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  • ririrandle 18w

    Untitled #37

    I am a hollow one;
    eyes clouded,
    blind from the truth.
    Inside my cracking shell
    all that He made
    seeps through;
    leaking from crevices
    –tissue and bone.
    My body lies sagged,
    I’m decomposing.
    Soaking into Earth’s foundation,
    I hear screams.

    ©Riri R.

  • sheena 20w

    TORIMODOSU : To get back and recover after a loss in life

    #torimodosu #wod #poem #sliceoflife #pod
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    Winter almost felt long and tenebrious,
    The ambiance dipped in the albescent shades
    Cold and numb fingers, replicating my stoned heart
    As I was sinking deep into a cave of silence

    I'm teleported back in time,
    As those memories rush back, unheralded
    And the raw emotions bleeds again
    Yet I found an escape within the words I shed
    Over crisp papers, letting tears sway

    While the seasons changed I was moulded back,
    The apricity of the sun that welcomed me each day
    While, the wounds started to heal
    And the pain coagulated somewhere deep

    My elegy was coming to an end,
    Little snippets of me was nurtured amidst unsaid verses
    Thus I'm letting go of that last piece of my scathed reverie
    The one I have held enough as my cherished memory

    ....for the longest time


  • advocate_d 25w

    The Shepherd Walks His Road.
    His Flock, Lost. But Not Forgotten.

    The Black Sheep Believe They Are Free.
    Oh But The Wiser Would Know, Just As You Begin To Feel At Home HE Is Knocking At Your Door.

    Sid Williams Is The Black Shepherd.

    #Horror #ChillingTales #SliceOfLife

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    Black Sheep


  • shanthi_yella 30w

    Attitude matters

    Grandpa, I lost in the 200 meters run at school!

    Abhay! It's okay! How many people participated in the run?

    Ten students of 3rd grade Grandpa and I reached the finish line at the last.

    Oh! Why dear?

    I followed the moral told by you. "Slow and steady wins the race"

    When did I say that?

    The last Sunday night, you narrated a bedtime story of the Hare and Tortoise race.

    In the end, you told me that slow and steady wins the race. I followed this morale in the race.

    Oh! Dear little Abhay, I told that morale because the hare was lazy, as he underestimated that the tortoise is slow and he can win the race at any cost.

    But at the end,  the hare sleeps and the tortoise reaches the finish line and wins.

    "Oh! Dad, he was crying in the school until his physical training teacher motivated him," said Abhay's Mom Riddima.

    Grandpa! That's what the morale you told me. But today after I lost the race everyone called me little tortoise at School.

    Oh! Sorry to hear that Abhay. Why did they call you little tortoise?

    In the race when everyone was running fast, I walked slowly but I reached the finish line after everyone reached there.

    My physical training teacher scolded me. I mean giving a big lecture.

    Oh! What did he say?

    He said, "If your Grandpa told you the moral story of hare and tortoise. You will follow that in games at school. If you want to win the race you should run fast.

    It is the attitude of the hare that made it fail in the race. It's the head stubborn attitude that a hare can run fast, whereas a tortoise cannot.

    But the tortoise was steady with a strong attitude towards its goal to win the race.

    So the tortoise won the game even when it cannot run.

    Abhay thinks in a reverse way if the hare had the right attitude towards the game. It could win the game because of its strength speed.

    Always we should have the right attitude towards our goal. So that our positives help us winning and we can even overcome our negatives.

    I said, "so, we should have the right attitude towards our goals, it's not speeding or slow"

    The teacher said, "yes, Dear! Take an example of a slow-cycling game played by secondary high school students, which you have seen yesterday. The rule of this game is to do the slow-cycling without removing your leg from the paddle, the one who reaches the finish line in slow cycling mode without removing a leg from the paddle will be the winner. So here you have to be slow. Whereas the 200 meters race is for speed. Who reaches first with speed running will be the winner."

    Grandpa says, "yeah Dear! Your teacher is right. It's about attitude.

    Our attitude should be by our goals, our positive and negative characteristics."

    Grandpa! Then we have to change the moral of the story.

    No Dear! The writer of the story wants to say that even though the tortoise cannot run, it wins because "slow and steady wins the race"

    Probably, the inner meaning would have been this, the right attitude of tortoise made it win the race even though it cannot run and the wrong attitude of the hare, made it lose the race even though it can run at a good speed. As your teacher told.

    Then Grandpa, why you did not tell me this when you narrated the story?

    I didn't know about this Abhay. We were always taught that slow and steady wins the race as the morale of the story.

    Oh! Grandpa even your teacher told you the same.

    Yes! Dear.

    Which school did you study in?

    First chapter of my book The times of 1965.
    A story of an abandoned boy narrated by himself to his grandson. Available @webnovel
    Trailer of the book is available @yellashanthi in instagram. My other book is Vathi met Vaathi @webnovel

  • beingapoet 33w

    What Makes Me My Wish ?

    It was a sunny day
    I tried to make friends
    I was just enjoying myself
    Never thought about the end.

    Didn't know how to talk to them
    Even though I wasn't that bad
    My school life started, just like that.

    It was a sunny day
    My first day at the new school
    I had a good start, but that's that.

    They all started the normie culture
    They all divided in the groups
    They all looked so happy
    I was confused, which group should I choose.

    I chose to choose nothing
    Or I should say everyone
    I slept throughout my brakes
    And didn't had my fun.

    I hated brakes for so long
    They just made me feel isolated
    I slept each and everytime
    I knew nobody waited, for me.

    Days passed, then Weeks passed.
    Then Some Months passed as well.
    Everything went just like that.
    My school life was something else.

    I had company with my teachers.
    Something of them were like friends
    They filled me with joy
    Whenever I went and meet them.

    They lived in the neighbour staff room
    During the breaks.
    I liked to meet and talk to them often
    I lacked any reasons to make.

    So, I volunteered to be the class leader.
    I chose to help us however we liked.
    I chose to go to staff room
    With the problems of other kind.

    Then, a day during a break.
    I was sleeping in my desk.
    Then, somebody came and actually talked to me
    Asked me, 'why do I always slept?'

    I guess that was a new moment
    I guess I felt something new.
    Then others soon started interacting me
    Even if it started with only few.

    Then things changed one by one
    I started by Joining each groups
    I joined. I left.
    And then found something huge.

    I joined and left every group
    Every one in my class.
    Then I found myself alone again
    Not anywhere to go now at last.

    I was sad.
    I didn't fit in anywhere.
    It was bad.
    I thought my these two years are now over.

    But then I moved forward towards my life
    I stopped wandering in the sea.
    I remembered something that held me.
    From the falling down the tree.

    I did said something back there,
    Something when I joined this school.
    I chose to choose nothing
    I chose to be everywhere.

    It was hard, but also was fun
    It was filled with joy, and some hunt.
    That how my school life ended.
    It had something else from other kids.
    I enjoyed myself in my life
    That's what make me my wish.

  • wespadeshere 42w

    Don't wanna make food
    Cuz I'll dirty the dishes
    I'd honestly rather be
    Swimmin' with fishes
    Don't mind that my meals
    Be straight outta the can
    Cuz execu dysfunction
    Is all that I am.

    The forks in the washer
    Just stare at me, mockingly
    Cuz I ain't got spoons
    To wash myself off,
    Of these sins that be plaguin' me,
    Oh, I can't cover
    The mistakes that I made,
    Just to find who I was.

    And they're blamin' me,
    Brazin' me
    Always be hazin' me!
    Holding up portraits
    Of all of my used-to-be's!
    But I know bout my journey
    I do what I can,
    Tho execu dysfunction
    Is all that I am.

    I wish that the water
    Could wash it all down me,
    Deep down in the drain
    And into the ground, see
    Cuz my tears have to rush
    To conceal all my pain.
    Absorb it up, drain pipe,
    The next time it rains.

    And my granny says, lovingly
    That I look pretty
    When my hands are there cleaning
    And doused up in soap,
    But away from that sink
    I'm invisible waste, cuz
    Execu dysfunction
    Steals all of my hope.

    Metaphorical lullaby
    A statistic, no alibi,
    Doing my best and
    I'm buying my time,
    But no matter the schedules
    The notes that I cram,
    Execu dysfunction just
    Fucks with my plan.

    These pillows that should have
    The feathers to fly me
    Right outta this window
    Turn to pebbles and lead,
    So no choice but to lie here
    In the dark square, just cry here
    Light a match to old memories,
    And set fire to this bed.

    But the posts of this rest spot
    Just look like an altar
    And like my beliefs,
    With my weight, they will falter,
    And I no longer count sheep
    Just sacrificial lambs.
    Cuz execu dysfunction
    Is all that I am.


    #executivedysfunction #depression #anxiety #sliceoflife #life #journey #tryingmybest

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    Executive Dysfunction

    And I no longer count sheep,
    Just sacrificial lambs.


  • thewet_lotus 43w

    You can still change. No matter how many times you fail. You can still change.

  • tsubasaa 44w

    Heartbreaks are not like magnolias
    They are not quick and lethal
    But rather like roses
    One crack at a time
    Splinters spreading and blood clotting.

  • jailynd 65w

    "There's this part of our life that we met someone who we wish we never meet"


  • different_subject 67w

    रोक लू कुछ लम्हे ज़िन्दगी के,
    यू तो भाग दौड़ चलती रहेगी
    सुबह का वो उगता सूरज देखलू,
    यू तो दिन होता रहेगा
    कुछ सांसे आराम से लेलू,
    ये तेज़ी सांसों की चलती रहेगी
    एक शक्स के मोह में बांध जाऊ,
    यू तो मेरा दिल बेहकता रहेगा
    वो दिल वाला सच्चा सा प्यार करलू,
    ये कुछ दिनों का कच्चा सा प्यार चलता रहेगा
    मेरे यारो के साथ थोड़ी दर ओर बैठ लू,
    यू तो काम कोई ना कोई बुलाता रहेगा
    ये कंधो का बोझ उतार दू,
    वैसे ये बोझ बढ़ता रहेगा
    ये शाम का ढलता सूरज देखलु,
    यू तो रात काली होती रहेगी
    बस रोक लू कुछ लम्हे ज़िन्दगी के,
    यू तो भाग दौड़ चलती रहेगी



  • yeager_writes 67w


    There will always be places and people in our lives whom we love and eventually, everything will cease to exist, leaving behind only memories, that will haunt itself forever .....until we let go!!

  • thoughtsofaditya 73w


    I don't care about her anymore, but a part of me is still caring for her.
    A part of me personally I don't like.
    A part of me that haven't change for her.


  • rosez_n_thornez 75w

    Little women with her mask of make up strong and secure.
    She built up a wall she thought was impenetrable.
    One day a man came into her life,
    that little by little chipped away at the wall that she created.
    Until one day, finally the wall she built came crashing down with a great force.
    Behind that clad iron wall He saw the scared little girl she kept hidden inside.
    To see the vulnerability under all her cocky behavior only made him fall even deeper.
    By the wall coming down this left her vulnerable to the cruel world .
    So many people had hurt the little girls like behind the wall it was the reason she builds the wall and the facade of a cocky and bubbly person.
    What she didn't know is that the man would become her Shield and would make sure no one could harm her.
    where she lacked confidence he would build her up to make sure no one could ever hurt his little woman.
    In the end she learned she could let herself be vulnerable
    and she had someone to lean on
    to give her the confidence she never truly had

  • thewritingbunny 76w

    In a world without Logic
    We make sense to each other


  • private 83w

    Think High!

    Every thought we think creates our future!

  • sakshiayer 83w

    Too often.

    "Don't smile too often,
    Dear people confuse it with your happiness!!"


  • n_____j 88w

    Dearest love
    Did you hear
    What she said?

    "Reborn; the two souls
    Those die
    In the same bed."

    Hopeless, hopeless
    Is love of us
    My lady

    Could be escaped
    From this world
    So shady

    Our death bed
    Is awaiting
    For us to become one

    Let us live
    In the embrace
    Of sun

    Let me listen
    The heart
    That beats for me

    Let me bow
    To the love
    Of thee

    Let's meet again
    And make
    A new start

    Let's love
    'This now'
    Til death do us apart.


    Picture: from tumblr

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  • n_____j 89w


  • n_____j 89w

    I don't know my worth
    Maybe I'm in the dark
    But with no expectations
    I gave you my heart

    I didn't expect
    I still thought you'll heal me
    But you screamed words
    So overwhelming

    I gave you everything
    Yet, you broke my heart
    Now it's so hard to mend it
    And those bleeding scars

    You darkest my world
    You hurt my soul
    I can't even blame you
    It was all my fault

    But what should I expect to me
    To never fall in love?
    Or, I still do
    But better know my worth.


    Picture: from tumblr

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  • n_____j 90w

    A world full of strangers
    A world I know
    A world to explore thyself
    A world to grow

    A world that is hunting
    Their own kind
    A world that is sold
    By people on-line

    A world full of screams
    A world full of pain
    Where people are struggling
    To broke out from chains

    A world that's together
    A world that's apart
    A world some fought for
    Some for freedom, some for heart

    A world full of good
    A world full of shit
    No matter how it is
    It's a world of you and me.

    (Let's make it a better place)


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