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  • sidhubalkaran 23w

    Standing at the horizon of events
    My sentience transcends into a timeless existence
    I bury my head into mathematical magic that rests in my lap
    While Hawking and Penrose try to break barriers of my consciousness,
    trapping my brain into an energy vaccum

    My memory wafts under gravity,
    curving along every quantum of our struggles
    where you and I are in a constant battle of space and time
    falling unremittingly into a causal loop

    I wonder how mass and Energy can be put together in a Singularity
    An arrow of time running backwards,
    pulling a frame of chaos with it
    And it is dragging us light years apart.

    With all our priori and posteriori conventions
    my heart wants to string together an infinite number of tippler’s cylinders
    knitting them over the pseudo Euclidean space
    achieving a Causality violation.

    But like all critical things,
    it would probably cause havoc
    A black hole of your own mistakes
    Like an arrow shot backwards
    but in the same plane as you.

  • sidhubalkaran 27w

    Day 15/26 of #napowrimo2021
    Ottava Rima is a poetry form of Italian origin. This form came into being around the late 13th and early 14thcentury and was developed by Tuscan poets. It started out as a form for epic and narrative verse but overtime has been adapted for wide array of subjects.

    An Ottava Rima stanza has 8 lines with an abababcc rhyme scheme and is written in Iambic pentameter (10 syllables). Some sources on this form define it as a poem with 8 lines of 11 syllables each. It can work as a stand-alone poem or with multiple stanzas.
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    O for Ottava Rima

    It came to me seeking myself anew
    Dear old ego writhing in agony
    Probing me for some sacred darkness too
    Waking up the man living inside me
    She walks with me, a purpose to pursue
    Carrying a list of those who wronged me
    A thread, a nail, and few judgments to cast
    and burn down the home that houses the past.