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  • dr_amyne 2d


    I think God wanted the world to experience what love feels like, so He sent mother

    My God! Never have I ever seen anyone kinder

    Anyone softer? Anyone stronger? Anyone smarter?

    No! she is simply the master ever

    Difficulties over difficulties, she never retreat nor surrender

    She says "my child no thunder will stop me from giving you shelter"

    "Nothing can stop me from protecting you my dear"

    "From the harsh world come hell or high water"

    One night I heard as if someone was crying only the voice wasn't louder

    I said mama: "were you crying? Tell me who caused it I am ready to commit murder

    She laughed and said: "Your mama is so talented she could make different voices it wasn't real crying my dear"

    " I was testing my talent, now let's have laughter "

    So we laughed at all the night's sorrow

    Until the sun rises she said "Now it's another day yesterday we called it tomorrow

    "Listen carefully my child we all have limited tomorrow"

    "When you wake up that day and mama not there, promise me not to be in sorrow"

    But mama how possible? And can they love me the same?

    Would they help hide my shame?

    Even if I become bigger, without you what use is the fame?

    Who would make magic and provide food with little or no money, then offer me the bigger portion on the table?

    Who would go hungry simply by giving me the only food available?

    Only you give me even your share, then say it tastes in your tongue terrible

    But mama in my tongue it is palatable

    "My child I will be watching over, and you have my blessing, grow up to be a good child and become honorable"

    "There is nothing noble in being horrible"

    "I will be waiting for your last tomorrow when God would welcome you as His noble"

  • yayinology 3d

    Ig it's important to take a break. To stop moving. To stand still and observe the beauty that's placed around us. Then maybe, just maybe life won't suck this much.

    We're so insignificant. Whatever we do, and whatever we are, all are gonna be forgotten. This life if it means something, I think it is to the person living it. No one else.

    But we all are trained to live for others
    We are so afraid of shame.

    We don't dance until we are good at it. We don't sing because someone said we sound like a frog. We don't cry because we don't wanna be pitied, etc.

    But all this pretending, all this overthinking and worrying is not needed. No one gives a shit lol. Even the ones that talk, move on to another topic after 5 min. We're the ones who carry it till the end.

    If we could say whatever comes to our mind and do whatever makes us happy, without affecting others, life would be good.

    Anyways other people don’t perceive you the same way you perceive yourself. So it makes no sense to try to change for others.

    #conversations #life #pretending #tired #happiness #shame

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    A conversation I had with my friend.

  • skelvin 1w


    Wake up and try your best,
    lavender walls and a tightness in your chest,
    are you okay?

    Live your best life, one that isn't yours,
    in a cell between someone else's home,
    heavy headed man-child.

    Find your heart and let it beat,
    watch blood leak from each and every vein,
    and go to sleep, repeat everything else again.


  • suvam2002 3w


    I know You have a FLAME
    Just don't make it BLAME
    If you make it BLAME, then you feel SHAME
    If you feel SHAME, what will you do with FLAME?

  • thefangirl 4w

    പറയാവുന്നതിന്റെ അപ്പുറം സങ്കടങ്ങൾ പറഞ്ഞു കഴിഞ്ഞിരിക്കുന്നു. ഇനിയും ആരോടാണ് എന്താണ് ഞാൻ പറയേണ്ടത്.

    കേൾക്കാവുന്നതിന്റെ അപ്പുറം അവർ കേട്ട് കഴിഞ്ഞിരിക്കുന്നു.ഇനിയും എന്താണ് അവർ ഉപദേശിക്കേണ്ടത്.

    എനിക്കേറ്റ പഴികളും കേട്ടു മടുത്ത കുറ്റപ്പെടുത്തലുകളും വീണ്ടും വീണ്ടും മനസ്സിനെ നോവിക്കുമ്പോൾ അതെല്ലാം ഉള്ളിലൊതുക്കി ജീവിക്കാൻ വിധിക്കപ്പെട്ടവളായി ഞാൻ മാറിയിരിക്കുന്നു.

  • conflicted_ 5w

    It feels like I'm walking on a tight rope,
    I can't see but
    I can feel the tension that lies in my hope,
    My mother, I keep her safest above my arms,on my wings..
    My allies on my shoulders and
    My lover lies like a crown on my horns,
    while I walk this test,is this a
    Walk of shame or a leap of faith?
    Two little demons called guilt and regret whisper in my ears, to look back,
    I can't look back cause I know if I turn back I'd fall down and if I fall,
    would it be like a pack of cards or dominoes,
    Either ways my wings weigh,
    And I can't see ahead cause it's uncertain,
    It feels like there's more than gravity,
    That's certain,
    pulling me down,
    all the people who I once looked up to or looked for,
    I can't look back, no way,
    Neither could I see or know what's ahead,
    'Close my eyes, o lover,
    Make me walk above the clouds,
    Make me reach the stars above,
    take me higher,
    Hold my wings, o mother,
    I'll keep you safe till the last of my breath...'
    Incomplete piece.
    Let's see if I could complete this later or if anyone of you could, that'd be great.
    #vent #rant #demons #walk #mother #wings #fall #hope #guilt #regret #uncertainty #shame

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    It feels like I'm walking on a tight rope,
    I can't see but
    I can feel the tension that lies in my hope,
    My mother, I keep her safest above my arms,on my wings..
    My allies on my shoulders and
    My lover lies like a crown on my horns,
    while I walk this test,is this a
    Walk of shame or a leap of faith?
    Continued in the caption.

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  • xamber52 6w

    You didn't love me..

    Why did you let go?
    I was still holding on,
    didn't you know?
    Love was a dangerous game.
    It left us nothing but shame.
    I don't think you loved me,
    I feel like today you set me free.

  • abhayrao 7w

    Free will

    She had a light in her eyes, twinkling delight
    Fiercely stubborn, fighting for what's right
    A gentle heart beneath something coarse
    Lifetimes created in a short discourse
    Enchanting like something so mythical
    She had it all, except free will
    Masculinity here was still so fragile
    Government's show more, hand than spine
    His world built on sheer ambition and will
    Free lands are now, once more a kingdom
    A turning point, a moment in history
    So far along, we had almost broken free
    But now the familiar shackles return
    Haunted by lessons we refuse to learn
    Banyan trees quivering in the wake of a sapling
    Flowers offended, such a delicate little thing
    She had it all, except free will...

  • gautamji 8w

    Speak oh silent child speak,
    Break your silence, don't be meek.

    Your story is yours to tell,
    Let it not in silence dwell
    I know society has had a terrible streak,
    intolerant, unaccepting of people
    that differ from what they seek
    rejecting those that won't conform
    to what they consider the norm

    But let your words not die in shame
    It's good that you aren't just the same
    So speak Oh child speak,
    you are the farthest thing from weak.

    Let your bravery shine through,
    with every word that'll ring true
    May your words be bold and loud
    Dispelling this shameful silent shroud


  • deepflowsoul 10w

    A cabin is a home within me.
    Emotions dwell inside this underneath.
    I enter as the fireplace forms,
    A table, a clock, and energy torn.
    I approach as a mediator,
    Sadness, anger, guilt, shame; gladiators.
    Corners are filled with festering doubts,
    I center myself amongst their fearful bouts.
    Please, we must establish unconditional love,
    Anger bursts giving sadness a shove.
    Sadness curls back and clings to their corner.
    ENOUGH I demand, adoring her.
    You are all worthy, we are always enough.
    Only we can choose how little and how tough.
    They look at me, and we can finally see,
    The war is far from over underneath.

    There is always room for improvement

    #underneath #cabin #anger #sadness #guilt #shame #doubts #love #unconditional #fear #cornee #war #enough #worthy #choice #hope #healing #love #courage #strength #tough #

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    The Cabin Underneath


  • mercileie_zealeaous01 10w

    Today's Scenario of farmer's , #Pkz ,#shame on politics !!! #Annadata of India ,Jai Jawan Jai Kisan !

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    Farmers : Lord of grains (Annadata)


  • the_village_poet 11w

    Once Dying

    Pick the petals
    Away from the center
    Of a perfect flower
    Soft petals
    Made for you
    To gaze at
    To touch
    To love.

    Throw their beauty
    Into the wildest wind
    Of your manmade storm
    Withering petals
    Escaping your hands
    To get away
    To vanish
    To disappear.

    The flower droops
    Under the fragrant petals
    Of the other flowers
    Stripped bare
    Hiding her shame
    To be hidden
    To forget
    To die.

    But now rain
    Falls down the stem
    Of the once dying
    Warrior blossom
    Bursting with petals
    To be seen
    To grow
    To live.

    © Stacey Welsh ☘️
    - Once Dying -
    January 15, 2021

  • metaurelius 12w

    remember my face
    emember my name
    member our guilt
    ember our shame

  • samyuktha_krishna 14w

    No wonder that love is a crime in this society, because even a woman's period is still a taboo here..!


  • bclark2681 15w

    Lost Faith

    I know you lost your faith in me
    And you know I felt the same
    I'm nothing but a bastard loser
    Going by another given name
    I'm caught under my torment
    O so miserable and ashamed
    I'm going to leave peacefully
    And survive alone in my shame

  • gutzwvw 16w

    Loves Face

    Will appear and erase.
    All old heartaches.
    As long as you dont disgrace her name.
    By calling it out in shame.

  • keithallencovell 18w

    Silent Confession

    Some things should stay silent
    Between you and God
    Never confuse
    Never abuse
    Care for yourself
    Don't hide


  • _infinity_writer_ 20w

    In love with a man

    She couldn’t stomach it…

    She knows the dark side of reality. She knows what’s hiding in the shadows. She was preached about this again and again by everyone around her. Be safe, walk properly, sit properly, dress properly, stay in the light, don’t trust where etched on her mind. She knew there was good and bad in the world, but she never knew there was bad and worse.

    “No one knew” he cried. “No one except my best friend” he sobbed into her hands. “ You don’t need to explain,” she said to him, thinking what's wrong with people. “I have to. I cannot lock it inside me forever and i- i trust you” I love you was left in between the lines which she read loud and clear.

    “It- it was our school farewell party, organized by students in some club. I- I was with my ex- girlfriend and her friends, some guys she- she knew . My fr- friends left early and i- i was about to leave. Sh- She wanted m- me to drop her. S- So I waited. Th- they gave me something to- to drink. I- i didn’t think. It was ju- just a drink i-” He broke off and started sobbing into her shoulders. She knew what's coming. She knew.

    “It’s my fault. Sh- She always initiated things, I- I was okay wi- with sex b- but it felt wi- wierd to- to- we were too young-” he sobbed. ‘Men should be strong minded and strong hearted’ Damn you society and your bullshit perceptions she seethed to herself. “How old were you guys?, you don’t have tell me if you don’t want to just-”.''she was a couple of years older than me. Sh- she was detained a year at sch- school.” he tried to get himself together. “Don’t. Don’t hold on. Let it go,”she said. you don’t have to be always strong he read in between her lines.

    “I- I didn’t know where i was when I woke up. It was painful. Everywhere, everything was painful, I couldn't walk an- and there was blo-” he hid his face in his hands and started sobbing again. Oh God, she covered her mouth. “It was some kind of hotel. My ex was sitting in the- there with another guy. They started talking ab- about be- before night. Laughing and teasing an-” he started pulling his hair. She took his hands and held it strong. “I- it was dis- disgusting. I- i shouted and sc- screamed. She just slapped m- me an- and sa- said ‘It’s sex. All guys like it. Don’t act like a simp’ I-I- sex is okay b- but-”, “Not okay without your consent” she finished it for him.

    “I- I didn’t have a phone, so I came down and called my best friend from the lobby. H- he took me to- to a doctor, helped me, lied to my mom that we had an accident, never told anyone. I-I couldn’t tell m- my mom. How can I tell my mom that her son-” he broke off, crying. He never lied to his mom. It was physically painful to carry something so traumatic. “My mom knew something was wrong. Later i told her i broke up with my girlfriend and mom thought it was the reason i was sad” he gave a sad smile.

    “You know when my dad died,a year before all this, everyone told me to hold on and be strong for my mom. I was’ the man of the family’ then. Everyone expects men like me to be strong and confident, but we are human. We have a heart and we feel all the pain, shame and everything. But where should we go and cry? Where do our broken hearts go? How do we heal if we can’t express the pain we feel?” he looked somewhere with raw pain and emptiness in his eyes.

    She hugged him tight and broke down in his shoulders. It was just two souls with raw pain, crying into each other's arms. She brushed his tears and kissed his forehead. “ You don’t have to carry everything on your shoulders. You can cry, you can break down, you can express your pain. You have friends. They would never judge you. There are people who would listen to you and help you heal. You have your mom and dad, your dad lives in you. There are people who like you and love you not in spite of your pain and flaws, but also for those.” she said, looking into his eyes. “Will you love me for my pains and flaws?” he asked with so much hope and pain in his eyes that it broke her heart. “I love you. For all your pains and flaws. All of you” she held his face in her hands and touched their foreheads.

    “Sorry you are stuck with a simp” he chuckled.

    No, I fell in love with a Man...


  • good_soul 20w

    Eyes of Hope, filled with Tears
    Pain and Anguish, from my very own peers.

    Never thought My Body needed a Validation,
    I was required to show an ID at every unfamiliar station

    "You're not Beautiful, coz You're Black!", she whispered in disgust...
    "If you wanna stay in our Pack, having Fair Skin is a Must!"

    Didn't shatter right away, because few things were still left unsaid...
    My Skin wasn't the only thing that everyone wanted Me to shed.

    Felt like an Idiot when opening My Mouth, even if it was to eat
    I was told 'Don't Smile, it's Hideous', just because of My buck teeth.

    'You really need Dental Braces', they adviced
    I could never forget those 'accidental faces' who thought they are being really nice.

    'Why are You so Thin? Are you suffering from Malnutrition?'
    Never felt comfortable in My Own Skin,
    coz they said, 'Guys like You are just liabilities in every condition!'

    Afraid to even express My Joy... they said, 'That's not how Men laugh'
    No teary eyes, coz 'Boys never Cry!', wipe them away ASAP.

    'Your Opinions don't matter, We don't listen to the Weak!'
    'Our Dominion will not shatter! Stay away from Us, You freak!'

    All this seems enough God, why didn't I learn this early?
    That Your World only knows one thing,

    One thing that is...

    To make someone realise how "They are Ugly."


    #ugly #shame #judgement #people

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