm afraid of myself.
    And here I am.
    Writing down my thoughts
    on this little runaway place of mine.
    No question needed.
    I, really, truly, am afraid of myself.


  • slotha 20w

    To You, In My Dream

    To the boy I met in my dream last night,
    You're really my type, marry me.


  • slotha 25w

    A Selfish Wish

    I wish for you to come and find me.
    But you never come.
    Now that someone's here beside me,
    I wish I was gone.
    Selfish me, indeed.

  • slotha 30w

    Butterflies in This Cage

    "I feel butterflies inside my stomach,"
    There's always this phrase,
    every time I read a romance novel,
    or watching a romance movie.
    As confused as I am at that time,
    I never knew it would happen to me,
    every time you flick my forehead,
    softly with your finger tips.
    I lock my butterflies forever,
    so you won't know these feelings,
    and we could forever be friend.

  • slotha 33w

    Not Who I Used To Be

    Have you ever wonder,
    When you met this person again,
    The baby in you scream,
    Wanting his touch, his attention,
    Wanting his everything.
    But your lips sealed,
    And suddenly realised,
    That you are not as honest
    as you used to be.
    And he is not yours.
    Never be yours.

  • slotha 33w

    Broken Pieces

    We are just a broken piece,

    from our stupid memories,

    trying to live a better life,

    than what we used to be.


  • slotha 34w

    Just so you know, I write this down to calm down myself. I'm always overthinking things around this time before sleep. Not that I want to lecture you, but, I write this for my own sake.
    #overthinking #overthink #is #bad #you #know #slotha #slothnessly

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    Some people wander about
    "Why does young people nowadays
    easily got depressed?"

    Well, allow me, please.

    One. There's this so-called overthinking things.
    And two, there's this feeling of rejection,
    that happens every time they're confessing
    what's going on inside their mind.

    Then again, not all young people like that.
    And not all young people like you.
    They're also human.
    Just human.

    Unless you killed them,
    then they'll became a corpse.

  • slotha 34w


    Something's different here.
    Will I be able to adapt?

  • slotha 37w


    Sleep, my Dear.
    As that was the only way for you
    to escape from reality.

  • slotha 37w

    Es Krim

    sesuatu yang kusuka,
    namun tak boleh berlebihan.
    sama halnya es krim bagiku.

  • slotha 38w


    Some would like to taste it.
    Some crave for it.
    Some lusting it.
    Some wish to never know it.
    And me?
    I am....
    Somehow a giver,
    And a taker at the same time.
    Ah, how I wish I could be like 'em.

  • slotha 38w


    Tidurlah, tidur, duhai kasihku.
    Pun rembulan telah jauh meninggalkan malam.
    Dan mentari kan segera menyambut dirimu.
    Bersama hembusan angin yang menangis dalam diam.

  • slotha 38w

    Wandering Mind

    Late night,
    Or almost dawn, if I should say.
    My mind has been wandering around for hours now.
    Thoughts like,
    "I need a hug",
    "I need someone to tell me it's alright",
    "I want to stab something",
    "Nothing goes right like I want it to be",
    "I just want to cry",
    or even, "I wish I could just sleep forever",
    has been pop up inside this brain of mine.
    And then I realised,
    It's that time of the day again.
    It's been like this, like a daily schedule.
    It's not good to stack up more stressful thoughts.
    I told my mind to shut it off, those thoughts.
    But, every time I close my eyes,
    I just want to tear myself down.
    I want to ruin someone's life,
    but I couldn't do that.
    I need to keep myself sane.
    How long has it been?
    Since I openly talk about my mind,
    about my insecurity, my anxiety,
    to someone else?
    How long has it been, since I do so?
    By the time I reach this thought,
    I suddenly missed my younger self.
    Oh, how innocent and happy I was back then.
    How I could freely running down the hill,
    laughed happily as the wind greet me.
    And then I met my so-called prince,
    live happily ever after, or so I wished back then.
    Pardon me.
    My thoughts been wandering around uncontrollably.
    I don't think I could keep my thoughts together.
    Sometimes, I'm sad.
    And suddenly, I'm happy.
    Then I'm scared.
    I do afraid of myself.
    I'm afraid if I'm not real.
    And so you are.
    Are you real?
    Am I even alive?
    Why do I love pudding more than an orange?
    I don't know.

  • slotha 38w

    Yang Ku Percaya

    Aku, kamu, mereka.
    Masing-masing memiliki kepercayaan yang berbeda.
    Entah kepada kompas yang menunjuk arah,
    Entah kepada jam dinding yang menyatakan waktu,
    Atau kepada awan yang tampak memainkan cuaca.
    Kepada apapun itu yang kamu percaya,
    Kuharap kamu tidak memaksaku untuk mempercayainya juga.
    Pun demikian,
    Aku tidak akan memaksamu melakukan hal serupa.

  • slotha 38w


    We believe what we want to believe.
    Whether it's a simple compass,
    to show you where's North or South.
    Whether it's a book, a card, a rock, a Bible,
    or even an abstract object.
    We believe with what we think is right for us to believe.
    What I believe might be different from yours.
    And so either way.
    If you don't believe me,
    I won't push you any further.
    It's your choice.
    And, so,
    Please respect me with doing so too.

  • slotha 40w


    Harum basah rumput dan buaian angin malam,
    Untaian melodi yang menenangkan jiwa,
    Jangankan dirimu,
    Aku pun akan terlelap mendengarnya,
    Nyanyian cinta sang langit kepada pertiwi.

  • slotha 40w


    With the moon you comes down,
    In the middle of the night we dance,
    Not too fast, nor too slow,
    Time goes by, but not your beauty,
    Everything's looks perfect,
    Right here, in my memory with you.