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  • serinktherapy 31w

    Dearest Somebody

    I feel so alone. Truth is I am.
    Knees on the sand with tears in my hands.
    Fighting in the darkness, fighting against time.
    Finding a way to keep lit, this little light of mine.
    Dearest somebody somewhere please hear my plee.
    Help me find peace in this world, help me remain me.
    Share your life stories, teach me all that you know.
    Listen to mine, be there for me as I grow.
    I feel so alone, Truth is I am.
    Accepting nothing seems to go quite like its been planned.
    Almost as soon as I get excited.
    The darkness gets delighted.
    Ive noticed the pattern, so walk a different path.
    Still see lifes flames, still feel its wrath.
    I tried to continue on for as long as I can.
    But I no longer see a way, Ive ran out of land.
    Goodbye my loved ones, sunshine, rain.
    Goodbye universe, the sea and my pain.
    So many times it was written, my apology and my goodbye.
    Each paper smeared with tears I had cried.
    Even with no response, my deepest feelings I would share.
    I was sure some how someone some where would care.
    It became a ritual though even now the reason why im not certain.
    But Id tell the universe often how I felt like the biggest of burdens.
    How the weight on the world has me brought once more to my knees.
    How if I could be granted more strength Id be still willing to please.
    For I have enough hope, its positivity I need.
    Ive sacrificed all I have, and Im willing to sacrifice myself.
    All I ask is that my kindred be happy and remain in good health.
    But maybe theres a way to grow out of my present self.
    End a phase and start a new book for lifes shelf.
    Maybe being so lost just happened to be fate.
    Maybe theres some magic to knowing how to wait.
    Lately its been a challenge just to stay focussed.
    As I fell under a ferocious hypnosis that has me feeling atrocious.
    But im certain my absence not one soul would notice.
    Then I overcome this overwhelming feeling, inner song plays a new beat.
    Refusing to be under the category labeled defeat.
    I raise to my feet, with head held up high.
    I know my limits are those beyond the sky.
    Regardless of speedbumbs my soul will continue to try.
    And Ill cherish each memory, the dark with the light as they both pass me by.
    Watching the probable and impossible Intertwine.
    Odd against me seem astronomical but ill keep trying.
    Fight with all I have to stop my soul and this world from dying.