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  • poembyselly 10h

    Today I woke up feeling sexy.
    and i feel in the good mood.
    I want to enjoy my life, even though there are many trials that crush me and stress me enough, I believe that the universe has a beautiful gift for me.

    © Mynightprayerwords
    © Poembyselly
    ©Selly Agtus

    Art painting by : Diamond Painting Square Full Drills - Eye of Universe, BoutiQ DIY 5D Diamond Paint by Number Kits Handmade Puzzle Picture Home Wall Decor Stress Relief Arts Craft for Family or School, Meditation

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    Feeling Good


    Paint by ©Number Kits Handmade

  • vijaylakhsmi 1d

    I was listening to the sound of the river
    I saw a butterfly fly over
    Chasing it i reached a beautiful flower garden
    May it be home of the butterfly

    When i enter to the garden
    Lots of butterfly come out from it
    It was like a dream i never seen
    I ran towards the end of the garden

    I saw a big mountain afar
    It was a jungle full of trees
    Suddenly when i looked to my left
    I got amazed to see a rainbow

    It was like coming out from the mountain
    And spread over the sky
    It was a beautiful scene i was enjoying
    While two rabbits ran towards me

    I hold them in my hand and softly hugged them
    Rainbow brought so much joy and
    Blessing into my life because when i saw
    It make me feel how beautiful life is

    #rainbow #wod #mirakee #pen #story #shortstory #writersnetwork #readwriteunite @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • vijaylakhsmi 2d

    Closed doors, moonlit night
    She was looking at the stars from the window
    Was searching somebody to talk to
    So came near her window and talked to the stars

    Dried lips seems somehing to say
    Drank her own tears like she is thristy for years
    Nobody knows nobody listen nobody cares
    So she has hide herself in a protective layer of her
    own plight

    Night has a very good relationship with agony
    Because nobody can see your darkness in the dark
    She has evrything but was so lonely
    Nobody was there to listen

    Her face was glittering in the moonlit night
    And tears drop down and seem like a pearl
    For the first time she wanted to listen to herself
    For herself what if nobody cares

    She has learn to stand on her own
    Dont wanted to cry her whole life
    So she listen to her inner voice and
    Decided to end her sorrow with another pearl

    And by counting number of pearls
    She was amazed to see
    And decided to live her life freely without
    Any hidden secret and didnt wait anyone to come
    And understand her as she was now loving herself

    #mirakee #wod #farcry #story #shortstory #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #pen @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    A Far Cry


  • poembyselly 2d

    my imagination dances wildly
    imagined by the sweetness and seductiveness of your figure
    always makes me thirsty
    thirst for your caress
    your caress that makes me forget everything
    touch me
    feel me
    I will accept you completely

    © Mynightprayerwords
    © Poembyselly
    © Selly Agtus

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    Fill me


    Art painting by ©Tinamariaelena

  • sinjanb93 2d

    The Amazing Andrew

    It was awfully crowded, if wayfarers are excluded from the scenario. Your everyday Londoners had their share of idealistic buying, that got them to view the nitty gritty.

    I was ambling my way ahead, trying desparately to gain a lead before my passer-bys. After all it was the weekend again, and that meant Andrew Callahan was performing on the night.

    Even if you were a commoner going around the streets, you couldn't have missed this talented individual being touted by the posters.

    The ever polished boots, neatly ironed pants, effervescent fur coat with a white rose embedded in the pockets, and not a single shred of spots on the skin with his hair slicked back.

    He smiled a radiant offering to his customers, and that was humble enough to partly tip the hat for any desired token....

    I eventually reached the park, where they had laid the tents for the night. I eventually found myself a seat and heard the announcer go on,"Ladies and Gents, do you believe in the after life?.... Do you think a person can be lost to the other side? ...Do you believe in the Phantom?"

    There was a random hubbub about, while some from the stands shouted,"We would like to!"

    "Then hold onto your faint hearted, and let you heart go asunder; for he was a normal person once but now he is a wonder".

    Suddenly, it went dark inside the large tent and the glow came back with Andrew Callahan on the stage.

    He bowed in a gentlemanly fashion, not before two Southern English girls brought out a mansized box.

    Andrew wasted little time and asked the girls to seal the box with him inside. While another guy bought a platter of knives.

    The girls pierced each and every knife, inside the enclosed case. Then they waited five minutes, and opened it to reveal no one inside.

    A clap resounded throughout the tent, and every one was talking about Andrew Callahan as usual.

    2 hours later

    After the show had run its course, I decided to pay a visit to the organiser back stage. My credentials were enough to let me through....

    Though I only heard about this elusive organiser from other fellow reporters, and soon was lead to her tent.

    My first impression upon arrival was quite contrary to expectations- a skull, few scented candles, old dilapidated tomes, a pet crow strangely, and a acrobat's usual stuff was laid around.

    "There is nothing here to ogle",said a hunched old figure in a hoarse manner.

    I hesitated a few seconds before approaching her with my hand,"Douglas Smith, London Times".

    She stared and sauntered towards a sofa nearby, made with a wicker stand. After uncomfortably dropping down her back, she asked,"Another reporter snooping about my business, how peculiar!"

    She snorted and said,"How can I waste both of our times?"

    I didn't find any convenient place to sit, hence I preferred standing.

    "They call me Madame Angela, and I run the show".

    "That's pretty good, but you know why I am here",I retorted.

    "The same reason, that lead those other two in here?",said Madame Angela

    We looked at each other for few uncountable minutes, and then she broke the silence by saying,"Why do you want to know the secret of my trade?"

    "That's pretty obvious Madam Angela wouldn't you say?.....I mean some of the workers here are yet to prove their nationality.....There has been a rumour going about that the reason why Andrew Callahan performs, is to draw a large mass enough to share principles of communism.....So, I ask you is there any body with a Soviet connection?"

    "Are you asking if anybody is a Bolshevik?",asked Madam Angela.

    I smiled.

    "Do you want to know how Andrew died on the stage?",asked Madam Angela

    "He was killed not five minutes ago, in that bloody stage", I answered laughingly and admitted that it was a good sales pitch.

    "Our tribe is quite a small one Mr. Smith you see, and we are based out of Essex. We have our own sets of beliefs and traditions that can sound and seen as bizarre for you town folk. We moved to London, because this city is growing and we did not have an easy go coming here. Those foreigners helped us to the city".

    "Are you admitting a communication with those communists?",I asked again smiling.

    She got up from the Sofa, and came hobbling towards me and stared at my eyes to say,"If I answer your question, will you leave?"

    My smile diminished, and I promised her I will leave as soon as I had my story.

    She reached towards a box on her table, and brought it towards me and asked me to open it. It took a few seconds, but as soon as I popped it open....My legs gave away and I dropped down holding my stomach. I started puking all over the place, and stumbled backwards.

    The box was on the ground, with its contents scattered.

    It was a rotted human eye, with grime, dirt, and lots of maggots.

    She started laughing, and then began sobbing before saying,"My Andrew was invited to the Soviet land by the chancellor because of his amazing acts, I told him to never go there...but he was ambitious, determined, and full of vigour. Unfortunately he went, and he got turned by those awful people over there...and before he could return here safely...to me...he got blown up in a car. They said he was a traitor, and they buried all the news materials. Luckily we had someone who extracted a part of his remains. Otherwise, the government was determined not to engage with our embassy and return us his last shred of flesh".

    My head was feeling heavy, and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I asked shivering,"Who was that on the stage?"

    She opened her mouth, to reveal a crooked set of teeth.

    "That was Andrew from the afterlife", she uttered as thundered rolled the skies.

  • rashminirhale 3d

    She was busy working when he called. He just said, 'I am wretched', and he hung up. She got worried, didn't know what to do. She got in the car and went home. She found him sitting in the balcony with his sight fixed at something in the sky. As she approached him he looked at her with his empty eyes and stood up and hugged her tight. Neither of them spoke. There was no need to.

  • vijaylakhsmi 3d

    3.00 pm

    I am feeling so grateful that i am able to write today's dairy entry. It was a busy day. I just finished my lunch and taking a nap.so i thought lets write something about today and these days.

    Here in our state it is partial Lockdown , from morning 7 am to 11 am we can go to shop and its also only the emergency shops like grocery, medicine, milk, bread , vegetable all these shops are open and then it is completely lockdown till the next day. In our area weekly shut down is saturday and sunday means that day it is complete lockdown. So as tomorrow is saturday so the market was very busy today. I went for grocery and vegetable shoping.

    After two days we will celebrate a festival called "rojo" which comes every year but this year we will celebrate within our family only. So the market was over crowded. Platons of police has been deployed to ensure social distancing among people and mask checking and they also check helmet sometimes vehicle papers also .

    When i go outside from my home i always make sure to wear double mask and take sanitizer with me. I shoped for rojo. As the corona cases rising in the city we are not celebrating it as huge. The lockdown will open after rojo. But lets see when it will open as the covid cases are rising everyday.

    By gods grace and by obey covid guidelines and little careful behaviour me and my family is safe during this pandemic. And i am praying for those who are suffering and praying for speedy recovery. I am utilising this time by doing some productive activities. I am studing , i am following my passions , doing gardening , painting , art and craft etc etc and exploring new things..

    Thank you.

    #lockdown #wod #mirakee #pen #story #shortstory #readwriteunite #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    My StorY

  • sarahrachelea 4d

    This woman is the sea
    He dives in
    He drowns
    He dies within


  • vijaylakhsmi 5d

    Thank you so much universe for your
    blessing that i am able to write today

    Thank you for the ray of hope i got
    When i was in great distress

    I never loose a chance to show
    My loved ones how much they mean to me

    And never forget to thank god because i know
    When i will fall he wil be there to catch me

    The support of my parent in every situation
    Is a truly blessing that i got in my life

    And the care and baby love of my sister
    Is something beyond i ever thought

    The love of a family always bind us " together "
    And remember together is a very important word

    In the darkest night of my life my family was
    There and i am so grateful for that

    Everyday when i wake up in the morning
    I send my gratitude feeling to the universe

    Knowing that more blessings are coming my way
    And already greatful for what i have now

    So whatever situation you are in never
    Loose your faith because there is a saying

    No matter how dark it is in the tunnel
    There will always light at the end of the tunnel

    Thank you.

    #mirakee #gratitude #wod #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #pen #letter #story #shortstory @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Letter Writing

    OnlY After a darkest Night it comes a Beautiful MorninG ©vijaylakhsmi

  • sinjanb93 1w

    The Divine Daughter

    When I took those rugged stairs on the valley, little did I have in mind about the terrain getting easier. However, it was with that impression that I began my less onerous climb to eventually stumble across a monkey carcass.

    Strangely, its head was decapitated and flies were busy in their merry making....A portion of its skin was rubbed off and that exposed it's wounded flesh.

    By the looks of it, this seemed a violent act of the local kids. Then I remembered that only few resided around the surrounding areas itself. This was due to the rumour going about, that the place was "cursed".

    "Madam?? Can you get a move on...There is still a few steps to the mandir",called out Gujjar

    Coming from the city, into this rural part of the country I was getting considerably exhausted. Still could not help myself into meeting with this solitary yogi who decided to stay within the village.

    Many people just across the Tahlik River, simply said that this pujari was powerful. It was a period of 14 days that he gave the villagers, before cleansing the area with his spells from the recent Cholera epidemic.

    I almost collided with a 100 year old banyan tree creeper that protruded from a large halo on the wall thinking about this Yogi. Meanwhile, the moss strewn steps exuded a familiar aroma to calm me down at the same time.

    "Careful Madam! You need to be aware of your surroundings",again said Gujjar

    We reached the zenith of that small cliff, and the mandir came into focus.

    The large horizon through the Tahlik river came into view, and a dull tap of the Dhol coming from the neighbouring regions where the villagers were currently residing.

    The beating was a method used by family head of chief villagers, to ward off evil.

    Meanwhile,the mandir was a decrepit place.With shades of darkness sitting in each nook and cranny. Other old trees had its creepers dangling down the roofs. It almost represented a giant caveman that was deep in slumber.

    Upon passing the entrance that was dimly lit, I was asked by Gujjar to wait by the lawn.

    I saw how amazingly replete the place,
    was, with its own shade of Bougainvillia flowers in contrast to the outside state around the mandir.

    "Beautiful isn't it?",asked a sadhu standing at the Mandir's lip.

    I immediately turned to face him and paid less heed for nature.

    "I almost feel how sober it makes one's weary soul, especially when she is far from home and wandering in the darkness", exclaimed the Sadhu smiling.

    He walked slowly to me, and looked me in the eye for few brief seconds before attending to the flowers.

    "No wonder the villagers worship me, as Ganaram Pandit the vessel to absorb all evil.....The beacon to attract angels", he pointed to me.

    "You heard about me? So you do know my purpose?", I asked

    "Do you think that superstition has grown it's branches across the more refined parts of society?", he asked non chalantly

    "Especially, from where the likes of you hail from!",explained Ganaram looking at me.

    I relaxed my muscles and went on confidently on my reveal,"Then it is needless to say, that yours was a cunning plan......I had my suspicions especially when I noticed the dead monkey by the stairs and a grassy residue on its nails. The mandir is swarmed by monkeys because this place also has a special shrine for the monkey god Hanuman. These monkeys discovered your food storage, where items to make prasad are stored. It is there that monkeys create pestilence.....You thought that by killing them you can create another unknown fear....However, I still failed to understand why you needed a whole place for yourself?....Then it came to me, that two weeks ago an opium racket was cracked on by the police not two kilometres from here......That got me thinking, and finally I was able to place the nub of my finger when some police was internally removed from Charipur for accepting bribes.

    He smiled and suddenly that turned into a grimace and he said,"Now I know why they regard you as the divine daughter, and your service undercover for foreign police organisations have made rounds around my people".

    I smiled the victorious smirk and said"The city police will surround the area very soon....It will be better if you show them the food storage area where you keep the opium".

    Gujjar came running out with a gun, but before he could aim it at me. I brought out my own firearm and aimed it at the Pujari.

    He gestured his accomplice to drop the weapon, and nimbly raised his hands.

    The police surrounded the mandir after an hour, and it was the commissioner who came upto me and said,"A job well done Mrs. Bakshi, just like your father all those years ago".

  • sakshidubey 1w

    #writersnetwork #shortstory #love #broken #stronggirl
    She was exhausted and tired life was turning into some nightmare after the sudden unexpected realization of her feelings which she was ignoring for a long time now.
    She was just 18 still a teen when she first fell in love and with all the other things and her studies it was hard to find time for anything she was not the party girl or a popular one among her friends just a book nerd who never thought that the love knocked her down so early in life she was happy but there was a fear of losing everything with her confession to the one she loved so much now.
    Somehow she decided to tell him the truth and her feelings are hard to hide when he was around her heart makes her a stupid and she start to smile or hum something for no reason and he finds all this a little wierd as she never was a romantic sort of she was serious and her emotions her giving hard time to her and him as he was not aware of her feelings.

    She invited him for a casual date in a cafe and he came she was all set to speak her heart and get rid of those butterflies fluttering in her gut they were sitting in a corner table where no one is looking and after sipping her coffee and when he was not looking at her she started the conversation with a stammering voice I...wanna tell you something about us this made him fix his gaze on her and he said what you wanna say..
    She said it quickly in a low voice I think I'm in love with you .
    He stopped sipping coffee and looked at her with a tensed serious face as if in shock after a few moments he was blank and gave a blunt answer I don't love you or like you ...
    We were good friends let me make it clear I became your friend because i needed help with my assignments and you are the topper nothing else .
    After the cold reply he left in a hurry leaving her heart broken and shocked .
    She staunchly shook aside her anger and pain and walked away from.that cafe never to fall in love again.
    Years passed and life changed those high-school days are over and college years too passed they were again meeting in a random place this time he had the feelings there are butterflies in his stomach and a strong notion of making her smile with his charm that once conjured her and charmed her way to the delightful journey of love with three words I love you.
    Her heart was no longer the one to hold warmth she rejected him with a warm smile and a polite insult.

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    A cold affair

    this time he had the feelings there are butterflies in his stomach and a strong notion of making her smile with his charm that once conjured her and charmed her way to the delightful journey of love with three words I love you.

  • sinjanb93 1w

    A Barter Too Better

    She followed her instructors fingers, and nimbly found the notes on the piano.

    Except he clicked his tongue at every turn, on missing the proper connection.

    Despite being a blind man, he had an acute sense of hearing. That is how he taught his favourite girls, the ones he thought were intelligent, ambitious, and willing to make a mistake and admit it.

    "You should use your senses, Nina",remarked the instructor after enclosing the piano case.

    Nina gently acknowledged, and impressed on the fact that she was not in her best of rhythms. She also looked ashamed at not meeting upto her teacher's expectations like every other day.

    "I'll tell you what....You can come to my house and we can practice on my Steinway", requested the instructor.

    Despite Nina's early hesitation due to family issues, she persued his request...

    Next Day

    Nina was scrambling on the floor dragging away from a pool of blood, that lay sprawled around her legs.

    The entire house was eerily silent, except her scraping sound.

    That was when something ran behind her at break neck speed. She could not turn to witness, what was looming down her back. The pain was excruciating.

    That was when she saw, a pair of human feet standing before her. Its skin colour was unusually red and it had a forked tail that parted sideways around the soles.

    She slowly lifted her face that was wet from tears....

    Professor Desmond blissfully played her piano in the other room, while her screams filled the house in a dark orchestric theme.

    He smiled...finally his research was materialising, his dreams were realising, his sacrifices proving fruitful.

    Beside his piano lied the book, and it's inscriptions were in Latin.

    He got inspired and created his own way to summon something inhumane into the earth through musical notes. He translated the phrases, and then demanded something in return.

    However, only too aware that deals with the devil comes at a big price.

    He was content, he was delirious, and he knew his dreams were coming true despite all the girls he had given away, and inspite of losing his eyes forever.

  • ylviia 1w

    Short story attempt I

    Chapter 1, Part 2

    I noticed the cracking of a branch and I immediately knew I wasn't alone. I couldn't bother less to turn around but still I didn't want to scare the person off.
    "It's not every day that I see someone else coming up here"
    The stranger stood still and I felt them hesitating. I turned around looking at a young girl. She must be younger than I am. Her fawn hair flows effortlessly with the cold breeze of the 3 am morning. She slowly comes closer as if I'm a dangerous animal that needs to be tamed. Still not having said a word she just quietly sat down a few metres away from me.
    We both avoided eye contact and stared down into the moving source of the Mississippi River. Although we didn't exchange a word nor a glimpse the atmosphere was surprisingly relaxed and I felt myself being calm next to her. She must been around 16 judging from her appearance. She was pretty small and petite and her glasses seem to swallow her face. I wonder what she's doing here at this time of the day. Curiously stroke me yet I felt like it would be inappropriate to ask her. So we both just sat there at 3 am with the sound of water flowing and the cars driving by.

  • vijaylakhsmi 1w

    If poetry was a person
    It could sing all day long

    All the birds would have gather
    And listen to its sweet voice

    She would have wonder in the forests
    Listen to the burble of the streams

    The flow of the river would have
    Take her to another hiding place

    Where she could play hide and seek
    With the leaves of the shrubs

    If poetry was a person
    She would have as beautiul as a rose

    As sweet smell as a perfume
    As soft as a flower

    She could dance all day long
    With of rhythm of the nature

    Follow her footstep
    You will find a place of selflove and peace

    #start #wod #mirakee #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #pen #story #shortstory @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Not a Poetry


  • cute_lil_confess 1w

    White Lily : Chapter 2


    Ana ran away from home, she took her mom's mobile with her,she took shelter near her
    hometown bridge, a place from where she can easily escape if required.
    On the run she also bought a new phone & sim card. But still ana switched off both mobiles : hers & her mother's. Ana mourn whole night in grief of what she has done & what she's upto. She
    rarely eat anything that night. The only thing She's trying hard is to hide the knife she used on
    her mother.

    Sunday: 6:20 AM
    Somehow this long night passed , and now ana is prepared and more confident this time. She
    went bathroom get herself cleaned & get freshed, switching ON her new phone, set an alarm of
    9:00 am for today and then ordered some food online, completed her breakfast and now she's ready to go
    outside for a walk.
    While she's on her walk , she noticed something at park, that a guy with good positive vibes who
    bought some chocolates to distributes among street orphan kids. Seeing such poor kids having
    joy makes ana happy , by this time she really needs some happiness. So without any hesitation
    Ana walked near to that guy with some more chocolates to distributes among these kids. And
    they both exchanged greetings, that guy introduce himself as Ansh and they both continued
    distributing chocolates.
    Distributing chocolates is about to end, till now they share many things about themselves, about
    how much they loved to be around this orphans kids having joy and all. Ansh told her that he
    visits every morning to this orphan kids. One more thing that amazed ana that ansh works at
    an NGO to help this orphan kids.
    Likewise their interests, their optimism, their lone life attracted each other.
    Alarm beeps at
    9:00 am
    Ana asked him to meet her up later as she must go now.They both shared their mobile numbers.
    Ana gave him hers new mobile number which she bought last night. They both shared greetings
    again and then they both left.
    ©Sk Ataur Rahaman

  • mrspectacular 1w


    Henry hurries to pack his things for his 2pm flight he had booked a week ago. He worries that he may not arrive in time to catch the flight and may therefore have to cancel his trip but there is a lot riding on the trip. He is being transferred to the Danish Headquarters of his company and it is pertinent that he arrives as soon as possible and reports to both the Assistant Chairman of the Denmark territory of Flenchly Company Int'l, a conglomerate of household items producers and the personnel department of same.

    Arriving the airport an hour to take off time, he checks in and goes to take a seat while waiting for the plane to be readied for boarding. He feels really pumped about the trip and cannot wait to see what surprises await him at his new position in Denmark as Chief of External Relations. He is aware it would be a great shift, turning a lot of things both upside down and right side up for him but he is prepared for the challenge.

    The flight announcer announces over the airport speaker. 'DenAir Flight 635DA to Denmark is currently boarding. Please, all passengers proceed for boarding,' the announcer says with a voice so sweet it makes Henry smile. He however feels indifferent as he is married and would have wife and kids joining him later in Denmark once he is properly settled. He joins the queue as they are marched towards the airplane through the escalator stairway. Few seconds later, he is finally on the plane seated beside a young man probably in his early 30s who he would later realize has the name, Richard. Henry flashes a smile out of courtesy and shakes Richard's hand sturdily in the spirit of communality. The kind of smile that seems so reassuring.

    A few seconds later, the flight begins taxi as the pilots turn on 'the fasten your seatbelts for take-off' signal. After taxiing for about a minute, the plane finally takes off and the 'fasten your seatbelt for take off' signal is turned off. Everyone is smiling and enjoying the flight until suddenly, a passenger screams as if being stabbed by something. It is Henry's in-flight seatmate, Richard. He seems to be really uncomfortable, sweating so profusely as though he is in some kind of boiling water. Richard usually feels such way traveling by air hence he had not done so in years but only attempted this with the impression that his aerophobia was gone permanently but he is wrong. Right now, he feels his heart slowing down as a result of the panicking.

    'Land the plane!!!,' Henry screams as he tries to keep Richard from suffocating by doing all he can to calm him down. Henry seems so worried about Richard. Would he have to watch Richard die before his eyes in his perfectly ironed suit, wonderful perfume and nice black shoes? He would not have Richard be buried when he looks so dapper, just because of a flight. Henry quickly leaves Richard to go to the cockpit to ascertain if the plane has been landed as he had earlier kindly requested. Surely it has landed but in an open field. He quickly asks the pilot before he goes back to Richard to assist him off the plane,

    'Kindly contact the paramedics and give our location out to them immediately'. He feels paranoid that Richard's case may deteriorate further, probably to the point of death but he is wrong as in a matter of a minute after Richard is brought off the plane into the open air, he feels much better.

    The paramedics arrive shortly after in an ambulance, escorted by two police squad cars and two police motorbikes, advising the flight crew and passengers against taking Richard up in the air again on the grounds of chronic aerophobia. Briefing the crew and passengers in the open air, the chief of the Emergency Management Team (EMT), Capt. Donald Brian says,

    'First of all, I would like to thank you the first aiders for your selfless service and determined resolve to save the life of this man here. Even though, you all clearly have somewhere to be at hence the reason you are on this flight but that did not deter you from allowing the flight to be brought down in the middle of nowhere just to make sure the young man does not die. We thank you very much.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Richard here has a phobia for flight as I am sure you have all ascertained by now so he would not be following you to Denmark. We will probably look for an alternative means to get him there. We would probably drive him there in the EMT convoy or we'll put him on a ship and if he has hydrophobia as well, we'll then have to put him on an air ambulance to Denmark so they can tend to his phobia whenever it arises mid-air. As for the rest of you, do have a safe flight to Denmark. Thank you.'

    Everyone gives a resounding applause. They are happy that they would be able to continue the flight to Denmark even though they would arrive pretty late. They board the plane again and take off with an EMT personnel acting as the adhoc Air Traffic Controller. The flight takes off with an irregular taxiing as a result of the environment hence almost causing a crash but for the expertise of the pilots.

    Two hours later, they make a touchdown at the Bornholm International Airport, Denmark. Safely landed at the airport, Henry cannot help but wonder how his new friend and seatmate on the plane, Richard would be doing at the moment and if he has made it to Denmark as the Chief of the EMT had assured them. Really concerned about how Richard would be doing, he goes to the Den Air Service Station and addressing the lady behind the counter he says,

    'Excuse me....Ms. Abigail', he says picking her name off her name tag on her left breast-pocket.
    'Good evening and welcome sir', she says with a wide and bright smile. 'How may I be of help to you today?'

    Henry replicates the smile. 'Thank you very much....Please I would like to inquire about a passenger's information. We were on the same flight some few hours ago but he seemed to be stricken by aerophobia so we had to have him alight from the plane to follow an alternative means but I am sure his contact information should be in your PNR list. Please can you kindly check for Richard Crawson on your Passenger Listing for flight 635DA from New Zealand? Thank you very much'

    She declines his request with a smile stressing that it is against the airline's privacy policy to give out their passenger's contact without authorization from the passenger himself or herself. Realizing it is not possible, he backs down without uttering another word as he goes away to the parking lot to await the vehicle that would be sent from Flenchly Conglomerate in his new district in Denmark.

    In about ten minutes, the vehicle arrives. He gets up from the gossip chair underneath a cool cover just outside the airport lounge and walks towards it slowly, as if hoping and praying that the lady at the desk would change her mind and come running to him with Richard's phone number but again he is wrong as she does not. Perhaps he would run into him at a later date. He instructs the driver, Mr. Albion to step on the gas and take him to the office immediately for his welcome tour to begin as soon as possible.


  • vijaylakhsmi 1w

    He was standing along the sea shore
    Waves were comig and going
    The weather was not that good
    Someone called him from behind

    But He jumped into the sea
    Crossed the high stones
    To the other part
    It was so amazing that nobody has seen

    He looked into the sky
    Then gazed the sea
    Realised how everything changed him
    How he got a rebirth

    Suddenly there was rain from the cloud
    In the heavy rain he felt the drop of the rain
    As if they were asking him
    A lot of questions

    Which he had no answers
    Only a realisation of renaissance
    Tears came from his eyes
    He didnt knew of gloomy or of a new hope

    The place he was standing was
    A favourite place of her beloved
    Whom he lost in cancer
    Two years back

    And that day was a day he
    Got an award for saving many cancer patient lives
    As he posted as a doctor in a reputed hospital in town
    And he realised how happy his

    Girlfriend would have been from there
    For him it was a ray of hope
    A new sun rises from the horizon
    Many children with camcer are waiting for him

    Save their life
    But the blank space in his life
    Could never get filled
    The rain water drenched him completely

    Like a butterfly comes out from its cocoon
    He got a realisation how satisfied he is
    From saving hurdreds of lives
    He got a rebirth

    He found happiness in them
    A new hope... ♡

    #mirakee #rebirth #pen #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #story #shortstory #wod @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • mrspectacular 2w


    Williams cannot believe what is happening. He does not know what to think as he walks into the Sylvester Donnigan College hallway. He never thought people see him in such a manner. He runs through the crowd as he hears their voices but their lips unmoved. It is like his worse nightmare. Running to the ones he called friends, he cannot believe his eyes either. They seem to despise even more than the others. He wishes to die at this point.
    'No....no, stop it', he screams out loud as he runs off leaving everyone confused as to what his issue is exactly. Unknown to him, he can hear all their thoughts by just looking at them. It leaves him so distraught, he goes to sit somewhere secluded so the voices can stop.
    'What's going on with this kid? Why is he here?', Williams hears the janitor's thought as he walks into the supplies' closet where Williams sits feeling gloomy.
    'The entire school hates me, that's what's going on and I cannot face it. That's why I am here', Williams responds to the Janitor shocking him.
    'How did he hear that?', the Janitor thinks to himself. 'It was just a thought...'
    'Because you said it', Williams blurts out.
    'Said what, Williams', the Janitor asks Williams surprised that he heard what he was only thinking. The Janitor is astonished at what is going on. He begins to sweat before Williams who is seated on a mopping bucket.
    'You want me to read people's mind for you, right?', he asks already knowing the janitor would ask him to do that but what he does not know is that he can only read people's thought about him and not about other people.
    'Yes', the janitor says with an outburst as he pulls him in for a hug. The janitor is grateful that finally he could not only clean out the physical environment of the school as is always left to him but could understand why these student behave the way they do. He could be an untrained psychologist.
    'I'm not quite sure about that', Williams says dismissing the Janitor's dreams as far-fetched.
    Ignoring what Williams says, the Janitor drags him into the hallway so Williams can read their minds and tell him what people are saying about him. Unfortunately Williams powers can only read thoughts directly associated with him and not thoughts about other people. Pulling Williams out before everyone in the hallway, the janitor asks to be intimated on what people are thinking about him in their minds but Williams cannot as he only has powers for people's thought about himself and nothing more.
    'They are not saying anything about you', Williams says to the Janitor innocently but the janitor would not have it as he feels Williams is lying and only obscures what they are thinking about him in order to escape telling what he also feels about the janitor and to protect his personal interest.
    Infuriated, he warns that if Williams does not tell him what he wants to know, he would tell everyone that he is possessed by a demon hence the reason he has been acting strange, running away from everyone and hiding in the janitor's closet but Williams still maintains they are not saying anything about the janitor. Holding his head in pain and screaming so loudly in pain as he hears the thoughts of over a thousand people who crowd the hallway to listen to the janitor, he pleads for the voices to stop,
    'Stop it, please', he yells. 'No more thoughts. I cannot take it anymore.
    'This is what I was about to tell you all. He is possessed by a demon and the only way we can keep from bringing any harm to any of us is to burn him alive lest he calls a thousand legions to come possess us too', the Janitor says suggesting the killing of Williams.
    The Dean of Students, Dr. Thumble Rooseblue appears behind the mob on the stairway as they drag poor Williams to be murdered and buried in a fiery grave. 'What is going on here? Unhand this minute,' Dr. Rooseblue asks a little terrified although he does not show it. Williams is thankful that the dean has shown up just in the nick of time to prevent his murder. He makes to catch some relief from the time they would use to talk to the dean.
    'He is possessed by a demon. We want to burn him before the demon in him conscripts some other legion to come posses the rest of the school', the Janitor says without an iota of remorse.
    The Dean of Students is worried about the spectacle. He wonders if par-adventure he has not shown up when he did, it may have escalated and he would have had a dead roasted student on his hands. He decides to get to the bottom of the matter. But he would later join the rest of the school to have him burnt alive. The Dean orders that Williams be brought to his office immediately.
    'Bring him to my office immediately', he says to the two students, holding him like a common criminal, sternly. Getting to his office, 'Leave us this minute', he says to the two students who had assisted in bringing him in for the meeting with the dean.
    Pacing around for a few minutes, he does not say anything but only paces around wondering what he would do with Williams.
    'Just let me go. I'm innocent', Williams replies to the Dean's thought.
    'What?', the Dean asks for a clarification.
    'You asked what you should do with me. Didn't you, sir?' Williams asks
    'Yes', the Dean replies. 'But how did you know that?'
    'Because you said it'
    Putting the dots together, the Dean realizes that the janitor was actually telling the truth. Williams is really possessed. Handing him over to the janitor, the dean says,
    'He is yours now. You have my full support to burn him alive. We can't have him contaminate our institution with his evil powers'.
    Dragging Williams away into the field, they drench him in gasoline as he pleads to their deafened ears to be spared but they will have none of it as they only pound him with kicks and blows while pouring on as much gasoline as they can lay their hands on and without further ado, they light him up like a candle watching him scream for help as he burns painfully and helplessly to death.


  • ylviia 2w

    Let me know if you want me to continue with this new short story idea or rather stick to writing poems.
    #creative #new #ownproject #shortstory #chapter1
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Short story attempt I

    Chapter 1, Part I

    It was the night of an early August.
    I was just about to start summer break when I met him. He was sitting on my favourite spot near the bridge. I was surprised to see anyone here since this place was pretty abandoned and barely anyone knew it existed. His brown hair brushes gently with the wind and I'm not sure if I should stay. He seemed like he wanted to be alone. I took a step back but accidentally stepped on a branch which made a loud noise. His head quickly turned around. His golden eyes piercing through mine. I was still in shock while being mesmerized by him. I'm not going to lie. He was attractive and by looking at him he must be a few years older then me. I was just about to leave when I heard his soft but still deep voice.


  • sinjanb93 2w

    A Gift To Remember

    He struck the knocker on the door, and in a few brief seconds heard a slanting noise with some momentary shifts.

    The door parted slightly, giving view to a quarter of an inch of wrinkled mass.

    "Yessss",stretched the old woman.

    "Mrs. Crowford? I was sent by George and son antiquities......You were looking to pass on an old inheritance of lesser value",inquired Mr. George Beckett.

    The old woman had a suspicious frown for about five brief seconds, before taking in what was being asked.

    "Oh yes! Yesss! Please come in", she said with a glean that Beckett did not take well.

    Soon he was resting on a Turkish style sofa, with oakwood backrest holding a lug of soft sheep fur. While the room gave way to a collector's dream, especially when it came to paintings, newspaper articles, sculptures, and others.

    She passed on the dilapidated glasses saying,"This was what I wanted to hand over".

    The antiquity inspector held on to the spectacles, and ascertained the inscription bore on its sides.

    "Pure steel, cubicles of glass elegantly fashioned, and an unique thread made from silk",remarked the inspector

    "Pardon me, in saying this, but I came by to know your history considering its company policy and all..."

    All the while, the old woman only smiled in an unflinching manner.

    "I would however like to know, how you came by the same?",asked the inspector

    "OH! you would know", she said grinning and hysterically laughing at the inspector.

    All of a sudden, every picture frame burst from its mantles, sculptures got knocked off, and articles peeled away.

    The inspector was out of his wits, until he saw there was no one in the room.

    He rushed outside in a mad scramble to collide with a man.

    "Careful there lad! Where were you coming from?", asked the person.

    "I came from.....", and his words only came half way, and stuck with a dull croak.
    He saw that he was standing in a corner street staring into an empty archway between two buildings. There was no door from which he entered.

    Paper clippings wafted around him, it was dated and it revealed the headlines....

    "Oldest half of the couple knighted by the Queen"

    "Police cracks down on illegal gambling den in Eton, connects it to the Crowford's"

    "Crowford couple commits suicide, bank seizes assets"

    Now, Mr. Beckett remembered it all too well. He was the leading officer during his days with the bank, and the couple had taken a debt. There was a scuffle and he fought with an old man knocking his spectacles over. Later he sent a similar gift passed on from generations of his relatives, King George's predecessors themselves and gradually extended as a token of peace, a collector's delight, and most importantly a gift to remember.