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  • thewritingbunny 5h


    It's 7:26 now and it's been what.. 31 minutes since I've been having extra beats in my heart. Am I stupid? I'm standing here in a white t-shirt under a hoodie cause I spilt orange juice on my shirt like 3 minutes ago. Damn! I was supposed to do this yesterday cause the gift didn't arrive as planned. As an apology they gave me a gift wrap for free though. Ughhh!! Why are there no stars in the sky tonight!! It's dull. Should I delay? Nah.. Not again! Anyways.. Breathhhhh.. And there she was.. 'Hey' she says..Oh God♥️

    I check my hoodie pocket immediately and damn! The fancy chocolate melted ages ago! Keep it cool.. it's ok! We'll get something at the cafe. 'After You' I said. 'Um.. Where to?' She replies. Dammit!! 'My bad!' and we walk to the cafe nearby. My jokes half hit and half miss on the way and when we reach.. Surprise the cafe is closed. F**k I said out loud in my head and as if someone heard the curses in my head it starts to rain. Ofcourse a stray banner comes flying and sticks to my face. And there we were. Infront of a closed cafe waiting for it stop.. the rains.

    'I got ya something' and I get the lil wrapped box.. a lil soggy from the rain. She opens it up and I face palmed myself. It's the wrong book!! Another copy of the one she already owns! Oh why!? She laughs and dig into my pockets for redemption. It's a kinder joy. 'Also this?' accompanied by the most awkward smile ever. And as it drizzles on it's the 3 of us then. A lil elephant she immediately names counts as a person now.

    'Let's go out sometime? Like go out go out?' says me, at the end of my patience before I get struck by lightning next.
    'It's what.. your 3rd attempt now' she giggles and hands over the half the kinder joy left.
    'Yeah.. I don't count now'

    And then we laughed.. All 3 of us.. as the skies above clear over.. not noticing the rainbow above.. Cause ain't that the best? And that's how it should be and is gonna to be.. where everything is wrong but that's just right.. A blurry line that we'll walk forever.. You & me as ice bear watches over...



  • pepelle 1w


    It's cold and their breaths turn to mist. They laugh despite the chill from the unrelenting rain. Both are dripping from their dance under the fall of heaven's tears. It's all a comfort from their hearts, which bursts of warmth.


  • agni_poignancy 2w


    ഒരു പുഞ്ചിരിൽ
    മാഞ്ഞു പോവുന്ന ദേഷ്യമേറെ...
    തരാൻ മടിച്ചു പടി ഇറങ്ങുന്നവർ അതിലേറെ..
    അതിലെ വലുപ്പം ചെറുപ്പം ചിന്തിച്ചുപോയവർ
    അത്രേ മിക്കതും..

  • wifey_suicide 2w

    Another day with you, is like having espresso in my coffee.

  • mad_monkey 2w


    Come sit by my side,
    Why not let's go for a ride,
    I'll be your driver and you'll be my guide,
    I know you have feelings for me, so please don't hide!

  • pulkit_ 3w


    Meine sochta tha ki mein
    apni tarah ka akela hi hu..
    Magar bhul gaya mere jaisa
    ek shaks samne aaine mei bhi hai...

  • uttkarsh_15 4w

    Inspired from the romanian myth of
    nosferatu (vampire)
    Nosferatu (1922) is also the oldest movie I've ever seen.
    However my story version is different . ⚰️
    #short #horror #story #alliteration #poem
    @darkmoon696 @cosmicpoet @sinjanb93
    Please have a look at this my favourite horror writers .��

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    Midnight moon was mourning the deaths,
    The dead were disturbing the dawn
    North nether's nosferatu ...
    Knocked the kin's door
    Human haunted from the Voice
    Called the Christ more
    The greek garlic he got from garden,
    And shiny silver spear he stared upon
    He stocked up supplies seemingly ,
    From strategies to the stones,
    When he woke up his wife ,
    She started staring him suspensefully,
    She sucked the blood breathed on his neck,
    Now he has become the new nosferatu

  • chandana_k 4w

    Be an open book to people who really want to be a best part of your journey

  • sangte 5w

    Silent Scream

    Completely Spend she slump serenely onto the crumple sofa;
    Stain and torn visible even far away.
    Little comfort she gain from familiarity
    Forlorn she is left without a choice but to choose for her well being
    She gave up on the fight.
    The fight that could last till eternity
    instead to let nature take it course
    She made her bed and will lay in it
    She worn out her body each single day
    to sleep peacefully at night
    Wrack with spasm and drench in sweats
    she wake up startle to find daylight is still a long way.
    Tired she raise her head in surrender
    Deciding enough of this melancholic and torture.
    Resolute she will walk with head held high
    Grounded she hope to ignite her passion
    Just a glimmer that is enough to satisfy her.
    In simple things she found her happiness once again.
    She may look back at times
    For the scar and wounds are deep
    She is that kind who gave it all or nothing at all.


  • sangte 5w

    Silent Scream

    She walks the desolate hallway
    Looking for remnant of what was
    Nothing tangible she found
    Not a thing to remind her of what was
    She lament woe is me;
    Screaming silently not to let go of the little sanity she has left in this battle.
    In anguished she call out
    Will there be respite from
    The war between the heart and mind.


  • marcelino 5w


    Love is blind.
    So let's wear our blindfolds


  • mrig_trishna_ 6w

    "नीम और पीपल"

    पीपल भईया ओ पीपल भईया सुनो तो...सुनकर पीपल ने अनमनी सी शाखाओं का रुख नीम की तरफ़ मोड़कर बोला.!हाँ नीम बोलो आज सुबह सुबह तुम्हारी किसी उलझन ने तुम्हें मेरे समक्ष प्रश्न प्रस्तुत करने के लिए भेज दिया।
    भईया आप भी कुछ भी बोलतेक्या मैं सिर्फ़ सवाल करने ही आता हूँ मैं तो रोज तुम्हें यूँ भी देखता ही रहता हूँ फिर आप तो आप है क्या ठाठ बाठ है आपके ...रोज़ कोई याचक खड़ा होता है आपके इर्दगिर्द कोई पूजता है तो कोई बाँधता है मन्नत का धागा तो कोई पत्तों पर नाम लिखता दिखाई देता है काटने की तो हिम्मत कोई कर ही नहीं सकता...हमारा तो रोज़ सुबह से ही लुटना शुरू हो जाता है।
    अब कुछ बोलेगा भी या मक्खन ही लगाने आया सुबह सुबह...पीपल बोला
    नहीं भईया...वो देखो वो अग्रवाल जी ही हे ना.? जो कुछ साल पहले तक पार्क में बनठन के आया करते थे आज इतने सालों बाद आये भी तो न जाने किस उलझन में उलझे से ठाठबाठ बिगड़े से दिखाई पड़ रहे है।
    पीपल ने अपनी दूरदृष्टि से देखा और बोला...यानि कि अग्रवाल जी की खुदगर्ज़ी का वो पौधा पेड़ बन चुका
    मतलब भईया साफ़ साफ़ बोले करो.? नीम बोला...
    अरे भई अग्रवाल ने बरसों पहले एक खुदगर्ज़ी का पौधा अपने परिवार के चार जन के लिए लगाया था बड़े जतन से इसे सींचा दिनप्रतिदिन उसे सींचने में सुविधाओं की कमी न हो इसके लिए अपने आपको उस वृक्ष से भी अलग कर लिया जिसकी अग्रवाल जी कभी शाखा थे।समाज, परिवार, आस पड़ोस सबसे विमुख होकर बस अपने उस पौधे को ही सींचने में लग गए अब शायद वो पौधा बढ़ा हो गया है और उस पर फल लगने शुरू हो गए है स्वाद शायद वो ही निकल आया होगा जो बरसों पहले अग्रवाल जी ने किसी को चखाया था या फिर उस सींचे हुए पेड़ ने भी कोई खुदगर्ज़ी का पौधा लगा लिया होगा...पीपल ने ठंडी आह भरकर नीम की तरफ देखा।
    दूर खड़ा बरगद जो मुस्कुराता हुआ सब सुन रहा था मन ही मन बुदबुदाया...कहानी तो किसी दिन मैं सुनाऊँगा तुम दोनों को.?

  • salmanaliofficial 6w

    Life is too short for fakeness. ...

  • uttkarsh_15 6w

    Papa I know you're A Realist person , Par Thodi Horror Feel toh Aane dete....Thodi Der baad hi yeh bol dete ��
    #lol #funny #sarcasm #meme #memes #humour #horror #short #story

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    Horror Humour

    *Me And My Dad Having An Conversation*
    Me - Papa Aap Bhoot Wagaira Mein Vishwaas Rakhte ho ....?

    Papa - Bilkul Nahi !

    Me - Papa , Ek Baat Bataoon Aapko ?

    Papa - Batao

    Me - Insaan Sirf Unhi Cheezon Pe Yakeen Karta hai, Jo woh Jaanta Hai Ya Usne Dekhi Hoti Hai ..... Par Duniya Mein Aisi Bahut Si Cheezein Hai Jo Kai Insaanon NE Nahi Dekhi .....
    Papa - Haan Yeh Baat Toh Sahi Hai , Par Wohi Anjaan Cheezon Ko Insaan Samajh Nahi Paata....
    Toh Usko Bhoot Pret Ka Naam De deta hai Ya Samajh Leta Hai
    Me - Yeh Bhi Theek Hai

  • khushboo_6266 6w

    Mujhe fark nahi padta kon mere baare mein ky sochta hai

    Bas fark is baat ka padta hai ki Jo bhi sochta hai jada hi kyun sochta hai


  • high_priestess 7w

    My #innerchild is having an outer breakdown and I’m at a loss of how to nurture her, so here’s an #apology to her.
    #lettertomyself #writing #short #selfhealing

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    Dear Little Darling,

    I’m sorry you have been trapped for long
    I feel you reaching for the sun
    I know you want to be free

    I’m sorry you are me
    I’m sorry we don’t know what it feels like to be held tightly, without being choked til we can’t breathe
    Forgive me please


  • prashant_vilayatkar 7w

    I once thought I'm an ocean of Love ❤,
    While passing time I came to know I'm a looser when it comes to Love


  • jyotsnajoseph 8w


    The doors locked
    The windows shut
    The curtains drawn
    And a rhythmic sound

    A cold dark place
    Scratches on the wall
    Broken and shattered peices
    Of what once was a perfect house

    There lies a soul
    With a mind of its own
    Holding out a candle
    With very little hope

    Fading away into the darkness
    Like nothing actually matters
    Immune to pain
    Immune to love
    Immune to kindness
    Alive and breathing
    But still a dead soul

  • beensn 8w

    Miss you

    Oh my kid, you are so cute,
    I know, you are very delicate.
    The time together we spent,
    Was so sweet but very short I felt.
    Not only the time but also the months passed very fast,
    Matching with its pace was very difficult.
    Months flew like days, days like hours,
    Hours like minutes and minutes like seconds.
    Hoping to meet you at the earliest,
    Till then, cherishing the memories every minute.
    Appu, you are my all time favourite,
    I miss you a lot.

  • shivani23 8w


    किसको चुने?
    उसे जो भगवान में नहीं मानता
    या उसे
    जो भगवान से आपको पाने की
    है दुआ मांगता?