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  • lalitha_l2 11w

    Yeah, I'm a season of different essence!!
    Where the smiles of innocence,
    Of many mother sons,
    Touches the souls of rain drops.
    Where the names of fames,
    Written on the winter fogs,
    On well known window glasses.
    Where the blossom of leaves,
    Having the growth of many hopes,
    With a desire to survive the lives.
    Where the rays of sun shine,
    Fills the lights of delights,
    With the glows of many wishes.
    Where the lessons of tired persons,
    Calm down with the shades of mine,
    Showing the phases of life,
    With the character and nature of mine.

  • thebhavnasaxena 11w


    Roses blooming in her cheeks,
    Her eyes brimming with passion,
    She reads on, as the warrior queen
    Takes off her armour to drown
    Into the fires of love, only to
    Emerge as a goddess still
    Caressing the marks her lover
    Left on her skin, so many lovers,
    So many love stories in the world,
    The girl wonders, all tints and shades
    And hues swirling in the air, invisible,
    But not to those whose hearts beat
    With love, a sigh escapes her parted
    Lips as she wonders, what colours
    Do lovers dream in?

  • beingandbecoming 19w

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    Shades of Identity

    Identify your own shades of identity before anyone else darken your destiny by blackening the world with shades of their own!!

  • anas_husain 19w

    الشّغَفُ (‎shaghaf) Affliction

    The first stage of destructive, all-consuming love. The heart now begins to be devoured by the love, which begins with the شَغَاف ‎outer covering of the heart. شَغَاف can also refer to a type of heart disease, which, if it spreads, and reaches the spleen, can kill the patient. 


  • anas_husain 19w

    الشّعَفُ Sha'af (Passion)

    The intensity of the love now starts to burn, but at this stage, the love is still pleasurable in the heart. Sha’af describes a state akin to that described by the English word passion,  which comes from the Latin root passio (suffering), and is sometimes used with the Latin root in mind, such as in the Passion of Christ, but more often has more pleasurable connotations. Sha’af is from the root verb شَعَفَ ‎to spread tar on a camel, which is a remedy for camel mange; the Arabs believed that the camel experiences a pleasurable slight burning sensation as it is covered by the tar. This root suggests also that this stage of love is a healing, beneficial stage for the lover, but the lover who transgresses this stage will start to feel the pangs of love.


  • anas_husain 19w

    – الْعِشْقُ (‘‎ishq) Desire

    Love now encompasses the whole heart, residing intimately becomes familiar with one another. The verb ishq means, to remain the in nest(a bird). Lover may become blind to beloveds fault. Thus love discover the source of organ, the heart, the residing place.


  • anas_husain 19w

     الْكَلَفُ (‎kalaf) Infatuation

    Now the love starts to have physical effect on heart. Kalaf means to become red, love intensify and may cause now pain and distress.


  • anas_husain 19w


    The second stage of love is attachment, now the heart gets attached to it, The verb alaqah means to 'cling' to something. The transient nature of love gets firm in heart.


  • anas_husain 19w

    الْهَوَى (Hawa (Attraction

    The beginning of love is attraction, the verb hawa means to blow, indicating the unstable nature of love like wind.


  • navya_writes 22w

    Let not just your gallery be a colourful one filled with shades of different lights.
    Use some of it to paint and sparkle your beautiful life.

  • thebhavnasaxena 24w

    In the ruins of a temple,
    She rises from a sea of fog,
    Her eyes half closed,
    Her charcoal tresses
    Billow about her face,
    Hissing something to the
    Wind around, in her hands,
    She holds crimson roses,
    There's blood dripping from
    Their soft petals, and in
    Blood she walks, her footprints
    A delicate crater on the ground,
    She is a creature born of mystery
    And desires that choked to death
    In your throat, on the other side of
    The moon was her home, and she
    Had descended from the skies like
    Destiny descends upon a life,
    Stars are born and universes collide
    Within her, she is a wish coming true,
    Or maybe the answer to a whispered
    Prayer, hers is a dangerous beauty
    You can't look away, try as you might,
    Oceans in her eyes, they beckon to you,
    Make you forget your name, till all you
    Want to do is drown, drown, drown,
    Till all your secrets are clasped in her
    Heart, she will make you her slave,
    And leave you begging for more,
    For hers is a dangerous beauty
    She is a woman who knows how to
    Get what she wants, the world her stage,

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    They called her by many names,
    Witch, siren, goddess and saint,
    Yet never understood, nature's secret
    Was her own, she is a woman,
    Who lives not by the rules of men,
    But for the call of her own wild heart,
    The knowledge of who she is, she
    Unapologetically wears in her skin
    And leaves them wondering the name
    Of the unearthly elixir that is her magic.

  • blossomwrites 24w


    Battling through this dysfunctional world
    It follows
    Personifying one’s own reflection
    In this world full of unique shades of mankind
    It is persistent
    It firmly elates me
    As to how despite anything it follows throughout
    Your journey of life

  • rhythmic_beats 24w

    Let's tattoo metaphors,
    Which would light the world
    When the moon and sun
    Sleep in the shades of

  • poukii 30w

    Paint me with the colours of life,
    dip me in vanity of love,
    caress me with your healing hands,
    flood me completely in holy water,
    shower me in the foundation of nepenthe,
    whisper words of comfort in my ear,
    fill my heart with unconditional love,
    embrace me with my flaws and faults,
    embed me with acts of benevolence,
    awaken me from the trance of illusion,
    help me grow to my highest potential,
    open new doors of the world to me,
    radiate the inner light within you.

    As, I always keep staring at my life,
    My broken soul always asks....
    "Why me?"
    My tormented memories keep on telling..
    "What if ?"
    My caged thoughts repeats..
    "Not fair".
    For, life is playing a hunter game on me for long,
    it's a puzzle,that I am failing to solve.
    please lend a helping hand to me.
    Things cycles from time to time.
    I keep on sinking from time to time.
    Caged in infinite thoughts.
    Stucked within the four walls of room.
    Wandering in this unknown path.
    Please, come to me,
    before it's too late.

  • caged_inks_ 30w

    The clanking bits converging into the whole of me, the insides of each speck within,
    denying the duple.

    My vision, refuting to believe in what is binary,
    the night and the morning light, an ombre to be.

    There is grey, and there is a darker one.

    The faintest of all, often confused for the white.

  • thesoletraveller 33w


    I stand, I sit, I breathe hence I live
    I swirl through the moments
    Each passing in the shadows of
    My worse nightmares

    I lay awake at night staring
    At the roof as if a reel is playing of
    All the good and the bad and I watch it
    Sadly without popcorn

    I live hidden in a corner and see
    Walls and furniture of only grey
    I think to myself what is the point
    To choose between black or
    The silvery dismay

    One day I see a bottle made
    Of something shiny and have you
    Ever heard the phrase
    Shiny and bright make things alright

    But it's at the other end so
    Far away where all the colors blend
    The strangest thing I have seen
    And I look around and then at myself
    No, I am just black, pure, and innocent

    Do I dare to touch
    Something so rare
    But then what is there to loose
    Do not think of me as an obtuse

    I touch the shiny thing and then
    It started to flow from its body
    To mine making me like itself
    But these are not just colors I realize

    These are shades of happiness, sorrow
    And sadness which I never thought were mine

  • akshiwrites 33w

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    Birthday wish for myself:

    Dear me,
    Happy birthday!
    I wish, you experience all shades of life
    from warm smiles to heartbreaking strifes.
    I wish, you never lose the courage to shine
    even in the darkest of times.
    The days you're feeling blue,
    I wish you paint those days
    with shades of red,
    even tints of red would be okay!
    Afterall, it's all about making an effort.
    I wish, you be blessedwith such positive
    outlook towards life that you smile wide when you  espy sadness, crossing your path. I wish, you never forget people who were there when even your own soul felt like a stranger. I wish, you witness, in your lifetime, the world you day-dream about.


  • marianotsaint 33w

    The universe will offer you colours.
    You hold the paintbrush.
    Life is your canvas.
    You choose the shade and the tint .
    Your choice of colours and the depth you add brings out a unique painting.
    That is your destiny.

  • pallavi4 33w

    Shades and tints

    Ashamed I am of the dark thoughts
    That continually plague my mind
    Embarrassed that I can concoct stories
    Tell myself lies of all kinds
    Caught in my own web of deceit I live
    My heart bearing shades of grey
    Without a tint of white to balance out
    The abundant darkness much to my dismay
    Never guided by the truth I wield
    My sharp tongue like a double edged sword
    Unfeeling, ungrateful an existence I lead
    Confused and carelessly bored
    Twisted thoughts that rule my mind
    Colour my heart a raven hue
    Replete of emotions , numb to others
    I remain in the grips of mournful blues
    Gravitating towards half truths
    The world I inhabit like an unyielding fool
    Shields my eyes to the cracks in the facade
    Sprinkled with specs of golden jewels


    6th of March, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Renaud Allirand composition

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  • mehna_2006 33w

    The untold myths the shade red hides.

    I had seen the red ,
    The one fearless and confident.
    Was now the one cowering against people's judgement.

    Even though a colour of our rainbow ,
    It was ruthlessly thrown out of our society.
    Because of the shade it holds.

    Was it red's fault ?.
    Wasn't it born with the colour we gave it?
    A malfunction?

    Poor red ,
    Always weeping in th corner of the room ,
    When the others would just stand there and boast themselves.
    Wasn't red a colour for many?

    Just when someone tries to help this helpless colour,
    They are sucked into this judgmental hole of people .

    If you wear this shade,
    This red.
    You will be a person who ,
    Is Over-confident.
    Has an attitude.
    Less compatible.
    Less friendly .
    More envious.

    And what not?
    Seeing this , the red runs from you thinking it should not hurt you as they hurt it.

    They think red ,
    The evil in disguise .
    They wear red,
    As an unholy colour.
    They see red ,
    As everything but good.

    Just why does this colour gets a taste of discrimination ,
    When every other other colour get their good meals served from this high rated society.

    What was it's fault?
    It wasn't it's fault ,
    That people had judgmental minds.
    It wasn't it's fault ,
    That it became the victim of alliteration.
    It wasn't it's fault ,
    That the others meant something and this one didn't.

    This shade was once called royal .
    This shade was once everything.

    And now ,
    This is called names for no reasons.
    This shade means nothing.

    A colour for love?
    More like a colour of hatred.

    Oh dear red .
    Everything will be okay.
    One day the canvas will go blank.
    And no other colour shall leave their rainbow but you.
    And you will be the one to paint it ,
    With all the sorrows you caged ,
    With tears as strokes,
    And hatred as love.
    That day will be soon.

    Just endure it a little more,
    And you'll be cherished by those blanks waiting for you.



    I don't know about this one as well.��
    Thanks for heart ❤️.

    @mirakkee @writersnetwork

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    The untold and unseen myths of this shade holds.
    And endures.
    Just used and thrown like nothing ,
    Once the paint comes to an end.

    Just how the used red lipstick weeps ,
    When it didn't take a second for them to throw it away.

    Just as the torn red dress from that horrible night,
    Because it was the colour of disgrace on her.

    Just how the sun sets before the red appears on it,
    With the fear of being judged by them.

    And same as how death owned the red,
    So it could leave with it without any whispers or faces.