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  • poetrani 4w

    My post

    is not for you but if the shoe
    fits your foot then wear it

  • poetrani 4w

    Seesaw love

    Love is like an imaginary seesaw game,
    As it gives you feelings as if you're in a playground,
    The moment someone goes up,
    Someone has to fall down.

  • poetrani 6w


    भीड़ बहुत है इस शहर में
    पर मुझे अपनी अलग एक पहचान बनानी है,
    किताबों पे अपने नाम कि स्यांही
    सुनहरे रंग में रंगवानी है

  • poetrani 7w

    I can, Eventually

    Life befalls all at once,
    If I could pause all for once... I'm jaded.
    It's always gonna be complicated...
    Dark days love me—hard relations.
    As if programmed, I'm reliving the same days.
    My conscience rams my thoughts: "Change ways!"
    I promised that, but never did I follow.
    My conscious lags: "Later, or tomorrow."
    Why don't I do it now? Whatever it is...
    Am I that pooled with doubts?
    Can't I pressure limits?
    I think too much, but I never do much;
    Life gives too much, but I don't use none
    Of the chances given.
    My shots, I blew some, misused some;
    My brain lose trust in me who just
    Keeps killing minutes.
    I have to pick my pen every other day,
    And stick to it to the end,
    Till I can bring nice sense in better ways.
    A good mix of words sends
    A mix of feelings to mend—
    If not to mend, then to get—a reader's pain.
    I can eventually write good,
    If I write good enough every other day.
    I can eventually fly—I could—
    If I flap my wings enough every other day.
    I can... Eventually.

  • poetrani 9w

    इक उड़ान दो

    बंद है मन की खिड़कियाँ
    ज़रा हवा के झोंके उधार दो
    मुझे बारिशों को जीतना है
    मेरे पंखों को इक उड़ान दो
    मेरे गाँव की गलियाँ बदल जायेगी शहर की सड़कों में
    छोटे छोटे डिब्बे जो बदल जायेंगे मीनारों में
    इक बाग सजाना है उमीदों का
    मुझे कुछ बीज उधार दो
    अमावस है , काली घनी रात
    पूर्णिमा बहुत दूर खड़ी
    पर हाथों में लेकर दिया
    मैं भी पथ पर चल पड़ी
    खोजने जीत को
    सुकूँ को, प्रीत को
    बादलों के उपर से देखना है जहाँ मुझे
    समन्दर की गहरायीओं से भी नीचे जाना है मुझे
    मन में निश्चय है
    मंज़िल बस विजय है
    बस कुछ वक़्त उधार दो
    मुझे मेरी उड़ान दो

  • poetrani 10w

    You go on

    For the faces slowly turning away, give them a last farewell smile.

    For those who no longer want to listen, whisper a final goodbye.

    And go on, like the doll you always were.

    As the beautiful, cruel, porcelain doll,
    you go on.

  • poetrani 11w

    He said

    Sometimes,Your presence in my life seems like an illusion,
    Like what if I'm just dreaming
    and it's all nothing but hallucination!?

    Your voice is so sweet even the
    singing birds start to listen,
    You're hell of a creature who
    could put anybody in confusion.

    Your Soul is so pure,
    Your heart is so rare,
    More than beautiful
    I just love your every shade.

    I don't believe in God
    But After meeting you, Girl!
    I'm damn sure you're not

  • poetrani 11w


    Pain is one of the places where language becomes physical

  • poetrani 15w


    Dream without, and get me out to the morning light.
    Dream without, and let me reach the twilight.
    Dream without, and let me kiss the sun and the moon.
    Dream without, and let me heed the warnings soon.

    Freedom blessed under stars, under the pressure of the cosmos.
    As I fight for my rights, no one comes but the oppressors.
    And when I seek what is infront, then it disappears forever.
    Can I find freedom from these feelings and from this evil?

    Blessed shall be, when the truth has been revealed.
    Shall I bring up what's worth and what's real?
    If life was lemon, how must I find the deeper meaning?
    There truly lingers pain eager for freedom from these feelings.

  • poetrani 19w

    Unspoken words

    many men of faith tried,
    to keep us away,
    yet nature is hard filled,
    found us a way.
    the blood that froze,
    due to hard times of life.
    the veins that messed up,
    confused with live and survive.
    the unspoken words,
    hidden in the minds,
    cannot be heard,
    unless someone finds.
    the heart that was cracked,
    the lips were made to shut,
    the life we're forced to live,
    it's an unimaginable journey.
    the best part of life,
    is about to come,
    when god takes over,
    to mend our destinies.

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    Unspoken words