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    It breaks me to see her, broken, holding all the tears in, but not breaking down. It breaks me how her grief is hers alone and I can't do a thing about it. It breaks me to see her waking up to all those self-help videos and books, wanting to come outta it, all by herself, and then throwing them away, so far away, thinking "i won't be able to do it"

    It breaks me she goes from person to person, app to app, crying to smiling, pacing the room to just lying and staring into oblivion. It breaks how I can't ask her to talk, how even though if I ask her to talk there is nothing I could do even if she did talk. Now, people would say being there will be enough. But not in this case, not with me, not with her! It breaks me how she needs me and all I could do is say "don't be sad," "don't overthink," "we gotta move on."

    It breaks me to see one of the strongest women I know break, like she fell from the 43rd floor of love she thought she reached. It breaks me how a weak soul like mine couldn't help the strongest woman to fix those pieces. I would say embrace the pieces. But those rough edges broke her more, so I said let it go. And, there she is, as hollow as ever, empty. Letting go did that to her. Or maybe the pieces she held on to subconsciously did.

    It breaks me how love broke her, beyond repair. And, now, I see this shell of a human, not someone I knew my whole damn life. And I want to blame someone, to find a scapegoat for all her hurt, for my hurt. But deep down, I know, everything we eat is our own making. Yes, blaming others can be liberating. But the truth is, there will be no growth or healing there. Only growth you'll experience, will come from accepting that it is our decision that brought us this hurt.

    But, then again, what would I do with the self-loathe that follows the acceptance? What would I tell her? What does she need to hear? Or, more importantly, will she be able to hear and take in that it is okay to be wrong at times? That it's okay to take terrible decisions at times? That we should forgive ourselves to move on? Will she?

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    ..you'll only experience the growth when you accept that it's your own decision that brought you this hurt.
    Or anything for that matter.


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    #stranger #skip @writersnetwork
    My first letter ��
    I hope it makes sense
    27 March 21
    3:16 pm

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    Dear Stranger,

         We have one thing common
    STRANGER : you are for me I'm for you.

    In the cold breeze, from my window I saw you multiple times sitting on the street with a heavy heart in an awkward silence.
    I don't know the reason for your sorrow but the way your tears flowing continuously and converted into snowflake it's really heart wrenching .
    Just like those flickering street light inside you the rays of hope also need maintenance.
    Queer feelings of your mind will change with time.
    You just have to solve the puzzle of your disarray thoughts.
    We want or not we have to play the game of life.

    Sometime warm from South, sometimes chill from West 
    Wind changes their directions continuously
    But, it doesn't means we stop breathing.

    Like Cherry blossom petals dance in winter without any hazard, I want you to be happy in every circumstances.

    My purpose is only to ignite the spark of hope inside you.
    The one who can bloom your wilted flower(life) is only you.


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    रोज़ रात गुज़र जाती किसी के इंतज़ार में
    सोचते है आज होंगे पास हमारे पर
    सोच ही रहे जाती है बस हमारे पास में

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    Wish there's a skip problem
    button in life same as skip ad
    button on YouTube.

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    To all my lovelets, may you have an amazing years ahead. Let's celebrate it together even if virtually...a text won't take much of our time..right?

    Happy New Year Lovelets!❣️��❣️

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    Somewhere near a silver brook,
    Let's meet,
    Baltered along the notes of birds,
    And the beats of the cool breeze,
    Together been a part of an amazing journey,
    Where we created this universe of own,
    And maybe this be the eucatastrophe of this quite-not-so-good year.

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    Hey Moonlighters!! I'm back for some time though. I missed u all..��

    Call this a random rant if this makes any sense...����

    Panache : confident/bright
    Plethora : superfluous
    Azure : Sky
    Oblivescence : process of forgetting
    Susrrous : full of whispering sounds
    Yeoubi : the sun shining through rain

    I will read you all very soon...

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld #yun_duo #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #lame #skip

    Verse No. 2
    5 Nov 2020

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    Heya guys! I'm back... But the old version of me, isn't back. A new me is here. A broken me is here. So, let me introduce you all to this broken girl, who is going to write from now on.

    I'm Allisa, a normal teenager who went through a lot in these few months. I've learned a lot. I've lost a lot. And... I'm finding it very hard to move on.

    So, this post is dedicated to all my dear friends, who have lost their love...:)

    #skip #rant #love #idiotic #raw #true #feelings

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    There was a time in my life, when colour seemed hopeless...and my nighttime was spent in tears. There was a time, when even the smallest word of a song, held a truckload of meaning. The tiniest thing held plenty of meaning.

    I would re-read our messages and arguments, and then cry over them. And then there were times when a tired and wistful smile would stretch on my dry lips, holding on to those distant memories of us. In that time, wine seemed like water and blood didn't scare me anymore. I became friends with my Nightmares. Laughter came out in dry coughs, and tears rolled down unconsciously. There was a time, when I remember myself waiting for his one text, and his normal flirting would make me smile and happy. Those day long arguments and chats, those small secrets, those signs and annoying texts. Those teasing messages, but now they are only memories. Memories which are dear to me. But….I have forgotten how to feel, I'm now only left with our every chat memorised and floating in my memory. Stuck in it, frozen in Time. In that time, day and night passed, and I just existed. I didn't live. And that's life, after the heartbreak. I used to wonder if I even invaded his mind, cause he was stuck in mine…. I don't know. I don't know if I'll ever love again or if I will ever be loved and cherished by someone or not…. Or if I'll ever find myself again. But one thing I knew, I wanted him happy, no matter what. And I wanted to find myself again.

    Think about it, he made the right choice by choosing her over me. Cause apparently, he had loved her since he was 12. And I'm not even close to him, like... physically close. I can never be with him, or comfort him. But she will be able to. So, she's right for him. And also, he knows her since they were kids, as for me? He knows me only for….hardly 3 or 4 months. How can I even think that I'll be able to take the place of his childhood love? That's very selfish of me!

    But you know what? I'm selfish, very selfish and jealous. I can't stand to share the people that I love….but I guess, he taught me that… You won't always get what you want. Yes, he hurt me. Very much so… But, he taught me as well. And if by any chance, I become a great writer. Let me confess right now, all my love interests and friends, will definitely be the reason behind my success. Because it's all their lessons, talks and values, that taught me everything that I've learned about people. All my experiences, feelings, emotions, etc. Will be the reason why my characters will be realistic. And I won't trade a single experience, day or lesson in my life. Cause it's my treasure, and it's mine to keep.


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    Canticle For Him

    The agape for the lands,
    Atrate he to mourn his own end,
    Empyrain jannock of Lord,
    Ready to conflate himself into the mare of Selene.

    Noctivangant walks in the weald grounds,
    Carnife of the adversaries,
    Valor son of the country,
    Are always at his work.

    Lorn behind the ernest celerity of cingulomania,
    Holding his children and beloved amigo,
    Hears he the brontide of battles and cannons,
    Fights he on the path of eleutheromania.

    People of the mother land,
    Owes countless euneirophrenia to him,
    Who greets his end of elation,
    And leaves behind an excruciating carrion being.

    Eccedentesiast he dies the death of valor,
    Then the reminiscent mind now sleeps at rest,
    Leaving behind the later talks of yestreen,
    And now his tacenda whispers to blue.

    Where the amranthine grows,
    Was made a grave for him,
    To enjoy the aubade of love,
    Sung by the friends resting beneath.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    #yun_duo #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #lame #skip #poetry #poems #canticle #soilders #timepassstuffs #country

    Poem no. 49
    23/Oct/2020 8:32PM
    Pic credit to the rightful owner.

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    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

    #yun_duo #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #lame #skip #timepassstuffs

    Inspired by the book "The Thorn Birds"....

    Void is here the thorn which pierces the heart of the thorn bird.

    Verse no. 1
    22/Oct/2020 9:15 PM
    Pic credit to the rightful owner...

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  • ishiita 25w

    * Hamartia : A fatal flaw leading to the downfall of a tragic hero


    Don't remember me during your burgeon days,
    Nor in your triumphant epochals,
    Drink and dance with high delight to your fill,
    And never leave your tumbler empty in moonlight.

    When there will be no autumn moons & spring flowers,
    I will come with numerous memorable hours,
    If not I shall beseech zephyrs of Tisha,
    To ride back home and give you courage and hope.

    Hamartia must be the time when I derelicted,
    Your silent cries and quite painful screams,
    If you ask me how much my dolent increase,
    Just see the over brimming river in the east.

    Though drunk with my tears I will lit up the effulgent lamp,
    Of sophrosyne in the caligo guiding your way back,
    Though buried with my scars I will always,
    Will always draw the caim around you.

    Hamartia made me a tragic hero in this tale of yours,
    Neither can stay afar nor can breathe the wind of yours,
    I write this tristful letter with a great valour from my heart,
    A letter kept within my books, I wish you could have a read.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld #yun_duo #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #lame #skip #haramtia #sadpoetry
    #poems #poetry #ishita #timepassstuffs

    Poem no. 48
    21/Oct/2020 10:47PM
    Pic credit to the rightful owner.

    Hey!! I hope you all are doing well...I apologize for being inactive lately but I will read your posts soon...till then Happy Reading❣️

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    1. A fatal flaw leading to the downfall of a
    tragic hero or heroine.

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    Crapppppppp! I suck at writing Hindi poetry.

    Dedicated to one who once called my friend.....

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld #yun_duo #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #lame #skip

    Poem no. 47

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    Wo Bhi Ek Waqt Tha,
    Jab Tere Saath Chale Jate The,
    Bharose Ka Haat Thame,
    Yun He Besudh Ho Kar,

    Aur Waqt Ek Aaj Hai,
    Jab Lootna Pad Raha Hai Tujhe Sukoon,
    Yun Mere Aasoon Se,
    Mujhe Se Chup Chup Kar.

    Asmaan Ki Taraf Dekh Kar,
    Kabhi Sapne Bunte The,
    Pankh Pasare,
    Humare Saath Undne Ki,

    Aaj Mere Pankhon Ko Kaat Kar,
    Rasta Banana Pad Raha Hai Tujhe,
    Unhe Rahon Mein,
    Tere Akele Ke Udaan Ki.

    Aisa Karna Ki Jahan,
    Dafn Kiya Hai Tumne,
    Humare Dosti Ke Wo Din,
    Wahan Kuch Phool Laga Lena.

    Jahan Dafn Hai Humare Dosti Ke Wo Din,
    Wahan Kuch Phool laga lena,
    Aur Kehna Sabse Khubsurat Akhir Jitne Bhi Ho
    Tootna Ek Din Sab Ko Hai.

    Batan Unhe Dosti Ab Hote Kahan Hai,
    Iss Dil Se,
    Baas Hote Hai Sirf Ek Matlab Se,
    Galti Maan Liya Humne Kyunki Tu to dost hai.

  • ishiita 27w

    Peaches Bloom

    Peaches are in the full bloom,
    Light scents travelling with the dying leaves,
    Crossing towers and pavilions at corners,
    Ambiling along those memories painted corridors.

    You just extend your hand,
    To feel those rosy petals of ambrosial past falling,
    Sending the epochals of us wrapped under a veil,
    To remind you those dates also tying I a martingale.

    Tasting like the sunburnt honey on the mug of butterbeer,
    Every smile and laugh we inked after each fight we lived,
    Read this on those years when we are not together,
    Taking a pause to remember me from that crowd gather.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld #yun_duo #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #lame #skip

    Poem no. 46
    Pic credit to the rightful owner.

    Last one maybe.��❣️��

    Thanks to mirakee that I met such wonderful and great friends here. U guys no less than a blessing. Love you all ��❣️��

    Will be back but after sometime tranches of time.����

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    Peaches Bloom

  • ishiita 30w

    *Mnemonics is a learning technique that helps us organize, retain or remember information by making recalling easier.

    Ex : Today I used @BTS to learn VESPERS Theory...haha sometimes I doubt my mental stability.������

    Memories' Mnemonics

    Pellucid mnemonics I long for,
    Memories of you and I at shore,
    Engulfed by the space between clouds,
    Memories blurred with people's crowd.

    Our epochals are anodyne to today's wounds,
    Ugly and repugnant what seemed to be around,
    Now erects an visual vista in the baldachin,
    Of my mind again and again in every pain.

    Caches and moments we spend together,
    Like infinitesimal fireflies dancing when gather,
    Trailing a sojourn fulgent path that tarnishes in seconds,
    Hiding themselves somewhere in the dark end.

    That pellucid mnemonics to my memories,
    Shall be your orbs drizzling the sirmiri of reminiscences
    Or your voice imitating the brontide of our laughs,
    Or torso is the real visual my memories' holograph.

    Pellucid mnemonics that have been longing for,
    Not a part but you are inked in my heart's floor.

    Word Bank
    Pellucid : Clear
    Anodyne : Medicine
    Repugnant : Disgust
    Baldachin : wall
    Caches :(here) memories
    Infinitesimal : very small in size
    Sojourn : temporary
    Fulgent : Shinning
    Sirmiri : Light rain
    Brontide : light thundering sound
    Torso : (here) imperfect figure

    Explaintion : After some instances the memories of a person in our mind get blurs. Maybe that's why we tend to capture every good and bad moments in our life. But sometimes an only glance at that person is itself an mnemonics for those forgotten memories.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld #yun_duo #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #lame #skip #old_one #tae

    Poem no. 42
    14/Sep/2020 6:35 AM
    Pic credit to the rightful owner.

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    ° Memories' Mnemonics °

  • ishiita 30w


    The threads of silver with,
    Drops of small filigree designs,
    Was tied around my ankle,
    By my adored father, when was of two,

    Fourteen years later,
    When I asked him the reason,
    Of doing so,
    He stared with an alluring smile.

    Replied he still smiling at me,
    Those little tinkles announce,
    Your every step is essayed in grace,
    Leaving footmarks of your presence behind.

    Embellishing the curves and corners,
    Gracing the contours with ardor,
    Somatic beauty in splendour,
    Those twinkling anklets are valuable.

    Never was I tired of hearing,
    Those melancholic melody of them,
    Years since I have been wearing,
    Those beautiful gifts on my ankle.

    Years passed and I then understood,
    Not just are these the ornaments,
    He has gifted to his blood,
    Are the age old symbol of gracefulness.

    Was soon I enrolled into a college,
    Now a young lady with plethora of dreams,
    Nervous for the unseen dark light future,
    Yet I wore that lucky amulet around my feet.

    Not soon but on one of the other epochals,
    Lost I its moiety somewhere in the path to the class,
    And lost him somewhere in the journey of life,
    Vanished those charms which were always there.

    Time never stops and the life moves on,
    Dare how can we, the puppets of time,
    With that one lonely pair,
    Started I a new chapter again.

    Played moiety of mine a new game of life,
    When married I the one of fate's choice,
    And then five epochals later found,
    The lost piece laying in his closet.

    When I asked him the reason,
    With that same alluring smile he answer,
    Those little tinkles announce your steps plethora of grace,
    Leaving the footsteps of your presence behind.

    After eight long years,
    Heard I the same answer to my that query,
    Maybe it was my father's way of finding,
    A perfect match for me.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld #yun_duo #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #anklets #lame #skip #old_one

    Poem no. 41
    13/Sep/2020 11:48 AM
    Pic credit to the rightful owner.

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    ° Anklets °

  • ishiita 30w

    I'm a Capricorn, same as @kim-taehyung(goofy smile)����
    Hey Army what's urs?

    Crown of Concerns

    Seems like talk show of yestreen,
    The cache when we loved basking under the sun,
    Once the weekends were superfluous of fun,
    Have turned into Somedays with apprehensive on.

    Woolagthering under the reminances of Childhood Utopia,
    Standing with the burdens of existence reminiscing that freedom,
    Lost somewhere between running to the park,
    To dodging in games that invisible returning map.

    Somewhere between let's plan and meet to meet and plan,
    Moved we from the golden past to the shiny present,
    Realized we as our height increased and shoulders drowned,
    Turning back is the only velliety inside we plant.

    Reciting the film songs together to singing those rhymes again,
    From the pin drop silence to how quietly we all grew,
    Maybe when the Crown of Concerns we were crowned,
    With whom shall share from shall hide this crown's pine?

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld #yun_duo #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #lame #skip #old_one

    Poem no. 43
    18/Sep/2020 7:52PM
    Pic credit to the rightful owner.

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    Crown of Concerns

  • lily_love 33w

    Too much dark #skip

    I'm drowning in dark wine, darker than the night sky above, below and around me. I'm drunk of wine, poured for me from the vessel of my melancholic past.
    The scent alone is enough to intoxicate me, to satisfy me for five, or maybe four lifetimes.
    I'm delirious of darkness, the hues and lack thereof my drink is so redolent, it confounds.

    The Blood streaming down my body, painting crimson onto my feet, unyielding to the heat of daylight. I see my reflection within the blood, flashed is the light beheld by time shifted is this shape of crimson sublime, the wound seals.
    Dusk nears me, stabbing with tined blades of flame served the grief.

    Colours betray my senses,
    blue takes my sight Resting my eyes in oblivion, drowning everything visible in gloom. Red takes my limbs leaving blood, yellow steals my mind running and leaving reality. Green takes my lips igniting my own envy. Orange takes my body hoarding every treasure inside it's nook and cranny.
    As the pain touches my tongue lied in nothingness, choked by hues, i can't taste. Nullity takes my breath as my nose is flooded by sapor and i can't smell. My skin is crushed with stench, creating voids and i can't feel.
    At the end, the voices of demons screaming ardently,
    Ushering towards my rise in hell. So they can dance on my grave entombed within the resonance of dark, forcing me until i couldn't go anywhere else but up.


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    the voices of demons screaming ardently,
    Ushering towards my rise in hell. So they can dance on my grave entombed within the resonance of dark, forcing me until i couldn't go anywhere else but up.


  • immature_heart 36w

    I have no words left to express what I feel..
    I'm scared of the charms that happiness spreads
    And this emptiness is choking my every single breath!
    I wonder why it's so hard to start a new Start..
    The past was scary and the future is frightening too; but what kills me is the present, what to do!!?
    Now hopes feel like curse and time laughs at me.
    At the very beginning of my life it feels the end is near!
    That wish to fullfill my every wish have just disappeared leaving me alone!!

    P.s. pls ignore I have no idea what I wrote!! #skip

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  • ishiita 36w

    A mannequin I am

    Gridled inside a glass ball,
    An artist's piece of art I am,
    But a mere executant for every passers by,
    A mannequin I am.

    On each aphotic dates he comes,
    Sometimes cries while smiles on others,
    Hear I his deepest derns but still I can't reply,
    A mannequin I am.

    Wait I for an eternal catholicon,
    To walk past through the transparent baldachin,
    And talk to the regular on-looker I own,
    A mannequin I am.

    Together we gaze at the starry nights,
    He licks the ice-cream while I melt for his eyes,
    Still I can't help my unrequited love,
    A mannequin I am.

    Soon when the vogue will change,
    Either will replace or I will be a garbage,
    Will he ever miss me then?
    After all a mannequin I am.

    #Lame #nothingcanbemorelamethanthis #skip #temp #yun_duo #mirakee

    Poem no. 35
    Pic credit to the rightful owner.

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    A mannequin I am

  • 4nonymoussss 37w

    If I'm stopping my Netflix stream to reply your texts, you're important to me!

    P.s. Don't ask me if I'm replying while I stopped my stream because I'm always on Netflix

  • eurusgrey 43w

    This is my first attempt at a conversation, so pardon my vocab, grammatical mistakes and other errors. *.*
    This is long and cheesy and lame, so if you don't want to waste your time, please skip.

    #temp #skip


    "How did you know that I needed a strong tea and head massage, how do you know what i feel though i hide it so well, yeah i do i know that very well okay", she said while yawning, feeling her eyes getting drowsy and all chaotic as she looked in his green orbs.
    This was a feeling she could get used to, she thought, laying lazily on the bed with her head in his lap as he massaged her scalp so softly with one hand and used the other one to draw circles on her cheek. Pure bliss.

    "Yupp, I know you can hide your emotions and feelings quite well and i also know that you take a lot of pride in that, though it's not a thing to be proud about you know", he said with a teasing smile.
    "You smile so much for everyone else that your cheeks hurt from all the sugar, you are the shoulder everyone seeks when they are upset but i know sometimes you need one too, you cheer people, motivate them, and try making them realise their worth and in that effort you forget your own value, so give me chance to soothe you with my words, and who knows you might just swoon over them fall head over heals for me and I know you already love my tea, so I'll put a love potion in it too maybe." He said with a smirk and then a sheepish smile took over, all while his fingers were running through her silky strands of hair.
    She couldn't help but blush and in order to hide the crimson hues, all she did was roll her eyes which he knew too well was just an action she used quite often when she was tongue tied.

    They just stared at each other for a moment, a moment that felt like an eternity.

    "You know how much i love and admire you, and i've never been shy about it because i think saying something in the moment and being embarresed about it for some time is better than regretting not saying it for a lifetime." "Yeah, i exactly know how many times you have embarresed yourself and me too by your oh so rash actions.", she interrupted and squinted her eyes, unable to suppress a smile.
    "Ah, yes and i know you secretly love it." He laughed.
    "And so as i was saying, before you interrupted me like you always do, i adore you the way you adore books and me ofcourse and i'll always know what you feel however hard you try to veil, and now i'll stop blabbering before you fall asleep.", his smile again, did he not realise how many butterflies it created and how calm it made her feel.

    "You are my eureka and serendipity, i hope you know that.", she said with a smile that held so many emotions, each one trying to be on the front.
    "Yes. And you are mine.", he said as he kissed her forhead.

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    //You are my eureka and serendipity.//