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    Propaganda propelled the masses, eager to heed,
    Factions in the sole structure letting the chaos lead.
    Heated warnings of the dreaded monsters, screeching loud,
    Guarded as they roam but come to be, not from the out.
    Grateful are they for seeds sowed in generosity,
    Blossomed flowers praised for the sower's ability.
    Children reaching out with hunger for the maroon fruit,
    Appalled by the bleeding heart in hand which seems crude.
    Madly sprinting through parks mantled by serenity,
    Unsettling slow paces disrupts intensity.
    A world conscious by it's ability to have peace,
    Realize it's awareness to be a fragile disease.
    The soaring eagle plunging into the dark abyss,
    Sees it's majestic wings disintegrate into mist.
    Seafarer violently hurdled by the oceans' wave,
    If only he had watched from shore, he would have been saved.