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  • quenzi 19h

    It was Anna's birthday and her little sister Emily had been waiting for this day since months. Emily had planned to surprise Anna by baking her a cake, and as per her plan she had to first request Anna to leave the house for few hours. It wasn't a big of a task since Anna already had to go to meet her friends. Anna left the house and Emily went straight to the kitchen counters and took out a basket. She had asked her mom to buy all the ingredients for the cake which was safely kept in the basket since yesterday. Emily started to measure the ingredients and mixed them in a bowl. She poured the batter in a cake tin and baked it in the oven. Emily pressed the cake a little bit and it sprung back signalling that it was perfectly baked. Emily was proud of herself and all the efforts she had put in learning baking with her mother had finally paid off. She took the cake out of the tin and kept in on a beautiful plate. She poured chocolate syrup and decorated it with lots of sprinkles. At last she cleaned all the mess and kept the cake in the refrigerator. She walked out of the kitchen, proud and happy. She was about to walk in her room when she heard a loud voice, "Emily! Wake up!" Emily slowly opened her eyes and saw Anna standing infront of her. It took Emily a minute to process what was happening and she realised that it was just a dream. Anna smiled and asked Emily to wake up and get ready for school. Emily told Anna about her dream and how she had baked a chocolate cake all by herself. "So, did you taste the cake?" Anna asked Emily. "No, I couldn't." Emily spoke with a sad tone. "Then do it." Anna said and brought a cake from the kitchen. Emily froze for a second. It was the exact same cake she had baked in her dream. But before she could say anything the alarm went off.

    •The end•

    #shortstory #english #englishstory #wod #byme

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    The chocolate cake
    •A short story•


  • devikatrips 2d

    Tha Ek Mela

    Tha ek mela shahar mein, ab jo marne ke liye likhta tha, uske nazm sunaiye mein ek ladki ko jisko mein pasand karta tha

    Phir humne khai kucch channe jo lipte hue the ek akhbar ki pudiye mein, jisme shabd likhe hue the uske jo jeene ke liye likhta tha

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    Lina slipped in one of the counters in the cafe where she usually read peacefully and read the novel she have chosen that day. She flipped 3 pages but nothing was understood from the story she is reading.

    Trying to focus on the book she closed her eyes and shut the book trying to figure out what is her approach this time to finish the novel.
    She doesnt normally scan the room that day but she did, as she looked around, her eyes caught the scene she wasn't expecting she would envy.

    A couple sitting face to with thier fries untouched and vanilla sundae forming little beads of water on its container. She is amazed how the man is listening intently on somewhat serious talks they're having. The man has been staring at the woman with sparkle in his eyes. As if he's picturing or calculating whatever topic they're discussing, lina could see him nod and smile once and a while as they talk. She couldn't see thw expression of the woman talking but the man seems to enjoy how she talks and express her opinion.

    All of a sudden lina's brain lingered to a daydream of her own conversation with a man she would love to spend time with. A man whose thoughts are like hers, a deep conversation she would love to have. She ached for it, she longed for it. She felt a pang of longing to have it one day. When can she have it? Will she ever have it?.


  • lum_nk 2d

    A short story I wrote on self-acceptance and being comfortable in one's own skin. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

    #pod #wod #mosiac #unique #special #shortstory @readwriteunite @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    The White Mosaic

    The White Mosaic always envied the others. They seemed more special, colorful, dazzling. While, he was just plain white.

    "Will any buyers ever show their interest in me?" He asked his artist wistfully.

    "Don't worry, my dear. You are special and you will find that out very soon." She assured.

    Then, came the sales day. Customers flooded in and they all rushed to sing praises for the multicolored mosaics.
    "WOW! She is such a Renaissance Mosaic!," exclaimed a customer.
    "I love him! He will add aesthetics to my living room," said another.
    No one glanced at the White Mosaic.

    Time flew by and the sales had to be closed. But the customers were so busy admiring the mosaics that they didn't hear the artist say they had to make a choice.
    "Attention please! It appears that you didn't hear me earlier. Let me repeat. Please make your choices. It is getting late." She repeated.

    Frantically, they went from one mosaic to another, unable to decide which to buy. Some called up their friends, spouses describing each mosaic and which to buy. Some appeared to have made their decision while some were still in confusion. Then, all of a sudden, many of them came rushing to the White Mosaic.

    "I'll take him. I don't really need the others but I need this one for my floors and walls." Said one.
    "Oh come on! Don't you want colorful floors and walls? This is too plain. I am just thinking of buying it because no other color goes along with my purple kitchen walls. Otherwise, I wouldn't buy too." Said another foxily.
    "I need it for my bathroom too. The colorful ones hide the dirt so I need this plain white one. Please let me buy it." Begged another.
    This went on and the artist had to make her decision.

    "I see your equal interest for my White Mosaic but currently, I have only one of his kind. Therefore, you will have to place your order and come back some other day." Declared the artist.

    Those who wanted to buy the colorful mosiacs, bought them and left happily. While, the ones interested in the White Mosaic placed their orders and left dejectedly.

    When all left, "Does this mean I am also special?" Asked the White Mosaic, hopefully.
    "Yes, of course darling. You are special. Don't you realize that you are a need and not a want? That's very very special." Responded the artist in a bittersweet manner.
    "But I am just plain white." Said the White Mosaic, still skeptical.
    "White or colorful, you are all made differently with a different purpose in mind. You are adjustable in a way that you go well with any color. While, the others may not be that adjustable but bring glamour wherever they're placed. You are all special in your own ways."

    The White Mosaic slept peacefully that night knowing he has a purpose. He also dreamt of his brothers and sisters. They were all laughing and playing together without being envious of one another.

  • heart_feelss 5d

    Indian Writers

    If you're Indian and are interested in participating in an anthology, please contact me.
    instagram: zoya.ia
    gmail: zi.ansari13@gmail.com

  • sarahrachelea 1w

    Soon you will find a romance on your menu
    With true love as the main dish
    Bon appétit



  • sarahrachelea 1w

    She is the retrospective lullaby
    Of his vintage heart

    ~ his story

  • loveless_freak 1w


    How was she able to do that? Why had he underestimated her? Because she was female? Because she had the prettiest blue eyes he’d ever seen? Or was it because when they had shared the searing, gut wrenching kiss, she had seemed so vulnerable, so fragile, that he couldn’t imagine her being capable of protecting herself? He cursed himself, only half aware that he was striding over to Alyssa. The fight kept replaying in his head. Alyssa getting punched square on the nose, blood trickling down her face, and a wicked smile on her face. Alyssa unsheathing two daggers, pouncing on her opponent, and cutting his throat open into ribbons. And Alyssa taking the sword of the now dead opponent, holding it high above her head as the crowd cheered, with a triumphant, bloodthirsty smile on her lips. He shuddered. That was not the Alyssa he had grown to know. That was a warrior. And with any luck, she would be the key to winning this war. As he was walking, he felt his mind begun to clear, and saw Alyssa look up at his approach. Her eyes were guarded, her posture stiff and her lips in a harsh, thin line. Her usually bright blue eyes were now dull and lifeless, and even her red hair seemed to be muted. She looked distraught, and it made him want to hold her and never let go.
    “Alyssa-“ he started.
    “If you’re here to congratulate me, don’t waste your breath. I’m disgusted that I had to go that far, that I had to kill a man, for you and everyone else to believe in me. I don’t care if he was a criminal, I don’t care that he was a traitor. I. Don’t. Care. If that’s what this war is going to be like, then I want out. I will not kill. I do not enjoy it like the rest of you. So please, just go.” She said in a rush. There was fire in her eyes again, and she was panting by the end of her speech.
    Though his head was spinning, Justin simply put a hand on her shoulder, noting the small tremors going through her body, and looked her in the eyes.
    “Alyssa, I am sorry. I underestimated you and I’m sorry it had to go that far. I don’t know about the rest of them, but I do not enjoy killing. And yes, this war will involve a lot of death, on both sides, and I will not pretend otherwise. But you could be the key to minimizing it. With you on our side, the king, and other kingdoms will think twice before attacking us, especially after that fight. I refuse to lose you simply because of your conscience. This is war, morals have no room on the battlefield. So as your commander I am telling you to go get some rest, and come back to me tomorrow with a clear head. Don’t forget what we are fighting for, what you are fighting for.” Justin said, turning his heel and leaving just as quickly as he had come. She’ll come around. She had to. There was no other option. If they wanted to win the war, they needed her. Thinking back to the kiss, he got idea. If she thought she could trust him, things would move a lot quicker. And Seducing her wasn’t going to be such a hardship anyway. Yes, she would come around. He would make sure of it, no matter what the cost.

  • thepoojaakarthik 2w

    Diwali is just 4 days away. Mumma started preparing yummy delicacies, she wanted me to clean the house and decorate it with marigold garland. I started with my room, I first sweeped and then wiped the floor, I did the same with the other rooms too, with the help of my sister. Now it was time to decorate the house with garlands and diyas. I asked my mom where she has kept the garlands, she said me it was in the attic of our store room. With the help of the ladder, I got to the dusty attic, where I also could see teeny insects crawling. There were lots of I searched in the cardboard boxes kept in the loft, but it was no where to be seen, Since there were lot of shelves which was kept unclean all these days, I found it difficult to search.

    Few minutes later, I yelled to my mom:
    "Where have you kept the garlands, I have been searching for a long time, but it is no where."

    She said like, "You don't even have eyes, where would the Garland box go, go check it again."

    When I went to recheck the room again, I noticed a cardboard which was written "DECORS" in it. I blamed my own eye for being careless.

    It was at the corner of the room, where web like dust would be settled, I didn't even search there cause it was too dusty. As I took the box, I went inside to another underground room. It was too dark there, some noise made by bugs and such insects. Sadly, I didn't even have my mobile with me, I suspiciously kept my footsteps, it was like an ancient cave where historians lived. I walked by and I felt like I stamped something, Luckily it was a pair of candles with a matchbox. I lit the candle, and saw around me, it was a long elongated rock-built room, like the ones historians live.

    With much curiosity, and fear I moved forward, All of a sudden I heard a footsteps sound coming towards me, I looked back, but none was seemed to be there, and I turned front, someone exactly like me stood before me. For a moment I thought it was a mirror, but it wasn't, I realised she was someone else, to my surprise she gave me a red carpet and vanished within seconds.
    I turned back and forth in shock.

    I slowly unfolded the carpet, as I unfolded it took me to a different place where it led to a golden-yellow coloured old treasure box, with dusty spider web settled there. I got down from the carpet and yet again,
    the carpet flew away. I dusted off the spider webs and insects and opened the treasure box, I just screamed seeing a skeleton, a book, a feather pen and an ink pot and a green coloured emerald ring.

    Firstly, I took the book, since it was too old the crinkled yellow pages as I turned started to tear, I couldn't make out the words written, and as i turn the words too started to fade away. I was anxious.

    Then the last page read :
    "The reason behind my death is a mystery.
    Yours ..."
    the name written at the last had some blood stains over it, by which I couldn't make out what was written, but I was.pretty sure about one thing, that the person has written this after his/her's death and is still alive here.

    There were so many questions flashing in my mind. Whose skeleton would be this? Whose death is a mystery? Who would have kept this box in this secret passageway? Does mom even know about this secret room?

    All of a sudden sunlight kissed my face, a rock kind of door opened automatic and I went out with the book in my hand, which led to the welcome door of my home, and the rock door closed by itself, it was like a magic being there, but my questions needed an answer.

    As I stood in front of our house, my mom opened the door.
    I just hid the book behind.

    She asked me furiously:
    "Hey, How long have I been searching for you? Where were you? Why are you so panicked and panting? Did you get the garlands or not? What are you hiding something behind?

    "U--Uh, N--Nothing maa. " I stammered and left the place.

    ~ Poojaa

    Genre : Mystery Thriller (?��)

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #writersbay #shortstory #mystery #thriller #story @writersnetwork

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  • lovemist 2w


    "The treacherous danger was right in front of them,
    still they were busy entertaining themselves."


  • lovemist 2w

    The Field Of Arkemtus

    "In the infamous field of Arkemtus, she was destroyed. But the butchers were totally unaware that immortality was the law."


  • sarahrachelea 2w

    I miss the sweetness in your voice
    When you're chitty chatty me about your journey
    To some countries, villages and cities
    Now we don't even talk anymore

    ~ caramel latte, croissant & the sweetness of your voice

  • sarahrachelea 2w

    We are all whores selling every parts of us
    Peddling products, offering services
    We are all fucked up prostitutes, slaves and servants
    Because life fucks us all
    Right on the spot of our weakness points


  • pinkfloyduwu 2w

    On the scene of the burial, I overheard a person saying," that from today I will live different and good". But the very moment he steps outside into the world of alive he forgot death and the promised, at that moment he died in the illusion of being alive till his time arrived and when last time he looked inside to find soulless pit and grave of his real self, though he does not mourn nor he beg or looks disgustful in the eyes of death but at that moment he finally felt alive. memento mori

  • sarahrachelea 2w

    #minifiction #shortstory #microtale
    #guava #avocado

    04 May 2021
    This is how different #lovelanguages can ruined your #lovelife

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    I know you love me
    You've said that million times
    But the problem is, I didn't feel loved by you

    ~ guavocado

  • dhruv_gargav 2w

    इक प्यार का नगमा

    इक हसीना थी, इक दीवाना था...
    इक हसीना थी, इक दीवाना था...
    उस हसीना को लगता, कि ये उसका ही ज़माना था...
    उस दीवाने को लगता, कि उन दोनों का कुछ तराना था...
    ना बंदिश, ना रोक, ना ही बातों का पैमाना था...
    बस ख़यालों में ही एक दूजे के लिए प्रेम का ठिकाना था...
    वो क्षमा अस्थिर सी, वो मरता हुआ परवाना था...
    बस इसी तरह उन दोनों को, अपने दिल को ये समझाना था...
    इक हसीना थी, इक दीवाना था, और उनका ये फ़साना था...
    इक हसीना थी, इक दीवाना था, और उनका ये फ़साना था...

  • independent_writer1 2w

    Meera 3

    Vikas Sharma, ki missing report police me ki jati hai.. vikas ka bhai Anil Adarsha Apartment mein jata hai logo se puchta hai to kuch bhi nhi pta chalta hai..
    ADARSHA APARTMENT KE LOGO KI MEETING BULIYE JATI HAI OR SB LO FLAT no A-13 ke baare mein Mr.. Mehra ko btata hai..
    Meera ko apartment se jabardsti nikl diya jata hai or Meera jaate jaate huye sabse kehti hai: " mera jaane se kuch nhi badalne wla asli mushibat to mere jaane ke baad ayegi"
    Sab hi sb darr jate hai, Meera ki baat sunn kar, or Meera waha se hasate hasate chale jati hai..
    Raat ho chuki hoti Adharsha apartment humesha ke tarah sb log andar hote hai or raat ke 12bj rahe hote hai or mr.mehra ke flat ki door bell ring hoti hai or bahar Vikas hota hai , or use dekh kar mr. Mehra darr jate hai,
    Vikas ke saath ek ladki hoti or choti bachi hoti hai or wo ladki Meera hoti hai or wo bachi wo hi hoti jise Meera apne saath le jati hai..
    Meera hasate huye kehti hai: " maine to pehle hi kaha musibat to meere jaane ke baad ayegi.
    Or mr. Mehra wahi dum tod dete hai..

  • sarahrachelea 2w

    And then April ended with silence and tears
    From the haunting and sorrow hills
    To the doomed and gloomed valleys


  • narcissus_01 2w

    “hey; are you awake?”
    “not for you, you must be sleeping”
    “was about to, but I feel like kissing you”
    “you don’t, it’s just the effect of past midnight”
    “that makes me admit it, i feel like kissing you most of the time even when we’re not together and it hurts you know! while you’re living your life as if i don’t exist you only think of me when we’re together, this is unfair”
    “life isn’t always fair you know, let’s sleep”
    “are you still awake?” she said 20mins later
    “for you! yes”
    “i love you too stupid” said she when she pulled her lips off mine

    #shortstory #lovestory #adults

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  • reyjay 92w

    Forever young

    ⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻ ⚘

    Suatu hari.
    Menantikan pertemuan.

    Aku ingin tahu apakah dirinya
    Ingin kembali untuk bersama?

    Namun tidak lagi mengenalku,
    Sejak kulitku terbebas dari kerutan.

    Kapanpun ia memandang
    Wajah lamaku,

    Sudah jauh berbeda
    Serupa artis idolanya.

    Berpose dekat poster idolamu
    Kini terlihat semakin mirip dengannya

    Kapanpun seseorang memandang
    Wajah baruku,

    Aku akan tersenyum dan
    Selalu memberikan senyuman yang segar
    Seperti air yang tetap segar di lautan.

    Pelangi yang tetap indah berwarna-warni.
    Mentari yang tetap cerah bersinar.

    Mawar yang tetap cantik berbunga.
    Segarnya pucuk muda, nikmatnya kelapa muda,
    Aku ingin tetap selamanya muda.

    ⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻ ⚘