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  • khushi_07 2d

    I hope it was possible that whatever whenever we need, we could have got that ��but anyways ��
    #wanted #locked #feelings #alwaysfar #shootingstar

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    This is actually nature's law whatever, whenever we need it's always far ;
    How should I agree that it's ok, if I didn't get someone or something at a point and that makes me feel like behind the bar...
    And feeling without that thing/person feels like a butterfly locked in a Jar,
    This feeling can only be understood by a traveller, who gets lost in centre of sea at night and even the clouds hide the North Star ;
    People always feel happy after breaking me because they always love seeing a shooting star.....
    And as usual then I feel like a stringless guitar,
    But as I said it's nature's law whatever, whenever, we need something or someone at a point it's always far....

  • palmtrees_poetry 6w

    Moon Gazer

    It's crazy how I miss you everday
    I've sent shooting stars ever since, your way
    The moon, it keeps me company every night
    He says he has seen you some several times
    I ask him if it's ok that one day
    We trade souls for awhile
    So I can see you again...


  • rhythmic_beats 7w

    For better reading:

    A star I daily breath,
    I crave for;
    Fills my eyes and lungs
    With love
    That pumps my heart
    With euphoria.
    Today I see you as a star
    So that one day when
    I end up I can dwell
    In that star which
    Will have your essence
    In it.
    You won't realise how
    Much I love you
    Until the day you start
    Searching me in
    Between the clouds
    As the brightest star,
    Still blushing
    Seeing you from so far!
    Yes, then zoom into
    The moon bit more;
    I'm sure you will read
    My poesies with your heart.
    And yes I promise you that
    If you wish something with
    Full heart I will again fall
    For you like before
    But this time in the form
    Of shooting star making sure
    You get your wish
    © rhythmic_beats

    Can I fall for you once again? But this time as a shooting star ��

    #old #post ��✨
    #concretepoetry #love #life #soul #soulmate
    #beloved #time #shootingstar #wish
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • rhythmic_beats 12w

    When I said I have a wish
    All the shooting stars
    Started drizzling.

  • shivu14 14w

    A Shooting Star!!

    They say wishing on gazing a shooting star fulfils that wish. I don't understand it, how can it be? The one that is breaking, how can it fulfil by giving what you want? What I admire about it is even though it is breaking, falling still it is the most beautiful thing to be seen! I connect it deeply with broken people, the way they are breaking inside but try to help and hold onto others. The people who sacrifice themselves for good of others. Broken people are the most beautiful beings as they know the pain, they never want others to experience it. Being the ones who felt it, they have compassion towards others who may go through same someday!
    Ain't it just wonderful how things connect so deeply!!

  • anannya02 18w

    Don't you see it? Her mind said to her eyes
    Stunned, she stared longingly into her own eyes, trying to decipher the innate infinite darkness.
    A sudden glint of light, a shooting star, her only ray of hope, gliding across her eyes,
    She seizes it, and hence protects it for eternity.

  • truman 19w

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #shootingstar

    Fate of shooting star

    अगर इच्छा होती है पूरी तेरी मेरे मरने पर
    टूटते तारे की तरह खुद को मिटा दूंगा मैं

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    Broken from my origin
    Moving away with emotion
    To vanish somewhere in sky
    sparking light with high motion
    I am filled with all light
    Shining day and night
    Holding myself tight
    While burning my inside
    Oh yes, I am the shooting star
    Granny's story's wish star
    Ask wish and I fulfill it
    While vanishing in sky far

  • vrishti_gp 22w

    The shooting
    S t a r
    Silently wished
    your smile in front of me
    your gaze fixed in mine...
    Your hands caressing my face
    I To be
    Y o u r s


  • porcupine 23w

    Shooting Star

    I wish on
    This star tonight
    Wishing that we
    Could create
    Our own light

  • abhayrao 27w

    Shooting Star

    Your always smiling in my mind
    An image unmarred by reality
    I may never see those twinkling eyes
    That forever stole a part of me
    Stuck like a tattoo, erasing all distance
    A million miles and few feet to spare
    Holding on against the flow
    So perfect, all you can do is stare
    Forces of nature, a pull too strong
    Turn back the clock, sludge was snow
    Muddy waters a cloud, a place I belong
    A shooting star, flying little too low
    Lighting the sky it leaves behind
    Your always smiling in my mind...

  • passionatewritings 29w

    " And, what you felt when you both decided to breakup and end things ?? " her friend asked.

    "The shooting star, my fallen eyelashes, The time 11:11 and the dandellions that I blew, neither created any magic nor granted my wish." she voiced sadly.


  • lovesmessenger 30w

    Burning Star

    Your brilliance was unparalleled. Shooting into my world with little regard for my peace. A burning desire and accumulated passions from within that lit up my skies. Yet you cared not. For it was your brilliance that turned my darkness to a mere inconvenience. Your light shined with the love only a few has seen. Yes my sky was burned that night. Nothing that pure could have lasted but my skies will always be perplexed by your peerless beauty. My forbidden star. My fleeting love.

  • lovesmessenger 30w

    Shooting star

    You were a light of brilliance
    that lit up my dark sea
    flashing bright as you became noticeable to me
    my woes was burned away from your luminance

    Are you a rare event?
    never again has anything else amazed me
    it was your light that truly was heaven sent
    for another view my heart would pay any fee

    My heart has become unquenchable
    the light you burned into me is everlasting
    O how to my soul you was undeniable
    so to see you again my heart has started fasting

    Star of unavoidable beauty
    yet you ended so fast
    nevertheless you'll always mean something to me
    for forgetting you will be a life long task

  • sandye 31w

    #Friendship, #shootingstar , #Tale
    In midnight only under the darkest skies,
    Looking for a true friend in the milky skies,
    Moon with millions of twinkling star ,
    Napping heavens waken with my existing under a sky,
    An echo with a sweet voice of star ,
    "O' friend of mine heart I'm blind"
    "Stop for while,"
    "someone is weeping for kind"
    "under the dark blue eye's "
    Lonely only gazing very high
    Fading sight ,waiting for shooting star. Today, friendship day wish is in my mind . sapphire blue star about to leave her sky .
    My heart is beating very fast
    wish is restless in mind.
    I started whispering "true friend" "true friend"
    from heart to mind
    "I am the sky and very high ,along with my burning time , And gather today, not to tumble on the stove of human wish. are you waiting for? Like Kidnappers of star,
    waiting for shooting a star to taste true friendship
    Will you do so ?
    Give me new page to write frienship day
    You better go and turn human
    I don't want to lose my member now. I am waiting until sunrise. I am waiting for a friend. Ok
    When you are so desperate crying for one true friend I am going to fall just wish me as your friends
    You wish and I will fall on you.
    Feel the burden of true friend .live alone you are free from all...
    burning star directly fall on my head burning my body
    Leaving my soul wondering still craving for true friends again. .....?

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    Touch of true friend


  • lovesmessenger 34w

    Fleeting Star

    Life is like a shooting star. It burns hot for awhile but eventually burns out. So for those who are lucky enough to witness your show. Make it a great one

  • dear_solo 20w

    More than a precious diamond or mylife or anything else.
    A letter To my Soulmate :Dear_comrade
    "IF" he Die gonna soon....
    Ohhh my love.
    I have Dying Everyday waiting for you Darling ♥️
    Darling Don't afraid I'm in love with you.
    My love I hate you coz I love you unconditionally Forever without you!
    I'll love you beyond the infinity.
    My love... I Hate you like no one Hate you.
    Dammit you kill me.
    Each And every second...My Heart still Beating, I Think he Missing me ❤
    How I Express my love for you.
    My Entire life I Thought someone come in
    My life to make me special...
    I always Dreaming someone come.....
    And if we both gonna falling in love.
    With eachother Eyes....
    Then I'll kiss so Truly like we never want that kiss
    It's our Precious Emotion....
    We get it in a minute.
    For life Time happiness.
    Ohhhh my Dear comrade.....
    You come in my life.....
    Ohhhh my love.....
    You come in my life....
    And Instantly my Heart Reminds me.....
    Yes he's one....
    The one I all Year wait....
    During scream.....
    With wet Eyes....
    Ohhhh my love
    You come in my life but you can't....
    Falling love with me....
    And I falling love with you.
    Again and again.....
    And we can't kiss....
    Coz you want kiss another Girl....
    Coz you want falling love with That fake bitch
    Who playing with you...
    Hide and seek....
    Dammit you need that bitch who...
    Play with you....
    And go for playing with another guy....
    Dammit you Don't want see me....
    You can't want love me....
    She leave you, gave you all hurt after 40 Day's
    And I'm here millions minute only with you ��
    And I still waiting for you....
    It's being 365 days.....
    It's being my Thousand Enocent Tears....
    It's my Million Time falling with you...
    It's my 365+120 nights without sleep....
    How Scarey it's sit on The bed....
    But can't sleep....
    Coz Every body particle calling your name...
    My love ❤
    Come back with me.
    Baby I wait for you.
    I want with you my Every passing Day's.
    Baby you know that I Refuse...
    Every Boy who gave me Parposal.
    Baby you now....
    I'm not Bad.
    I'm purely pure....
    No one come in my life....
    Even I don't gave any one Right...
    You know that baby ...
    Soon I gonna Hospital for my long
    Treatment.... Every one throught about me....
    And Even know that I'm Damm sick..... ����
    And I soon gonna Heaven....
    Ohhh my love....
    Happy na I'm Pagal......
    Haha.... I'm sick.....
    Baby I Pagal for you sick with major Health issues..
    Baby I know after your accident na....
    You also gonna heaven....
    Ohhhh my love....
    I'm falling love for you Every day again and again......
    Baby ��I Die here....
    ................................................................you gonna die There....
    I Don't want Tolerate Distance that time.
    Baby I have Idea..
    Pls come in my city....
    With your Royal Enfield....
    You drive and I sit back Grap you tightly in my hug.
    Baby Ride bike full in speed...
    I wish we together in same sec falling love For Eachother. Sukoon it's ♥️
    Then you know that baby.... You stop bike....
    Then we kiss .
    Baby you know that what happened next with us...
    You again start Rideing bike....
    Then one Truck just boom....
    Hit our Royal Enfield.....
    And we fall in Mid Rood.....
    Our head bleeding.....
    Our hand with eachother hand....
    You kiss me again we cry together....
    We smile together....
    We whisper Eachother eyers I love you Unconditionally forever.
    Beyond the Infinity mylove.
    Then love we Die together na then
    ♥️our soul met .
    Shizuka♥️Nobita my✨soulmate✨God gift!
    ശരിയാണ്l♥️veനിലവിലുണ്ട് അവൻ സ്നേഹമാണ്
    പ്രിയ സഖാവ്
    ആയിരക്കണക്കിന് കത്തുകൾ ഉള്ളിൽ മരിച്ചവരുടെ മേൽ ഒഴുകുന്നു
    ബുള്ളറ്റ് ബൈക്ക്
    But I can't able to see ur dead infront ofmy Eyes
    I dEad in your hug!
    My Allah safe you Angel✨♥️

    I'll love you until the My last breath!
    And my soul love you millions years more ♥️
    And one happy Thing I recently know that he also love me unconditionally he just little distracted but "HE Realized I'm his True love"♥️����
    I'm so in love with you you can't Even imagine.
    Nothing precious for me. Only you Everything atlest for me Miss u more .
    Yes I'm not perfect but I always smile perfect with you my dear_comrade. Mine.. I'm only yours nobita always smile like a Heaven ��♥️
    So hear I put some his text he send me from hospital.
    Miss u more ��എന്റെ��
    Wanna write hear all his text!but it's only For me.

    Timing..... Heart saying Everything.
    I Can't able to love another one...

    Note......write last year on September♥️Still felt same so post Time : 1/2/21#postFebruary #Birthdaymonth #Birthdayqueen ��♥️��
    എന്റെ കുഞ്ഞ് സ്നേഹിക്കുന്നു#Shizukanobita♥️
    #ShizukaNobita#Missing You until the My last breath #Mine#Shootingstar��#Baby#love#LdR
    Tagged your Friends. .....I Think last few post hear my! I just want Red Heart and yours support that's it. ��❤Repost I want spread my letter.
    Post afrer six months! Show some support.

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    If he gonna die.
    I'll be Die with him. We're forever! ♥️


  • thevedicfairy 39w

    Shooting Star

    My grannny used to tell me
    That people who die
    Later on become a shooting star
    We both gazed at the starry black sky
    To witness those spectacular moments
    Years passed and I grew up
    I grew up to be uninterested in it
    No longer did I went to the roof
    And with the passage of time
    My granny, she left me...
    She left for her heavenly abode
    She created a void in my life
    I am now sitting on the roof
    Gazing at the sky
    No, not at the shooting stars
    But at my star - My Beloved Granny


  • _prachie_ 41w

    "Be that shooting star...
    Who is broken yet beautiful
    Who is shattered into pieces but still lit up someone's life.
    Who is crippled but still fulfill someone's dreams."


  • witchwithwords 45w

    She was kinda shooting star,
    fulfilled the wishes of
    people amidst her with the
    kiss of love and faded
    magically for pouring out
    her heart in the wrong niche...


  • sarahrachelea 46w

    Secretly badass she is
    Her music is not even depressing
    She's the shooting star
    A propaganda of nebula and aurora
    She's telling her story
    With her deep and poetic art

    ~ from him to her