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  • djdemiurgos 189w

    Silent Truth

    Hey, keep ignoring me
    Until your forced to
    My success.

    How come
    I love you
    For so long
    And you don't love me back
    You act like you care about
    But you really don't care at all
    If I live or die
    You probably wouldn't go to
    My birthday weddding or funeral
    U probably wouldn't cry, try
    Or even say
    I don't care if no one else gave me a chance
    But you could have changed all that.
    I'd rather live alone

    There's nothing like peace in the silence of truth. When the sound of noise fades away you'll realize you wish it was still there. It was waiting for you to listen. But you never did. If I can't have love in this life at least I can experience peace..

  • betheword 268w

    Silent Truth

    Nights Have The Silent Truths!
    Only You Can Here The Screaming Voices!!