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    Ruby: Don't you feel my weight?

    Zayn : What do you mean?

    Ruby : the way you are carrying me in your arms I feel weightless. It seems gravity isn't acting on me.

    Zayn: hmm (he drops her on the floor) how about now?

    Zayn laughs out loud.

    Ruby: not funny, alright. Got my back hurt.

    Zayn : let me make you feel weightless again.

    Zayn carries Ruby back in his arms.

  • roadside_writer 15w

    I'll Make it upto you

    Zayn came late at night on his birthday. His surprise party was over without him. He was surprised to see the decoration and leftover cake and food. He recalled that Ruby had asked him to come home early today, she didn't mention why though, obviously because he wanted to surprise him. But unfortunately she got the surprise, he didn't show up. She has invited all his cousins and close relatives.
    Ruby had slept already, he knew because his mother opened the door when he came. Or may be she was just mad at him and didn't want to see him. He just hoped he could gather all the courage to face her in the morning.

    #Next morning#

    Ruby got out of the washroom. Zayn sat up in the bed.

    Zayn: I am sorry...

    Ruby : it's okay.

    Zayn: I was with my friends partying last night. We had a last minute plan and I forgot to call you.

    Ruby: hmm

    Ruby grabed her lip gloss, looked at the lips of her reflection in the mirror.

    Zayn : Are you mad at me?

    Ruby : no (She pressed the lip gloss against her lips and slid all over it. )

    Zayn: You are, aren't you?

    Ruby : No. You ditched me many times before so I am not surprised, hence not mad at you. (she closed the lid of lip gloss)

    Zayn: Ruby. I didn't mean to, I mean. I should have showed up but then I didn't know you are throwing a surprise party so how could I...

    (Zayn walked out of the bed)

    Ruby: Because It was supposed to be a surprise. but it turned out to be a surprise for everyone but you. See I wasn't expecting you to show up I was just hoping you do. (Ruby removed covers and sheets and dusted off pillows)

    Zayn: I can make it up-to you. It's never too late to celebrate birthday, you know. We can go out.

    Ruby: Stop bugging me Zayn. I already told you I am not mad.

    Zayn: Then why are you doing everything so quickly as if you wanna get out of this room as soon as possible?

    Ruby : I am doing everything quickly because I am in hurry.

    Zayn: Why? Are you going somewhere?

    Ruby: Yes

    Zayn : Where?

    Ruby : My parents' house.

    Zayn: Because you are mad at me?

    Ruby: No, because I want to see my parents.

    Zayn: Why today?

    Ruby: it's not a last minute plan. I had planned it on last weekend.

    Zayn : You didn't tell me.

    Ruby : I must have forgotten.

    Zayn : Why?

    Ruby : What's that question? I forgot to tell you, I am sorry, okay. Now, stop bugging me, it's annoying.

    Zayn: You seriously leaving?

    Ruby : Yeah, I have a train to catch in a couple of hours.

    #At the Railway Station. In the city where Ruby's parents live#

    Ruby gets out of the gate of the Railway Station. She saw a familiar face. She was confused but walked up-to her husband anyway. He was standing there with a bunch of red roses and few boxes of her favorite chocolates.

    Ruby : What are you doing here?

    Zayn : Waiting for my wife. She is mad at me I thought I'll make it up to her. Have you seen her?

    Ruby shoots an eyebrow up.

    Zayn: I have taken a few days off, I have decided to spend it with you and your parents.

    Ruby shakes her head in disbelief.

    Zayn: I know I have been a not so nice person to you but now I want to change that. I have decided to learn how to stop being a bad husband.

    Ruby's lips turned involuntarily into a half smile .
    She looked away.

    Zayn: I promise, I'll become a nice life partner but I guess before that I'll get baked by the sun. It's so hot here.

    Ruby giggled and hugged him.

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    Love you

    Ruby: love you bye

    Zayn : who's it?

    Ruby : my best friend.

    Zayn : let me see

    Takes her phone. "Bella" he reads.

    Ruby: You should call and check. I can save a boy's number with a girl's name.

    Zayn stares at Ruby. Ruby takes the phone and hit the call button.

    Bella: Ruby

    Ruby: Hey Bella, sorry it was a mistake. Called accidently.

    Bella: oh okay. Bye love you.

    Ruby : love you too.

    Bella hangs up.

    Ruby: You okay now?

    Zayn: Yeah (stares at Ruby in confusion)

    Ruby: Sorry but this isn't a great start of our marriage. You should have enquired about my character before marriage.

    Ruby leaves the room.

    #At night, on the terrace.#

    Ruby stares at the starry night sky. Zayn walks up to her and hugs her from behind. Ruby jerks and turns around.

    Zayn: What?

    Ruby : Why are you acting like nothing happened? Whole day you acted like nothing happened.

    Zayn : What do you want me to do?

    Ruby: apologize and change your behavior.

    Zayn: I thought you must have forgotten about it by now.

    Ruby: No. I know your aunts don't like me but it's insane to ruin your life by listening to others.

    Zayn: Ruby

    Ruby: I am a good girl. The problem is I know that I am a nice girl and I can't be with someone who can't put their trust in me. I know we haven't known each other before marriage but it's not fair to assume the worst about me.

    Zayn: Ruby

    Ruby: What?

    Zayn: I am sorry. I have realized my mistake. I won't let anyone spoil things between us. I just got driven away with my aunts' whispers but not anymore.

    Zayn hugs Ruby

    Zayn: I promise.

    Ruby hugs back.

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    Receptionist : Name

    Zayn : Mr. Zayn Deewan and Mrs. Ruby Deewan.

    Ruby: it's Ruby Khan.

    Zayn: I get it, it's just second day of our marriage. You forgot you are married.(laughs)

    Ruby : No, I didn't forget I am married neither I forgot my surname.

    Zayn: What do you mean?

    Ruby: Changing anyone's surname after marriage is unislamic. So, I am still Ruby Khan.

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    Ruby : No, I won't go with you guys.

    Shaan: Why? We won't mind.

    Ruby: Yeah, may be but I don't wanna bug Zayn.

    Shaan: you're gonna bug him?

    Ruby: No, but you know he is my husband. And even if I don't bug him he is gonna think I am. It happens, right? Like when I sit in my room painting or something, and if someone walks in, I won't be able to focus on painting. I'll feel their eyes are on me even if it isn't true. Besides, I know none of you. You are all his friends what will I do there?

    Shaan: Come on, Zayn. Tell her. We'll have fun.

    Zayn: Ruby, you won't bug me, I know. You can come with us I won't mind.

    Ruby: But, please I don't find it right.

    Zayn: I'll make sure she comes, you guys.

    Ruby : Zay.....un.

    Zayn: Ru-beee.

    #At the hotel. 11 pm#

    Zayn: here are the keys. You go, I'll come.

    Ruby: Where are you going?

    Zayn: To see my friends.

    Ruby : okay.

    #In the hotel room#

    Knock knock

    Ruby: Who's it?

    Kabir: It's me Kabir , Zayn's friend.

    (Ruby opens the door. )

    Ruby: Yes

    Kabir: Where is Zayn?

    Ruby: He has gone to see his friends.

    Kabir: Good thing (smirks)

    (Ruby rolls her eyes and tries to shut the door. Kabir puts his foot between the door and the wall)

    Ruby : Are you mad, what are you doing?

    Kabir: Zayn is not there so I thought I'll give you some company.

    Ruby: I don't need (emotionless Tone)

    Kabir: but I do

    (Kabir push opens the door and steps inside)

    Ruby(shouts) : Get the hell out of here.

    Kabir : Will you please calm down. I don't like drama, alright.

    ( Ruby grabs the tele phone to call room service. Kabir takes hold of it. Ruby slams his head with the vase on the table. Kabir's forehead starts to bleed. Zayn walks in. He is shocked to see Kabir. Zayn calls his other friends and they take Kabir to a hospital )

    #At the hospital #

    (Ruby sits on a wooden bench, with her face buried in her hands)

    Police officer: Are you Ruby?

    Ruby: Yes. Sir I....

    Police: You did a good job. Don't worry about him. He is out of danger now.

    Andy: Aren't you Ruby?

    Ruby: Yeah Andy.

    Andy: everything okay?

    Ruby : No. I broke a guy's forehead.

    Andy: You need some...

    Zayn (interrupts Andy) : Ruby, I am sorry...

    Ruby: Not now Zayn, just leave me alone and do hell with your friends.

    (Ruby gets up and go. She reaches the beach. It's almost midnight. Ruby roams to and fro like an angry lion. She find Andy sitting on a bench on the beach)

    Ruby : What are you doing here? When did you come?

    Andy: I am sitting. I came just after you did.

    Ruby: I asked to be left alone. What the heck are you doing here?

    Andy: See, it's been years that we haven't spoken for some reason that you kept to yourself. But I still care and I can't leave you alone this time of the night here. We are no more friends but I can't help convince my heart to stop caring for you. You get that? Even if you don't, I am not going anywhere.

    (Ruby stands still with teary eyes)

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    Working for an unpaid job sucks. No money comes in, only frustration.
    But you can't leave it because you don't wanna go back to that pit of depression to escape which you joined the job.
    You keep asking for the money like a begger but they act like they owe you anything. Does it even end?
    Huh! What sort of a life is this?
    I wanted to travel and eat but before that I had to fix my mental health.
    Am I doing it? Yes, but I don't think I can hold on for long.
    I wonder what should I do now!


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    Ruby was sitting on railway platform waiting for her train. The train was late as usual. She was waiting since an hour. A small girl of around two or three years of age came and sat beside her. The kid was cute. She had chubby cheeks, pink lips and big black eyes. Ruby couldn't resist adoring her. She pulled out a packet of cookies from her bag and offered one cookie to the baby. She took it and shoved it in her little mouth. Only half of the cookie could fit in, she bit it and pulled off the remaining half. As she finished eating her biscuit, Ruby took out her water bottle. She helped the baby drink water. Ruby moved away water bottle from her mouth and the baby let out a hush sound through her mouth which made her look even cuter. After a while Ruby began to wonder where her parents are. As soon as the thought left her mind she saw a man in suit walking towards them. He sat right next to the baby and it gave answer to the question that passed Ruby's mind. He looked at baby and pulled her cheeks. Ruby adored the way he played with the baby.

    "No. No,no. No. He is a married man. Take your eyes off him, Ruby. ", Ruby muttered to herself.

    He caught Ruby staring at him. Instead of embarrassing her, he smiled politely. She looked away distracted by the train's whistle. Her train had arrived. She got up and began to walk towards the train when she heard a voice behind her said, " Ma'am your baby "

    She turned around and saw the man holding the baby in his arms. She was confused but managed to say, " This is not my baby. I thought it's yours".

    The man was confused too. He said, " this not my baby either. I thought it's yours".

    None of them knew what to do. The train was about to leave in 10 minutes. They were already late for their destination. An awkward silence spread between them and to break it, suddenly the baby began to cry. Ruby and the guy tried to stop her from crying.

    "No, no. Stop it baby stop it", said Ruby. Her blood rushed at the thought that if the baby didn't stop crying she might miss the train.

    "Yeah, stop. Look at muma", said the guy who was as anxious as Ruby about  what was going on.

    "This is not my baby", yelled Ruby.
    "oh! I am sorry.What's her name? ", Asked the guy.

    "I don't know", Ruby continued...
    " please for God's sake. Here, eat cookie", Ruby said extending her arm towards the baby.

    The baby extended both  her arms towards Ruby but didn't take the biscuit and continued to cry.

    "Why don't you know her name?", asked the guy.

    "Because this is not my baby", Ruby snapped at him taking the baby quickly in her arms.

    Ruby rubbed baby's back while gently rocking it. Baby calmed down a little.
    "Okay baby, what's your name?", Asked ruby.

    "What's your name dear? ", asked the guy.

    "Amba", the baby said

    "Amba?  What sort of a name is this! ", exclaimed the guy.

    Ruby gave him a dead stare.

    "Chill, this is not your baby ", said the guy.

    "Will you please stop it already? I am trying to sort this out", Ruby said gritting her teeth.

    An announcement was made on the speaker that train is about to leave in 5 minutes. Ruby's heart raced.

    "OK baby, tell me where is your mom? Where is your dad? ", asked Ruby.

    "Are you lost? Huh! Are you lost? Tell us quickly", said the guy becoming more anxious after hearing the announcement.

    The baby kept quiet and stared at both of them one by one.

    "Let's take her to the office, they can make an announcement for her parents ", suggested Ruby.

    "Sounds like a good idea. Let's hurry", said the guy.

    They reached the office striding as fast as they could.

    "You guys have such a cute baby", said the guy at the reception.

    "This is not our baby", Ruby told him

    The guy with Ruby almost laughed.

    They told everything to the person at the reception. He directed them to the announcement room where they were told to wait until the current announcement was over.
    As the time passed Ruby's mind started making possibilities of what could happen if she missed the train. For an instance she thought of leaving the baby to the guy but she quickly changed her mind. She didn't want to imagine how this stranger might harm the baby.
    A lady walked in and snapped Ruby out of her thoughts by saying, " Such an adorable baby you guys have".

    "This is not our baby", Ruby hissed.

    The guy couldn't contain his laugh this time.
    Ruby was totally pissed of by his act.

    They made an announcement but the announcer said they have to wait till someone comes for the baby or they have to leave the baby to the police station of the Railway Station. They had already missed the train they thought, so they decided to wait.
    The baby was quiet. She was playing with Ruby's head scarf.

    "Let's eat something. The baby must be hungry", The guy suggested.
    Ruby nodded and they stood up.

    "We will be in the canteen. Call me if anyone appears for the baby", said the guy to the person at the reception and wrote his number in the register.

    They sat down in the canteen. Ruby looked at the menu and she looked at the baby.
    "What do you think she eats? ", Ruby asked the guy.

    "I don't know, she is not my baby", giggled the guy.

    "Stop it. I mean what do you think babies eat in general", said Ruby.

    "I'll ask someone at the counter and bring something. Tell me, what do you want to eat?", asked the guy.

    "I don't know. May be a sandwich or something....And we'll share the bill", Ruby managed to say gulping down the water.
    "No, please. Allow me..."
    "No, no. Please. I don't... "Ruby interrupted.
    "As you wish", he interrupted her.

    He got and started walking towards the counter thinking what do babies eat.  He reached at the counter and before collecting the coupons he asked a person standing next to him, " What do you think babies eat? "
    The person looked at him confused.

    The guy pointed at the baby and said," I need to take food for the baby but I don't know what should I take".

    "That's a cute little baby you have", said the person.

    "That's not our baby....", he sighed, " It's complicated", he completed.

    "Okay. May be you can take milk and some biscuits for her".

    The guy requested for a cup of warm milk and took some biscuits for the baby. He placed the food on the table.
    Ruby dunked a biscuit in the milk and fed the baby. She ate away half packet of the biscuit. She took the cup in her little hands and drank some milk. Ruby and the guy was so lost in taking care of the baby that they forgot they had food in front of them to eat. Ruby helped the baby drink water from the glass and wiped her lips and chin with her hanky.

    "You eat something", said the guy trying to take the baby away from Ruby.
    Ruby resisted but when the guy looked at her with "why" written all over his face, she gave up.
    Ruby took a bite from her sandwich, only then she realized she was hungry since forever. She finished it and drank some water. His phone rang. The receptionist had called to inform him about the arrival of the baby's parents.
    They were about to get up when they saw the baby was asleep in his arms. The guy wondered at the fact that how quickly babies fall asleep and he couldn't remember when was the last time he slept like that. He got up gently, trying not to wake her up.
    Ruby smiled witnessing all this.
    They walked to the office and a lady strode towards them, she was wearing the same long coat and head scarf as Ruby. This explained to Ruby why the baby was so comfortable with her.
    "Ember " , the lady said with a sigh of relief.

    "Wait ma'am", said Ruby not letting the lady take the baby.

    Everyone looked at Ruby puzzled.

    "I don't believe you're her mother. Prove that you are", demanded Ruby.

    "They filed a complain a while ago.You better give their baby back", said a police officer in the room.

    "It's okay officer. I am glad my daughter was in safe hands", the lady said.

    "I am sorry. She just wanted to be sure", the guy explained.

    "It's absolutely fine. We are very grateful to both of you", said the lady's husband.

    Ruby and the guy left the office. Awkward silence spread between them once again. They stood outside the office. They just said bye to each other after which they began to walk in the same direction. This made it  even more awkward. They walked to the same platform as they first met on.
    The train Ruby was supposed to take earlier hadn't left the platform due to some job to be done on the railway track.

    "The  train is still here", said the guy.

    "oh yeah. But how and why? ", Ruby asked.

    "I don't know. But thank God"

    "You are boarding the same train? "

    "Is there a problem?"


    They got on the train. As if that wasn't enough they had there seats reserved opposite each other.  They took their seats. No one spoke for a while. The train begun to move.

    "Hello! I am Ruby", said Ruby breaking the silence to the guy.

    "Nice to meet you Ruby. I am zayn", he replied.

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    This is not our baby

    A short love story.


  • royce85 70w

    Almost a hero

    I was watching out my window of my daughters cat playing with some sort of animal. So I went to save this animal turns out it was this little chipmunk that was fighting as hard as he could to get away. I had nothing to catch the lil guy with so I took off my shorts tossed them on top of him and wrapped him up. Came back to the house and started my show and tell every one said to let Alvin go yes named him Alvin mom said he would bit me said good then I can yell aallvviinn. Ok decided to free the lil guy took him out to the tree line and sit him down he was moving kinda slow to be excited he was just getting tossed by a cat. Here is the bad part as I was saying my goodbyes glad to help stay away from cats I heard something from a tree behind me and as I turned I seen a hawk spreading his wings to slow his decent as he grabbed Alvin and flew away into the trees and the only thing I could say was aaaaallllllvvvvvviiiiiinnnnnnnn. Poor lil guy.

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    Dear girls, Don’t be afraid of anyone or anything, we have our own freedom, we are not showcases to touch and break .. we are ironic, we are strong enough to fight anything.. Get ready to oppose cruel fellows ! ��
    I fall , I rise ,
    I make mistakes , I learn ,
    I get hurt , I bounce back ,
    I have confidence , I have faith ,
    I will continue putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward !
    and that’s what a strong women do! ��
    Proud to be a girl/Women ❤️
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    That night I heard a screaming sound , I peeped out and saw who that was out of my window , what no one , fine let me have a nap. Next day , there was a crowd on the end of my street , what is happening there ? Let me have a look. OMG , there was a girl thrown naked. I got afraid and rushed back to home. I locked my room. Just think of that girl, how cruel that people are? I just can’t digest this ? What will her family do ? Oh pity of her, what if this continues & happen to each and every girl of this world? Is born girl by birth a mistake? Nope , we are born to WIN ! Okay , eventhough I am confident enough.. I am a little afraid. What if this continues ......... it’s better to lock in & shut. Why , why do you lock & stay inside !? Yeah don’t you remember that cruel stuff happened to that naked girl , what surety you have that it wont happen to you or me ? My darling , See , Girls are not dominant ! We have our own freedom to move ! We should not hide anywhere else , that fellows will get afraid of us , Let’s show how powerful we are ! Be brave at any situation ! Dare to do anything ! We know to overcome everything and anything !
    © POOJAA

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    Life in a Cosmic Horror Genre: A Cosmic Morning

    A Short Story by Jacob Irish

    Six in the morning, and the alarm on my phone went off. I hit the snooze, and went back to sleep. Fifteen minutes later, and the second alarm goes off. Again, I hit the snooze. The fifth and final alarm goes off, and I'm up. I scroll through the news notifications, and I come across some articles.

    ' Breaking News: " Scientists say that " Disrespecting of elders has brought on a serious case of the Global Climate Warming Disease Economic Drop Flu Virus, And the rise of the Ancient One, Cthulu. They advise all citizens to please stay in their homes, and wait for their inevitable doom. This, in no way, will pass. We're all fucked. "'

    " Ugh! "
    I said to myself.

    " I got to stop reading the news. It's really depressing. "

    I check out another article.

    ' A remake of a sequel prequel, of an original film, based on a book gets a reimagining reboot. '

    I just roll my eyes and sat down the phone. While wiping my eye crust, I let out a tremendous yawn. The attempt at stretching led to a cramp in my calf. I was able to make time pass, by using the ever loving language of Profanity. From ' Shit fuck ow!, ' to ' Son of a bitch! ' that, I roll around on the bed. Thirty minutes later, I get up to shower and prepare for work.


  • alankar_ale 91w

    She speaks.

    "So when are you guys meeting?'. asked Sneha.
    "I don't know yaar. I'm scared. Like should I really give it a try? What if we too break-up later?"
    "Arrey, yaar Aastha..stop thinking about the future all the time. you always do that. And just because he was an asshole doesn't point to Siddharth as the same. So don't think, don't expect and see where it goes."
    "Yeah..You're right. Thanks for listening."
    " Thank me later. I gotta go. I should be home by now." she said and left swiftly.

    I was again lost in every one of those thoughts. I would cry the entire night bolted inside my room. I would think about those fake promises he gave and how effortlessly he shattered it. Then again I would revile him gravely. Things get worse. I would not talk to anybody unless they talked first. I jumped at the chance to be distant from everyone else. I would watch these depressing movies.My mother had begun to worry. Meanwhile, Sneha would try her best to cheer me up. She would plan all these girls day out. She would bring me my favorite Pinocchio ice cream. And what not?. Those dull days which I truly don't want to recall.  Eventually, things got better and I had moved on. My first and only break-up.

    Siddarth came in my life in an extremely astonishing manner. He was this vivacious person and the same time he was natural. He knows what he's doing. He kept it very simple. Initially, Of course, I cringed to go on speculating he's one of those random guys who are desperate and would do anything to get laid. But I was genuinely surprised that how well we connected. Even though I haven't met him in a person, he had enchanted me with one of his sweet and courteous talks.

    Love can really hurt you, It might have those startling wounds which are really painful, But love also heals it when you're with the right person. I had stopped putting stock in love. It wasn't for me I thought. It seemed like I never knew what love is all about. I never got an attention nor a little concern from my so called ex boyfriend. Instead i got affliction and negligence. I hated when friends of mine woudn't stop sharing their "Happy Couples" pictures all over facebook captioning "Me and the love of my life" #bae. But that is until i met Siddharth. I never thought i would fall in love ever again with every one of these things behind.

     But what if Siddharth does the same thing? What if i get hurt. Again? Insecurities and the fear of trusting someone escalated insignificantly. However, deep down inside, it felt right. Siddarth made me feel right. The confidence he had was amazing. He had such a great amount of faith in us which is the reason i couldn't resist falling in love with him. So I  guess Love had healed me. With the right person.

    "tringg tringg" My phone rang.
    "Hi baby." he said with his sleepy voice. *sexy*


  • eve_lansing 135w

    Belief, like love,
    must be voluntary.

    John Updike,
    born 18 March 1932

  • ms_pillai 184w

    Behind the doors

    Men appreciate women being
    inside bedroom but
    not outside...
    Funny..! how a door can
    change whole scenario

  • ms_pillai 185w

    Heart Break

    He: Only one question..
    She: Yea ask.
    He: Do you love me?
    She: No I'm sorry.
    (Bursting into tears)
    He: It's ok. I knew from the start.
    You don't have to pretend
    for the sake of, how I will feel.
    (Heart breaking into pieces)