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  • dotsofdp 17w


    Sexuality is not only means by the harmones!
    Sometimes it also means by the persons...

  • bclark2681 19w

    Lingered Smoke

    She was the hot flame that
    Burned with such sexuality,
    I was the rising smoke that
    Lingered within her velvety

  • insight_of_me 31w


    For me the most jobless people in the world are those who have problem with somebody's sexuality.

    I mean you need not peep into people's bedroom. Nobody's inviting you to join them. What somebody does with what's in their pants is not your business. Get a life.

  • not__so_poetic 31w

    I'm well aware of the pronouns but i just used he to represent it from the society's point of view #pride#sexuality#lgbtqia+#shade

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    Once lived a man
    Coping with life
    Living for dreams
    Careful with moves
    Then a word flew
    Out of his window
    Into the concrete woods
    Like a wild fire
    The secret spread out
    Again under the faded shade
    He continued to be the same
    People forgot him as a human
    A man aware of his sexuality is still a shame!!

  • dosbambi 41w

    As a guy, you remember reaction that happened, when you see ladies that turn you on?

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #turnon #sexythoughts #sexuality #sexualpleasure #sexywittythought #sexualassault

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    Once, my nerves were calm like the sea
    when taking a nap,
    my hormones were a flock of sheep
    behind a shepherd and his staff,
    my innocence was safe
    like precious stones kept in the safe,
    you could say my Johnson, is like the
    calmness that envelopes the day.

    Since you came into the picture,
    your figure eight, has unsettled my sea,
    my hormones are no longer a flock of sheep
    and my innocence is no longer safe,
    your thought keeps tickling my Johnson,
    daily showing me a slideshow of your breasts,
    your cleavage; a beautiful and sexy window
    has gotten my eyes totally hooked on.

  • abhidilse 42w


    Why do we feel taboo
    Why do we bind ourselves with restrictions
    Don't we need freedom in total
    Answer should be in affirmation
    Then why so called tantrums
    The age..the company..the wisdom
    Entirely on choice
    Irrespective of adverse consequences
    But to be in a social pattern
    Some parameters need to be followed
    That is quite necessary
    But..if your society is free
    If your surrounding induce you to be free
    You would succumb to freeness
    Consequences that you reap
    May give you a chance to peep
    Into the free society
    And the tabooed one
    You may be self dependent
    But when you would repent
    The word freedom would appear a bad dream
    Where minutes pleasure gives hours scream

  • eden_with_eve 44w

    I am bound to sex.
    Gender, body, beauty.
    Pushed to nudity and named anything else, but myself.
    To be my own is selfish, painted to be hellish, lips shaped to be helpless.
    To hell with this.
    A heart turned horrible, how is it my fault?
    How am I bad for fighting?
    Judged because they made me frightening.
    I learned to harness lightning and burned their brains dumb struck.
    A woman chained stuck to a world out of luck who has learned to call herself Lilith and be proud.

  • writer__vishal 64w

    The Slutty Straps

    I was called a slut !!
    My inner-self questioned me ?
    My Confidence shattered itself into pieces !
    Not that I wore a skirt nor I had a big cleavage.

    My Boobs looked at my BRA and questioned its existence ! My Bra Self doubted its usage.
    It wasn't soon enough my hand adjusted the strap's and my heart whispered shit! Not again!

    Was My Bra a criminal or its straps were ! Coz Calling me a slut Questioned a clothing's Sexuality !


  • naomi_kamanga 64w


    Naive, gullible
    Defining a woman in these terms-
    Shows the society is slowly killing itself
    Your sexuality should not be first on the list of defining yourself

  • zetolgam 66w

    Some #rhymes to discuss the idea of a #vasectomy with my wife that is not keen on it. Anyone having been through a similar story? Curious to hear your feedback and tips, also about the poem itself ;-) #sexuality #couple #sex #love

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    Taking the snip

    A life of little pleasures,
    Settling in as normality
    Restrained is couple leisure,
    I want to love you fully

    A concording family quartet,
    Getting there wasn't easy!
    To this, our love a threat?
    I want tranquility

    Just some small incisions,
    To reclaim our sexuality
    Off with the procreation,
    I want a vasectomy


  • ajay_azhakath 72w


    " i becomes soo not me when
    the world defines me
    with my sexuality over my
    reality "

  • grotesque 76w

    A girl has been born in a middle class yet privileged family. She is a girl with some dream(s). She grew up seeing her mother getting emotionally tortured by....
    She knew life isn't so fair she used to think. Her mother showed her strength. Her mother told her, if anything happens to her that the girl would always try to live her dream(s). She as a young one failed to understand what it means. You see for women like us the word freedom gives us enough orgasm to imagine how a life without the shackles of patriarchy would feel like. But, like others she too became the part of the venom. Without even understanding how patriarchy works she fell into it's trap. We are all trapped her aren't we?
    Freedom is only a concept. The more you think you are reaching towards it the more you are getting trapped. Love, politics, relations and everything surrounding us are trapped. Yet the dream of becoming free one day kept that girl busy.
    With time, she understood she isn't like others who follow the basic penis and vagina war; marriage, sperm and hence producing the baby world. The race is so indefinite that makes her sick. She only liked the vagina world out of it. But she didn't like it 'cause it was a vagina in particular. She felt that the soft feeling comes with the thought of liking another vagina is beautiful and beyond explanation of genitals. She thought, she is in a beautiful world where there is no race. People are limited here. People are colourful.
    To her surprise, the bubble broke. Her idea of freedom broke too. She then understood people are limited in that world because people have never realised how right it is. All the time people are being made to feel how much wrong it is! Another trap. She met people who are suffering in this trap. She read about so many trapped people in this so called 'free' world. It feels like when you are sweating from inside and cannot even open your trousers and sit with your legs wide open with an underwear on. You would be raped instantly by perpetrators with every possible way.
    She gradually realised there are other kinds of traps too. The perpetrators made an excuse of skin colour, Caste, religion, gender and what not to make them feel they deserve prison and hatred. The idea of freedom she used to dream of since childhood is gone now with all her other dreams too. Her mother told her lies. Her mother never made her realise how cruel this world is; how cruel her own family members could be.
    So the idea of freedom is a lie. She realised we all are a puppet in the hands of perpetrators. We are in this race of being perfect every time. We are in the race of progressing mankind because we want our filthy genes in future. We want all white or all black. But what about her? What about her dreams? What about her freedom and freedom for people like her? Oh, it is just a lie. Keep your mouth shut and celebrate hypocrisy.
    She is under a roof, drinking away the very idea that made her orgasm one day thinking she will be free one day finally. She is drinking some cheap alcohol 'cause she cannot even afford a costlier one. Freedom is so divided on the basis of money, status and sex. She is laughing to those posts of Independence. She is drinking way too much waiting for her eternal demise. Unfortunately, that won't bring her freedom too 'cause people would look upon a her as someone coward. Yet it does not matter anymore.
    She is a fighter; a human exisiting with disappointments. Happy freedom to the perpetrators.
    #independence #queer #sexuality #freedom #patriarchy #expression #freedom_of_speech #india #caste #homosexuality #human #rainbow #writing #she #feelings #illusion #lies #story #truth #15th_august #heteronormativity #strength #thought #feminist #futute #idea_of_freedom #courage

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    Freedom (not)
    The idea of it gave me orgasm. :')


  • melancholicmasterpiece 79w

    A symphony of sex

    I long for your touch,
    A crescendo of fireworks.
    As your skin
    Touches mine.


  • samuelsprings 84w


    You think your great body
    is the symbol of sensuality,
    but the real appeal is in,

    the way you look,
    the way you Walk,
    in your Voice,
    and in our talks.


  • wingsofmaverick 85w


    I was fine when you left me,
    I was hurt but I had cannabis,
    Last night I texted just to check were you ok,
    I asked back your friendship but you did a foul play,
    "Money matters, love doesn't matters"
    It felt you punched a nail through my heart with hammers,
    Cuz I always loved you, I left everything just for you,
    My homies were enjoying parties whereas I was waiting for you,
    How can you say that I was with you for your money?
    When I proposed left everything so that I can be with you and marry,

    You said love doesn't matters, but still you chose your bestie over me,
    Why were you ever with me if you never felt the love for me?
    I know I wasn't the guy you wanted but I tried to be the best,
    I did what I could do but the God sees all and he knows the rest,
    You flirted with the guys you expected me to be ok with it,
    I hided about my smoking you blamed and left me for it,
    How can you torture and hate someone who really loves you?
    Tech me that so that I never get back to you?
    You wanted to meet my parents I just agreed to it,
    You were too buzy with your friends to ever make for it,

    Let's talk about the money that you said,
    I do have enough money to get laid,
    But the problem is I love you it broke me into pieces,
    Cuz you weren't there for me when I really needed,
    Girls are around me I can be with anyone I say,
    But I want to be with someone I love not just to get laid,
    You said I was with you for your money,
    Then Why did you called me twice when it was all over honey?
    Funny cuz you broke up so many times but called me when you were alone,
    I was hurt but you were happy as dancing on my grave stone,
    I gave you a flower you threw it I still kept it, so that I remember the way your love meant it,
    Yes I didn't had bikes, I didn't had spikes,
    I didn't had instagram likes, but I never left you even after the fights,
    Go on call me a gold digger,
    But I am Lucifer and you are the real sinner,

    Sorry girl but still I love you

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  • wingsofmaverick 85w

    Beef with society

    I have a beef with the whole society,
    It seems the society lost its sanity,
    Humanity is against insanity,
    Humanity against sexuality,
    I don't give a Fuck if you have a different sexuality,
    I m gonna respect you if you have enough humanity,
    Ok! It seems You all get offended so soon,
    Rocket in your ass gonna send you on the moon,
    Why be a god when you can be a woman?
    Being woman is most privileged, then you don't have to be a human,
    You want something use your sexuality,
    The society is driving me crazy with this mentality,
    Your color doesn't matters the way I see you,
    Your humanity matters how I behave with you?
    When an influencer dress as a gay,
    You all clap as you are seeing Broadway,

    All your religions are saving you from your crimes,
    Dad is teaching his son how to give bribes!
    You guys kill people on chopping a cow,
    Eating Goats, chickens, pigs isn't a sin, I don't know how?
    You wanna fight for religion and believe in God?
    If God was there then 2020 would be better a lot.
    Fighting for something you haven't even seen,
    It would be better if I put all your heads through guillotine,
    Were was your god when a child died due to starvation?
    Were was your god when this world needed a salvation?
    Let's talk about the how the influencers are selling our beliefs,
    But a kid is really poor cuz he is father a honest police,

    Fuck your religion, fuck your sexuality,
    You are human if you believe in humanity,
    This pandemic showed what is our reality,
    You guys are educated that's the real insanity,
    Being honest is the real key to bankruptcy,
    When you lynch a man where is your morality?
    All the haters sorry cuz I ain't gonna give an apology,
    Cuz I have a beef with all of this society

  • meir_farjan 89w


    I ain't need air to breathe.
    All I need is scent of her breath.

  • arzanpawar 90w

    Commenting on looks, distributing nudes, and giving ratings to the body happens to all genders, all the time. Understand that even the LGBTQ+ members also face such issues.

    This issue we talk about is not about a gender, but about HUMANITY. Not only does performing the heinois act called rape, but even talking about it is completely unethical and immoral.

    We don't have to correct a particular gender, but the MENTALITY of these kind of people who doesn't understand the difference between force and consent.

  • mimibordeaux 95w

    Our Libertines

    Love is and can be one of the most cruelest of things. Lust is just fun, exciting.So 'S’. Now sex is the icing on the cake. Oh sex. So misconstrued, overrated, often mindlessly performed as a chore. If only..hmm.. people would grow up, respect mother nature.. give her the due course she deserves.Sex can’t be summed up quickly however men wished it could. It lasts for hours