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    6 Sept 2021 11.11 am

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    September is a sojourner
    Silent spectator of sustenance

    • • •

    Beloved September, 

    You're the silver of silence succeeding saffron seedtime, before golden autumn withers recite balladry of blackberry winter. Your air misty with the sillage of spring and susurrant verdant welcoming autumn overboard. You lean softly on the shoulders of a trunk dreaming, 'whenst the blanket of flowerets would embrace once again' and whistle rhymes and riddles to lissome lilies. Your gracious glow blessing aster and morning-glory, amorous and adoring myriad hearts. You painted a pink sky on the easel of eternity, luminous with dreaming stars and bewitching moon. You gave love to whatsoever have been left to you, harvested halcyon stakes and delivered as much as my dreams promised. You lend me, a poet lost in ties and lies, warmth to stretch until the routine of galestorms sing encore. You're an interlude to the darting needles and diving dates, a space for soaring wishes to glide and land on glitter. You are a sapphire solace, so in tryst with purity and loyalty that, any evil that lurks betwixt the shadows of your sun and moon would perish, as you're the guard of glory.
    You don't know my skills yet but you thrust this sword of victory in my hands, likewise I don't know my purpose yet but I'd honour your trust in me with my life.

    / Would you aliven my stillborn verses with a pinch of your immortal aether 
    Or would you forget them in the grave of foreshadowing demise /

    Yours eternally grateful
    A Forget-me-not Fairy

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    “Write to me September."
    [Warning: Long rant. Also, there's a lot of grammatical error and typos]

    Uhmm, Hi?!... I don't know how to start it but I guess I'll give my best shot and all words I keeping inside. Ok, without further ado I'll start :-)

    It's already September. It's “ber months" here in the Philippines meaning it's the time where we Filipino start the celebration of Christmas especially for catholic and christian. Time passes so quickly without even noticing it, we still on crisis of the pandemic with no progress— getting worst and worst.

    Many of us are stuck on home, others loses jobs and even someone they love. Lock in home, many of people becomes more anxious and such; affecting mental and physical health plus the fact that there are so much going on with political issues, some front liners become more in risk of their lives. Classes are still online, draining student to the point that they just pass requirements not even learning.

    Now, life is short. It's frustrating and gloomy. Step one foot in the backyard, and I will hear some news that one of our neighbors passed away, some acquittance are sick, etc. September vibes it's not same as before, where you will feel the warm of love in the street, family bonding, children carolling furthermore it's full of fun unlike today where people nowadays makes themselves busy through social media finding happiness.

    And for me I'm glad that my family and friends are fine and healthy, that we still overcome any hurdles we've encounter. I thank God for every blessing we receive. I'm grateful but sometimes... oops scratch that— almost always I'm between happy and sad. I felt empty, I am losing motivation. I felt that I'm the character of my own book with no character development and glow up.

    Honestly, I start working out to overcome being pessimist, yet it is very handy. I've experienced so much rejection in university, I can't still finish all my novels ending up abandoning it. I'm still insecure. I feel dumb, I'm still asking myself what we planned to do cause I know I'm not moving at all. I tried to find my talent but it always turns out I'm talentless.

    I admit I'm still toxic to myself and perhaps to others, I'm still here being overdramatic in to all things. Anything doesn't go to the way I want. I'm still here over fed up in complaining, trying hard to cheer up myself but in one second I still fell in obscurity of negativity. It appears to be that the world is my foe the present moment or perhaps it's simply myself? I don't have a clue, bahala na.

    In spite of all, I want you to know (to the one who still reading this) that I'm still waiting for the rainbow to come, waiting for the good news to deliver, waiting to put back my pieces, waiting for Gods planned. Just for now I will just let myself wet by rain just like how I showered myself with droplets of rain yesterday. I will just continue to write broken words.

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    I starting to get
    used of these lava tears
    that flowing through my heart— burning it.
    Making my thoughts solidify.


  • sproutedseeds 13w

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    I always feel September month is like bidding goodbye to "childhood" entering into teens
    confused, happy, a mixed feelings with the bodily changes and then grow into "adult" blooming like in spring.

    @writersnetwork thank you for the like ❤️
    @miraquill thank you for the editor's choice ❤️

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    Letter to September

    Dear September,

    You know very well you are in
    every poet's favourite list.
    They are ready
    to fill the verses of their poems
    with the endings for the
    new beginning.

    The Sun becomes dim and hides,
    bidding goodbye to summer and the
    leaves slowly becoming crisp to fall.

    Fall for the change to bring about
    in the nature. You attract people to
    admire the beauty of nature.

    You are the best month to know more
    about life. With every fall you teach
    to rise, never give up.

    Always your disciple,

  • angels_halo_shines 13w

    Dear September,

    Here you are sun shining & free falling leaves. Last year, the leaves were ready to change before ‘twas time. I don’t think Mother Nature wants to rush this year. Autumn, my personal favorite time of year. Leaves changing all the beautiful colors of red, orange, green, yellow & all in between. Falling to the ground to show us nothing last forever. A celebration of life really. As beauty can catch our eyes to where we will never forget what’s been seen. Creating long lasting memories in the days & years ahead.To explain to our children & grandchildren to come. In hopes they will to have the same pleasure as we have. The world changes so fast & always right before our own eyes. Most times we have to then play catch up. There is much to learn from September. Once you allow yourself to see the beauty inside. I do hope you can see as I do.

    With ❤️ love ❤️,
    Photo credit to the original owner (found on google images)

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    Dear September

    Once you allow yourself to see the beauty inside. I do hope you can see as I do.

  • preetkanwal 13w

    Letter to September

    Dear September
    Summer now seems like your guest.Cool breeze is replacing humidity in your courtyard.Trees are blowing damp kisses to cool the mind of winds.Atmosphere is breathing a sigh of relief.your mornings n‘ evenings are my walk friends.Your afternoons are a pleasure to read while wearing shades of thoughts.Your nights weave stories on soothing cotton sheet of mind,removing creases of starched stark summer nights. Often monsoon is dripping lexicons from fringes of plants.Poetry is spreading pleasantness in all hearts.Please remove the tan of heat from minds of burning souls by turning the pages of life everyday.Hope is your new tenant.
    With love…..
    ©preetkanwal 03.09.2021

  • nocturnal_enigma 13w

    Letter to September ~

    Dear, September.
    You come before...
    October, November & December.
    You 4 shall be welcomed...
    like babies born in the world.
    September babies such as...
    Lee Jong-suk, Song Joong-ki. Etc.
    Plus, my EX-bf, that out of this world.
    I think, he's gone �� to other planet. ��‍��
    I imagine, there's a thick fog there.
    What a relief! So, I can enjoy my...
    life, �� without being disturbed.
    I blocked him on all SocMeds,
    just in case, if he get kicked ��
    out of it, just for existing.

    Dear, September.
    It is a month....
    that my crush will remember....
    as he put FB's cover picture...
    of his crush and her daughter,
    10 years ago, on 9th month of
    2011. I say prayers �� that he will...
    change it. But, that only happen...
    if he can change his feeling for her.
    I saw that he ignored her, recently,
    when she tagged him in a post about
    food, with her caption "Yummy." just like...
    how she ignored him, long ago, when he...
    tagged her in a post about love-shaped...
    puddle with his caption "I love it when it rain."

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma



    * 3.9.2021; 8.42 P.M (Malaysia)


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    #Septemberc #September #challenge by @writersbay

    * I didn't chose the background. It automatically there. So, I just use it. (I imagine the woman as me. Looks sassy)

    * P.s: My EX-bf & my #crush are 2 different men!
    1st stanza for EX #EX0 & 2nd stanza for #AHBA


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    Letter to September ~

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  • pallavi4 13w


    Dear September ,

    Your whispers are getting stronger everyday
    Ready to take on the whole world
    In the kisses of your budding flowers
    I watch you slowly, majestically unfurl
    Closeted in your arms are wide wings
    To help you fly against the torrential rains
    In your lap awaiting lies the amber autumn
    Primed to earthy dominance obtain
    Soon you with wither away, so will the flighty fall
    And of your raindrops I will be deprived
    I will miss your mild and moderate temperament for
    Almost immediately the frigid winter will arrive



    3rd of September, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner - “September Skies” by Sara Winters

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  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 13w

    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    Welcome, sweet September!
    Oh how I love your clear, crisp days
    And as you lead us into autumn
    I'll gladly sing your every praise!

    Gone away, the heat of summer
    You cool us with your temperate bliss
    I must bespeak your many splendors
    Lest I would surely be remiss

    Verdant, those rolling hills
    So richly hued in green
    Adorned by trees with jewel toned leaves
    The loveliest I've seen!

    And let me not forget your evenings
    Graced with star strewn skies galore
    Therein the quietude of nightfall
    I swear I love you all the more!

    Dear September, you beguile me!
    As you enchant me with your charm
    Thus for the length of 30 days
    I shall walk with you, arm in arm.
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 9/3/2021

    #septemberc #miraquill #writersnetwork #challenge #originalwriting

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  • bohemian_ballerina 13w

    Crooning like Beyonce, I sing of Subtle September:
    You make me reminisce my ancient life,
    Where I used to break free like the chained elephant let loose.
    You make me bloom like the September flower(oh, forget me not)
    You make me go Golden as you Fall,
    Mid day it is and you made those yellow leaves blush,
    I settle in like a pudding betwixt you
    But you move like the auburn air surrounding you, too swift.


  • penelope_ 13w

    September you shook me terribly
    September you shook me,
    You brought me unexpected revelations which made me uncomfortable in my own skin
    I cried like anything in broad daylight
    You made me question my soul and my body
    September you shook me,
    You made me believe that I will always be emtpy
    no matter how I am or what I am
    Annihilated terribly completed apparently
    September you shook me

  • shruti_25904 13w

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    Dear September,

    You are the month of happiness. You are the 9th child of your single parent 2021. You are indeed my cause of happiness and love for quite many reasons u see. First of all, it was you, who welcomed me on the 25th day and gifted me a whole universe-- my parents and my adorable elder brother. Secondly, school exams used to fall in you always, but u always order them to end themselves before my special birthday. And a lot more.. u see. I think this letter is going too self-centred. Now let's talk about you.
    Yes you, my beloved September. To me, September is a sea of hearts. You blessed us all with our 2nd parent... i.e. a teacher who develops us educationally and psychologically for life. Your days are pleasant, easy-going, filled with love balloons and caress. May u always continue showering your love balloons on us.

    With love,
    Your beloved well-wisher.

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    Her heart is counting infinites
    So that the sun energizes her
    So that the shallow deep sea wets her
    So that the mountain threatens her to behave as a rock
    So that the strange roads let her to merge with the horizon
    And her soft fingers write a letter to the beloved September...(Letter in caption...)

  • piu_writes 13w


    Oh september you are here please bring us some good cheer• our lives have been topsy turvy due to the corona scare• so let us hope this month onwards we don't have such dispair • our country has not celebrated its festivals for the past one year, so this september let there be festivals and merrymaking in the air•let the puja pendals of lord Ganesha spring up everywhere • oh september then pave the way for the coming months of the year

  • lazybongness 13w

    @writersbay Thank you for the kind read and ❤️
    @writersnetwork Thank you for the kind read and ❤️

    #septemberc #quote

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    S eek the sanguine near you.

    E xperience it , give acknowledgement.

    P repare pinnacle possibilities.

    T acit the talisman thoughts.

    E bullient emotions into poetry.

    M anifest maneuver motion to furnish soul.

    B eacon magic of balancing the buoyancy

    E bullient ease for enthsiasm of life.

    R adiant rapture to make this month a
    memorable one.


  • hanshu 13w


    Not the January of every year changes the person story..,
    There is nothing like that, any month any moment can change your life or your way..,
    This September is going to make my life new..,
    Many ups and downs and many folded pages are going to be open this month or in a day..,

    I am just a stranger for the upcoming roads..,
    I don't know right now my directions for this route..,
    But I am gonna reach somewhere I am sure of it..,
    And that makes me go remote.

  • writersbay 13w

    Good Morning! 🌼

    Today, write a letter to September.

    Tag and share with #septemberc

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    September approaching…I feel I owe myself a brief respite of leisure and no rushing around. I can’t face the dead reality. I want rainy days, lanterns and a hundred moons twining in dark leaves, music spilling out and echoing yet inside my head.

    — Sylvia Plath

  • treble_clef 13w

    Pray for Af... Pray for Peace

    #free, #fog


    (To refocusing our energies...)

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    Sanguine September (?)

    September has set sail 
    uttering sanguine orison,
    cadaver of hope
    hiding in its belly. 

    Can you hear the fog 
    squelching the smiles? 
    Smiles, that still bloom
    in the mire of disdain.
    Crimson streams 
    scream for rescue, 
    but forsaken agony 
    lies orphaned 
    in the open meadow.  

    Oh humanity! 
    let love resurrect 
    the carcass of hope;
    let the fog burn off
    in its warmth. 

    May the sanguine September
    learn to spell humanity
    in new light.