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  • eccentric_eesha 2d

    Sleep is my way to
    get rid of life's miseries
    for a while.

    © Eesha

  • balaji_venkat 2d


    So it is all illusion after all,
    the silence of the night,
    Amidst the short summer showers,
    Dark pitch dark it is,
    With the moon gone a far away,
    Not the twinkle twinkling any bright this night,
    Nor the dog that barks any loud today,
    Everything seems the same,
    my day, my noon, my night,
    Yet its all a mere mirage - of
    Longing dreams and dwelt fantasies,
    Just once more I hear thy voice,
    Calling me by my name,
    I request the heavens to come me and tell,
    Is it true or is it Illusion after all.

  • _avika 3d

    The day passes by
    Comes the night
    Singing me a lullaby

    To a peaceful sleep
    Away from the day's worries

    Never wanting to open the eyes
    "It too soon"
    The thought that always goes by

    Then the reality hits hard
    Get ready for another battle
    The next day starts...


  • manjunath_s_murthy 1w


    I spent
    most of the
    nights in my bed,


    listening to
    old music
    on a radio,

    looking at the
    hands of a
    while they
    make love
    to each other.


  • aeslaxy 1w

    Sleep is my lover now, my forgetting, my opiate, my oblivion. — “I love you"

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    Ode To My Bed

    Comfy sheets and blankets galore
    underneath the window sill,
    I cannot await you furthermore
    I just left you and still - I crave for you to hold me,
    to feel your warm embrace,
    I miss the way we used to be,
    your pillows around my face.
    I find it rather hard, it’s tough
    To make it through the day,
    I feel I do not see you enough,
    so sorry I can never stay.
    It’s a shame I have to go to class
    and leave you unattended,
    It is only when I return at last,
    That my heart is finally mended.
    So in a lecture, here I sit,
    with thoughts of you, through
    every passing minute,
    I cannot help but appeal to,
    the promise you offer me,
    falling into the sweetest dreams,
    we can be together finally.

  • pakhi1738 1w

    This piece went through so many changes. I felt like sharing the entire journey of writing this one because it's worth it. If you don't want to read this, you can skip it and directly jump to the poetry part. So here it is. Initially, Medusa, Athena, and some other characters in the first draft were just supposed to be metaphors for the characters of a short dream sequence I had in mind. I started making the initial draft, like gathering bits and pieces that came to my mind about everything I wanted to cover in that sequence. While making these outlines, I just kept thinking about Medusa and what she went through (if you want to know her story, the original story, check my comments in the comment section). Then it occurred to me that not many people from the present generation know about this Greek mythology so I should write about her instead because people should know how cruel and unfair patriarchy can get sometimes. So I deleted the previous outlines and started writing the original story in my words but the fact that Medusa always just got pain and betrayal but never the love she deserved, stopped me. Then a thought striked my mind that she deserves a love story but no one ever thought about that amidst all the monster portrayals she got and I again started it from the scratch with a prince, his kingdom, the queen, Athena, Medusa and some other characters but I got stuck in the end. According to Athena's curse, any man who ever look at her, will get petrified (turned into stone) and I could have worked it out in the story by the prince always keeping his eyes covered with a blind fold or just looking at her reflection in the water but why a man? Why it always has to be a man? That hit me really hard and I just stopped writing for a really long time. I took time to think about it and ended up writing this.

    ° (*_*) °

    ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★

    ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★

    Once upon a time,
    There was a princess
    With eyes like the reflection
    Of full moon in the ocean,
    Big and bright.
    Medusa fall for her
    Right in the first sight!
    She used to visit the same oak tree,
    Probably searching for peace,
    Once every week.
    Medusa watched her
    Hiding near the creek.
    Princess sensed her presence,
    And gazed at her reflection
    But never said a word.
    One's reflection never lies,
    Is what they say
    And maybe that's why
    She saw the girl Medusa once was
    And not the monster
    She was forced to become!
    "I'll confront her about my feelings
    The next time she visits", Medusa swore.
    Little did she knew,
    Her heart belonged to Athena,
    The goddess of war!
    Medusa waited and waited
    But she never returned.
    Queen found out
    About her daughter's love
    For their nemesis
    Who destroyed their kingdom
    And banished her
    From the palace, for the betrayal.
    Princess ran to Athena's temple
    And prayed to call her for help.
    She didn't answered,
    Because the affair was just a scam.
    A scam to break the royals,
    To shatter the castle of trust
    They shared
    And to show them
    Where they belonged!
    Princess stayed in the temple
    For nights,
    Helpless and hurt.
    She finally lost hope,
    Wandering around in confusion.
    With blurred vision
    From all the tears,
    She found herself
    Standing by the creek.
    Medusa was waiting for her
    Hiding in the shadows.
    She decided to give her some privacy
    To process her thoughts.
    The princess looked like walking chaos
    In the moment
    But still so simple.
    Same deep, big, shiny eyes,
    Same long golden locks,
    Same innocence dripping
    Down her face.
    Medusa waited for her to calm down
    But lost patience after a while
    'cause she was still searching
    For princess's beautiful smile!
    She couldn't see her despair
    So decided to retrace her steps back
    But stepped on a twig instead
    "You don't always need to hide, you know",
    The princess said wiping her tears.
    "You knew about me this whole time?"
    "I sensed your presence from your shine"
    "My shine?"
    "Your reflection in water, Medusa."
    "You know who I am?", Medusa asked Desperately hiding the snakes on her head.
    "You are still beautiful, inside out.
    I hope you know that"
    Medusa smiled for the first time
    After a really long time.
    With her pale skin,
    Finally gaining different shades of pink
    Her eyes lit up
    As she took a step towards her love
    "I missed this smile"
    "And I, thy eyes"


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  • shubham_20 1w

    Bhai tera crush kaisi hai

    Maat puchh yaar aaj main so nahi payega


  • aarzu_words 1w

    It is only your dreams,
    that attract me to sleep

  • the_moon_kid 1w

    It's a Sunday morning, almost afternoon. You wake up with the sun glowing too hard and sun rays falling on you through the window. Yeah, your mom practically removed the curtains to wake you up but you simply cover your head with your blanket.Your mind is in a debate on whether you should wake up or sleep for more 10 minutes. After a long struggle, you decide to wake up. You sit on your bed with messy hair and sleepy eyes. Rubbing your eyes, you think about last night, how you handled a melt down after reading some of your old conversations with somebody who still knocks on your heart frequently. It's a new day, still somehow your mind doesn't let you feel fresh. You feel like a tangled ball of wool. Completely messed up !
    No matter how much you try to drift your mind from everything that's not helping you to live, you fail. You fail real bad. You can't share this with anyone because you don't want to bother others. You want to cry your heart out but you fear someone will hear you out and you will be in a scarcity of explanations. You're not an introvert, but you don't want to talk always. You feel like curling up in a ball and sit in a corner of your room somedays, away from the world. You curse, how no-one ever told you you've to go through all these one day in life. Your emotions are all mixed up. You fake a smile, always, untill you actually make it. You control your tears. And people seem to control your heart, mind ! People left when they're supposed to be with you. You begged, you cried, you requested but they just showed you their real colours. You fell in love and got your heart broken. Your friends betrayed you. They backstabbed. You realized, quality is more important than quantity. You thought love is not meant for you. You know you're wrong, yet you feel so. Your heart aches and your stomach drops down. You don't feel good. But you know you've to get up and move on.
    And then, a ray of sunlight falls on your face. You look up at it. You think to yourself, "if it can come up every morning after a dark night, then why can't you ?"
    You make up your mind. You smile. You're ready to face the world. You're ready to face the hardships. You're not messed up. You're just going through a phase which will be over, but not before teaching you some important chapters.
    You get up from your bed, and walk outside your room. You're walking towards a new beginning and that's how you realise, a new day is always a new beginning with new opportunities bringing a new meaning to your life.


    #mirakee #longform #sunday #sleep #life #positivity #noteforyou #cheerup

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    Wakeup or sleep for 10 more minutes ?


  • pakhi1738 1w

    I know that I've been writing these little fantasy dream sequences a lot for a while now, but one of these actually led to something really amazing. I am so excited to share that one and it's entire journey with you guys. It's still a work in progress so, you'll have to wait for it. Meanwhile, here's a piece I wrote somewhere in the mid of March but never got a chance to post. Happy reading!


    Every time I breathe
    My heart catch hold
    Of the ice and pieces you left
    And every moment
    That I spend
    With you
    Feels like a Déjà vu
    I look for you, everywhere,
    When love doesn't feel right
    But you loving me,
    The way I do, is all I want
    People change, I know
    And I see you changing
    Every single day
    But it all still just
    Feels the same
    The same old love
    With the same old faith!
    Can't it just fly away?
    I want you just for myself
    I want you to live inside me!
    I don't wanna stay
    And I don't wanna leave,
    Oh love!
    I don't wanna stay
    And I don't wanna leave
    I just wanna see
    One last trick
    With magic rolled up your sleeves!
    'cause every time I breathe
    I breathe you in
    For we need
    Something to break this ice
    Between us, that's unseen!
    Can't they just fade away
    I want you to read my eyes
    And tell me
    What my heart desires
    Just like before
    I'm living every moment
    You wanted to forget
    All over again
    For it feels like
    A long lost, sweet pain
    And I know,
    When this mirror of dream breaks
    It'll again just leave a stain!
    I don't wanna hide
    If you are by my side
    You kept looking
    For someone to love
    When your love
    Was hiding in the plain sight!
    It is our destiny, is what they say
    But wasn't destiny, what we left behind!


    P.C.- @azureabyss

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  • kikilove 2w

    Daily routine

    The sun rises
    The sun sets
    I wake up
    I go to sleep
    Its my daily routine
    What I never expected
    Was to fall in love
    With you

  • eccentric_eesha 2w

    Sleep without dreams is like
    ice-cream without sprinklers.

    © Eesha

  • nerdnotreally 2w


    Carefully carry your eyes down the black creeky corridor dodging egg sacs and knick-knacks

    To your room

    Make sure there are no moths first, then cup at least both in your knuckle, the one you have left, and place them on a pillowless bed

    Bathe them in quiet light, using your phone screen to keep an eye on them throughout the night. Not too close, not too bright, we wouldn't want them to lose their sight

    They're so cute when they're not blinking. When they give you a chance to stop thinking.

    If out of sight is out of mind, then out of socket and out of head must be the perfect time to go to bed

    Let them take their headless rest while you finally get some shut eye of your own and in your dreams you think to yourself, "This is the best blink I never had".


  • jan_balan 3w

    Let the world sleep,
    We can mummer in our ears;
    Under the bedsheet of dark clouds.
    Once bedsheet tears,
    We will disappear into sky;
    As a star to come down,
    To unite, glow amidst choas.

  • theorphicmind 3w

    "Thoughts fade into dreams
    As the sweet zephyr wraps me,
    and the world wanes away..."

    #haikuc #sleep #writersbay
    Pc: David Tip

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    Thoughts fade into dreams
    As the sweet zephyr wraps me,
    and the world wanes 'way...

  • onlywarrior 3w

    What gives me hope is ,
    The struggle faced by my father;
    Which includes several sleepless nights.
    What gives me hope is ,
    Wrinkles on my mother face due to a stressful days ;
    Which she hides through her prettiest smile on her face .
    What gives me hope is ,
    That lost true love ;
    Which I thought
    will be last longer than my lifetime .
    What gives me hope is ,
    That dual face friends;
    Whom with I spend several day and nights
    Devote my lots of time like a selfless child .
    What gives me hope is,
    My room is full of crowd ;
    Whenever there is a party to celebrate happiness of mine,
    But when I need anyone of them
    I just can listen the chirping and buzzing of tiniest creatures which are already living in my room from way back time .
    What gives me hope is ,
    The person standing in front of me when I am watching mirror to feel my own internal vibes.
    What gives me hope is ,
    Is just me and my powerful thoughts which I weave in my alone time .
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  • cg_kumaran 3w

    Fight with Sleep for the Dreams...

    Hey Sleep..
    What's your problem with me..

    Why don't you usually come..
    At correct time..

    You know something
    There is no-one in this world
    Disturbs me..
    As the way You Disturb..

    What makes
    you to fight with me..
    As long as I think
    You are the Only one
    I am constantly
    Fighting with..

    Yes, I am a Hard worker..
    Days and Nights won't
    Matter at all..
    When I am fell into Work..

    At times..
    I don't really consider You..
    I don't really Give Importance..
    I don't really Want Your Visit..
    I don't really Respect You
    As Deserved among Others..

    Is it Really a Problem..
    Is you Really want Respect..
    Is you Really want Importance..
    Is you Really want Time..

    Perhaps.. Sometimes..
    I am in need of You..
    I am in search for You..
    I am in feel of You..
    You should Deserve
    Your Place..

    Eventhough we fight..
    You are the One..
    Who always Win..
    Who always Stand..
    Who always Love..
    Who always Care..
    Who always Loyal..

    Your Arrival..
    At times..
    Makes me Comfortable..
    Makes me Strong..
    Makes me Enthusiastic...
    Makes me Happy..
    Makes me Brisk..
    Makes me Bloom..

    On The Next Day..
    To Fight more..
    To Stand more..
    To Thrust more..
    To Accomplish more..
    To Fame more..

    You are the Reason
    Behind My Success..
    At times..
    You are the Reason
    Behind My Dreams..

    Without you I can't even Dreaming..
    As you and Dreams are Friends..
    You should know..
    And Accept..
    That Dream Guy..
    Is the Real Enemy
    For You..

    You might be Shock at First..
    Yes.. Absolutely True..
    You are the One who
    Brought that Dream Guy..
    But, what he does
    Isn't loyal for You..

    Dream Guy is the Real Culprit..
    He is the Dominant reason
    For all those fights we have..
    He is the Primary reason
    Does not Allows us to Sleep..

    He always stays in our head..
    To work more..
    To Love more..
    To Care more..
    To know more..
    To Learn more..
    To Fight more..

    For the Loved Ones..
    For the Desire we have..
    For the Success we want..
    For the Path we choose..
    For the Decisions to consider..
    For the Destination we hope for..

    You filthy Sleep..
    You should Accept that..
    And talk with your Culprit Friend
    So called "Dream"..

    And, you should meet me
    At regular times..
    And Makes me to meet the
    your "Dream" Guy..
    In Reality..
    In Real life..

    For all the Achievement..
    For all the Success..
    For all the Days..
    For all the Nights..
    I had.. And I will..
    Is because of You..
    My Sleep..

    Hope we don't fight Anymore..
    You make me to accomplish
    Things in my Life..

    To Love more..
    To Write more..

    © CG Kumaran

    If you Read that..And Like that.
    Please Leave your Comments..
    To Know more..
    To Learn more..
    To Write more..


  • shubham_20 3w

    Maa mujhe neend nahi aa rahe hai

    So jaa bete warna Gabbar Singh aayega


  • pakhi1738 3w

    मासूम सी ज़िन्दगी ये
    ढूंढने एक नया पता चली
    राहों में ख्वाबों की
    एक परछाई सी खड़ी
    शोर से दूर कहीं
    सन्नाटे की एक दुनिया नई
    परछाईयों को इशारे पर नचाती
    एक मायावी
    सहमा सहमा सा बड़ा बचपन
    एक कोना पकड़े खड़ा बचपन
    निगाहें तलाशती एक नन्ही चिड़िया
    ख्वाब थी जो लाने वाली
    आफताब ढला
    चाँद पिंघला
    बंद हुआ सोच का दरवाज़ा
    और कहीं गुम हो गई ताली
    आग लगी कहीं
    राख उड़ी कहीं
    धुँआ बिखरा हर जगह
    लाशें खोजने निकली परछाइयाँ
    कहीं किसी कोने में एक सपना मिला
    लहूलुहान सा जो था पड़ा
    ठोकर मारकर आगे बढ़ी परछाइयाँ
    और गुमशुदा का ठप्पा लगा
    समय बीता, बड़ी हुई गलियाँ
    रातें बीती, सूखी कलियाँ
    सपने तक का रास्ता भूली गलियाँ
    पीछे मुड़कर देखा एक दिन
    परछाई सी थी खड़ी
    कहीं कोने में छिपकर
    नीचे बैठा बचपन मेरा
    शोर के मारे रो रहा
    दिल की धड़कन तेज़ हुई
    आंखों में भी पानी आया
    बीते कल की यादों ने
    जब मन का दरवाज़ा खटखटाया
    पुरानी डायरी खोली
    तो गुमशुदा सपने को
    वहीं मरा पाया!


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  • tenderkisses 3w

    She’s a passing shadow in the corner of your eye, you will only ever briefly see her, if lucky inhale her, and when u fall asleep her gentle lullaby will intoxicate you into sweet bliss..