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  • me_lost_heart_ 1h

    I love stars & moon unconditionally,
    Though they never been mine:)


  • talaswritings 22h

    During our sleepless nights,
    the moon is there for us.

  • tuiethetweety 1d

    "Somewhere I Belong"

    I walk on the path towards future,
    embarking a journey ahead.
    The pink sky beckons me,the
    horizon laying there lazily,so many
    unnamed hues merge alongside,
    the greenery welcomes me to
    have a walk on it,stomping grass.
    The nature seems so serene,which
    i just can't express my feelings to
    look at,so mesmerizing,so colourfull.
    Trees gives their shadows upon me,
    stones calling to have a sit on them.
    as if doing so,i will do some favour.
    breeze blows,flying my hair with the
    coolness it contains,however i just
    walk and walk over,passing the beckoning
    nature,despite hearing their silent pleas,
    I choose not to feel them,but i rather wish
    to become a part of them myself.

  • nehashirude 1d


    Sky is blue
    It represents you
    Sky is blue
    It represents the world in you
    Sky is blue
    Sometimes it represents the peace in you
    Sometimes the clash within you
    Sky is blue


  • tina_samanta 1d

    Maybe your stars are still looking for a new sky to merge with.


  • __saturnn 1d

    White clouds painted blank sheet
    Blue sky painted ocean , beats
    Clouds roam around
    Sky , from far , touches the ground
    Clouds makes the sky calm down in the fresh air
    Sky is serene & fair
    Clouds gives endless love to the sky , it showers
    Sky drew clouds with pretty flowers
    They look lovely together
    So perfect , clouds & sky , happiness gathers
    And then a sudden cloudburst
    Love between cloud & sky was cursed
    Tiny water drops started to fall
    Time period of love between them was so small
    Clouds disappear
    Sky cried a river , rain interfere
    It rained & rained
    Clouds & sky were to be chained
    - __saturnn

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    #postoftheday #writer

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    Clouds & sky

    The poet waits quietly to paint the unsaid .


  • natkhatiwrites 3d

    आकाश सबका है।

    Heading:- ब्रह्मांड सबका है।

    फ़सल तुम्हारी हो सकती है,
    पर अन्न तो सबका है।

    पानी तुम्हारा हो सकता है,
    पर नदी तो सबकी है।

    रज़ाई तुम्हारी हो सकती है,
    पर ठंड तो सबकी है।

    किताब तुम्हारी हो सकती है,
    पर विद्या तो सबकी है।

    फूल तुम्हारे हो सकते हैं,
    पर खुशबू तो सबकी है।

    छत तुम्हारी हो सकती है,
    पर तारे तो सबके हैं।

    घर तुम्हारा हो सकता है,
    पर ब्रह्मांड तो सबका है।

    ज़मीन तुम्हारी हो सकती है,
    पर आकाश तो सबका है।

    गुरुर किस बात का करते हो,
    इतना क्यों अकाड़ते हो,

    सांस तुम्हारी हो सकती है,
    पर हवा तो सबकी है।

  • a_gentilischi 4d


    There was a far cry
    From nearby
    Its sound muffled
    By bars of cast iron
    Its tenor dimmed from desolation
    Till the notes drooped and wilted
    As if they had lost the will to live

    Yet it was deeply urgent
    The cadence of it a burning fire
    As it echoed through the sky of iron
    Where the lone LED sun shone
    As its lukewarm, flickering rays
    Crawled through the rust-covered bars

    There were fleeting dreams
    Of what he thought were memories
    Or maybe hallucinations
    That he saw in the depths of the night
    When the sun blazed, till his eyes hurt
    And his throat hurt from singing all morning
    While his stomach rumbled
    Because he’d refused to sing that eve

    Visions of azure skies
    And soft, white clouds
    Horizons unmarred by concrete pillars
    Breezes that ruffled his plumage
    And made him giddy
    With a feeling that had no name

    At least no name that he knew

    He remembers nothing before this
    No mother...
    No nest...
    No trees...
    He knows these things exist
    But they’re too far out of reach


    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

    On a more celebratory note...
    Happy Birthday, Bhavya! ������������

    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay
    #farcry #caged #bird #birdsong #song
    #sky #freedom #life #thoughts #fate

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  • tales_of_a_phoenix 5d


    The sky has a secret message for those who believe in phases. One day you can be full of black clouds that bring you rain and other days you will be clear and blue. Sometimes the Sun will sprinkle some orange hue on you and other times shots of flame balls you receive. Some nights the moonlight gives you company and other nights you realise your lone existence.
    The rainbows are hard to find but they exist not to be captured on your phone but by your heart to give you hope. The clouds remind you that you can either keep moving or break down but you need to act and not be still.
    The dawn, the dusk, the twilight zone they all are there to bridge the gone time and the moment to come. Some days are just bridges you need to walk over for a new chapter to start.
    Moods are like colours of the sky, hold on, they will be bright again. Whatever be, however alone you may be, the sun, the moon, the stars are the only constants who has been there from time created till your last breath and beyond. Make the sky your friend and the world will be bigger and less empty too.

  • miriel_oye 5d

    Dry Eyed

    The sky has a secret message for those who believe in phases. One day you can be full of black clouds that bring you rain and other days, you will be clear and blue.
    Sometimes the sun will sprinkle some orange hue on you, other times it glares a pale yellow of disapproval in your face.
    Mama learnt this the hard way. That life worked in stages. While sometimes it gave reasons to soar wings across the blue expanse, It also sends lightning across grey clouds that burn the wings and remind mere mortals of their place.
    It seemed, from what I recall, that the sky always wept when Mama was alive. When they placed her into calloused hands that only knew how to draw heaps and harvest yams. When she writhed in agony and pushed out a replica of her- dark eyes and matted brown hair. When the hands that caressed her turned and kissed her face with slaps.
    Sometimes, just sometimes, the sun would peek through the darkness and the oranges in our garden would brighten up, but then roaring clouds roll in and choke out thriving seeds of joy and satisfaction.
    Ironic. That the moment Mama faded like stars in broad daylight, the sky watched dry eyed and the sun stayed for longer.

  • akshay_vasu 5d

    And her heart burst like the stars do in the end, and she fell to her knees. While the whole world looked at her in awe, she lit the entire universe with her fire for a moment. In the end, she was as beautiful as that stardust falling from the sky. And her heart didn't ache anymore.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • alxita 1w

    New poem! I also tried a new image design for my posts, which is a bit more minimal.
    "Blue Sky & Blue Joy" is a poem I wrote in perspective of a person feeling nostalgic of the past and is uncertain of the future they will experience.

    "Blue Sky & Blue Joy"
    by alxita

    Opened my eyes once shut
    Darkest of storms have left down mud
    Across the greenest gales
    Lushest emerald vales
    And the waves of rain-scented air
    Lashes back in mysterious memory

    I was bad in handling despair
    I cleaned my soul into sparkling plates
    Some number of times I couldn't keep up
    Keeping tiptoes stable by the stairs
    I was no different than making sure
    That all my friends will rest assured
    Because this landscape is so different now
    Rain smelled like heaven pouring down in meteorites
    And time's the one I hate the most
    It's scary to tell the lasting fate
    But I can't stand to wait
    Like a passenger forever waiting for that train
    The kingdom of joy was slain
    When will the next trip to the happiest lands be?
    I know the rain still makes my clothing wet
    There are many things I couldn't forget
    But the sky is already blue
    And that joy so promised now feels a little blue

    #blue #joy #sky #alx_poems

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    Blue Sky & Blue Joy


  • bananidaschowdhury3_9 1w

    tO a worLd
    oF aLienS . . .

    Rush and rush

    Running for nowhere to reach

    Jumping into the air of everything

    Adding strains of loads unto the self

    Race for the recognition

    Competiting for the success

    To have an edge over the rest

    Credibility of enhancing the credentials


    Sometimes to reach out to the sky

    We become alien to our own earth !


  • man_is_h 1w


    आज फिर बेवफा जमी की कामयाब हो गयी है साजिश,
    प्यार मे तड़प कर आसमां से पिघल कर गिर रहा है बादल,
    और लोग कह रहे है इसे बारिश।।
    © man_is_h

  • johnettan 1w


    ആകാശം കണ്ണുനീർ പൊഴിക്കുമ്പോൾ അവ ആനന്ദത്തിൻ്റേതാണോ അതോ അസ്വസ്ഥതയുടേതാണോ എന്ന് ചിന്തിക്കാതെ എത്രയോ തവണ നാം ആ കണ്ണുനീരിനെ ആനന്ദഹർഷത്തോടെ ആഘോഷിച്ചിരിക്കുന്നു

  • james_taumas 2d


    Dark cloak descends
    Nature unleashes its dam
    High calibre liquid salvo
    Everyone seeks shelter
    Waters rises
    Lakes into oceans
    Houses torn from foundations
    People swallowed by currents
    When rivers recede
    Muck and mud remain
    Clean up begins.


  • fairylit_skies 1w


    TW: Minor Death

    My window was often my refugee,
    from danger and hurt,
    society and life.
    I'd stare at the clouds,
    busily moving around me,
    all equally peculiar,
    yet all so beautiful.

    Until it came to a night,
    my refugee turned into a place of imperilment,
    I couldn't bear to sit at the sill any longer,
    it wasn't that I hated the night skies,
    the void of cerculean was rather comforting;
    It is what laid upon the ether that scared me.

    “Why do you fear the stars?”
    I didn't fear the silver, the small speckles;
    I feared what they represented.
    The stars made the sky imperfect.
    And perfection was the reason I was still alive.
    How could anyone admire the flaws?
    How could people romanticize the idea of glorifying “flaws” ?
    When I was imperfect, people hated me.

    -veeksha //People still hate me//

    #poetry #stars #death #sky @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod #wod

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    i once used to love the stars but then some things and some people changed my mind

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  • thoughtsofaditya 1w

    You twinkle like you're the lone star in the whole dark sky night.


  • lia_angel 1w

    And my ink story went on like that...��
    As you know, Zeus is the Greek God of sky, lightning, tunder....In my poem, the god paints the sky (welkin) with different inks...This is just my own made theme.....
    #mirakee #ink #wod #greek #sky

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    The inked welkin.

    Far far away across the seven seas,
    Zeus had a quill and some ink bottles
    filled with inks of varied colours
    that never saw a paper.
    His rage painted the sky red
    crimson purple pink and more.
    Yellow sky made him mellow.
    Tears painted the clouds with grey
    and black and brown and blue.
    He searched nowhere for
    some pure white ink.
    For white was always empty.
    Others thought 'Where did
    these colours come from? '
    Are them from any fruits and trees
    that flower in all season?
    Or from the glaciers that lay deep?
    No one knows, but on each ink bottle-
    it was written, 'use the ink well'.