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  • june_margot 9w

    7 sins

    Pride may nibble on mystic peril
    Greed may perish your dearly sheril.
    Lust may furnish your guilty pleasure.
    Envy may demolish every treasure
    Gluttony may feed your greed
    Wrath may corrupt your deed
    Sloth may be the deadliest curse
    An evil emanate from hearse
    Fallen angel unacceptable forever
    Such circumstances created 'Lucifer'

  • nocturnal_enigma 10w

    #sloth #SelfLoathe #Self #Loathe

    * Loaf is a British slang means head & mind.
    * 3rd line means I have lots of stuffs in my mind.
    * While there's a phrase: Use one's loaf - Means to use one's common sense.

    * 14.8.2021; 5.01 P.M (Malaysia)

    * 575th post; 103 more posts till 678th

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    Self-love ~

    I'm slow like a sloth.
    It make me self-loathe.
    I've lots in my loaf.
    I should self-love.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • prabhat_raghuvanshi 40w

    अजीब दिन है

    अजीब दिन है
    तुम्हारी दूरी ने
    ऐसे उकदे बिछा दिए हैं
    की जिनके खुलने के हर जोहद में
    मैं अपनी सांसे गवां रहा हूं
    मैं अपने हाथों को जख्मी करके
    तुम्हारे लम्स
    कैसे मिटा रहा हूं
    अजीब दिन है
    की दाएं कंधे पर तेरी खुशबू
    का बोझ लेकर
    न जाने कितने बरस जिऊंगा
    मुझे गले से लगाए जो भी
    मैं बायां कंधा मिला रहा हूं

    कभी जो सूरज
    रहा है मेरा
    वो बल्ब जीरो का हो गया है
    कभी तकल्लुफ कभी मरव्वत
    के आड़ में जो
    मोहब्ब्तो के हसीं है
    रात बाचता है

    मगर तवज्जों तलब है ये भी

    वो एक शायर ,
    वो एक शायर की सुखी आंखे
    तेरा मुकम्मल जहां थी जो
    की इनको देखे बिना भी
    देखो गुज़र गई है
    ना दिन तुम्हारे
    मगर वो आंखे

    मगर वो आंखे
    तेरी बसारत से हो के मेहरूम
    बुझ गईं है
    तेरी समात के आबे यारी से
    पल रही थी
    जो चंद नज्में
    वो मर गए हैं
    वो मर गए हैं


  • jenaroaragon 41w


    Curtains gently wafting, stained with the scent of cat-shit and weed. Malodorous sloth, this place is perfumed with our sin. Still, I love the taste.


  • skelvin 48w

    A never-ending forest of statues lay along the horizon of an equally never-ending black sea ahead of us.
    Their shattered remains lay amongst the ink at our feet, staining their otherwise pristine skin.
    The further we traverse through the crowd of porcelain the more intact they become, but alas, the ink spills from their orifices still, ever-staining their perfect forms.

    A much larger statue is in view, its colossal body lay upon its side in a most uncouth and haphazardly manner. Yet no ink spills from this figure, with its skin a blinding white amidst the jet black sea. Accompanied by several statuettes, the great statue speaks to us, effort evaporated with each word.

    "Disturbing the rest of those who have shirked their diligence is no virtue, children of man."

    We meekly ask the absolute being about our location, and as to why, we are here.
    The porcelain god retorts, with all the strength it may have.

    "A chore it is, barking back at such an inquiry, can't you see you are in my domain? My kingdom of ink and stone? A land devoid of status and responsibilities? If you are here then you must wish to be like your peers here, no? If not then I must ask you to leave, and let us devoid of joy and strength rest for an eternity, to eventually becoming the ink you walk upon."

    Such a long response from the endlessly tired figure must be a rare occurrence, for as soon as the stony voice fades it falls into a deafening silence. A silence that embraces the statues and statuettes, smothering them with its blanket of peace.

    We cannot answer all of the questions asked of us, but we apologise nonetheless, and start returning from whence we came. The porcelain god retorts once more, its earth shaking gasps growing softer with each passing step.

    "So you have chosen to awaken once more, and once more I have been disturbed from my slumber, not even in the grasps of sleep nor the gaze of death. I give you one last warning child of man, if you dare to take your diligence for granted, if you dare come to me seeking a light rest, I shall make the next time you enter my domain the last."

    You glance at one of the shattered remains that lay on the tar floor, an eye looking disinterested with the world around it lays at your feet. This was a brother of yours, a fellow man once filled with diligence and joy.

    "Leave! Never return to my kingdom again wretched harpy of virtue! And live your life knowing that as soon as you awaken you are diligent enough. And live knowing you aren't welcome here."

    You wake, feeling boundless vigor. Hoping that today will be the last you enter the porcelain God's kingdom.

    #shortstory #sin #sloth #depression #mentalhealth #hope

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    Servants of Sloth


  • skelvin 52w

    Cage of the Fearful

    A desire burns inside you,
    The feeling of loneliness, now yours,
    As others move forward you feel spite,
    To be king of this cage no more,
    You wish for that with great passion,
    But you devour any hope given,
    And you're still scared of change.


  • ashwinraja 65w


    She clung to her love forging the 7 sins. Pride, sloth, wrath, lust, envy, gluttony, and greed conflicting to the seven celestial integrity.

  • gerbil 109w


    Take the time to rest,
    It isn't all that hard.
    You know you've done your best,
    So go let down your guard.

    Enjoy that cup of coffee,
    Savor the lover's kiss,
    Sing songs to relax in the morning,
    Enjoy sweet Summer's bliss.

    Life's a constant battle,
    Your journey, a constant test,
    But you my child, aren't cattle,
    So take the time to rest.


  • loftydreams101 116w

    The Price of Peace and Quiet

    Fatigued, on a noiseless day
    We nod back and forth
    Between empty songs
    And the witchery of sleep

    We fight for sunlight
    Then slide silently,
    To our havens in the shade
    To our purest of desires

    To be brought back to life,
    In the shadow of the world
    Having lost our spark
    Our lone chance to ignite

    © William Wright, Jr. 2019

  • shankyaudacity 117w


    The nature of being sloth and agile at the same time are traits of mouse

  • loftydreams101 117w

    Canopy of Vipers

    The lies of a lost refuge
    Still ring in my ears
    Its bittersweet chorus
    Maniacally spins

    Engulfed, by its coddling steam,
    My paths spiral down and scatter
    In its early dusk

    Through a canopy of vipers
    Coiled and seething
    In the high noon’s shadow

    That solitude’s lies
    Are crumbling apart
    And a new chorus burns
    Through its fortress of vice

    © William Wright, Jr. 2019

  • simpleselfexpression 119w


    I want more from life
    but struggle with inaction -
    Idleness destroys


  • writeendlessly 121w


    Greed- I want you. All of you. To myself. Ill be that selfish someone who doesn't share. Your heart. Your mind. Your spirit. Your everything. I want it all.

    Envy- I envy those who have experienced your love. I'm jealous of the memories you've made, because they don't include me. That not every smile that comes across your face, is because of me.

    Lust- I crave you. In every form. The way you move, the way you draw, that tiny half smile you get when i'm "not funny". You finger tips wrapped in mine as we walk. The way your voice sounds over the phone and I know your smiling. The way you stare off into space when the gears in your head are in overdrive. Those, are what I crave.

    Sloth- When we kiss, I want it slow. Slow enough to trace every outline of your lips. Slow enough to make it intoxicating and have that last sip. I want time to stop and speed up all at once.

    Wrath- Furious, with the things I've said. The games I've played. Angry with myself for letting things get out of control. Angry with you for letting it. Angry for not being honest and open. Angry at myself for losing sight of you, even for an instant.

    Glutton- I need you to be my oxygen. The first and last thing I see each and everyday. I need to hear " I Love You" on repeat. I need to know that your always there. I need to know that we, no matter the battle, will always overcome it and be victorious. I need you to know that I will never, stop trying to be the best human in this world for you.

    Pride- We're not perfect. In fact, were so far from it, perfect isn't in our vocabulary. To each other, we are soulmates, meant to be with one another. I will stand from the tallest mountains and yell it from the roof tops, so the people in the back can here: You are mine, I am yours, endlessly forever.
    I would show the world my love for you, but it's easier said then done when you are my world.

  • anishagera 127w


    This whole world revolves around me and I shall remain static for I am its universe
    I have meticulous inactivity to conquer even the most active entities of the world
    I shall drown myself in sloth
    Even if its a fatal sin.....

  • gairo0 127w


    सुनो ! याद है तुम्हे वो समय, वो पहाड़ों के बीच की छोटी, छिछली झील?
    वो, जिसकी सतह पर हम दोनों तैरा करते थे,
    जहाँ बरगद के डाल की बेल को रस्सी बनाए एक दुसरे को डूबने से बचाने का स्वांग खेलते थे?
    आज वो ही झील कितनी बड़ी लगती है, एक समुद्र के मानिंद।
    और तुम अंदर, बड़ी गहराई तक के गोते लगा रहे हो।
    मेरा सतह पर तैरना तो छोड़ो खेलना भी नहीं हो रहा है।
    सिक्त किनारे पर, सूखे पत्तों का ढेर बना कर बैठा
    पानी मे बस पत्थर चला रहा हूँ, जो अब एक भी टप्पा नहीं खा रहे हैं।
    बस डूब रहें है उसी गहराई में, मानो तुम्हारे पास जाने की कोशिश कर रहे हों।
    मुझे गोते खाने नहीं आते, डरता भी हूँ
    कि अब जब ये झील का गहरा होना जान पड़ गया है तो कहीं डूब न जाऊँ?
    और सिर्फ़ सतह पर तैरने का फ़जीता कर गीला नहीं होना चाहता।
    अब तुम न जाने कितने भीतर चले गए हो?
    तुम्हारी कोई हरक़त दिखाई नहीं पड़ती।
    पानी में खुली आँखों से मुँह डालने पर सब धुन्दला लगता है।
    क्या तुम तक मेरी आवाज़ पहुँच पा रही है?
    कम से कम मेरी सदाएं, क्या उस गहराई को छू पा रहीं हैं?

  • sillypie_says 130w


    We excuse our sloth under the pretext of difficulty.

  • gairo0 130w

    थोड़ा कुछ #2

    कुछ टूटी फूटी जर्जर कविताओं,
    सतही साहित्य के महीम तख़्त नुमा पुलिया पर
    लड़खड़ाता डगमगाता हुआ
    जहाँ विचार भी उन हाथो की तरहं हैं
    जो केवल संतुलन देने हेतु हैं
    न जाने कहाँ बढ़े जा रहा हूँ
    कुछ ख़बर कुछ होश नहीं
    कोई है भी नही जो हमे कुछ बता पाए
    क्योंकि हमारे सलीके के
    नक़्ली कलाकार कम ही हैं यहाँ
    जो अपनी कल्पनाओं, रचनाओं में
    खोते तो नहीं पर सो अवश्य जाते हैं
    जागते हैं तो आलकस की कलम से
    चार सुस्ताए बोल काग़ज़ पर ख़रोंच देते हैं
    जीवन ज़िम्मेदारियों से नज़र बचाते,
    छुपते, भगते शब्द हैं
    या उनका अभाव।

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  • sometimestheworstme312 133w

    Heavenly virtues

    Charity - i was always taught to give, but this greedy world only takes.
    Chastity - i was innocent, until desire and lust were discovered.
    Diligence - i was determined to be good, but society said i wasnt enough. Im a pig, a sloth.
    Humility - i was taught to take advantage and learn from it, but i only became full of pride.
    Kindness - i was standing in the rain, but my envy looked towards the sun with need.
    Patience - i had waited for you. but over time, wrath got the best of me.
    Temperance - i didnt want your 'sweet beverage', but gluttony already knew the taste.

    "The world threw everything at me and all at once. It was hard to not be broken; i sadly became addicted to multiple sins...again."


  • skyobsessedgirl 147w

    Something a little humorous, stepping aside from all the deep poems and quotes. Something lighter for the day.

    #day4 #poem #pod #original #mirakeewriter #mirakeeworld #bestie #mylittlekoala #koala #sloth #school #cool #lifesaver #english #math #physics #chemistry #readwriteunite

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    My Lovely Koala

    I met a cute koala at school
    Who has some traits of a sloth and that's cool
    She doesn't munch on leaves
    But sure on candy and sweets
    And clings to my hoodie
    And drifts away to sleep

    She cuddles during physics
    And plays scrabble during math
    Confused during chemistry
    And sleeps during English
    Her books are mostly empty
    But aces exams without being oblique

    ~ Manu