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  • asmita_chakraborty 58w

    Dulcet Deems ?

    What do you think ?
    I deserve your glare?
    When you ain't the one
    Who's playing fair!

    You have your wife at home
    A child or maybe more
    A sister or a cousin
    And a mother who's praying !

    They are all girls to honour
    They are dignified and decent
    Virtuous and lovable,
    And I'm to be tagged and labeled.

    With those marks of your iniquity
    You tell you are stressed
    And do not like it when I'm dressed
    Do you ever check your profanity!

    And you get on the couch
    Get your hands on my body
    Behave like a blasphemous animal
    Dig into my hollow numbness !

    Your conduct is so gross
    Your trying to choke is so raw.
    And your choices of toys are so dumb
    How can you think the canes would hurt me enough?

    No it won't ! It won't!
    I have been receiving hurt and wounds
    From the day I was abandoned from my home
    Conditions fetched me to be a sin.

    A sin you made out of your rapacity
    A sin once brought and then again sold
    A sin you love when no one knows
    A sin you have been doing to suffice your
    sinner soul.

    I have been the sin for years now
    I don't even have a soul !
    What do you think
    I deserve the muck fervour of yours?


    I voice against judging people by their profession.I voice against molestation ,child trafficking,rape.
    I thoughful change in the mindset of people can give rise to all such answers, these women have,rather all individuals who are subdued by one or the other have.


    Yes it's a old post. But today's promt just was a perfect fit.So posted it again.
    Tis a long read !

    @writersnetwork Thank you for the heart ❤️
    @writersbay For I remember writing it for the prompt #sinc ��❤️

    @finsanity I have posted this again ��

    #timesup #wod #writersbay #writersnetwork

    Artwork by Fabian Perez ��

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    Dulcet Deems ?


  • inara__ 70w

    Last night I visited your tombstone, my arcane latibule, with a nosegay of white lilacs. The same white lilacs you made garlands for me with your gentle tips. And embellished my cranium, just like a king surmounts his princess with a crown. But yesterday, the tree we sowed, the last token of your love, was lacerated along with our reminiscences. They dwindled and faded, just like your presence. They tried to outdo our velleities. Teardrops toppled from my eyes and dewdrops from the flowers, forging piquant tarns. Your orenda was a miracle for my cordolium. However, without you my sins and vices are turning wise inchmeal. They are trying to gulp this Minerva. But you can't sell dreams to someone who has walked through nightmares. So, at last, I just look upto the stars, shut my eyes and wish for your soul to live blithely in the the Elysian Fields.

    @jerry_21 @raika_ Thank you, guys!

    4.00 AM,
    Perfect time to post a tombstone. xD

    Ps. A line in between is from a prompt. NOT WRITTEN BY ME.

    #treec #sinc #tombstonec #dewdrops

    Thank you, for the repost WB!(._.)

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    Solus Velleity

    last night I visi
    ted y o u r tombstone,
    my arcane latibule, with a
    nosegay o f white lilacs. the
    same white lilacs you made ga
    rlands for me with your gentle ti
    ps. and embellished my cranium,
    just like a king surmounts his princ
    ess with a crown. but yesterday, the
    tree we sowed, the last token of you
    r love, was lacerated along with our
    our reminiscences. they dwindled and
    faded, just like your presence. they tri
    ed to outdo our velleities. teardrops to
    ppled from my eyes and dewdrops fro
    m t h e flowers, forging piquant tarns.
    your orenda was a miracle for my cord
    olium. however, without you, my sins and
    vices a r e turning wise inchmeal. they a r e trying
    to gulp this Minerva. but you can't sell d r e a m s to
    someone who has walked through nightmares. so,at
    last, I just look upto the s t a r s, shut my eyes and wi
    sh for your s o u l to live blithely in the Elysian Fields.


  • wordsofsh 70w

    Your regrets and remorses should weigh more than your sins

  • 300roses 70w


    Sin never slumbers,
    it's always lurking.
    Like a snake,
    it slithers into my mind,
    coiling itself around
    my thoughts,
    tempting me at every turn,
    it stifles me.
    Every waking moment,
    I'm vulnerable to the
    clutches of sin,
    I somehow fall into the
    trap of sin.
    Try as I might to fight it,
    I fail miserably,
    I'm human after all.
    Sin never tires,
    it's always waiting.
    Sin has me in its grip.


  • scenic_lass 70w

    SIN is
    Painting me
    As a matter of
    concern or duty

    SIN is
    Throwing shits on me
    The way I
    Wear, talk or move

    SIN is
    Harbouring me
    As a matter of
    dignity or threat

    SIN is
    Putting me in blocks
    As I can't
    Fit or adjust myself
    in your space

    Actually SIN
    Is society
    Which loves to label
    Wandering graves
    not letting them
    being or living
    As a HUMAN


    @writersnetwork #sinc @writersbay

    @colourfulgreys di a read?

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  • trumpetcreeper 71w


    Being in the darkness was never been a decision of her own.She was thrown into the darkness of the streets.The hope for an escape into the world of light was just a daydream for her...
    The light was becoming forbidden in her world.The darkness was eating her alive..
    She was been in the shadows for too long
    And was no more afraid of the dark..
    It was converting her ,
    Changing the fragile flower into a bush of thornes,which only hurts the people around her .
    There was no innocence ,not even a trace of it.
    And the word mercy was forgotten by her..
    She was a pure soul,but the devil was too strong..
    And the pure soul was dying inside
    Only to turn her into a sinner...

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    And the pure soul was dying inside
    Only to turn her into a sinner...


  • bclark2681 71w

    Human Transgressions

    Sin is apart of human history and future
    Yet its our sins of present that has reduced
    Us to stand within our self made pit of
    Eternal flames and embers for we have
    Risen a forsaken sword against nature as
    We rape it, our balance as we offset it,
    And mankind as we destroy each other,
    Our hellish end is fast approaching

  • bclark2681 71w

    She, My Sin

    She is my breathtaking sin
    Of which I can not relinquish
    I crave her being like an addict
    Craves their fix and I'd rather
    Die and eternally burn within
    My fires embers than depart

  • antheia_ 71w

    #melody #sinc #dewdrops

    A sin called ᴄʀɪᴍsʏɴ

    You are like a song
    a mellifluously melancholic ����������ℯ
    the ebony mirk
    sings for his beloved dawn
    afore he departs..
    Bidding adieu to the slumberous
    beauty he sins of kissing her ᴄʀɪᴍsʏɴ
    with roscid pearly drops
    of dew lining her cheeks;
    he vows to meet her every night ������ ������.


    Glossary :
    Aubade~ A song or poem greeting or evoking the dawn/ a morning love song; a song of lovers parting in the morning.

    Crimsyn~ Deep red colour.

    For aye~ Forever/eternally.

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  • carrie09 71w

    LOVE swathed my sin,
    in layers of compassion.
    Thenceforth, my soul,
    healed and redeemed
    to salvation.


  • schwellenangst 71w

    I was told
    I painted the truth wrong
    a sin
    in their
    beautiful souls

    I was told
    when I say
    and then they listen
    kindly their brains
    heaven of greys.

    they'll make me count
    every word I say
    and then
    they'll charm
    over my deathscale.


    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    @writersbay #sinc #words #faded #love

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    they'll make me count
    every word I say
    and then
    they'll charm
    over my deathscale.


  • bonitasarahbabu 71w

    In some households,
    Being happy, it is a sin.
    In these same households,
    Going against the grain, it's a mortal sin.
    Just laughing out loud,
    That is a venial sin.
    These actions are called sins,
    Because it goes against man made rules.
    Let's go against the grain,
    Keep everything legal, but let's be happy.
    In the end, we need not worry about pleasing all,
    Because we cannot achieve that.

  • sakshi_anand 71w


    If sins were flowers,
    my body would bloom a garden.
    A (whore)ticulturist they call me,
    for I nuzzle shriveled trunks
    from my watery mouth.

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  • suranjana__ 71w

    @writersnetwork hola! :) Thank you so much for the repost, i really wanted mirakeeans to read this. Me loves you��♥️ (4)
    @mirakee hola! :)

    #melody #sinc #suwn

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    you're like a song
    that only manifests
    scratches in those
    spongy lips of mine,
    along the cascading action
    of red fluids
    and nothing more
    i just want to remember
    then the sins you always
    maintained to perform
    resulting in fragmentation
    of my core.

    would you stop
    playing strings of guitar
    in my physique
    with robust fingers that were
    all yours
    covering my mouth
    so echoes can't have a voyage
    out the door?

    the torn hairs from scalp of mine
    still fondles with the withered blood
    that resides in thy
    mezzanine floor
    of the stygian vaulted space.

    catastrophic night
    was all i found to define
    the time
    when countenance of mine
    was whispering lullabies
    for a trickster to vacate this
    authentic soul
    the being
    circulating trauma
    in the naked body
    of mine
    just had earbuds

    and no more my
    anatomy could
    swallow globules of
    red shaded fluid,
    swig large gulps
    of fear and anxiety
    and inhale
    hazed fumes of
    your thrown out
    died along with
    hopes and desires
    all fragmentary.


  • pallavi4 71w


    You’re like a song
    Like a deep seated melody...
    A warm sun in springtime
    That refuses to go to sleep

    The love we share is
    Like a gentle summer breeze...
    Fluid, uncomplicated and effortless
    Tranquil, calm, gentle and serene

    Somedays it is passionately red
    On others a hopeful sage green...
    Delicately balanced is this affection
    Sinful yet more meaningful than any have been

    Your hair like a raven’s wing
    Your eyes filled with melancholy
    You’ve captured me with no
    Hopes of ever being free

    You are bound to me like
    A creeper entwined to a tree,
    You are the air I breathe —
    A captive in your captivity


    14th of January, 2021

    Reposted from 26th of July, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Drawn with tea, vodka, whiskey and ink by Carne Griffiths

    #melody #wod #sinc #sin #capture #love_poems #love #writersbay @writersbay @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee

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  • hiya04 71w

    //You brought out the best of me
    A part of me I've never seen .
    You took my soul and wiped it clean
    Our love was made for movie screens//
    - Kodaline, All I Want


    You are like a song , my favorite song
    Delicately crafted by The One with love.
    Whose melody exhilarates
    My body and soul.

    You are the strings of my guitar
    Upon touching tranquility engulfs me
    Every note a piece of art ,
    A voice so bewitching.
    Every chord I strum , sings a lullaby
    Alleviating the whirlwind inside my mind.
    Verses come and go with chorus
    Soon it's the outro but
    You remain by my side as my favorite song
    The world left far behind
    Busy in our own little paradise
    Only you and me.

    You are like a song , the reason for
    Teardrops on my guitar.
    Your melody so enchanting
    A veil of comfort draping my soul.


    #melody #sinc #pod #writersnetwork #wn

    Thanks for the visit @writersnetwork

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    You are like

    an enthralling song
    I ache for.
    The melody so angelic ,
    A sin too good to be perpetrated.

  • landscape 71w

    ƒιяѕт αттємρт

    You're like a song that battles with life, a folded suicidal lyrics and it is okay if I add a melody to it. You are the black wall when solitude brings me to a corner and I stare at you. I wear you like bandages over my bare skin, a bruised metaphor sheath over my framework. It used to be a glossary of what moistening melancholy seems like. It had painstakingly built itself but sometimes the sebaceous glands happened to impregnate it. Further, pimples and acnes were used to such feeding on regular dosages of the lubricant, they grew and spreaded like thorns over the bosom of a rose.

    I let my skin breath but all it does is weeping more on a lonely summer afternoon. My fall was not the story of a maple leaf but of a pebble down a rocky hill. It would be a sin if I didn't let the zephyrs bury me to the seashore and kiss the sand tubs.
    You know it isn't very easy to peel off the autumn, poise the injuries which are already poised. They want to live more, they find solace in your arms, they too tear. Their tear's blood. Injuries weep blood and young, oozing blood soothes their eye walls. They suffer and we let them suffer more, poor skin!

    Shadows suck the sunshine from the horizon and melodies are left all grey dancing on those moody strings of my guitar, left untouched. There lies melody in broken faces but what more grey personalities do, adds a teaspoon of depression instead of pouring euphoric smiles. Even if death is certain, why not make it a happy end? As long you live, do not forget to crown yourself a happy life. Do not die with a frown, die with a broken smile.

    At last, I should thank the poison, the nutrient that I was going to consume before my death. It lacked the ego of being a poison, so I did not pluck any interest in it. Moreover, my parents are too busy to take the blame of nourishing a betrayer. *tears the suicide note and bursts out in tears*

    - coral

    #melody #sinc #wod

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  • wingedpoetry 72w

    What haunts me the most is that you would leave me
    if I showed you my true colors
    if I revealed myself to you
    so I'm living a lie


  • thelunareclipse 84w

    So beautiful i look,
    Surrounded with all those
    Mesmerizing flowers,
    These are my sins,
    I camouflaged them
    To trick your heart,
    Hoping you could love me
    With all my mistakes.

    So faultless i seem ,
    I hid all my scars
    So you could see me
    in a perfect way,
    I blindfolded your eyes
    With that silky delusional veil,
    So you would not see
    Those illusory lights
    Illuminating from my soul,
    Wishing you to like me ,anyway.


    {Inspired by the image.Source: Pinterest}

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    So beautiful i look