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  • draydee 3w

    Sin as beautiful as when Adam fell with Eve
    Clasped in oneness like we'd lose grasp of each other if we let go
    With every thrust she calls out to God with labored breath
    Almost as if she was asking him to rescue her from my clutches
    But even God knows those calls aren't those of someone praying to be rescued.


  • boundless_bound_ 5w


    What is love,
    Where all are hurt at the end?
    Where all become strangers from being close friend?
    When all laugh together and cry alone,
    Cause this is where fake care and affection is shown.

    What is love,
    Where everyone's eyes are full of lust?
    Where they broke each other's trust?
    Where sweet words come out from poisoned lips?
    When one should be in revealing dresses and open zipes?

    Oh lord, if this is what so called LOVE is,
    Just make it disappear from the world please.
    Cause this is not true love but so called sexual desire,
    And all these relationships end after one's purity disappears.

  • the_pencil 7w

    Craving fingers

    You are the embodiment of a forbidden appetite
    The epitome of my immoral desires
    The personification of bewildering soul that lights up the Northern sky

    In the intimacy of a lonely night
    Have my heart burn with nasty urges
    Have me lose myself as I run my craving fingers over your majestic temple
    Punish me with pleasure until I call your name pleading for mercy

  • draydee 7w

    I fell in love with an Angel
    Reminiscent of days of old, I made her fall too
    But I stole her heart before she could steal mine
    Ripped it open and learnt God's secrets
    I've tasted the forbidden fruit
    Naked, I ask for my daily bread in pretext.


  • bclark2681 10w


    She, a sweet orchard
    View for my eye to see
    Love without hesitation
    Beneath her apple tree

  • draydee 14w

    She has me reading old chats when she's not online
    Almost as if she held me spellbound with the crystal ball emoji
    But even is proof God exists
    So cast me not away Sufi woman as I chant Dhikr to you.


  • heetvyas 16w

    She held back her wet, chocking with her fluids,
    Not realising that by drenching in her waters, a life would be born!


  • _by_the_edge_of_the_cliff 18w

    Not A Prostitute.

    ''What am I going to do now? Her mouth opened and closed repeatedly, longing for water free air. She squinted, trying to figure out the direction she had come from. She took baby steps out of the parking Lot with her hands wrapped around herself and walked down the street as fast as she could, back to where she came from.

          Wrapping her hands around herself, she looked around in fear as her teeth chattered. Lightning appeared in the sky, the deafening sound of thunder followed and the most horrible thing happened, the lights went out. Christiana screamed out of fear and frustration, she had stopped on her tracks.

          An orange light appeared behind her, she turned to look back and noticed the same jeep car as before.

          She stared hard as various thoughts creeped into her mind. Her hands quavered and shook from cold and fear as the jeep car paused to a halt.

    "Ooh no." She whispered.

          Her heart raced. A man in black came down from the car, he looked muscular and fit with tattoos that crawled up to his neck. He was staring directly at her with a little smile playing at the corner of his lips. He took a step forward.

          Christiana's eyes widened, she had also seen another man in the car. She heard a voice in her head, 'RUN.'

  • wifey_suicide 19w

    The Monster

    The monsters were suppose to stay under the bed.
    I thought hiding underneath the blanket would keep them away, but instead they grabbed the blanket from me and cuddle up next to me.
    I can't see them physically, but I can feel the aura there.
    With sharp teeth and anorexic bodies.
    No fingernails, just pointy fingertips.
    Ugly, but they make me feel like something inside.
    Something that could be awaken inside.
    I smile just a little bit and sit up quick.
    Just darkness, while a few more monsters sit next to me.
    Wanting to touch all over me, I allow them.

    Feeding off my flesh and bones, as they begin to enter inside me.
    The warm fuzzy feeling, with a few butterflies in the stomach.
    Like welcoming new friends over for the first time.
    Please enjoy, my friends.
    Licking all the way up my spine, to being touched around the stomach, as one reaches for my heart.
    My heart drops, as one more monster climbs from underneath my bed and climbs right on top of me.
    This is it.
    The monster I've needed.

    As it climbed down my body, right down to my legs, touching every inch of my body, I thought to myself that this is what I need.
    Hiding underneath the blankets was nothing but anxiety.
    As the monster spreads my legs, the monster start to slowly go inside.
    I can feel the monster inside.
    Deep, warm, thick.
    The monster continues to go deeper inside me, as I can't do anything.
    I am paralyzed from the legs up. The only movement I have is the monster digging it's way to my brain.
    Their fingers reaching further up, as their legs kick my stomach, trying to reach higher.
    I couldn't help myself, but cry in laughter.
    The monster is hurting me, hurting so much that I enjoy it.
    Every little pain becomes a relief of sadness.
    Many would moan to this type of pain, but not me.
    The monster can have it's way with me, but it's my body. I have to......

    The monster plants itself in fetal position in my brain, and claws it's fingers in many places, causing me to lose balance and fall off the bed.
    I can't move, I can't speak.
    This body is no longer mine.

  • mindzfade 22w

    to be continued..

    She sees nothing around her, just complete darkness. Her skin prickles as she can feel him close to her, she can always feel him near her. "Lori" the whisper makes her heart race as its close to her. "y- yes?" why is she so nervous? Lori has met this man a hundred times but yet he still gets to her so much. Suddenly his fingers slide down her arm, the butterflies in her stomach turn into a rampage of animals through her whole body. "miss me?" Lori's legs turn to jelly and her body gets hot. A slight moan escapes her lips, she hates the way just his voice alone makes her panties wet. his touch, causes her whole body to tingle. "Why do i let him get to me like this?" she knew why, deep down she knew why every single he did would be just enough to make her fall all over for him.
    He wraps his arms around her waist and presses his groin to her backside, grinding against her. Lori leans back against him, feeling his heat radiate from him, even tho shes not supposed to, she feels safe with him. More then she has every felt safe with anyone. "turn around now" his voice deep, but passionate. Lori doesnt even hesitate., she spins around and presses against him. The one rule they had was their lips could never meet, if they did then their souls would fully meet and they werent sure they could handle that. Lori wanted to so badly, she always wanted to know how he tasted, how his lips felt pressed against hers. She wanted to taste his tongue, and fully connect with him. Maybe, just maybe she could get as close to that line as possible tonight, without crossing it. "Don't even think of it, you know the rule" Its like he could read her mind, but of course mind wise, they were identical. Loagen lifts her up on the back of his car, pushing her legs open to rest in between as he pushes her hair out of her face. The summer night was perfect temperature, it kept it cool enough between the two as the fire grew. Loris breath catches in her throat as his lips travel down her neck, his hands almost big enough to cup her full breast through her shirt.
    She desperatley wanted tonight to be the night, Lori could feel that it took everything out of both of them to not cross that line. So many what if's constantly went through her head on a daily basis.

  • temioye 26w

    Only her sweetness could suffocate my throat

  • devilfish 27w

    One Gasp

    Two separate waves
    Collide when they
    Are unified
    Combines in 2 equal lines
    At the center of a divide
    No need to think twice
    Tonight feeling it will suffice
    You heard me right
    Believe me this is urgent
    I have you in my sight
    I'll awaken you to fight
    Sleep with my insight
    Like smoke stay woke
    I compelled you
    I spelled you like sentence
    I expelled you
    Here I sentence you to sentiments and
    Feed the earth and free the herd
    Of ignorance
    Here's the crown from my garden
    Turned to stone
    I harden
    I'm hungry
    I am starving
    I am catharsis
    I'm burning I am incense
    That will condense
    My prophecies won't invent words where
    They are not needed
    Figure me out
    Read me like you read the thesis
    A religion that oozes into my speechless
    Purpose that It is so evident you could time it
    Put me on private
    Put my phone on silent my lack of lacking
    Is so inviting
    Smiling with a face brightened
    So enticement is exactly what you thought
    I can read your silence in between your coy
    Feel my eros in scorpio
    The serpent's eyes that peer into violence
    And make it out to the other side of
    Poseidon's Trident
    An environment out of control
    Thwarted justice with corruption
    He knew what he's inciting
    But forget all the choices
    I'm exactly who you invited
    When you fuse a muse with an experiential perfume
    An allure
    This is not a copy
    I aim
    I'm viscous when I'm forced to
    Skip off into verse after verse when
    I ripped my shirt off and carved into
    It words so the night of summer could obscure I can't stop their is no cure
    But I feel myself and transform my pain with burnt disdain I seethe hate
    I find it dirty and perverse
    The moral thing to do is now obscured
    Have i just transformed or metamorphosis
    from light to dark
    You can set me apart
    Met me at the memory of a melody
    Fleeting like a bumblebee
    It's honey is not sweet enough
    To stop me with trust
    You can't drop me while you drop dust
    You're the light at the point of It's
    Exalting time to move us with a rush
    A whisper of a touch
    I move my body like I tattooed it with the congruence in my movement when I do it
    I am moving fusing fuming parasitic service that threatens you and murders you with lust and diamond dust
    Intoxicated by your drums
    Heartbeats that thump like the urging of wanting one convergence
    Not insurgency
    At the peak of my streets echo in my sirens
    Leak insight out of my third iris

  • the_third_eye 32w

    'ADULTS' behavior can be classified as two types



  • bclark2681 32w


    Burn me with your intensely raging
    Carnality and bring me to my knees
    In a fit of uncontrollable passion as
    Our sexual inhibitions evaporate

  • heetvyas 33w

    Sexual Alchemy

    Hey Mr. Alchemist,
    There is an elixir I drip more precious than gold!
    Come, circulate at my base,
    Let me show you the mass of energies your small atoms possess!


  • aseel__ 35w

    Do you see desire in his eyes?
    Yes yes it's a desire to love you, to feel you and to cherish you.
    To taste your lips as if vine,
    To feel your touch as if feathers,
    To look into your eyes while kissing,
    To make you melt down into hands while hugging,
    To spent all nights only with you,
    To make you feel loved and blessed,
    To give you whatever he can,
    That's all a desire flowing through his eyes,
    Only if you could see it!

  • samesin 36w

    No pulse

    Every time my sights are on you, i get a pleasant addictive vibe, come on girl please don't tell me your shy, and if you are just put that to the side, please be my sexual high...

  • bclark2681 37w

    Whisper Sweet Everything's

    Whisper sweet romances
    Upon your listening ears
    Beneath our comfy duvet
    Exposed nudity encircles us
    Delicious skin pressed to mine
    Our sexual escapades raging
    Our never ending lovingness,
    Romances endless whisper

  • obscuredwords 44w

    It’s a sexual fantasy story, not an actual assault !

    #erotic #story #erotica #fantasy #sexual

    Read More

    The assault is complete !
    Check out the link in bio !

  • wifey_suicide 47w


    Anything that is true, is labeled a conspiracy
    Which leaves life nothing but a mystery
    You can have thousands of sources
    And still have a theory
    Not because nobody wants to hear it
    It’s because all of it is in bits and pieces
    Nothing makes sense
    Life is nothing but a evil joke
    And you have to put the puzzle together
    Without looking at the picture

    The devil wants nothing but your throat
    He’s the greatest of all time, that’s why he’s a goat
    He makes you believe money is the only way for hope and change
    While you spend it all on pizza
    Even that has a story of it’s own

    But truth to be told
    Nobody even holds family close
    They rather be the lonely lost sheep, than the pack of the wolf
    To keep us all protected

    The devil mocks on all creation
    While we all forget about the Constitution and Bill of Rights
    While the devil creates a new app, united we fall into hatred and confusion
    Normalizing what is wrong, so we hate on the things that are right

    Selling sexual body parts to pedophilia without being labeled prostitution while overdosing on drugs, while being told it would help mental health, before seeking actual help, while the neighbor’s kid goes missing, while we stay stuck inside losing our minds to a disease so deadly, that only a mask can save us this time.

    That’s only one percent of it.

    Open your third eye.

    The devil is brilliant for ruining our lives.