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  • not_yours 7w

    Be U

    He told me always be you, be you
    I never want u to change

    But slowly slowly he ate away all my peace, my innocence, I lost my mental health.

    When he came in my life I was happy before, I had came over from a pathetic past after so much time

    But what he did was again he took away my happiness and left me broken hearted again....I can't even put into words what I am feeling.

    I feel like am just continuously falling into a well and someone must save me.

  • afshwrites 9w

    Jab tanha hi safar tera naseeb,
    Q bewajah aas laga kar tu dil mere,
    Meri jaan khuwaar krta hai.


  • sp00ky_rain 13w

    I actually wrote this for a school assignment a while ago, I thought it would be perfect for today's wod!! I did edit it a bit but I hope it's still good!! ��

    #character #wod #dontgiveup #dont_give_up #broken #shattered #lost #broken_hearted

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    A Shattered Girl

    Sitting in a classroom full of others she feels her self esteem go down
    She pulls her hood over her head and puts on her headphones
    To ignore the brashness of her fellow peers
    She tried to assure herself that morning that she is perfect
    Just the way she is
    But her morale is low
    When she stands she tries to make sure her poise is perfect
    Though it lacked dignity and confidence
    She knew that deep down that without
    She would never be perfect
    Her tenacity on being perfect was strong
    She tried to hide her face behind a mask
    Made of powder and liquid
    Every morning when her mom tells her she looks beautiful without the mask
    Her mother speaks with conviction
    Her mother remembers the child she raised
    The joy and love she showed
    But the older she got the less she knew of her daughter
    No matter how hard she tried to get through the cracked armor
    That her daughter wore
    It wouldn’t bust open
    When she opens her phone and goes on to social media
    She sees why her daughter acts the way that she does
    Women and girls dressing up and wearing these perfect faces
    If only she had seen through the fakeness
    If she hadn’t been surrounded by them for years now
    Maybe she wouldn’t cry herself to sleep
    Maybe all the sharp objects wouldn’t be hidden away
    Maybe if her dad had been there to help raise her
    Maybe if she had better friends
    Maybe if she had a better life
    That’s where the story of her ends
    Lost in a sea of other treasures
    Little did she know
    When she left
    It tore the others apart
    The ones who tried
    The ones who called
    The ones who texted daily
    The ones who cried for her to not lose hope
    It wasn’t their fault
    But they all felt they were to blame
    For the loss of
    Cora Leigh Raye


  • taytay_nicole424 13w

    Oh Momma

    Momma's barely making it gripping tightly to a thread made of paper and a man made of abuse hibernating in her dungeon surviving on her meds

    Oh momma why can't you see that you aren't alone, that you aren't the only one hurting why must you wither away in this false kingdom with that damn toxic prince you call a "fiance"

    Oh momma please listen to my cries. I've always been a scared, scarred little girl crying out for her momma as the wolves devours her alive

    Oh momma just feel the light I try to shed your way push open those dangerous drapes to a world you have shut off, to a world with us your kids, your grandbabies

    Momma's days are numbered if she keeps going on this way skinnier than a Victoria's Secret model cause she never eats so far gone it seems that not even hopes or prayers can get her to stay

  • scribbles_of_anonymity 15w

    How many can relate yourselves to these lines as a victim or may be as a culprit.

    #easypeople #saturated #shattered #longgone #shameless

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    That Shameless Fellow

    We all have the habit of chasing away the people who are shamelessly stuck to us. We abuse them, insult them to the core, embarrassed them, mock them, disgrace them, make them feel worthless about themselves, make them cry, and drive them to negativity. And even after all this they will reach us desperately with a smile on their face.

    But one fine day we will chase them away as usual and we'll never get to hear their noise. We will then turn back to look for them and they'll be long gone, shattered and saturated.


  • artless_mind 15w

    I am the nicest rude person you will ever met in your life. I don't care at all at the same time I care about a lot

  • _samreen19_ 17w

    Help ya rab

    I cant see these hazards any more....
    I cant hear these evil tidings any more....
    What is happening?
    My heart just sinks ....
    My heart sinks at these sights....
    Every day umpteen people die....
    By one or another reason....

    My heart sinks...
    Wallahi i cant bear this....
    I know this is the sequel of our own activities...
    But i ask Allah how can u see ummah of Muhammad saw suffering like this?
    Plz Rabb end these torments..
    Or end this world ...
    Because we are shattered ....
    We cant take it anymore....

  • the_awkward_philosopher 22w


    I was trying to fix something
    Thinking that it was broken
    But now I realized that it's shattered


  • questioning_life 23w

    #ecstacy #shattered #illusion #sea #sun #sunset #cake #polluted #town #place #dead #mirakee #writersnetwork #birds #smoke #cobweb #trap #siren #song #catch #hunted


    A cobweb brushes against my face,
    It's a dark town in a dead place,
    It once was amazing ecstacy,
    With fruitful cake and shining sea,
    And flaming colours in the sky,
    Rainbow creatures that don't lie,
    And Birds that sing siren songs
    And Suddenly it feels so wrong,
    Poisoned cake and crashing sea,
    Smoke polluting the ecstacy,
    Dull colours hang in the air,
    Nothing in this town plays fair
    The cobweb fails to set it's trap,
    Hoping to catch another chap.


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    A cobweb brushes against my face,
    It's a dark town in a dead place,
    It once was amazing ecstacy,
    With fruitful cake and shining sea,
    And flaming colours in the sky,
    Rainbow creatures that don't lie,
    And Birds that sing siren songs
    And Suddenly it feels so wrong,
    Poisoned cake and crashing sea,
    Smoke polluting the ecstacy,
    Dull colours hang in the air,
    Nothing in this town plays fair
    The cobweb fails to set it's trap,
    Hoping to catch another chap.

  • justwordsby_tha_ra 24w

    My life collapsed in front my eyes.
    My heart shattered into pieces.
    My tears knew no stop,
    My soul couldn't take the betrayal
    My brain couldn't believe the fact,
    You chose her over me...


  • souls_solace 25w

    Through the shattered glass it fell
    Into the void it once held
    It could see the skies above
    With broken wings, there was no worse hell


  • smitha_13 25w

    I'm full of wounds ��
    But what is more painful is,
    no one is there to ask me what happened??

    #broken #shatter #shattered

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  • shatabdi365 26w


    Hey little Devil,
    I wanna scream and shout, I wanna cry .
    I'm so lonely, to feel the universe inside me.
    I feel like chocking myself, I'm shattered in my head.
    I'm so broken , everything's hollow inside my heart.
    F/w my emotions, I'll end up being ghosted again.


  • hotzombie 27w

    Cry for me

    Show me you love me....
    I ll let you Cry for me...
    Show me you love me...
    Dont let your eyes dry for me...

  • bemyheartless_love 27w

    Let her go
    Broken tulips started smelling like hope
    Where she has maintained an era of pain
    It was none other than you were too shattered

  • taytay_nicole424 27w

    6 a.m. Thoughts

    Why can't I slay this monsterous misery clawing at my heart
    Ripping to shreds my thoughts like it was nothing more than mere paper flying about in this vast darkness called my mind
    Bringing about nothing but memories and hurt
    Setting ablaze whatever joyful butterfly dares to flutter about
    Leaving me shattered and scattered about
    When will this pain float away

  • taytay_nicole424 27w

    Don't Talk to Me About Love

    Don't talk to me about love
    Until you have cut yourself open with that jagged shard of trust continously lighting their candle while yours grew dimmer and dimmer until there was simply no more light left and you were trapped in complete utter darkness

    Don't talk to me about love
    Until you have pricked your finger on the thorns of that rose that you poured your heart and soul and tears onto to help nurture so that it may grow into something so invincible only to watch the one person you stayed up 24/7 watching over that damn flower cut it from the stem, stomp on it, and watch it die with a fucking smirk and a bloody jeer

    Don't talk to me about love
    Until you have experienced your heart shatter into a trillion pieces over and over left to pick up the shards alone because they have dropped you like you were nothing more than a broken toy no longer worth keeping but yet you still wish them the happiness, joys, and love of life while you struggle to ever let anyone touch your fragile fragments like that again

    Don't talk to me about love
    For I know just how cruel and damaging it can truly be

  • bleeding__words 28w

    Note to Self

    Dreams that come true only with involvement of two are the dreams that either get shattered or remain unfulfilled or never pursued..Count on yourself alone to make them true.

    Stop looking for a acknowledgement and appreciation as it is of no use .Neither are you responsible for their behavior nor is it your job to fulfill their expectations. I know you are trying to repair the damages of the past but Emotional Dependency is not good and is sure going to cost.

    Nobody can and no one will only you can heal whats broken.. Everything broken is beautiful doesn't matter if anyone mentions it or not. Words have proven nothing but crap save yourself from falling back into that trap..Don't mess with their space restrain from building castle on shifting sands..

    Put yourself first!

  • xamber52 29w


    Sometimes, the rain falls heavy from my heart.
    Sometimes, shattered pieces fall apart.
    Sometimes, love can make you cry...
    Sometimes, I just want to die...

  • captain_ali_01 29w

    To Pieces

    Stimulated cries of despair echo within my bones,
    A resurrected realization turning my heart to stone
    And as my eyes roll back from the pleasure of pain,
    My mistakes take the form of bloody stains.
    I ride high with the moon,
    Dancing along the thunder's tunes,
    Waiting for a lighting bolt to shatter
    Me till I'm left scattered
    On the ground and left falling into the abyss;
    Akin to eternal bliss.