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  • sonalbhatiarandhawa 13w

    The autumn winds
    The dry leaves
    The nude trees
    Tired and shaken
    Desperately waiting
    For arrival of spring!

  • happypenning_sad 13w

    I am separated from my husband by fate, time, travel ban and pandemic  for almost 6 months now.

    Being a young and newly wed couple, we have made many mistakes. Lots of fights have left us now with only very few moments to reminisce. Yet, we are still growing and learning in every aspect of life.

    This unplanned break/ separation led me to think about the value of things I may be ruining. Introspection helped me to analyse and focus on better things.

    In a nutshell, separation is like the shore of a vast deep sea, that indicates which is land, which is water and where you stand

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    Paradox of "Se-paration"

    What causes pain and yet increases love is separation.

  • subhaprakshit 13w

    We took the leap and backed them In fragrance of daffodils
    the Gulmohor made the way, being so unaware we followed It.
    If that was so unforgiven fate,
    we sailed over the solar waves to see the God's universal attires and paused.
    Subha, will you Love me even after my death,I asked.
    When no existence of mine will sing you only melancholy;
    Don't cry, Okay!
    no one will be there to save you from any heartbreak
    whom will you think by the petrichor time,
    the cloudburst over and cracking melodies In your eyes,
    but I don't believe you
    you soon shall forget.
    You will soon forget Subha, you'll soon forget.
    Lets do a theft, you sign the paper here
    I'll fill the white by red
    that you'll not forget me till the fifty first rain.
    That you will dance on your Day by the site of the green mountains
    over the sprawling path of woods where the haze falls like snowflakes,
    we've been there till the memories lost their ways
    we did the toy train ride beyond the Ghoom's way.
    Will you remember or you'll Just forget.
    I don't know how to explain,
    but this separation was so tough,
    my car lost the road and I plunged Into deep of stream
    my voice echoed none to help
    I called your name again and again and rested unto the heaven.
    You told me at the bus terminal not to ever return again and you laughed
    why didn't you tell me, you loved me more than.
    Why didn't you tell me to soon come back.
    I don't believe you Subha you soon shall Forget (me).

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    HIJR (Separation).

    That you will dance on your Day by the site of the green mountains
    over the sprawling path of woods where the haze falls like Snowflakes.


  • dew_drops 13w

    The silky pellicle
    And mellow shades
    Of white and roseate pink
    Leisurely, blend into one another

    Seep from the apex
    And embrace right at the core
    To unravel rouge and carol-pink hues
    Just like the evening skies

    Greeting nights or waving at sunrise
    These heavenly petals
    Obscure the delicate stamens
    Resting above the fervent anthers

    It's blooming radiance
    Creates a perfumed nectar
    That castes an enchanting trance
    And beguiles thirsty bees to itself

    It comes in like a rebellious intruder
    And carries away its precious pollens
    Flower is struck with dreadful pain
    It weeps dew drops and bleed its shades

    In glimpse of eye
    It's a lifeless ornament
    Parched winds and sizzling heat
    Blow it away towards the debris

    It dries in despair and dies from grief
    Little did it know, this breach
    Is a way the world blooms
    Cherish your own life, strive the gloom

    Just feel the breeze
    And wait for the wounds to heal
    There's only you, with distinct beauty
    Even a part of you sown in soil
    Can never have the same zeal
    Neither it can be YOU!

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    Just feel the breeze
    And wait for the
    Wounds to heal
    There's only you, with
    distinct beauty
    Even a part of
    sown in soil
    Can never have
    the same zeal
    Neither it can be YOU!

  • ramya04 13w

    The comma separated his love
    and changed her life.

  • dini_ekta_singh_rajput 13w

    The pain of separation hurts the most.
    But the new experiences you get after this new beginning are reassuring.

  • preetikothari 13w


    The soil nurtures its plants
    Like the Almighty it chants.

    It nourishes the plant selflessly
    Elated to see plant growing deliriously.

    Unfortunately time comes plant chopped from its roots,
    The soil couldn't help but separation it choose.

    Grieved, almost broken,penance in vain,
    The efforts of years almost in drain.

    Like soil we bear the pangs of separation,
    Our life halts and never comes into action.

    Never let anyone spoil your precious moments,
    Nothing but let happiness become the first component.

  • _celena_ 13w

    It's better to separate thorns from the rose to avoid the painful separation of tears from the eyes...


  • sadafiqbal 13w

    Sometimes all we need is separation not only from people around us but also from our emotions and expectations.
    Sometimes It's the only way to survive!

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    Sometimes separation is the only way for survival!


  • _minnaa_ 13w


    The moment someone is born, they come with an expiry date. Once you are born into this world, you have to die; for immortality exists only in literature. That's the way nature works. It gives life for a while to serve your purpose and then it takes that back. It is basically a give and take policy.

    When the Covid-19 pandemic struck the world, I thought this too shall pass. Once I started seeing people lose lives, I asked Death, not to be proud. Just like John Donne had written in the poem 'Death, be not proud'. My family was safe and sound. The 1st wave went without me witnessing a personal loss. Then the early phase of the 2nd wave struck, and it was merciless.
    Death took away a precious part of the foundation of our lives. It took away my Uncle ( my inspiration, debate-partner, fellow researcher, friend and father figure).
    We all had gathered in our ancestral home for a joyous occasion. The entire family was present. Death had taken him away from our midst. It seemed as though a dementor had taken away all the happiness in a jiffy and I was numb that my patronus charm didn't work against it. Maybe I was too weak enough to cast the spell.
    Out of the twelve people present, six of us were tested Covid positive. And seventh one had already left for his heavenly abode.
    That was my first hand experience of seeing death so closely. The void it created is unfathomable. He had served his purpose of life. He was a dear son, an amazing brother, a doting father, a loving husband and an excellent uncle. More than all these tags, he was a genuine human being. And has left behind big shoes for us to fill. He never feared death. Just few hours before passing away, he was being philosophical about death and told me how it is nothing but another phase of our lives in this Universe. Little did I know that I would face this reality check sooner in my life. This is a truth that we all need to live with. We shouldn't be proud of what we have, because life can change in seconds. Count your blessings and be thankful for what you have instead of complaining.

    For the free spirit he was, I want to remember him happily. I have always had his unconditional support in whatever I did and I know that he will continue to do that from wherever he is. I want him to live through my writing, and today I dedicate this post to my beloved uncle. A day does not go by without remembering him.


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    An Unexpected Visitor

  • durgaprasad_vichu 13w

    #separation #pod #wod #newwayc
    I know I am late for this but kindly have a read.
    I hope you won't get disappointed at the end.����
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    Fall for me

    "Yes we got separated, so what?"

    How could you say like that? I was with you the whole time until they separated us. I loved you more than others. I danced with you even at the worst times. After all the moments we had, now you hate me because of the distance we have. Is this the true love you mentioned when I stood by you. I was completely ready to conceive your child, our child. You don't know how much it hurts to be me. All my dreams shattered when I got separated from you. I know you are at heights but I can't reach you. If your love is true you will fall for me before I fade away, but instead you are saying "so what" and that really hurts me my love.

    "What shall I do then? I know you were an angel. But you have fallen now, so I should move on. I know that I will also fall one day, but till then I should enjoy more time with others. I want to dance more. I need to make love with beautiful females before I die. I really want to..... Oh no! Why is she coming to this direction today? God please don't let her have me. I wish to live more. At least save me until a bee comes, this is not fair."

    Look who is talking about fair now. You deserve this. Yes, pluck him from his selfishly fixed lazy foot. If I don't get him no one should, at least I can die peacefully. Goodbye, my love!

    If there is an another life with him I wish to be a bisexual flower, so he will be with me from my birth itself.
    We will be together inside the bud.....
    we will be together while we bloom.....
    we will be together when the bees come.....
    we will dance together in heavy rains and hold petals in forceful winds.....
    we will be together if they pluck us and we will be together until we fall.
    Thus we will not get separated ever again.....


  • stelly 13w


    Death you're so cruel
    You stole away someone's soul
    Whenever you want to,
    You separated me
    from the warmth of their presence
    You never listen
    to the mourns of every heart
    You snatched my beloved ones
    you never let go of them
    You bear away far from my sight,
    You murdered the loves
    that will never bloomed twice
    You buried my happiness
    deep into your grave,
    Times will not bring back the dead
    Tears will not turn
    into sunshine at the corner of my lips
    Memoriess will not filled my voids
    For you, you dressed me in sorrows.

  • under_the_umbrella 13w

    टूटता तारा बन गए
    दिखे मेरे हक़ के आसमान में,
    जा मिले किसी और की ज़मीन से


  • vangelis 13w

    ��The little note of a lilac to a gentle breeze that made the petals to dance��.....
    Separation is pain, yet some things are supposed to be separated. Some relations demand one to get separated so as to avoid a fixed fate that is known. Everyone need to move on��...Yet separations create a void in our heart...

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    Zephyr and Lilac:
    A melody of melancholy.

    We are together a lie, my dear
    A lie as fragile as a lilywhite
    A lie that seem truth to many
    You came to me as a breeze,
    Singing with the fragrance of rain
    I, a mere lilac in the garden
    Dancing to your tune
    As you gave your wide arms
    towards me to dance with you
    I looked into your gleaming eyes
    with the hope to see a universe
    That can treat the
    hidden torments in me.
    But all I could see was a void.
    Yet I never wanted you to go.
    I wanted to dance with you.
    I kept smiling to you even when
    I knew, you'll head south one day.
    Torments kept pricking me.
    I beared with them.
    But the wound got worse day by day.
    Yet I wanted you to smile.
    You were always right.
    I was the wrong in our poem.
    I want to make you a hurricane.
    So that you'll be strong enough to move on
    even when I leave one day.
    But all my strength drained out,
    I withered and fell. I'll bloom again.
    So you should move ahead.
    And stay happy from a distance.
    I wish for nothing more.
    Together, we made a puzzle
    that'd never fit together.
    We are transient, so let's sunder-
    But promise me that
    You'll send me your stories
    through the agile butterflies of time.

  • veronica_06 13w

    Locked windows

    We all run like ghosts,
    senselessly and numb!
    We work like machines,
    seamlessly and succumb!
    We forget family and friends,
    hopelessly and numb!
    We divorced nature
    recklessly and glum!

  • thoughtsprocess 13w

    When teardrops
    fall from my eyes
    They seem like
    a few pages get separated
    from my personal dairy

  • _ecstatic_writer_ 13w

    The grass once covered the barren land is now removed from it, to clear the land. Can it face the affects of separation ? Can it understand that priorities change? Will it compromise its attachment for the betterment of the land? Is every separation painful or to heal someone else for their happiness?


  • san_draaa 13w


    It's not always the same
    at times it's lame
    All faces the losses
    like how,petals fall from the roses
    There's separation all around
    but try not to get drowned
    Even rain withers leaving the clouds️
    although it's not allowed
    Leaves falling off from trees
    away with the silent breeze ️
    Carry on with the changes
    which take you to next ranges
    When needed ,do a flip
    But never forget to look up✨


  • pallavi4 13w

    The autumn leaf

    Life is hard but for me, a golden autumn leaf
    Floating dreamily solitary atop the pond
    Shady trees with their fiery leaves
    Still remind me of memories fond

    Overlooking the pond in the village
    I was a part of an umbrageous tree
    Swishing and swaying gayly in the wind
    I lived like a careless, carefree dupree

    In the spring dressed in green robes
    I was strong, glossy and able
    Come summer I enjoyed the sunlight
    In the summer breeze I was adept and stable

    Attached to the old world sycamore I lived
    Among friends and family together
    Thought I did we would merrily live
    As a powerful unit forever

    Come the fall, we went from wearing greens
    To cloaks in oranges, reds and golds
    We started swaying in the chilly draft
    And breathing in the autumn cold

    One day a great gust broke me off
    From the cluster of the other leaves
    I sauntered slowly down to the pond
    Half golden, half dried like the rest of the tree

    And on the calm waters I lay silently watching
    Waiting for the others to join me now
    Forming a golden pathway by the pond
    They fell away from the shady bough

    I watched as they were swept away
    By autumn’s chilly winds to different lands
    I was destined to die alone and lonely
    Why me, I couldn’t really understand

    But till that day arrived I decided I would
    Not be like other leaves but float aimlessly
    I would watch as the world passed me by
    Unworried, unattached, nonchalantly

    Slowly as winter came I lost the golden sheen
    Completely dried and wilted I became
    I was ready to pass on to better worlds
    I knew in death life wouldn’t be the same

    And then one day, just like that it came for me
    Like any another day I was floating alone
    I perished with an eye till the very end
    On my beloved now bare sycamore .


    13th of July, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- 1935 by Peter Holme iii on 500 px

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  • sketcher 13w

    Meet me at the end

    When you left me behind
    With beautifully placed memories
    Painfully shut stories of nights
    We the witness to this story of love
    So broken, so fought after
    When the vision blurred
    Tears so gracefully descended
    We ran away from what we chased
    For so long, so easily discarded
    Never wanted but loved indeed
    Maybe if we ever meet
    In an universe coloured
    Just for you and me to meet
    When in this world
    We are far apart
    With reasons unknown
    And lives unknown of our
    Happily ever after
    In the world
    Where I visit you every night
    Just for me to cry to let me go
    While holding you tighter
    Every ticking second
    While I'm sent back to the world
    Where we are back to strangers
    To the mornings I hate