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    By: Mia Palencia

    Mala-kristal niyang luha'y nakikita ko namang pumapatak,
    Hawak-hawak ang bagong sapatos ng kaniyang minamahal na anak,
    Ang ipagbili iyo'y tila punyal na sa kaniyang puso'y tumatarak,
    Habang dumadaloy ang mainit na pulang likido sa sugat na umaantak.

    Yakap ang munting pares ng sapatos siya'y tahimik na humihikbi,
    Namalisbis ang mga luha sa pisngi, hapis ay hindi kayang itanggi,
    Pagdurusa'y kaniyang nadarama mula araw hanggang pagsapit ng gabi,
    Hinagpis ng isang inang namatayan, ako ngayo'y naging saksi.

    Hapdi ng sugat na iniwan, kirot ng damdaming tila nawalan ng buhay,
    Anak na 'di man lamang naisilang sa isang ina'y unti-unting pumapatay,
    Aanhin ang bagong sapatos ng isang anghel na 'di man lamang nagkamalay?
    Hindi pa nakikita ang mundo ngunit hayon siya't payapang nakahimlay.


    I can see her crystal tears dripping from her eyes,
    Holdin' the newly bought shoes of her beloved son,
    To sell it is like a dagger piercing her heart,
    Feel's like blood flows from her wound that stings.

    Huggin' the little pair of shoes she silently sobbed,
    Tears rolled down her cheeks, anguish cannot be denied,
    She feels the pain and agony from day to night,
    I now became a witness of a mother who's grieving for her child.

    The pain of her wounded heart numb her lifeless body,
    As she grieve for her son that didn't given a chance to be born.
    Now, what is use of the newly bought pair of shoes,
    When her child is lying peacefully in his own coffin?

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    Saksi Sa'yong Karalitaan

    Poem inspiration: Ernest Hemingway's 6 words verse — "For sale: baby shoes never worn"


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  • rosebudz 39w

    Even if someone attempted to walk a mile in your shoes they would never quite fit right because they are molded to your feet, just like you are molded to the everyday chaos of your interesting lifestyle. You are one of a kind never forget that.


  • discreetliterature 47w

    Square One.

    Eventually we all are destined
    to be in the shoes of those
    Who we thought were villains.
    We all try to stay away
    from demons around us,
    and secretly preserve one, inside us.
    We are never back to square one.
    We are all, actually, Square One.


  • spokensecrets 50w


    If shoe could speak he would say how far he has come with me of me without knowing the exact pain of the path . Shoes would share the life from fully plain to holes in them. He would express the pain of choosing one in so many of them because rejection never makes happy. May be they would be happy to be there holding me up in my lows and running with me in my lonely days and I would be the one to thanking them for being with me every time I step outside my room.

  • shay20s 50w

    If my shoes could. . . .

    If my shoes could to tell you the stories of my childhood.
    If my shoes could tell you about those times I took a different route home just to pass by a boys house, who might never notice me.

    If my shoes could tell you about those times I walked out of yet another disappointing interview.

    Oh my shoes.
    If my shoes could tell you everything I put it through, I swear I would feel ashamed of that too, as ashamed as I am for allowing my shoes to jump into the muddy pool my mom warned me about.

    My shoes,
    I'm so glad your thoughts are kept to yourself and that you dont have a voice to speak because my oh my all my stories you would be able to tell.

  • cardelljhardy 50w

    Who Is He

    Traumatic loss, in a scarred world.
    Hard times, my bad decisions
    Cost me as my mind ravagely swirls.
    My past roars alive, a dyer situation
    Like holey shoes, to be tossed away.
    Who is He that chooses to stay
    And guide me from day to day?
    And lead me home even of Ive gone astray.

  • close_stranger 50w

    #shoes #boysoverflowers #lmh #leeminho #gujunpyo #geumjandi #f4 #kuhyesun #mirakee_word #mirakee #kdrama #kdramaquotes
    This is from a kdrama named Boys over flowers. It's a love story between a rich arrogant boy and an ordinary girl .
    (Picture showed is not mine . Credit to the rightful owners)

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    Shoes are always important.
    The right footwear gets you to the right places

  • karumpiravee 50w

    Shoes never shows their own

  • karumpiravee 50w

    Let me try to be the shoes of me

  • thelunareclipse 50w

    Where are those
    Old happy days
    When we use to dance,
    With such an easiness
    And zest,
    To the stars ?

    Now, the only thing
    We have left
    Is to keep the memories
    Of past times,
    When we had to practice
    For the hours,
    With such a devotion
    And love.

    With soft steps,
    We moved easily
    In pirouettes,
    With ardour and gaiety,
    Carried by
    The mellifluous sound.

    And now, forgotten
    And worn,
    We sadly rest
    In silence,
    Covered with dust.

    We have no regrets,
    Just one wish stil
    Occupies our hearts,
    To dance once again
    In the name
    Of bygone days.



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    Ballad of ballet shoes

  • paint_a_poem 50w

    #shoes #writersnetwork #mirakee

    /*The shoe speaks*/

    I have walked the high streets of fashion
    One among her many shoes

    Have been treated with care and kindness
    Brushed bright till I shone through the night

    Then when I was taking comfort in my paradise
    She lent me to another who had no fancy shoes

    Now am the pride of a new owner
    Not one among many but the only one

    Am worshipped and adorned
    Kept aside till am worn all day long

    I don't know whom I like more
    The generous giver or the grateful taker

    I remain a humble shoe
    And will always be till am torn


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    Lend me your shoes

  • alluring_reflections97 50w

    (from the perspective of a shoe )

    Here come the words of mine,
    the pourings of my heart,
    just to perceive one thing .

    Recalling the happiest day of mine
    the day sunrays fell on me
    I kept awaiting for this one,whom I belongs- to.
    Eventually you came , held me in the comfy- hands with gleaming eyes and blooming- smile.
    I then asked , who am I to you ??
    Even denied of answer ,
    I befriended in each swings of yours,
    we together probed , together played -
    and together prospered .
    Some day I was a saviour in your eyes ,
    and some day a complice,
    but all of a sudden -
    I just turn to be a petty stranger .
    enticed by a zephy blue one ,
    you flipped off me today .
    My trivial consents never matters you -
    to took me or to leave me .
    One answer is enough for me now,
    who was I to you my friend ??
    A playmate , just a fellow traveller or -
    humble servant ?
    whatever you calls me , at the end of the day -
    I am just a "shoe",coated with dust and mud.


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  • bohemian_ballerina 50w

    These would be the exact words if my shoes were to speak��
    But then they are meant to be played with, even though I rip them within a few days. My mother asks me to wear shoes of steel!��
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #shoes #wod @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Despair of a Shoe

    No not yet again..no no NOOO!!

    Be it a cold or the dirt I catch
    Or even a chewed gum,
    She never cares to look after me
    And behaves as if I need to direct her.

    Those dirty ferocious puddles
    Make me go reverse yet again
    But I anyhow get drenched with a splash
    For, I'm the shoe but walk according to her!

    Even if I were just days old baby
    Breaking me into two is not new
    Yet again getting healed at the doctor's (or cobbler's)
    I foresee a disaster coming my way to pick me up.

    Be it the cold wet grass
    Or the scorching sun's blisters
    I have been there for her
    In every bloody despair.

    But alas! My pair was never
    To get too close to me
    For, she would trip
    And thus rip me apart!

    But at the end of the day
    I just start my day then
    As she kicks her stinking legs
    Off me and I have my me time, though alone!


  • nm_bloggslove_ 50w

    I know , no one could imagine going out without me
    That one necessity your feet needs ,
    Like the peanut butter to your bread ,
    I'll be there walking with you...!

    Protection is my work 24×7,
    Be it rich or poor , young or old
    From rains to snow to hot desert sands
    Your feet cries for me in adverse conditions like these !

    But often , for my external looks ,
    Brands call me as a product ,
    To sustain their basic needs
    By selling me of to buyers and influencers ...

    Marking a statement here , for the notice of readers
    Please do keep me clean , so that I feel fresh all the time ,
    Please do not throw me after use , because I do have feelings..
    Please do not feed me to stray dogs and cats as their pacifiers!
    Please do take care of me like your own family member....

    With love ,
    Shoes :)



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    If shoe could speak......

  • monikakapur 50w

    When you wear me as stilettos ,
    You feel confident and tall
    Thought diligently you
    need to walk, Lest you fall
    When you wear me as boots
    you feel snug and tight
    And when you wear me as sneakers
    You feel feathered bird light
    When you wear me as wedges
    you put caution to winds
    When you wear me as floaters
    Your feet along with me, grinned

    Wherever you go, I go too
    North, east ,south or west
    My sole never gave up on you
    I have always tried to be the best
    In the highs and lows of life
    I try to keep you balanced, me the shoe
    How rough the paths of life are !
    I have been the one who took the bruise
    With your feet secured in me
    You dance, You hop, You jump, You run
    I am the one who ensure your safety
    I rosh I could never hamper your fun .

    Yours truly
    Your shoes

  • summermoon 50w


    If my shoes could speak they would probably tell you they feel neglected. Taking them off as quickly as I put them on. Not respecting the care they take of my feet. Disregarding the stability they give as I walk.
    If my shoes could speak they would probably tell you I love them too much. Refusing to let them go long after they have been worn through. Soles worn down so thin you can almost see my socks.
    If my shoes could speak they would probably tell you the adventures we go on. Skipping and running to various locations. Up mountains, down rivers, through trees and grass.
    If my shoes could speak they would probably tell you I never match my socks.
    If my shoes could speak they would probably tell me to wash them more often.

  • sillysadar 51w


    Footwear by me

    A dancer wouldn't be able to dance nor would a ballerina be able to do ballet if it weren't for the foot wear they wear
    A runner wouldn't be able to run as fast if it weren't for the foot wear they wear
    A waiter wouldn't be able to serve a dish without hitting a nerve if it weren't for them wearing the right foot wear

    For the foot wear you wear Is important
    If you don't wear the right ones you will have a pain to bear until you take your shoes off so,
    Treat it as if it was your friend and choose your footwear with caution
    For you may fall or be unable to do tasks you need to do if you wear the wrong foot wear
    You may hurt yourself so choose the shoes you wear with caution and treat it as it's a friend

  • a_gentilischi 50w

    This isn't for the #/wod prompt. But, I had it saved in drafts, and didn't know what to do with it, and now seemed as good as any time to put it out there ��

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi
    PC : Pinterest

    #mirakee #writersnetwork
    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #pod #relationships #love
    #shoes #time #past

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    Lonely Slippers

    There's this one bright apple green patch
    From where the price tag was torn
    Everything else is a grayish green, faded
    And the soles are quite worn
    I only found your slippers yesterday
    Lying in a corner behind the bedroom door
    Motes of dust kissing the cobwebs gently Darling, the pair look so forlorn
    Won't you come back, dearest?
    Sweetheart, won't you come home?
    Both your slippers and I miss you
    We're all empty, now that you're gone

    I'm jealous. Those slippers have each other.
    But, my love, I'm all alone.

  • oceansandgraveyards 148w

    If shoes could speak,
    They would share fathomless stories about me.

    - bhargavi aka dolly