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  • likithsai_ 1w

    Sister's are boon which God gave us with asking
    Everything is unlimited given by sisters,
    It's a unconditional Love ❤️
    Who never give up on us ever..

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    She gave
    Endless FIGHTS
    Countless MEMORIES
    unbreakable ATTACHMENTS
    boring LECTURES
    Limitless CARING
    A hand while BROKEN
    A shoulder to shed our TEARS

    Even our SHADOW can leave us in DARK, but she never left us BACK
    She is our 2nd MOTHER...

    We are connected through HEARTS, never be APART..

  • poesybird 1w

    I have a particular linking towards the movie "Piku" because it portrays how beautifully a daughter takes her father's old-age responsibility in her own hands. It reveals the father-daughter bond and shows women can do Anything if they want. 'Piku' didn't give up on her father no matter what.
    Isn't just in the movie, I have come across women who have wonderfully taken their parents responsibility. My elder sister, the one I admire so much has managed to perfectly balance her own life and her parents responsibility. Growing up to watch the beautiful and strong woman in my life is a blessing.

    Cheers to all my sisters here! We rock✌️��
    P.s : A small post dedicated to my elder sister.

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    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    We don't have to be sons
    To take care of our parents

  • stevenlgoosby 2w

    Wise Eyes of a Murdered

    Everything that has ever happened
    In your life has always been planed,

    you just may not have known


  • stevenlgoosby 2w

    Do not hold the gates of hell
    Open for me
    My brothers,my sisters,
    Open your hearts...

    Do not convict me for thinking
    dear America,
    liberate me for teaching

  • ashupriyaa 7w

    ₹love #dedicated to all #sisters
    #follow me if you are as me ❤️

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    ।। बहन।।

    पायल के घुंगरू क्या—क्या कहते होंगे,
    बहन के पाव अब क्या– क्या सहते होंगे?
    बाबा के आंगन से बिछड़ जाने का गम,
    उसके नयन, सपन में भी क्या रोते होंगे?
    सूनापन मां उसका कैसे समझा पाती हैं,
    खाली घर उस बिन घर क्या होते होंगे?
    उसके मुस्कुरा देने भर से फूल झरते थे,
    बहन के जाने पर भाई क्या महकते होंगे?

  • maryamkhalil 11w


    Sisters of the light
    Sisters of the life
    Sisters of shining bright through the dark
    Sisters of screaming late at night
    Sisters of not making a sound
    Sisters of hurting
    Sisters of falling
    Sisters of fearing the night and a calling
    Sisters of fighting
    Sisters of erasing
    Sisters of sending the written words blazing
    Sisters of yelling loud and clear
    Sisters of killing what they fear
    Sisters of making everyone hear
    Sisters of standing tall and proud
    Sisters of raising their heads to the clouds
    Sisters of making their names heard around


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  • my_wordz_for_you 13w

    Hateful Love

    You take. A lot.

    Without a light source, you violently capture my heart's fire and put it in an empty lantern.

    For me, re-lighting takes years. For you, the Stolen only has enough for one shallow breath.

    It spitefully rushes away because Deprivation and Desperation hovers too ravenously. Too ravenous yet so weak, the most unlikable combination.

    I hate that my love is encapsulated by our blood and cannot be broken. I wish it was easier to imagine you ceasing.

    You take. A lot.


  • tanveerahamed 14w

    Elsa & Anna

    One is annoying yet a loving persona,
    Who possesses an appealing charisma.
    Another always tries to be aloof,
    Who has a company of sweet little Olaf.
    One is an elegant rainbow,
    And the other frozen snow.
    They contradict each other,
    But one cannot live without the other.
    Two beautiful characters of cinema,
    They are none other than Elsa & Anna!


  • neha_nash 15w

    Don't listen to others comparison just do as you please. You are in 21st century be the most beautiful ❤️ for yourself. Say you are loving girl still. ��


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    Angels On The Ground

    Nothing matters, "NOTHING".
    As you are internalized with Love and Power for your own voice.
    You are the best creations of God or Genes.

  • thebhavnasaxena 15w

    A woman in the world of men,
    I sigh out aloud; the moon dips
    In through my window, she understands,
    I sing to her of my sorrows,
    Of that feeling of dread filling
    My being, whenever I find myself
    Walking home alone at twilight,
    The river gushes in too, she knows
    What it is to be hailed a holy mother
    One moment and being defiled in
    The next; I tell her, how they have
    Forced me to be obedient, silent
    And pretty, tried to wrench away
    The power I was born with, to birth,
    Nurture and destroy civilizations,
    They have villified me if I ever dare
    To show them, I am not their doll,
    But the power of nature concealing
    Universes in my skin; the earth
    Trembles beneath my feet and I
    Feel her sketching on my toes the
    Maps of all the places they poisoned
    Her in, I know, because they poisoned
    Me too, if I ever tried to stand up
    To them while they tore apart my
    Dreams and hunted me for the
    Slightest blow to their plans,
    How dare I love myself above
    The ideals they have forced down
    My throat since I was a little girl?

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    The wind whooshes in and whispers
    To me, enough of lament, end my
    Suffering I must, there is a wild fire,
    A majestic power sitting coiled in my
    Belly and sharp wings hiding in
    My spine, burn their moulds, she tells
    Me, and embrace your glory, spread
    Your wings, without a care, I am here
    For you, she tells me, so are the moon
    And the river and the earth, soar sister,
    She tells me, soar high up in the sky,
    All of nature is your tribe, and in your
    Flight, all your sisters shall proudly rejoice.

  • faulty_puppet 18w

    Dedicated to all the girls, ladies and women who strive to break the barriers. I am very blessed to know a few starting with my Maa and a handful of amazing ladies I have met so far.

    This is to all the ladies breaking barriers (the right way of course!)

    Tag the amazing ladies @mirakee !!!

    #women #fightersforever #mothers #sisters #wives #daughters #friends

    @her_story @niviee @_aishu @aakriti_vaidya @anushkachaudhary

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    Copper And Gold

    Let Me Tell You A Story
    Of Those I Have Known
    Some Accepting The Cages
    While Others Have Flown

    Loved They Are Always
    Till There Are None
    Saved From The World
    Till The Saviors Were Gone

    Born With A Heart Of Copper
    And A Soul Made Of Gold
    Each Is A Tale Foretold
    Or A Story Untold

    The Men Looked Down
    Like Rain From The Sky
    Raised Their Nosy Brows
    When She Tried To Fly

    Tied For Protection And
    Chained To The Ground
    Shadows Of Doubt Is
    All They Have Found

    To Their Smiles And Dreams
    The World Is Not Kind
    Changed Their Words A Thousand Times
    And Thought As A Burden At Times

    This Is A Story
    Of Few I Have Known
    Defeated Their Demons
    Fought An Army Of Ghouls

    Lived Their Life With
    The Soul In Their Hands
    As We Watched In Awe
    Far From The Stands

    With A Heart Of Copper
    And A Soul Made Of Gold
    They Are The Ones
    Whose Stories Should Be Told

    They Looked Up To Man
    Right Where They Stand
    Made Their Choices And
    Marched Like A Band

    Building A Better World From
    What's Damaged By Men
    Forging A Future That's
    Better For All Of Them

    These Women Fight Forever
    The Ways Of The World
    Said The Men To Rest As
    They Lift The Weight Of The World


  • roza_leen 22w

    The sisters

    Everyone thinks that we both are not equal
    But age, height and much more doesn't matter.But our love,feelings, face matters
    Because we are sisters we leave our pain behind and look forward to our sisters put it in our brain that we will always be together

  • ak_2021 22w

    Did u guys ever notice that 2 sisters are totally different in nature(most of the time)

    One is always gentle and less talkative and the other is a bit mischievous and really very talkative.
    Same with me and my sister.

    I'm an introvert whereas she is an extrovert. Also one of my friend is more gentle and quiet whereas her elder sister is more talkative.

    How do they become so different in spite of living under the same roof?

    Well they are always not totally different. I mean their choices could be similar. What I'm talking about is their nature.

    Btw how many siblings do u have?

    #sisters #siblings #thoughts

    @warriorofthenight @sans_brones @daffodilpearlzz @anjaliverma__ @taekook_maknae

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  • jenaroaragon 23w

    A brief respite

    The voice of joy cries loud within,

    and echoes through my brethren,

    but after toast to mirth and drink,

    we adorn our heavy loads and sink,

    into the labor which keeps us afloat,

    and, fearful, syphon our leaky boat.

    Though idealism and faith hang tight,

    obdurate pragmatism discovers flight.

    Repeated often in such flowery tongue,

    a thought, on which my mind stays hung,

    holds power enough to defy intelligence,

    and the words come out, but not the message.

    So I trim the branches of redundant fluff,

    And the only word that’s left is-


  • _pranchalpatel03_ 24w

    Best friend

    We May have different choices but we have same sense of humor.


  • nightmare_night 29w


    Want to ignore them
    Get away from them
    Hide from them
    But somehow I want to be with them every second of my life
    Just the thought of knowing they are near is more than enough


  • myabea 30w

    A Never Ending Symphony

    She's warmth to me in my coldest storms
    A sliver of gold light that seeps through the cracks
    Showing me that there is still a reason to smile

    And every once in awhile,
    my heart aches just in awe of our memories
    Years of laughter mended between long talks and mutual pain

    Life would not be the same
    Without her constant support in all I do
    Pushing me towards tomorrow and never doubting my feelings or dreams

    It really isn't all it seems
    We're sisters biologically, bonded by blood
    But there's something even deeper
    A friendship that can't be broken

    She is the reason I have awoken
    From those haunting moments of agony
    In the times when getting out of bed takes all of my determination

    Together, we are a celebration
    Of sisterhood, love and trust
    A never ending symphony 

  • bidyaa 31w


    From playing inside the dirty drains to laughing at each other's dirty brains, we grew up together. But as maturity hit us, we chose to live as per our own wishes. Inadvertently, we drifted apart. And when we finally realized, we were two completely different souls. We were as contrasting as a pencil and an eraser. But then on a fine day, we sat together and conversed after a long time to discover that we had drifted apart, but like the continents. We still had common characters despite being oceans apart.


  • alextheft 36w

    The Royal Sisterhood

    Wardrobe full of shines,
    Gossip full of crimes,
    A better- meta group of females,
    Ain't that perfect rhyme?
    Diamond hard inside,
    And armed on the outside,
    T'is the Royal Sisterhood,
    With it's own chivalry pride,

    Be it pants, boots or coats,
    We rock anything cut throat,
    Our craziness is the criteria,
    So, hang in there folks,
    Drama is an over do,
    Doubt us and we'll curse you,
    Our deeds are like arrows,
    Get what we once pursue.