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    The terrors of the night don't seem to ever end. We all are praying for dawn to come but still, We live to face another Jason the next night. We see ourselves going into the dark tunnel.
    Trying to Run from it, but we always get stuck. Fighting while sleeping makes it become so real that we can't differentiate between our dreams and reality. it might be our minds playing a trick on us but, We need to lay low and focus. For what is what, We need to be brave and find out why we are there. We might not be able to erase it, but we need to do something about it. Controlling it, is the key and that is what we aim for.
    The screams we hear are just what they want you to hold back too and let fear eat you up. But we must be brave and face it and come out victorious.

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    Last Night, was all a dream to me. I didn't imagine myself doing that to Adam. The last thing I remembered, was working late at the office and then I got a phone call from my best friend to come over for some late night drinks. it was exactly 8:30pm I got the call from Cynthia and I wondered how she knew I was done with my work.

    I proceeded to the address she sent to my phone, it was a house address and not far from my office. I was looking so tired but I didn't want to bail on her like I did the last time. I reached the destination but I just had to rub some make up on my face and wear some cologne. I love looking good even though it is just to get something down the street.

    I came down from my car, walked majestically to the gate and knocked twice. No one answered, I had to call Cynthia, she quickly answered and came downstairs. Then the gate got opened, and as usual, she screamed and hugged me. She held my hand and dragged me inside. she was a bit tipsy and smelt alcohol all over. The house was a big one and I quickly asked her "Whose house is this?!" then she said, "it's my cousins". the door got open, and there were a lot of people inside.

    My eyes were rolling from Left to right and plus I was been dragged in-between the crowd of people, body touching many people and some were staring deep at me. I was taken upstairs and then there were this group of people sitting down there. Then, she told them, "Guys, this is my best friend Ada". "Ada, this is my cousin Jimmy, at the left side of the chair and then these are his friends". I paused for a while and recognized one of his friends.

    Suddenly, Cynthia tapped me and then I came alive, it was as if I trapped in a time loop. i raised my hand and said, "Hi guys, I'm Ada". They all stared at me and then one of Jimmy's Friends said "Wow! you are gorgeous!" then Jimmy said, "I have heard amazing things about you and I can't wait to know you more". My eyes and attention were all focused on Adam! It was all a dream and I quickly remembered the pain he caused me years ago and it seems like yesterday. Then Cynthia said, "Well, shift for her to sit!" I sat down and my eyes were staring deep at Adam, he was staring at me too.

    I was a given a drink, and I sat there it was getting to 9:30pm and I had an early morning presentation that's why I was working late. My phone battery was down and the guys were caught up with some ladies that came towards their direction except for Jimmy. Jimmy was staring at me and then he suddenly came to my side, and whispered something to my ears. "Can I get your number before you go home, because you've have been staring at your watch ever since you came here". He handed his phone to me and I typed it in and then I called out to Cynthia and told her I was leaving.

    She said, "Why the rush" I told her I had a presentation tomorrow morning. She hugged me and pecked me. I went out of the house and before I could get out of the gate, Adam ran towards me. "Hi, how are you?". I paused and looked at me, then I said, "I'm good and you?". he then said " I'm good too". "Wow! it's amazing how life works, We meet again." Then I smiled and said "Yes! we meet again". I walked towards the gate and then he followed me. "I asked him to go back that there is no need to relive the past". He then held my hand and I turned, "Don't you dare touch me, after you ran off with my hand earned money to the United States and disappeared for years".

    "Do you know what I suffered and how managed to survive! I literally crawled up and I thought you loved me!? I never knew you were a devil in disguise". I immediately entered my car, locked the door, he was Knocking at my glass saying he wants to explain, I didn't listen to him, I immediately turned on the car engine, made a reverse and I didn't see him standing at the back, I hit him with my car! I came down and saw him unconscious but with a little deep wound and blood coming out from his waist line. I entered my car and drove off leaving him there to bleed out.

    I went home, shivering and then took a bath, went downstairs washed my car and went to my room. I realized that I reversed back with force because I was angry at that moment and I didn't see him at my back and I hit him mistakenly. I was panicking and then I got a message, saying "I saw what you did, but didn't worry he survived and he is in the hospital, meet me at Palm springs restaurant by 8pm to explain or else!" I quickly went into another time loop and woke up. I said to myself, "what exactly have I done?!" I tried to call the number but no answer, I immediately called Cynthia and she told me what happened and said he is okay and I asked her what did he say happen to him. "She said, Adam told the police it was a hit and run, maybe one of his enemies and that he is lucky he survived". I hanged the phone and said, "Is it Adam that is blackmailing me or what?!

    To be continued......

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    The ambience made him feel contented because they were breathing the same air.


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    This is something like 'Quotes + Short Story Series', And the Characters here are Gonna Appear for a Bigger Plot in Future [ I am held at Gunpoint, by "Examinations" ]

    So Foundation for this Parallel Universe Tales is that it is the Near Opposite to our Real World. Due to Time Constraints and Lack of Exposure to Genuine Readers, I am First Starting off this Tales from "Fictional Universes"

    Since I'm a Diehard Follower of Sherlock Holmes, I am Sorry, Guys... I am starting the Tale with them. But Storyline, Gender are Changed.

    So This starts with Two Main Characters (support characters will be revealed later in a Bigger Plot)

    • Ryoko Saeba - Alt. Universe Character of Sherlock Holmes.
    • Shizuka Takaheya - Alt. Universe Character of Watson.

    Scene √

    Ryoko and Shizuka arrive at the Cafe to Discuss their New Case, and Happen to Meet Shizuka Takaheya's Cousin. Who compliments Ryoko. Before Ryoko could Do Harm, Shizuka fails to make Her Cousin Leave. Shizuka questions Ryoko, as to why she is Overdramatic. And they end up chasing After Ryoko, who's thinking about Shizuka Takaheya's Comment seriously...


    @writersnetwork @mirakee @azulonze

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    Parallel Universe Tales : #1
    Triplet Detectives

    Ryoko : Shizuka? Do we need to Discuss a Case out in the Open? Among Bees?

    Shizuka : Ryoko! Stop being a Brat! Else I'll have to Lift my Mijolnir...

    Ryoko : Oi! Cool your Jet! I'm just being Normal. Anyway, when did a Good Samaritan ever stop being so Adorable? I'm surprised Ms. Ivy is still in a Pretty Good Shape. She's Good but not like us...

    Shizuka : Aye! Poor Woman, Got Fooled & Messed up by a Fake Friend. Thank God! We both have Linda and Tris as Best Friends!

    Ryoko : I can't agree to Disagree! I knew a Girl named Suzie Once! God! Phew! I dodged that Bullet! Couldn't imagine being her Friend.

    Shizuka : You seriously need Help. Like, You always make up Random Scenes to add fuel to the Pyre.

    Ryoko : (exclaims) Shizuka! You do not Disclose the Company's Secrets like that!

    Shizuka : You're Boring, Yoko!

    [Cousin enters and sits by Shizuka]

    Cousin : Hey There Tiger!

    Shizuka : Hiya Back, Little Beaver!

    Cousin : Stop being Mean! Okay! I'm Fit now!

    Ryoko : Aye! Beavers are Beautiful Creatures. He's... Well, A new Species.

    Cousin : Thank You! Yoku!

    Ryoko : That's not a Compliment!

    Cousin : Yoku, You are Beautiful...

    Ryoko : I have Eyes FYI.

    Shizuka : Why do you have to Be Overdramatic?

    Ryoko : It's because I want to... And also, I don't need to Hear about being Beautiful. I know that already. I need to Hear 'You're Better'.

    Cousin : Jeez... You sound like Hitler.

    Ryoko : Nah, I'm Ryoko Saeba. And I don't like these things.

    Shizuka : Maybe it's time we three take a Break from the Case. Coz You both look like two street Cats ready to Fight for a Rat.

    Ryoko : What?!!!

    Cousin : *holds his chest* Bang! That is my Poor Heart shot to death, by your Words!

    Shizuka : You both should quit Detective Jobs and Enroll for Theatre. Saynora .

    Ryoko : *thinks* Good Idea! Thank You both!
    Adios! (Pulls out her Bill and smiles. Exits the Cafe)

    Shizuka : Oi! I was just Kidding! (Calls out to her)

    Cousin : Wait for Me! Shizz! Yoku!!

    [ The Three Leave the Cafe, at this and Still the Question remains... Where the Heck is that Quote?! Or is it possible that the whole Conversation is a Quote? Let's Find out in another Snippet of 'Triplet Detectives ']

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    Another sleepless night

    I don’t remember anything… How long have I been like this? I feel like it was an eternity, but once again when I see the clock it has only been 5 minutes, I think I will be another night without sleep…

    The moon is bigger than ever, the sky with a darkness that makes you tremble, every star seems to be stuck to my window, I feel as if by stretching the mana I take them all out, as if I could embrace the moon, and lose myself in that darkness of the sky, I don’t get up from my bed, I prefer not to move it would be breaking the tranquility of this night, but the silence is disturbing, no night has been so strange as this one (a breath) I see the time 3:35 am it has been only 2 minutes since I last saw the clock… A dawn of light passes through my window and reaches me, I have never seen light as bright as that one, I close my eyes and when I open them I realise that I had never noticed the number of clocks in my room…3 on the wall in front of my bed, 2 on my night table, 4 more on another wall, I don’t know how many clocks all with that TIC TAC that completely shakes me, but tonight no TIC TAC which is very disturbing to me, I had already got used to that sound, the dripping, the cats on the roof, the crying night through the house opposite, dog howls, birds banging on my window, and those various sounds that I learned to endure every night at the same time. ..I see the clock (one of the many) 3:38 am, why does time sometimes pass so slowly? that light, it’s probably gone from the car one of the many lovers of the neighbour from diagonally in front of mine, I look at the roof, and the marks of the wood, I close my eyes and try to sleep, I can’t get it, I see the time 3:42 am so short and I feel that it was eternal.

    A cold breath is felt next to my neck, but I don’t dare to turn around and look, a good time passes by but it still continues, I feel the mattress collapsing, I don’t want to open my eyes, I hear footsteps, lights that turn on and off, doors that open and close, I get brave I open my eyes, the breath persists, I turn around but there is nothing, I see the mirror and the silhouette of the guy with the hat again, it gets closer and closer, I look away and realize that it is raining, I cover my head, I don’t want to see that guy, I won’t be able to sleep with this fear anymore, suddenly a voice tells me to STAND UP! , I don’t want to move… all the clocks at the same time TIC TAC, the leak is falling harder than ever, the cats are stronger on the roof, the cries are more and more horrendous, the howls more pitiful, the birds crash immediately in my window, the moon is closer, the night is darker, the stars are brighter, now everything sounds… GET UP! clock, dripping, cats, crying, howling, birds, moon, night, stars, STAND UP! clock, drip, cats, crying, howl, birds, moon, night, stars , everything speeds up, breathing in my neck, despair takes hold of me, the steps are closer and closer to me, the breathing gets stronger, I look in the mirror out of curiosity, the guy with the hat is gone, the breathing gets stronger, my heart speeds up more and more, I close my eyes, I want to sleep, I want to sleep, I don’t even dare to look at the clock, TAA! I’m hit on the shoulder and with an impulse almost like a film I get up, put on a coat, run out into the street, run, run, I have all the sounds in my mind desperation is winning me over… I want to sleep please! i keep running, a very bright light has blinded me for a moment, but i keep running, i don’t know where i am going, a car is parked in the middle of the road, but there is no one inside, i keep running, i stop suddenly when i see the guy with the hat slowly approaching me i have never been able to see his face, only his smile, that smile that night after night has not let me sleep, i walk slowly backwards, he keeps getting closer, the reflection of the moon with his hat resembles a sword, i don’t want any more please, no more, i see him a few inches away from me .. this is over, my time is over so many clocks pointing to the same time, 6:30, 6:30, 6:30 so fast time goes by? strange that they don’t move, the guy with the hat whispers something to me in a strange language, what does he mean? I know that I don’t have much left, I feel that my body doesn’t respond to me, my eyes close by themselves, I have one last breath left, time is up, I think all this in such a short time, I wish I had seen my whole life as everyone says, but I am thinking all this, my heartbeat slows down, it’s almost imperceptible, a terrible cold takes hold of me, I know that it’s the end, my head hits the floor, while I listen to the TIC TAC…

    I don’t remember anything… How long have I been like this? I feel like it was an eternity, but once again, when I see the clock, only 5 minutes have passed, I think I will be another night without sleep…The moon is bigger than ever, the sky is dark…


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    Keeper Of The Antique's Head. Antique *The Sequel*

    I think about her Some mornings
    Why mornings? You ask me?
    I did kill her on a morning, didn't I?
    She was a very weak willed creature
    Succumbing to my every desire
    All I needed to do was make her flinch and she obeyed
    She really didn't have substance though
    What kind of fragile being is that?
    You must be ridiculous
    Such a human being?
    She wasn't terrible
    She didn't match my taste, all I needed was a Bank and a Whore who was willing, and she did the job
    Oh, if not for the constant nagging and begging
    Such a desperate little thing
    Not her fault though, daddy never really loved her
    No good did it do her
    A lot of good it did me
    Now I'm an heir and a star
    Bless my good sense

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    An Acid Anger

    "The power of the battery is hot acid which inside it, but the same acid one day turn the battery plates into the dust and the same battery that who turn the big engine in a moment would be lying in a pile of rubbish."
    The work of a man is like a battery and the anger inside is like acid, what will happen in the future you are very wise and well-know about them.
    Good "Birbal", let's go to office dear.....
    Birbal Sharma
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    A Writer

    Being a writer is an illness
    A bug that craves for pen and paper
    A malady of putting your words into story
    It's an incurable disease
    That infects your whole systen
    And makes you insane
    Even so, keep on writing

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    Valentine day special short stories: 90s Teenage love

    Vo zamana haseena tha, na koi Apps hua karte the na koi smartphones..
    Apne pyar ka izhar log, ek khat ke zariye karte the,
    Chup ke se apni premika se, milna masha'allah kafi khoobsurat or acha lagta tha.
    Ye kahani krishna ki jo 12clss mein padhne wla ladka jo ishq ke jaal mein fass gya, school khatam hone ke baad bahar khare ho kar use dekhna, ye hi silsala chalta rha bas.
    Vo sham-savere, bas uske hi baare mein soch raha tha, rukmini 11 clss ki art stream mein padhne wali behad khoobsurat...
    samey aa chuka tha february ka or farewell bhi aane wala tha, krishna ne keh hi diya rukmini ko keh hi diya..
    rukmini ne bhi jawab de diye, valentine week aa rha, mujhe in dino khush karke dikha do.
    Krishna ne gift dena shuru kr diya, har din wo use naye gift deta wo bhi khudh ke haath se bane huye..
    Akhir wo tarik aa hi gaya 14feb or rukmini ka bhi jawab aa gaya, use krishna ko haan kar hi diya.
    Ye jo krishna-Rukmini ka pyar hai na, ye aajkal teenagers or couples ke tarah nhi hai. Ise kehte hai asal pyar. Jism se nhi dil se hai ye pyar.
    Wo zaamana hi haseen tha, firse vo zamana aa jaye.
    90s ka zaamana aa jaye, behad khoobsurat tha vo zamana..

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    Who would've have thought that meeting a stranger isn't always a bad thing....

    This will be the last part for today. Will upload again tomorrow.Stay tune!

    Check out my account to read the previous parts..

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    Escape Journey (Part 5)

    "You said when I entered but aren't I got here first before you?" I question.

    "I was standing there." he pointed his finger to the pole near the train door as my eyes followed it. "You were in deep thought or maybe blank when you entered." he said.

    "So did you run away?" his final confirmation gives me a blow.

    "I guess it's something like that." I replied to him. "How about you?" I gave him back the question he asked me.

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    Who would've have thought that meeting a stranger isn't always a bad thing....

    Finally the 4th part. Check out my account to read the previous parts.. Will be posting the next part real soon! Stay tune!!

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    Escape Journey (Part 4)

    "How did I know?" it gives me shock once again. Does he have psychic power? It seems like he can read mind.

    "I don't have a physic power." this is the third time he gave me goosebump. He gave me a smile and continued talking. "Well, when you enter the train you're giving an aura like you wanted to go to some unfamiliar place where no one knows you." he pause for a second. "And your heals...." then he look at the shoes I was wearing. "It looks like you walk around and got tired then decided to hop onto this train." he said. I must say he's observant.

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    Who would've have thought that meeting a stranger isn't always a bad thing....

    So here's the part 3. Check out my account to read the previous parts.. Will be posting the next part real soon! Stay tune!!

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    Escape Journey (Part 3)

    "Isn't that your id?" he pointed his finger onto the floor where my id is.Oh. I drop it. I didn't notice. Even though I won't use it anymore I still pick it up.

    "Thank you." I said to him.

    He smiles at me. "So where are you headed to?" he suddenly ask me.

    "Excuse me?" I don't know how I should react to his question. What's with him? Acting like we are close?

    "I've got a feeling that it's not a place your supposed to be headed to wearing a dress like that." he said as he lean to the arm of the chair. I look at the dress I was wearing. I was wearing a white dress and a coat. I was so frustrated when I ran off awhile ago and didn't get the chance to change. "Running away?" I was shock with what he said next. How did he know?

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    Who would've have thought that meeting a stranger isn't always a bad thing....

    So here's the part 2. Will be posting the next part real soon! Stay tune!!

    #shortstories #prose #poems #poetry #writer #artist #words #writing #utopia #artofwords  #writersofinstagram #write #writerscommunity #writingcommunity #wordswordswords #poet #poemsofinstagram #prosepoetry #proseandpoems

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    Escape Journey (Part 2)

    I've been driving for hours until I decided to stop and get off the car. I left it there and walk around until my feet led me to the train station. Maybe...just maybe being here is an inevitable fate.

    I bought the ticket, choose the last destination and hop inside. I want to go somewhere far away as possible.There are only few people inside the train maybe because it's already past midnight. There are two girls who look like university students, they are sitting across my seat chatting about a magazine I 'm not familiar with. A middle aged man who's sitting beside them while sleeping. And a guy who looks like my age, chose to sit beside me even though there are so many spaces inside. I move a bit. He's carrying a guitar and a big bag that pick my interest. I was staring at him when he noticed me. Oh no! I stared at him too much.

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    Who would've have thought that meeting a stranger isn't always a bad thing....

    Will be posting the next part real soon! Stay tune!!

    #shortstories #prose #poems #poetry #writer #artist #words #writing #utopia #artofwords  #writersofinstagram #write #writerscommunity #writingcommunity #wordswordswords #poet #poemsofinstagram #prosepoetry #proseandpoems

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    Escape Journey (Part 1)

    Who would've have thought that meeting a stranger isn't always a bad thing....

    "I quit!" after saying that I storm out the room and rode my car. With no destination in mind, I just drove.

    I quit my job.
    This life is tiring.
    The work is stressful.
    This world is suffocating.

    I want to run away. I want to escape. I want to be in a place where I can be myself with no annoying boss around. I want to be free.

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    Will be posting short stories soon!
    If you want to read the complete story. You can check it out here: https://www.wattpad.com/1023026726-escape-journey-and-short-stories-escape-journey

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    Chapter 3

    // Sundar sundar vo haseena badi,
    Sundar sundar,
    Main to khone laga uske nashe main
    Bin piye behakaa //
    We were singing aloud in sink like we were exerting our frustration out of our body in the form of this song, we were so much in moment, if someone asked us to something daring we would have been done it, we had so much of adrenaline rush in our body. When song was complete we looked at eachother and high-fived eachother like we did something big in our life we completed some goal, though it was just a song but we had fulfilled some goals.
    We didn't propose to eachother as in we didn't said we are in relationship but we were understanding eachother very well, hanging out after work, planning weekend to go out, we were living with eachother but there were no compulsion to it, it was more of like we are vibing with eachother.
    After completing the song, I looked to her, she rolled down window of car and was enjoying slow winds passing through her face, wind which was making her hairs dance on their direction, her eyes were watching the living side of road which was making me feel like she is about to kiss wind and ask them to pass it on for someone who is in need of that love.
    She was so happy, she was so lively that she forgot she was having cramps few minutes back.
    Few hours ago, we were talking on call and suddenly she said "I fucking hate it when I have periods on such a good day, I want to go out, it is so sunny, I want to dress well, I want to enjoy this time and I am so much of pain right now, like so much that I can kill someone to get rid of this pain, please god take this pain away". I stopped and gave a thought and asked "shall we go out? Don't get ready, let's go out for a ride, wear your payjama, you really look beautiful in it, I am bringing chocolates and some pastries for you, I will be there in 20 minutes, just wash your face and come out of your flat, we are rolling baby" she was shook after listening to this , with low tone she replied "okay" and I cut the call, went out and started doing chores to make her feel good, spraying room spray in car, getting fresh warm pillow for her, went out and bought things for her and reached her place, called her down.
    She was looking so beautiful and perfect with sleepy face, I hugged her when she came out, she was smelling so good,feels like I went to garden full of flowers where water is just sprinkled over muddy ground, and sun is hidden behind white clouds. She kissed me on cheeks and said "you smell good" and then we went out for the ride.
    We were enjoying this thing between us, there was no rule of being fabricated with looks and being smart ass in front of eachother, we were more of like cute kids walking around and exploring ourselves, I was really enjoying her company, she was so perfect so perfect, how can even someone think of breaking this heart,I was her escape from the reality of stuck with someone else thoughts and also I was searching for something in my life, she came in my life like a missing puzzle pieces, she completed my puzzle of love, but I felt like we are perfect for eachother for some reason or other. I was really seeing my future with this person but taking everything very slow like very slow like very very slow.
    She rolled up windows took my mobile and changed song to very slow soft song, then she looked at me with little shyness and came up to me kissed me on my cheeks, this happened so sudden that I didn't get any idea what just happened. She took my other hand and kissed it slowly, and she was kissing all over it and suddenly she bite me on the hand like she was known to this drill, like she was already ready to do it like she took my hand not to kiss it but to bite it, that bite was so sudden that it gave me little shock of something happened in hand like a lion put his teeth in hand and it is going to tear it. I took my hand away from her by looking at her in anger like what you are doing? She gave me sad look, the sad look, that will melt anyone, that look can melt down glaciers, and that look made me put my hand back to its place, like I am giving you my hand, use my hand as you like, she was so happy to see that, she kissed me again on my cheeks and this time she didn't bite my hand but put it over heads n made me pat her like when we pat a kid when they do something good, this thing made me smile,
    It made me so happy that I parked my car, and kissed her, kissed her like I haven't kissed anyone from years, like someone put drugs on her lips making me addict to it, she stopped for few seconds took few deep breaths and we kissed again, this kiss was so intimate with love and happiness that we forgot that we were still on the road. I opened her hairs again which she tucked few minutes after rolling up window, her hairs were soft, which was placing all our faces, I played with her hairs, they were smelling so good, I was getting drugged with this smell, I was becoming addicted to this smell, I want it, I want it more, I want have it more and more.
    We were back on the road, we were heading back to her place, both were getting hungry, we went to her place, ordered pizza.
    I went so many times to this house, but I always find it amusing everytime whenever I go, it has smell of hers, like essence of her all over the place, she maintained her house so well, there was one white dream catcher in living room, I don't know why but I find it so beautiful in that place, dream catchers are always been beautiful but this was one was different like it came from the real feathers of a white bird who has its existence only in heaven like it is so beautiful. I was so much in thought of it that i forgot she was calling me.
    We went to her balcony, last time we bought chairs, to seat in balcony like a restaurant with open view place to enjoy, it was place, we decorated it with ligths and small plants and wooden floor, it looks so good to seat there especiallyat night, we can see a lot of places as she was living on top floor, we had really great view of outside, it was really great idea of mine to do this.
    We had pizza and wine like a date over a big five star place.
    Before leaving I said "I love this place very much, it feels like I also want to stay here, actually I want to stay with you" she looked at me with a smile and said "NO" . We both laughed and I went back to my place.
    At night she messaged me "thank you very much for this day, I really wanted to go out and enjoy it, wish I could stay forever with you and forever and ever"

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod #shortstories

    To read other parts of it use :-- #youandnewme

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    You and new me

    Sometimes being in love and being not in love is same if you are staying with a great person, the person with great feeling for you and the person who likes you who you are,
    All is about feeling and existence of eachother with love and at most care.



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    Valentine Day special short stories: Gali wala pyar

    Safar par chalna sab chhathe hai, use pura kitne log kar pate hai. Baarish hoti hai to achi lagti, agar hadd se jada ho to bhaut buri lagti hai..
    Kehna ka sidha matlab hai, khoobsurat chij baad mein bekar lagti hai.
    Aaj use, maine jaate huye dekha wo humesha ke liye ja rahi hai. Main use rokna chhatha tha par main, to uska naam tak nhi janta tha.
    Ye silsala 6mahine pehle, ka hai main gali se guzar raha tha. Ek din meri us pe nazar padh gayi, use dekhte hi behak sa gaya. Mera dil zor-zor se dhadak sa gaya, shayad ye pehli nazar wala pyar tha.
    main rojana us gali mein jata, Use dekhta bhaut khush ho jata, har roj us gali se guzarne ka mann karne laga.
    Uske chhehre ki hassi, or jab wo hassti uske honth, bhaut jada pyare lagte hai.
    Wo baarish wla din, bhi yaad hai mujhe, jab main gal mein aya tha, vo apne ghr ki chhath par khari thi. Uske baal se tapakta pani,mujhe bekaboo se kar rha tha. Use baat karni thi par kar nhi paya, bas is tarah 6mahine guzar gaye.
    Aaj wo ja rahi hai or main rok na paya.

    Written by:- karan Singh

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    Valentine day special short stories: online ek tarfa Ishq

    Ye duniya badi hi khoobsurat hoti hai, kisi na kisi ko koi na koi chhahiye hota hai. Jise wo baatie kar sake, apni baatien share kar ske.
    kabir ne bhi social media ki kuch par isliye gya tha kyunki, wo akela tha. Uske yaha kai dost bhi bane or un maharaj ko apni ek dost se pyar ho gya. Reena uski bhaut hi achi friend thi, jis tarah se dono saath rehte the sabko lagta tha relationship mein ho. Ek din hota hai uh hai ki kabir ko ek baat pta chalti hai ki, Reena ka already boyfriend hai. Kabir buri tarah se tut jata hai or wo Reena se bhi rud tarike se baat karne lgta hai.
    Kuch mahine aise hi chalta hai, fir kabir thik ho jata hai.. Dono hasste khush ho kar baat karte hai, diwali aati hai or dono ek dusre se diwali ka plan karte or photo bhejte hai. Kuch dino ke baad yani diwali ke baad, Reena social media se gayb ho jati hai whatsapp , phone sab band hota hai. Kabir firse sad rehne lgta hai..
    2-3 mahine beet jate hai, january ka mahina hota hai, wo online hota to dekhta Reena online hoti hai, uska net kam nhi kar rha hota hai , wo WIFI se connect karta hai or use baat karne jata hai.
    2-3 mahine beet jate hai fir, kabir keh hi deta hai Reena se hum friend hi thik hai. Tujhe lekar wo wali feeling nhi aati ab, Hum friend hi thik hai.
    Kabir ye sab bol kar, acha feel karta hai aage bad jata hai or kafi khush hai ab.

    The end
    Written by :- Karan Singh