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    This is the first in a series dedicated to DIFFERENCES.

    #differences #series #women #mirakeewriters

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    Damon Salvatore

    "I just wanted you to know that Elena
    would be with you tomorrow.
    But just so we're clear...
    I want that back."

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    Ramadan Series 3

    The prophet Muhammad SAW has ordered us to either speak good or keep quiet
    But the world we live in today doesn't pay heed to this.
    We speak regardless of our statements gravity, weight, hurt, pain or grief it might cause the listener
    We do not care what our wordings might lead to as long as we are okay with it.
    Gossiping, lies, backbiting, insulting, unnecessary singing,
    Too much talking or gisting randomly or about worldly affairs,
    Irrelevant speech and much more has become our attitude.
    Even if not for anything, we should try and adjust our speech for our own good
    Most especially in this month that is full of Allah's mercy.
    Remember, we and our tongues and mouth will be judged in the hereafter
    Therefore, let us endeavor to speak goodness, kindness and positivity.

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    Ramadan Series 2

    The heart has two meaning: the visible and the invisible
    The visible which is the heart that we have in our body
    The invisible which is the fear of Allah, love of Allah, faith, devotion and more
    "The heart is a flesh in our body
    If it functions properly, then the whole body does
    Likewise if it doesn't",
    This can be reflected in a hadith stated by the prophet SAW.
    The heart can dry up if it isn't watered with kindness, goodness, religion, respect etc
    As could be understood in this hadith,
    "The Lord has so many torments of the heart and body,
    A soul does not have a greater torment than a dry heart".
    Know that, the eyes dries up as a result of a dry heart
    And a heart gets dry from the accumulation of sins.
    One of the signs of a dry heart is lack of pity for oneself or others.
    May Allah SWT protect our hearts from getting dry. Aameen.

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    Ramadan Series 1

    Actions are judged according to intention
    This can be testified in the 1st hadith of An-nawawi collection
    Base on this, what intention do you have this Ramadan?
    Remember your intention is like a heart that beats to allow the supply of blood to all parts of the body
    My intention is to fast sincerely all through the month
    To practice and strive as much as I can for Jannah
    To be a better person than I was yesterday
    To learn patience and endurance all through life
    Fasting improves our patience and endurance
    What about you?
    What intention do you have this Ramadan?
    Because at the long end, your intention is what matters

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    Ramadan Series

    Here comes the month
    That which is one of its kind
    That which even the devil is encaged
    Where are you oh beautiful people?
    Those who wants to free their minds
    And illuminate their hearts with light
    Use your nights wisely with salat
    And your day with Qur'an on your lips
    Your hands for sadaqa
    Your minds for zikr
    Your mouth for siyam
    Your legs for tahajjud and taraweeh
    Oh Ramadan!
    Alhamdulillah for Ramadan...

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    Damon Salvatore

    "If she lays a hand on you,
    I will cut her up into tiny, little
    pieces and I will serve her at
    the wedding buffet."

  • thevampirediaries 2w

    Klaus Mikaelson

    "I've not stopped thinking about her. When it pains me, I seek comfort in the idea of what I would do to those who would harm her."

  • thevampirediaries 2w

    Klaus Mikaelson

    A warrior fights for what they believe in. A warrior fights for his family.

  • thevampirediaries 2w

    Klaus Mikaelson

    I've heard about you.
    The crazy, impulsive Vampire.

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    Damon ❤️ Stefan

    Damon : Are you drunk??
    Stefan : I don't know mom, am I ?

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    Samrat - toh kya socha phir ?
    Pihu - kis cheez ka ?
    Samrat - Hamari anniversary are hai madam yaad toh hai na ?
    Pihu - wo din kon bhool sakhta hai (laughs)
    Samrat - acha beta
    Pihu - to kya sochna hai usdin ke liye ?
    Samrat - ma soch raha tha ki ham ghar pe sunderkand ka path rakhe,thode relatives ko bula lete hai tumhare ghar wale thoda dosta aur aju baju logo ko
    Pihu - idea to acha hai per maa papa sa puchte hai

    do din baad

    Samrat - kal maa papa sa puchlenge anniversary ka aise socha hai hamne
    Pihu - are ham na koi aur din karlete hai na sunderkand ka path
    Samrat - per kyu ? Health kharab hai ?
    Pihu - nah baba
    Samrat - periods to hogaye na tumhare phir ?
    Pihu - mere to hogaye per kajal ? Uska month hai
    Samrat - to wo tablets lae lege
    Pihu - bacha wo 21ki hai sirf,abe se tablets ? Nahi baba,etna bhi koi emergency nahi hai,ham koi weekend pe kara lenge pooja
    Samrat - per 1st anniversary hai hamare
    Pihu - ha baba per dekho sab honge aur wo agar nahi honge to maza kya ?
    Selfies/photos ma nahi aye to chalega ham badma dusre le sakhte hai photos per pure family ke sath enjoy karne ka maza alag he rehta hai
    Samrat - thik hai madam !!
    Toh phir kya plan hai anniversary ka ?
    Pihu - yaad hai shaadi se pehle hamne socha tha ham kaise celebrate karenge hamare anniversaries ?
    Samrat - hehe kaise bhool sakhta hoon !!
    little things dekhte hua cheese maggie khayenge maza ayega bas tum so mat jana
    Pihu - eski koi guarantee nahi hai


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    You are playing your piano,
    Somewhere in
    This silky Multiverse.

    Your soul is easy,
    Your instincts are
    Patiently waiting
    To be spelt,
    In your sleep.

    You light up,
    In the best way,
    Like a synonym
    Of Love.

    And all the cherries
    Become little sunflowers
    Along My
    Labyrinth of maple leaves.

    Your wait is long,
    You're wearing
    Is a long sullen face,
    And half-chapped lips.

    You have to stay tuned
    To my flute,
    But you cannot
    Move one inch,
    From your piano.

    My picture lies
    Tilted by your side,
    And some phobia
    Buries an azure blue tide,
    Into your face.

    I can see,
    That you're scared.

    The dusk is going to be
    And your fingers are stinging.

    The piano makes it's own music.
    I have a "No" riding on my flute.



    I hope this makes sense. If you like this, feel free to mention it in the comment box. Your support is so valuable to me.

    I will turn this into a series, if you suggest so.


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    Is going to sting.

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    The dilemma of life is to know the unknown beyond every spectram the ordeal is to know until when it lasts.

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    Finally, the mystery ends. Here comes the last part. This was my first venture in fiction, and this wouldn't have been possible without the support of few people who have not only supported and inspired me, but also have read all the previous parts with so much love. I can't thank you all enough @_create_23 @shrey2310 @im_not_a_pretty_girl @saptarshi_sage_warrior @abhishekkamble

    #trapped #partseven #series #fiction

    (Two years later....)
    "Hello!!!", Dr. Shetty cheerfully wished us, as I entered her clinic with Rohan.
    "So, last day with me, isn't it???...take a seat...um, Rohan, please be seated. So basically, I won't say much today. I want to hear from Jay first. Tell me, how do you feel??"
    "A lot better, ma'am. I feel more at peace with myself, more loved, more accepted. And it would not have been possible without you, my parents and Rohan. Had you all not been there, by femine soul would never had been able to accept my biologically masculine body...to love myself. I no longer feel that nature has mocked me by trapping me in this body. I know, my inner and outer selves are not congruent, but I love myself for who I am."
    Dr. Shetty smiled, as Rohan gave me a comforting touch.
    I continued.
    "My naiveness had tricked me to believe that my parents don't love me. But I was wrong. They were just concerned, that their son don't behave the way all so-called normal boys do. They tried to make me understand, they scolded me, because...they felt I was wrong. But the day they got to understand my side of the story, all thanks to you, they have supported my identity like anything. They kept calm, and held their heads high, even when people called me 'gay'...because they knew I wasn't wrong. They have taught me to love the very body that I had once hated, because this body doesn't define who I am.
    And then came Rohan. I met Rohan at my workplace. The simple guy, who could never give me the butterflies and the obssession....but with him I felt at peace. He is my home. After dating for a few months, we moved in together. A lot of people spoke, but we never cared. We loved each other for who we were. And ofcourse, we had two sets of wonderful parents to keep us strong, so anything else hardly mattered. And you know what the funniest part was???...the same people who had laughed at us, called us gay...and what not, seemed to come to terms with us. We had received so many congratulations last week, when Article 377 got amended. Guess what, the entire world starts accepting you once you start accepting yourself.....and you won't ever find love, if you don't love yourself. So what if I am feminity in a masculine body??...I love myself, both my soul and my body, for who I am. Neither I am abnormal, nor have I committed any crime by loving someone of my biological sex."

    Dr. Shetty smiled before she began, what I have been waiting to hear all these days.
    "Jay, now that you are ready to know, let me tell you about your past. You might not remember everything....that is called 'repression', a defence mechanism of our subconcious mind that makes us unconciously forget painful memories. You have been suffering from gender identity disorder, whereby you have always felt that you are a feminine soul 'trapped' in a masculine body. You had thus ended up hating your male body that was not congruent with your female soul. And, you have always been a loner since childhood, as you were too 'girly' to be accepted in the guy's group, and you were a 'guy' to be accepted among the girls. And this loneliness, lack of friends, along with a constant disaproval from the society as well as your family made you feel more hopeless and dejected. You felt misunderstood, and trapped in a big bad world. And that gave rise to a peculiar habit....you began texting yourself. You texted yourself to your sim one from your sim two. And then came Pranav. Like any other girl of your age, you began dreaming of your perfect prince charming. Though rejected by your concious mind, your subconcious mind began imagining. And this imagination became too strong, to be called as an obsession. And this obsession made you hallucinate about Pranav. You began dating each other. The entire world stared as you began speaking to the winds, but you remained immersed in your own world, because, nobody but Pranav understood you. The entire thing went to another level, when you began texting yourself from your sim two as Pranav, and you replied from your sim one as Jay. If I am not very wrong, you might have never spoken to him over the phone, because you have always received a 'busy tone'. Anyway....when you broke the news about Pranav to your parents, nobody believed you, because no Pranav ever existed. They might have scolded you...or thought that you have been sick..or tried to correct you. And that was the final nail to the coffin. The entire dejection by your family and the society was too much for you to handle, trapping you into severe depression, and you tried attempting suicide. And you hallucinated Pranav to die along with you, though you were somehow saved. Pranav had died in your subconcious, and you never remembered him again. Then you reached college, and Pranav was replaced by Aryan. The same sequence of events repeated."
    Dr. Shetty paused. I stared in disbelief at her, as she resumed.
    "When you had told about Aryan to your parents, they were scared, because they knew no Aryan ever existed, and this would result in another suicide attempt. They didn't even allow you to go out for this very reason. But the day you sneeked out through the window, your mother's instincts kicked in, and she came searching for you into your room. She couldn't find you, but you had left behind your phone. She had read your messages to yourself as Aryan, and she wasted no time in calling for help. You were saved again and taken to Sanjeevni Hospital....and you know the rest."

    There was an awkward silence. The entire thing seemed to me like a distant story that I never remembered. I didn't know what to say. It was then Rohan spoke up.
    "Ma'am, now that I am here, I promise you, that no Pranav or Aryan would ever come back in Jay's life...."
    He held my hand tight.
    "I know guys. Jay has finally found love and happiness. And I know Rohan...you will keep your words. My best wishes are with you both for a wonderful life ahead."
    I felt a hint of emotion in Dr. Shetty's voice. A lump formed in my throat, as my vision got hazy.
    I felt choked once again....but this time with emotions.
    I felt 'trapped' again, but this time, by love. And for the first time, I didn't want to escape.......

    (THE END)
    Copyright: sou_scribbles_

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    I felt choked once again....but this time with emotions.
    I felt 'trapped' again, but this time, by love. And for the first time, I didn't want to escape.......
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    And our protagonist gets a start to a new life. Do go through the previous parts you you liked this one��
    #trapped #partsix #series #fiction

    I opened my eyes to the sound of the constant beeping of some monitor near my head.
    From the smell of medicines....the intra venous lines....the white bed sheets and green curtains, I could make out that I was in a hospital cabin. I was too weak to get up. I didn't even know why was I here, and for how long.....
    I turned my head towards my right side. Dad and ma were sitting on the sofa....a dejected defeated look on their faces. Their eyes seemed to have been sleepless for a few nights. A sudden pang of pain hit me hard....
    "Ma.....", I called her, weakly.
    Startled by my voice, ma and dad looked up, a sudden light of hope adorning their tear washed faces, as if, this was the moment they were waiting for.
    "What had happened to me, ma??...where am I??"
    My voice brought a fresh gush of tears into her eyes, as if, this was what she was longing to hear.

    "You are at Sanjeevni Hospital....", a bright cheerful voice spoke up.
    I looked up to find a young lady in her mid thirties standing at the door, smiling radiantly at me. From her white coat and the stetho around her neck, I assumed her to be the doctor.
    "...and you have been sleeping here for the last five days.",she continued, as she walked in to check out my reports.
    Five days???....but why????
    I looked at her, visibly confused.
    "By the way, I am Dr. Smita Shetty, consultant psychiatrist...", she began, continuing to smile at me.

    "Psychiatrist???...but why???...um, doctor...have I really gone mad, like they say??"
    "Not at all dear...", she replied, kindness overflowing her voice. "Your mind has been working differently.....perhaps....and, probably you think a lot...we'll work on that together...but you are as much as normal as anyone of us. There is nothing called maddness. Its just our minds funtioning differently..playing tricks with our head. And...."
    "But then, why am I here???" I interrupted impatiently.
    "You had attempted suicide...there were injuries and other health issues too, to take care of, apart from looking after your mental health, that I'll be taking charge of."

    Suicide??....me???...what was she even talking about????
    "You had tried jumping off a bridge into the river, but you have been saved, all thanks to your mother's maternal instincts, the phone you have left behind at home, and not to mention our medical staff, who had resuscitated you then and there. By the time you were brought here, there wasn't any major risk involved, again, thanks to the timely intervention. Perhaps you don't remember much right now. You have been put under sedatives, and various other medications are having their effects. You might not remember this incident much in future too...but then, its good to forget painful memories, right?? You are going to begin a fresh new life.."

    I was too confused to speak. Irrelevant images flooded my head....
    Water....water all around me......the current pulling my body....then the feel of my hand being held tight and pulled....dryness...breeze...some distant noises....thumping on my chest... I don't know...I could not remember anything....my mind seemed all muddled up...my head seemed heavy. I looked up at Dr. Shetty helplessly. She was busy speaking to my parents.

    ".....and don't worry aunty. With these medications things will improve. Ofcourse, there will be multiple therapy sessions over a long time, but I can assure you that Pranav or Aryan won't ever come back. But then......aunty, you and uncle would need to be supportive too, as I have told before."
    Ma nodded in agreement.

    "Doctor, who is Pranav??..who is Aryan???", I asked in a weak voice.
    "Nobody." She smiled. "As of now, you take rest, follow the prescription and be regular in your sessions. I promise to tell you everything on the last day we'll meet. Don't worry, you are totally fine...and you will be."

    I nodded sleepily as she turned back to leave.
    "Um....by the way...", Dr. Shetty suddenly turned around to look directly into my eyes.
    "Yes doctor...."
    "Are you still feeling trapped???"
    "I don't know.......I....I feel sleepy.."
    "Ok....I get that..", she gave out a little smile of victory as she left....
    (To be continued...)

    Copyright: sou_scribbles_

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    "Doctor, who is Pranav??..who is Aryan???", I asked in a weak voice.
    "Nobody." She smiled.
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    Part:5 is here!!..please go through the previous parts of the story if you liked this one.
    #trapped #partfive #series #fiction

    The cuckoo's cry from the distant arjuna tree broke my chain of thoughts and brought me back to the present. My mind had gone into a flashback mode for a while. The afternoon sun sleepily stared at me, as the lazy wind played with the trees, like it had nothing better to do. The river flowed down the bridge, rippling its way around the rocks.
    "Nature has Her own ways of mocking people...", I sighed.
    I looked at my watch. 3:35pm. It was time...

    I looked around for one last time.....possibly, with a faint hope of seeing him..but.............may be, I could leave him one last text.
    I fumbled my pockets for my phone. I couldn't find it. Perhaps, I had left it back at home while sneeking out through the window.
    Home............somewhere the very thought of home brought me an unexpected tear. By the evening, ma would be worried for me....perhaps, she would be crying. Dad would leave no stone unturned to search for his child. And by the time they would know, I would be gone........it would all end. They would be then called to the morgue to identify a lifeless body that they had known through all these years...that they had loved through all these years...

    I looked around. There was nobody. Aryan too, didnot come. Gathering the last bit of my courage, I held the rusted iron railings of the bridge.
    "And you thought I would leave you alone......"
    I stopped short at Aryan's voice. My legs trembled. My grip loosened, as I turned back to find him staring at me...the same deep eyes.....the same bewitching smile.

    "Aryan.....I mean.....how did you come here??..I had just looked around to check. There was nobody present near and far...."
    He smiled, as he held my hand.
    "Let's do this together...", he said, taking a step forward towards the railings.
    I followed him, hypnotised by his voice.
    "Don't be scared. You are finally escaping. You won't feel trapped after today. Come with me..... Three....two.......one........jump!!"

    The next thing I remember was floating into the air momentarily, before my body hit the cold sparkling waters below. My lungs screamed for air...my limbs struggled to fight the current out of reflex... My brain tried every trick to make me somehow raise my head above the water level for a gush of air, but my stubborn heart rejoiced at the way my body suffered.
    And finally it happened.....
    Defeated, my lungs gave up their stuggle to hold to on my last breath, as a gush of cold water entered my chest. Oh!!!...that pain......that burning sensation.....that satisfaction...........

    I allowed my body to be carried away by the water current. I was at peace.
    Even at my last moment, I could feel fingers being intertwined around mine, holding me tight. Probably Aryan.........

    But why was he was pulling me in a different direction???....perhaps towards him......??? Where was he???
    My semi concious mind was unable to comprehend anything.....
    Was I alive..???...was I dead?????
    Was I already in my next life????...where was the water gone??....
    I could feel a faint breeze blowing over my seemingly lifeless body. Where was I???..where was those familiar noises coming from????..... I could feel a heavy thump on my chest, but I could feel no pain. Was that my heartbeat???...and what did just cruise through my vein???..I could feel something, and yet I couldn't feel anything. My mind was blank.
    Is this how after life feels like???

    "Where am I??", I desperately wanted to ask, but I had no voice.
    I desperately wanted to see what was happening.
    My eyes struggled against all forces.
    And then, for a fraction of a second, I saw something that looked like the setting sun, before I collapsed.......

    (To be continued....)
    Copyright: sou_scribbles_

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    Defeated, my lungs gave up their stuggle to hold on to my last breath, as a gush of cold water entered my chest. Oh!!!...that pain......that burning sensation.....that satisfaction......
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    Looks like I am a bit too excited to post the next part, and, this will be perhaps a long read, but do go through it, and if you like my story, do go through the previous parts..
    #trapped #partfour #series #fiction

    "The number you are trying to call is busy. Please call again later."
    I threw away the phone in disgust. That was one problem with Aryan. He used to reply to my texts in no time, but whenever I had tried calling him up, I used to hear the same busy tone.

    I was in total mess, and I knew I had to call him up. My mom hardly speaks to me for the last few days. I either find her sobbing, or sitting all alone by herself in the balcony. I might be wrong, but I feel a sense of deep seated fear in her eyes, though I don't know why. Dad mostly tries to stay outside home in the pretext of work, so that he doesn't need to face me. And me???....trapped in my own loneliness, asusual.

    They say, that nobody understands a child more than the parents. I wish they had met me. It so happened, that I had decided to break the news about me and Aryan being together at my home, even though I knew they would never accept us. But, atleast I had expected some sort of understanding from them, which was wrong of me in the very first place, considering, how they had never understood me from my very childhood.

    My mom thinks I have gone mad 'yet again' and though I was cured of this 'sickness' for a few years after the 'last time', it had 'returned again'.....though I have no idea of what she actually means by that.
    "What are you talking about ma???..what maddness??...what sickness??...what last time??..I don't know...I just said that I love Aryan..."
    "Just like Pranav, isn't it?? How many times will I have to tell you that...."
    "Who Pranav, ma??...I don't remember any Pranav..", I interrupted.
    Ma could only sob. She had no answer, and I had no idea of what she was talking about. Aryan is my first love.....my soulmate. I never knew anyone called Pranav.
    "Look...", ma began. "I know a Baba Ji who cures diseases like these. For God's sake...listen to me. Get married..."
    "I don't have any disease, ma, and I won't marry anyone but him, come what may...why don't you understand???", I shouted.

    "Enough now!!", dad growled from behind.
    There was an eerie silence, except from the occassional sobs that came from ma.
    "When will you learn to stop??? I have been trying to explain this to you since your school days, that you are treading on the wrong path. You are building up wrong ideas about yourself. You are a grown up now, when will you change??..Do you even realise what people speak of you, all thanks to these nonsense things you say and do??...do you realise what we go through because of you???"

    "Did you ever realise, dad, what I had to go through all these years?? You didn't, and you never will......", my voice quivered.
    I knew that there was no point in speaking to them. Nor did they have anything to say. I slowly left for my room, my own world.

    Since then I've been trying to call Aryan. My parents don't let me go outside much since then....not even to college, and this was the only way I could contact him. I felt suffocated. And more than that...I felt betrayed........by my body.....my family......my love.............and there was only one way to get out of all these.....to end the very source of all discontentment......the very body that had trapped my soul......the very body from which my soul seeked liberation......the very body that I hated.

    I left him a text...
    "I will finally put an end to everything. I will finally put an end to myself. I have been trapped, but I'll finally escape. Tomorrow. 3:30pm. Bridge."
    "I will come.", came the reply........

    (.....to be continued)
    Copyright: sou_scribbles_

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    "Did you ever realise, dad, what I had to go through all these years?? You didn't, and you never will......", my voice quivered.
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    And the third part is here......do go through the previous parts if you liked it������
    #trapped #partthree #series #fiction

    "Why do they stare at me, Aryan, like I am some alien to this world??", I asked, as we walked together, along the pebble strewn path amidst the garden. This little park has always been our favourite place to hang out. Apart from the strange glances thrown at me by random people...as if, I was some lunatic, this place provided me with all the solace that I used to crave for. But then, this wasn't the first time. Enough people stare...at the college campus, at malls, at restaurants....whenever I am by his side. Not that it mattered though.....

    Aryan looked into my eyes, and I blushed. Like always, the entire Universe seemed to be a magical myriad of colourful fireworks for a moment.
    "May be, they don't know the real you..."
    "Nobody knows the real me, Aryan, except you. I have been all alone since childhood, sometimes being laughed at...sometimes mocked...sometimes made fun of.....and sometimes, even punished for being who I am. I feel trapped Aryan.....I feel helpless..."
    Aryan put his fingers over my lips. I looked into his eyes that glowed with an intense longing. I closed my eyes, hugging him hard, as if, the fear of losing him overpowered all my instincts. The gulmohar flowers that bloomed in the boughs over our heads blushed redder than the setting sun, as our lips met for the first time.

    I don't seem to remember anything after that...I don't remember how his lips felt against mine...was it like satin??...or, perhaps like the most perfect honeydew ever created...or, may be he tasted like.....I...I don't know why I feel that shooting headache whenever I try to remember those moments, that I have always treasured within myself along all my secrets.

    I don't know....perhaps.....I might had been in a state of trance, too intoxicated in his love....but all I remember was being shaken by the gardener's voice.
    "I don't know what you are up to, but stop hugging that tree so hard, else the branches would break..."
    "Tree???...I'm hugging a tree???...what are you talking about??...Aryan....what is he saying???..."
    "I don't know why do they allow these crazy people here.." he muttered beneath his teeth, casting at me one last irritated look before he turned back and left.

    "Wait....I am not crazy...you are crazy.." I shouted, as he left, not even caring to turn back or answer.
    "Aryan, you heard that???...that man called me crazy....he said that...that...."
    "It's okay dear, it's okay.....they don't know you. They don't understand you...you know that, right???"
    "I know Aryan. I know. I am trapped. I am trapped within my own body. I am trapped in a big bad world. I am trapped, and I don't know if I can escape......"

    (.....to be continued)

    Copyright: sou_scribbles_

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    The gulmohar flowers that bloomed in the boughs over our heads blushed redder than the setting sun, as our lips met for the first time.
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    Here comes the second part....do go through the first part, and do let me know your views��
    #trapped #parttwo #series #fiction

    I don't exactly remember how I had met him. Was it at the college canteen?..the library??...or was it.....oh God! That same old headache pierces my skull yet again. I could never figure out why, that whenever I had tried to think of how we had first met, my thought process had always been blocked by a piercing headache.
    I had even asked him, if he remembered, and all my questions had brought up nothing more than an enchanting smile on his lips, that would make my heart skip a beat and a myriad of colours flashed in front of my eyes for a moment, creating all possible symmetries and assymetries...as if...a shot of my favourite drug had been sent cruising withing my veins.

    All that I know was that, he was a newcomer in our batch.....tall, stout, with a perfectly carved athletic body in a wheatish complexioned skin. His little stubble over his chin and his magnetic smile were what completed his looks. But what had drawn me towards him, were his pitch black eyes.....the eyes that could bewitch anybody....the eyes that spoke of the infinite secrets hidden beneath them....the eyes that had got me addicted...or obsessed the moment I had seen them.
    His charisma could leave the entire college tongue tied......any girl weak on her knees...or, any guy with a complex.

    And yet, I was the only one whom he spoke to. Actually, he wasn't much of a speaker. He was more a listener. He used to speak less, and listen more. Each and every word that I uttered....all my pains, all my complains...my smiles, my joys.....he used to listen, like that was the only voice in the entire Universe...like I was his only centre of attraction.

    And him.....everything about him pierced right through my heart and soul. His voice gave me shivers of joy....his presence gave me goosebumps.....and the way he looked straight into my eyes filled me with butterflies. With him...the world felt like the seventh heavens.....more colourful, less noisy....more beautiful, less lonely...

    He understood me, like nobody did...and I needed him, like I had never needed anyone. He was the only friend I had and with him, my world was perfect. It gave me an immense pride, as the entire campus stared at me whenever I used to be with him.....talking, laughing, sitting together at class or at the canteen, preparing notes....or just staring at his face, getting myself lost in the music of his voice.

    I was his only friend here....but for me, Aryan was my world....my life, my addiction, my obsession, and everything beyond that......
    (.....to be continued)

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    With him...the world felt like the
    seventh heavens.....more colourful, less noisy....more beautiful, less lonely
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