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  • kunjjiquotes 3w

    Sexting helps me to improve feelings.
    It helps me to create more fantasies.
    Am always happy to do sexting with strangers.

  • kunjjiquotes 6w

    Sexting is an art of expressing feeling for me.
    I love to express it beautifully.
    Because i respect lust feelings.

  • soft_moans 34w

    What will you do *if i bite your lower lip*?

  • jeet287 82w

    Chatting or sexting is not love.
    But always being there in hard times
    Is real love holding the trust
    And understanding more stronger.

  • vargasm__ 94w

    12:12 AM

    Ughhhhh i wanna talk to you.

  • vargasm__ 98w

    I'll take care of you.

  • vargasm__ 98w

    The moment I'm so into you and you are so into me.

  • romantic_desire 127w

    Night talk

    Hey what r you doing
    She:- nothing.. Uh?
    He:- memorising last night.
    She :- hehehe that was awesome
    He:- can we again go for that
    She :- yep dear I am all your
    He:- okay dear I want to do gain
    She:- ohk do start ☺☺
    He:- holding your hand aha
    She only hand
    He :- nope vertical lips
    (And the again the erotic journey start)

  • kunjji 134w


    Don't do sexting to an unknown girl
    Or to abuse a girl.
    Do sexting one who wants it.
    One who knows and understand you.
    Otherwise you will be a moron and pervert.

  • dark_imagination 141w

    Hi sorry I haven't posted lately. A lot going on in my head but yeah, I know I keep Saying this but I'm going to try and post more often

    Also thank you SO SO MUCH FOR 150 FOLLOWERS?!

    I can't believe it and I really appriciate every single one of you that are following so. Yeah thank you so so much.

    Stay safe✌

    #Help #Service #Selfharm #Suicidal #Suicidalthoughts #Bullying #Addiction #Insomnia #School #Stress #Sexting #Depression #Depressed

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    I hate myself.
    I hate the skin
    That I have to live in
    I want to hide
    And simply cry
    And maybe commit suicide.
    Would you notice?
    Would you even care.
    Wouldn't you be glad that I'm finally out of you hair
    No more pretending
    To like me.
    Just tell say the word
    And I will leave.
    Don't say that you love me When you come to my grave
    When that's all you had to say.
    but I couldn't be saved...


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  • dark_imagination 142w

    ⚠Please Repost this⚠
    I just want to try and help people. I'm not doing this for clout.

    Wow when did this account become a Support service. Must've been gone a Looong time.

    Sorry about that btw. Just needed to sort some shit out. I will try and post more often now. ��.

    I love you all!!
    Stay safe ❤❤✌
    (Should I sign off every post like this? ����)

    #Childline #Helpline #121 #121support #Help #Service #Selfharm #Suicidal #Suicidalthoughts #Bullying #Addiction #Insomnia #School #Stress #Sexting #Depression #Depressed

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    ⚠Please Read⚠

    Someone convinced me to use childline... There's a 121 Service there and its open 24/7. If you think of have been thinking of trying to get help I really recommend using this service. It made me feel a tiny bit better. I mean I'm pretty low again but I just said what I needed to say and I'll be honest I haven't regretted it yet.

    You can talk to them about pretty much everything. Selfharm, Suicidal thoughts, Bullying, Addiction, Insomnia, School, Stress, Sexting etc They also keep everything confidential unless you ask them not to or they feel a young persons (Yours or someone elses) life is in danger.

    Please use this if you feel like you need support but you don't know who to turn too.

    Also if u want to chat to me. I mean I know I'm not a lot but if u wanna talk then my instagram is "themusic_is_everything".

  • ___lost___ 178w

    If someone is doing this to you,
    stop right there.

    Love develops with time.

    Even after being developed, it fades away
    and here, you think in a few weeks, they are going to stay by your side "forever" by saying that they "love you"? And, every night they sext you?

    You are not being loved.

    You don't know but you are becoming a victim.


    Save yourself.

    #sexting #awareness

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    Love is not equal to sexting.


  • realitytraumaticboy 186w

    Page 13 Secrets Texts,Selfies, Sexual App Meet Up and Untold Website

    I feel the worse because i know by this time i let the past come to my head and thing my life is ruin because one day everyone will know my past and because of that past that keep following me i make the mistake to enter on that past and make it a present not by doing the same as them but by trying to feel love and not alone escaping from reality to vitality depress to because i was in a box where i never knew who i am anymore let start with untold website those website where you parent or family so busy in their job or duties that they never knew what teens us do behind that room door and more when we lock it some times to pretend to have privacy the biggest error and mistake. tinychat,chatroulette,omegle,chat-avenue chat that i discover and never recommend it to anyone chat-avenue you chat with people and do cam but the dangerous thing is who is behind that chat is can be someone like us or is can be a scary wolf pretend to be like us but fake it to fall in on their traps and do bad thing on a cam and making us their slave since we innocent and we don’t know what we doing and we pretend is for fun until the damage is to late to fix it then omegle is a weirs thing that a skip then chatroulette that one of the chat i do the biggest mistake of my life at night i was chatting and finding friendly people but then i find a guy that since nice like a friend he say he was in my city and then decide to meet i lie and say i was going to do home work then go with him then thing start scale quietly quickly he say to me to show him my part that he show me his part i was scared but i do it because i have no choice of escape then he took me to a hotel and you know what next in the shower then my aunt call she knew i was in a hotel i lie to her and tell him to take me home he take me to target i enter to target and pretend i was applying to a job then go outside and enter the car she knew i was in a hotel with someone and i denied it till end after that day my life change again this time i let emotion from the past control me is was my fault because i knew was it going to happen that where i let my hormones and desire to control me and where my pleasure part of me born i was feeling is was not me anymore that not the guy i am and why i keep doing it I do not recognize myself anymore who i am then i go to tinychat a group of teens like chatting but then i go in one room pure of boys and some times girls 2 gay rooms with a girls straight one that always support us i feel i was part of them but that was not my life i create a Skype and add a lot of teens like me i was on the chat 24/7 i was feeling love and a family i can count and tell everything and feel myself and be me without being judge finding who i am in the run places but i let again my emotion to control me and in Skype start having virtual teens bf like me and others was for cam sex between us and sometimes only me like a slave or toy they control  i know i cross the line doing sex cam with teens just like me at that time i also always make sure they where and look my age and not younger or older but one day i fight in the chat and i do a mistake that i find so much hate all the people who i love that i decide to end the chapter and move on deleting my tiny chat account and ease all people from Skype and deleting Skype a step to move forward…
    But i did it again and move backward again intelligent phone touch with billions of app that makes your life easier for do good or been bad and i guess i was being a revel  Sexual App Meet Up there app call grindr,adam4adam,jack’d,hornet,kik(a way to talk to people not a gay app but a way people love to use it for chat,meet and not have the contact on their real phone more like a way to hide it) and more a have a lot online friend,online lover and even i start meeting some teens my age 18+ and i got to a point i meet old guys too like adult not even my age and 3 times old guys to find love in the run place and feel acceptance i have sex with a lot of them and forget them just like a met them and each time i do it i felt my past when i was a kids more like a Chain that only you can break before is affect you and is to late to fix it and go back i have 3 secrets bf that i break up with them because i can’t have a double life and decide to move on even invite them to my home when i was home alone and even with a kiss i still feel empty inside but something i never do with them is penetrated them i am still virgin in that part the reasons is my past that why i never try or i don’t want to do it because is like the same thing as my past the different is a letting them given permission to used my body and do with me what they want.
    Secrets Texts and Selfies I also get people i really love and trust to my WhatApp contact i do a lot of dirty text and flirting with them and even sexting where they ask you to send something dirty and more undress until to a point you naked and they ask you to do unappropriated pics and pose, videos and thing you don’t wanna know trying to accomplish others while ruin your life more until a point you see them one time and never ever see them again after you send all those thing and get them what they really want with you they forget everything that even happen forget you even exist on the map and delete you and you see how they change like never text me again or i don’t need you anymore or even forget about me your not my type anymore to a point where they never answer your text or call never again.
    I delete all those app erase and think why i do all this to end where i was again alone with a bubble where is break and i see everything still in a box but this time i decide to take action for my own good.
    I decide that is time to be serious work on my life leave it in the past after one year without meet and greet i felt different like i want to go back study,work, be someone i want to get married,have a future wife and have kids have this normal life leave and erase the past behind because people deserve second changes and we all have a dark past we afraid to tell because of what happen of what others going to think about you or your reputation going to be ruin but idk about that because for me is a lesson i learn i am not perfect and i make mistake i grown to find who i am and i know who i am now a insecure kids with insecurity and question a lot turning into mature men who know who want now.
    Also i hurt on Facebook the people i love most like posting bad stuff about my family like confronting them saying that i love girls and i am straight not gay and also a hurtful comment on my mom Facebook pretend to be her saying she love my sister and all the hate she have about me but i delete it later on but there one more thing i need to tell you before my story become to a end nothing close before the last chapter of me where i leave all behind and start a new me a new life a new beginning where i delete the past and born again.