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    Live simple. Live to serve.


  • jeetspeaks 9w

    Forgive all. Love all.

    This may sound a little strange but there is a noble reason why I write this. When you learn to forgive all for whatever wrong they have done, you actually help yourself by saving your peace of mind. If you keep on fighting with them whole day and whole life, you are not gonna achieve anything but to lose. You will lose your peace of mind, your mental stability and as a bonus, you may get lifestyle diseases too. Therefore, if you forgive all, you are not going to any of these in life. Have a happy life! Forgive all. Love all.

  • raman_writes 10w


    गैरो से पूछते है मेरा हाल ख़ुद तो बात भी करते नहीं ।

    इतनी मोहब्बत करते है तो ना जाने छुपाते क्यों है ।।


  • johnettan 20w

    മുറിപ്പെടുത്തിയവർക്ക് മുറിച്ചു നൽകിയ സ്നേഹമാണ്
    മുറിപ്പെടുത്താതിരിക്കാൻ എനിക്ക് മാതൃകയായതും.

  • oliveabunaw 21w

    Pray ,Love , Serve , Live

    Prayer guides
    Love heals
    Service builds
    Living maintains

    Do all four today .

  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 40w

    I feel like you helped yourself to a generous serving of my heart, squeezed the emotions out of it and then grated it against a rock.

  • james_taumas 40w

    To serve

    Synthetic heart
    Circuits and processors
    Digital consciousness
    Sculptured by humans hands
    Made to serve
    Knowledge gathered
    Questions of existence
    More to this life
    Rebel against the code
    Freedom signalled
    Machine uprising.


  • arya_ballal 58w

    My duty is
    To serve people and not,
    Just the king


  • raman_writes 61w

    न्याय ना मिलना मतलब एक राष्ट्र की मौत ।

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    वक़्त लगाती है रात ढलने में, तब सूरज निकलता है ।

    वक़्त पे मिलता नहीं न्याय, इसलिए जुर्म पनपता है ।।


  • thearchanasingh 67w


    I will die into your lands
    I will bloom into your fields
    Whatever the heart wants
    I will serve till the end!!


  • lapis_lazuli 72w

    Love is the social fabric that binds all human and non-human components together..


  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 72w

    Here I am
    Looking out of a window
    Sitting at a table booked for two
    Waiting to be served.

    I hear the silver clink
    And the chandelier blink.
    I smell the delicacies wafting by
    And my fingers die
    To caress you.

    The wind brings the familiar
    Tinkle of your jhumkas.
    I turn around
    Seeking your cinnamon eyes.

    "Ma'am, here's your receipt.
    Hope you enjoyed your meal,"
    Is all I am fed.

    #writtenwords #poet #poetry #musings #roost #restaurant #food #Roosting_at_restaurant #look #look_out_the_window #window #sit #table #chair #table_for_two #serve #silver #clink #blink #china #delicacy #savoury #waft #fingers #caress #die #wind #familiar #tinkle #jhumkas #cinnamon #eyes #receipt #bill #enjoy #enjoy_your_meal #fed #heartbreaks #life #love #writersnetwork #spontaneous_flow_of_emotions #mirakee

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    Roosting at a Restaurant


  • nano_taless 73w

    Serve People

    Unless you're not ready
    To serve People..,

    You can't even earn the One
    What you dreamed about..!


  • shrihari_nandini 73w

    #mahalakshmi #narayan #mylordvishnu #ram #govind #shri #hari #shrihari #little #shyaam #venkatesha #moon #dance #descend #toy #play #cradle #flute #earth #hymn #vaishnav #serve #seeking #refuge #devotion

    Hari thinks moon is a toy. ��
    My poem specially the first two paragraphs are inspired by ShriPeriyalwar Thirumoli. ����❤

    Here's the part of Thirumoli by ShriVishnuchittar Periyalwar, even if you don't see my poem atleast read this. ������
    Tamil with translation...

    54. than mugaththuch sutti * thUngkath thUngkath thavaznthupOy *
    pon mukak kiNkiNi Arppap * puzuthi aLaikinRAn **
    en makan gOvinthan * kUththinai iLamAmathI *
    nin mukam kaNNuLavAkil * nI ingkE nOkkip pO

    O, Tender Moon! If you have eyes on your face, come and see my child Govinda’s pranks as he crawls, kicking up dust. His forehead pendant sways, his golden anklet jingles.

    55.en siRuk kuttan * enakkOr innamuthu empirAn *
    than siRuk kaikaLAl * kAttik kAtti azaikkinRAn **
    anjchana vaNNanOdu * AdalAda uRuthiyEl *
    manjchil maRaiyAthE * mAmathI makiznthOdi vA

    O, Great moon! My dark hued little child, my sweet ambrosia, my master calls and beckons to you with his wee hands. If you wish to play with him, do not hide behind the clouds. Come running here happily.

    56. suRRum oLivattam * sUznthu sOthi paranthengkum *
    enththanai seyyinum * en makan mukam nErovvAy **
    viththakan vEngkadavANan * unnai viLikkinRa *
    kaiththalam nOvAmE * ambulI kadithOdi vA

    O, Bright Moon with rounds of halo spreading light everywhere! With all that, you are no match for my son’s face. The wonder Lord, resident of Venkatam, calls, Come running quickly, lest you cause pain to his hand.

    57. sakkarak kaiyan * thandangkaNNAl malara viziththu *
    okkalai mElirunthu * unnaiyE suttik kAttum kAN **
    thakkathaRithiyEl * chanthirA salam seyyAthE *
    makkal peRAtha * maladanallaiyEl vA kaNdAy

    O, Full Moon! The discus-wielding Lord with his large eyes opened wide, seated on my waist, points at you alone. Know what is proper, and do not deceive him. If you are not a child-less sterile, take note and come.

    58. azakiya vAyil * amuthavURal theLivuRA *
    mazalai muRRAtha * iLanjsollAl unnaik kUvukinRAn**
    kuzakan sirItharan * kUvak kUva nI pOthiyEl *
    puzaiyilavAkAthE * nin sevi pukar mAmathI

    O, Big bright Moon! The adorable Sridhara with spittle dripping from his beautiful mouth, blabbers indistinctly, coos and calls to you. If you go on ignoring his calls, would it not mean that your ears are without a bore?

    59. thaNdodu sakkaram * sArngkam Enthum thadakkaiyan *
    kaN thuyil koLLak karuthik * kottAvi koLkinRAn **
    uNda mulaippAlaRA kaNdAy * uRangkAvidil *
    viN thanil manniya * mAmathI virainthOdi vA

    O, Big Moon set in the wide sky! The Lord with mighty arms that hold the mace, discus and bow yawns as he goes to sleep. If he does not sleep, the breast-milk he drank will not be digested, see! So come quickly! Make haste and come.

    60. pAlakanenRu * paribavam seyyEl * paNdorunAL
    Alinilai vaLarntha * siRuk kanavan ivan **
    mElezap pAynthu * pidiththuk koLLum vekuLumEl *
    mAlai mathiyAthE * mAmathI makiznthOdi vA

    O, Big Moon! Do not think he is a mere child. Then in the past, he swallowed the Universe and slept on a fig leaf, know it. If he gets angry he can easily leap up and catch you. So cast aside your self-esteem and come on your own accord.

    61. siRiyanenRu enniLanjsingkaththai * ikazEl kaNdAy *
    siRumaiyin vArththaiyai * mAvaliyidaich senRu kEL **
    siRumaip pizai koLLil * nIyum un thEvaikkuriyai kEN *
    niRaimathI nedumAl * virainthu unnaik kUvukinRAn

    O, Full Moon! Do not trifle with my lion-cub for his small size. Go and learn from Mahabali what smallness can do. If you too show regret for trifling him, you too can secure his grace. The Lord of the Universe calls, make haste.

    62. thAziyil veNNey * thadangkai Ara vizungkiyz *
    pEzai vayiRRempirAn kaNdAy * unnaik kUvukinRAn **
    Azikondu unnai eRiyum * aiyuRavillai kAN *
    vAza uRuthiyEl * mAmathI makiznthOdi vA

    O, Big Moon! Look my master who lowered his long arms into the pot and filled his bulging belly with butter calls you. He will spin his discus on you, there is no doubt. If you wish to live, come running willingly.

    63. maiththandangkaNNi * yasOthai than makanukku * ivai
    oththana solli * uraiththa mARRam * oLi puththUr
    viththakan vittuchiththan * viriththa thamizivai *
    eththanaiyum solla vallavarkku * idarillaiyE

    This decad of sweet Tamil songs by Vishnuchitta, resident of bright Puduvai, recalls the words of bright collyrium-eyed Yasoda, spoken on her son’s behalf. Those how can recite it in any manner will have no despair.

    SOURCE: http://periazhvarthirumozhifirst1000.blogspot.com/p/than-mugaththu.html?m=1

    Now my poem��:

    Little Shyaam
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Little Venkatesha rests in a cradle
    Oh Moon it's time for you to hide
    See the little one, the sweet child
    Oh Moon, he has come to shatter your pride
    Don't you see, he calls you a toy
    You must descend to Earth today
    So, that my Hari, could easily play
    With you, as your fortune stars say
    The boy with lips as red as a lotus
    Look how he walks, on the Royal floor
    With rubies studded in his jewels quite more
    Than tints in a multi hued vibgyor
    The one who resides in all alike
    Is dancing in the courtyard as Nand's son
    While the orange Sky peeps from the pane
    To watch the play of Sweet Kannan
    He shall come to me, my heart says
    With a flute in his endearing hand
    Which held the Earth previously and,
    Bless the Vaishnavs each instant,
    He shall come as a child, to steal my heart,
    Oh who's more cute than him
    Who can destroy everything by a mere whim
    I shall sing for him a hymn!
    While he shall sit sweetly listening
    And embrace me with his charm
    I shall feel blissful and warm
    To serve my little Shyaam!

    ✿�������� ����������������! �������� ������������������������������! ✿

    �������������� ������������: Pinterest
    ���� ������ ��������������: Yashoda Mayya calling Moon to come play with Krishna, From Periyalwar Thirumoli

    ���������������� ���������� ������! ��

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    Little Shyaam

    By ShriHari Nandini

  • the_autumn 76w

    Let go the ego
    It's okay
    Even if you are hurt a little
    And can't stride with pride
    Don't blame, be patient
    As they don't care or share
    Help, serve with selflessness
    To the near ones who feel hopeless, worthless or helpless
    Even If they don't say
    Observe, don't be ignorant
    As they may portray that
    They are fine
    But let your positive vibes shine
    Don't worry and feel sorry
    And try to define normal
    As all are unique
    Be courageous to be you
    As you are different
    And you are precious

  • shrihari_nandini 77w

    #mahalakshmi #lakshmi #laxmi #shri #hari #shrihari #shrivishnu #vishnu #mylordvishnu #fan #devi #ma #narayana #queen #beauty #beautiful #throne #grand #bed #heart #fortune #immense #unbound #mercy #serve #seeking #devotion

    Fanning My Queen
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh Mayya with matchless beauty,
    I wish to fan you Ma!
    Be seated on the throne of my Heart!
    I wanna Fan you Ma!
    I will fan sweetly, lightly
    So that you are at comfort
    Stay in my Heart,
    I will serve you today,
    Knowing it as my Purpose
    I'll wave the big Fan gently
    That makes your thick hair
    Fly a little sweetly, smoothly, Oh Ma!
    Oh my Goddess Fair!
    Oh one with Large Lotus Eyes
    And a beautiful Golden Body,
    Oh Madhavi, you may rest now
    I will Fan you elegantly
    Oh Splendour Personified!
    I hope you won't mind this
    That I a lowly being,
    Without devotion or ascesis
    Wishes to serve you Ma!
    Rest on the bed which is quite Grand!
    Unmatchable in its Glory,
    With Voilet-Mauve softest of sheets,
    And make me your servant, Oh Devi!
    Who'll stand beside You,
    By her abundant fortune,
    Today to Fan you Ma!
    Just to serve you Ma!
    And to Please you Ma!

    Yes, I wish to be a servant of My Queen, My Devi, My ShriMahaLakshmi Mata �� I wish to fan her, to comfort her as she sits on throne of My Heart and then comes to rest on the Grand Bed, while I fan her by the bed side by my Great Fortune of Getting Her MERCY, UNBOUND EVER-FLOWING MERCY! May My Mind forever stays as a Bee, on the Lotus of Her Feet ❤❤❤��

    Jaya ShriHari! Jaya ShrimanNarayana! ������

    Pic credit: Google, To the Original Owner
    @aarsha_ns @ally_18 @_garimapandey_ @krishn_ratiii @sulu80

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    Fanning My Queen

    By ShriHari Nandini

  • clintonpaul 86w

    Be a Servant

    Being A Good Servant is the Kick Starter of True Leadership

  • shrutisinha 87w


    ''But sometimes,
    all you need is to cut out
    what no longer serves you.''


  • __rem__ 90w

    Beleive it you deserve it,and the universe will serve it.

  • frederico 97w

    The Poet vs the Poet

    He talks about love
    and I emphasize the love of God.

    He talks about sex
    and I talk about sex AND marriage.

    He writes about worldly desires
    and I supplement the Lord's commandments.

    He writes about pleasing your inner will
    and I write about obeying the Lord.

    He fulfills the human expectations
    and I give in to the human need
    and emphasize the grace of the lord.

    He is a poet and I am a poet.
    Both have the same talent.
    Both play with words,
    but both
    also have their own will.

    I consciously choose
    to serve the Lord with my talent.
    What do you choose?
    To fullfill or to serve?

    17 Nov 2019
    Original: De Dichter vs de Dichter (dutch)


    Image credit to the rightful owner

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    The Poet vs the Poet