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  • bettertoseparate 4w

    Miles apart

    No pillow
    Between us.
    No separation, but
    In my thoughts
    I am miles apart.
    I wonder
    If it's even possible
    To swallow
    Your promises
    Into your gut
    To make them disappear.
    If it's possible
    To mock the agony
    Of a person
    You vowed to
    Share your
    Life with.
    If instead of
    Holding hands
    In a relationship
    You start
    Holding despair.
    If kisses and hugs
    Can be so easily
    Replaced with
    Bruises and pain.
    Is it possible
    That the person
    You loved before
    Cannot be
    Recognised anymore.
    If you can
    Be a human
    Skin and bones
    And still feel
    Same bed, same room
    Same stars, same moon
    He looks the same.
    My mirror reflects me same.
    Yet nothing is same anymore.
    No pillow
    Between us.
    No separation, but
    In my thoughts
    I am miles apart.
    I wish to fly away
    Miles apart.

  • kri_k_sni 5w

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    I should never have looked back
    As we said our last goodbye
    Seeing our end
    I didn’t want to leave because
    I know that
    Everything is different now

    And as we walked in opposite directions
    Knowing that our hearts were heavy,
    Knowing that I’d never hold your hand again,
    Knowing you’d never be my lil bean...

    But I looked back

    But only for a second
    I looked back

    I saw you walking away from me and
    suddenly it was real...
    An image to put to the feeling
    And image that has haunted me since the end
    For hours, days, weeks...

    I should never have looked back because reality’s only making this harder
    Eventually it’ll stop hurting and
    the thought I’d never holding you in my arms
    will soon dissipate

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    But for now...
    It hurts.
    Because I looked back
    And in the end
    I watched my heart walk away from me.


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  • starkanonymous 5w

    Fake Like

    New York bound

    not lost

    not found

    on your way to Albany

    days have past

    but still

    at last

    you're on your way back to me

    Woodstock, Rome

    while you

    weren't home

    dining with your new boyfriend

    I fake like

    you're not


    till you're back from your weekend

    "Fake Like"
    (All Rights Reserved)

  • yatri_acharya 5w

    हैं, तो हैं..

    ना-गुज़ीर, लाइलाज
    हैं, तो हैं..!

    बेशुमार, बेपनाह
    हैं, तो हैं..!


  • lovesh_sharma_raghu 8w

    I Wonder

    What does it take to unlove someone?
    A series of sleepless nights,
    Uncountable episodes of self-culpability
    Or anything else?
    I did burn thyself to the ground
    have scrounge for my withered soul but nothing happened.
    I poured thy bleeding heart on the snowy slips of paper
    until they turned black and started to smell of your thoughts,
    but still failed to erase the emotions.
    At times I’m perplexed by the question,
    what it feels when you leave someone knowing that they will wither in pain?
    A clenched fist,
    sensations of dying butterflies in the belly.
    How can a person you loved with all your heart and warmth, turn into an insensitive being?
    As cold as the pacific-water!
    Memories still haunt and instill emotions that turns my lips dry,
    throat choked
    and eyes filled with tears.
    I wonder what it takes to be on the other side of the road.


  • _astitva_ 8w

    नदी के दो किनारे चले जा रहे हैं,
    मिलने को आतुर हुए जा रहे हैं,
    तक़दीर उनकी ना होने ये देगी,
    हमें ये नज़ारे दर्द पहुंचा रहे हैं।

  • raman_writes 8w


    कोई अपनी मोहब्बत से जुदा नहीं होता ।

    यानी के तुम हमेशा मेरे साथ ही रहोगी ।।


  • parvanirangam375 8w

    Sometimes... it's easier to move on than to hold on...


  • wind_in_the_hairs 8w

    It is easy for breakups or the inability to reconcile, come what may, to seem like a personal failure of sorts.

    But you know what? You did your duty!
    You loved, and you loved beyond measure.
    That's the reason why you're here reading this and relating to this. And there ends your duty.
    You can't control how much an other person loves you. What you do know through this, though, is your immeasurable ability to love that person, beyond their flaws and limitations. To keep hoping and to never give up on them.

    And that, my friend, is your true treasure, your true success.
    That the other person never had to even question your love for them, like you are required to do theirs.
    What a wonderful kind of love, that is. And it is their personal failure, their personal loss, if anything. That they let a love like that of yours pass them by, slip away, just like that!

    #love #longing #happyending #separation #parting

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    I can call my love a success as long as you know how much I loved you.

    It doesn't matter whether I got that love back from you or not.

    I will rest in peace knowing you knew you were truly loved.


  • the_lost_playwright 9w


    I am waiting,
    Across the road,
    Holding breath.

    At longlast,
    I breathe.
    Skip a beat,
    As his silhouette appears.


  • raman_writes 9w


    जाते - जाते भी वो मोहब्बत की बात कर गई ।

    मुझे मुझसे जुदा किया और ख़ुद के साथ ले गई ।


  • mr_darwin 9w


    बिना तुमसे कोई वादा किये,
    कल मैं चला जाऊंगा
    फिर अधूरा कुछ छोड़ कर
    लौट कर नहीं आऊंगा।
    कितने खुशकिस्मत थे
    जो मिले-
    तुमने कहा था
    एक अदृश्य सपना लिए
    दिल में, मैं चला जाऊंगा।
    भारी मन हुआ जाता है,
    शायद तुम इसमें रह गई हो
    खैर, तुम्हें ये नया घर देकर
    देखो कल मैं चला जाऊंगा।

  • starkanonymous 9w

    (soul) mateless

    When I first met you

    Were a hurt and fragile girl

    Now so strong and sure

    Of yourself in this world

    Your steps used to falter

    Crying for your mother

    Raised without a father

    You'd Wonder: what's the bother

    Sometimes I wonder too

    Why I bothered with you

    Was it something in your eyes?

    Cause you couldn't hide a lie?

    No matter what it was

    It grew from like to love

    A blessing from above

    What I've been dreaming of

    I put in so much effort

    To build your confidence

    But all of my support

    Has turned you into this

    With a fire in your heart

    You're leaving me behind

    I gave you a brand new start

    Now you want a different kind

    You were mine for 18 years

    Almost half my life

    Now you've made all of my fears

    Come alive, losing you, my wife

    Now life has lost all meaning

    Without you I've lost my cause

    Is this a nightmare, am I dreaming?

    No... My soul is screaming at this loss

    (All Rights Reserved)

  • void2303 9w

    The Sunflower

    Today I made a new friend mum
    it is a beautiful sunflower
    it lives in the valley of love
    where rains from heaven shower

    the sunflower is so beautiful
    its petals are made of gold
    it dances as waves in the northern winds
    it sings so sweetly the melodies old
    and the sunflower talks to me
    about dreams and skies and stars
    and I gaze the grandeur of its bloom
    while it talks for hours

    what is this feeling mum
    why sleep has abandoned my eyes
    why does my heart skip its beats
    why the stomach has fluttering butterflies
    is this love what I feel
    or I am in my dreams??
    Like songs we have heard or books we have read, the world, oh! how beautiful it seems.

    but why doesn’t sunflower look at me mum
    its head is always up in the sky
    while I'm dying for a single glance
    the sun deserves all its eyes.
    While the sinners and blasphemers
    enjoy the fate’s bower,
    why do I suffer the pain of longing
    for a single glance of a sunflower.

    When the sun goes down in the river
    and the darkness engulfs all
    the sunflower shivers in the night
    while its bloom withers and falls.
    I'll be with my sunflower mum
    I'll not come home tonight
    when the sunflower shivers in cold
    I will sit besides and hold it tight

    I know soon the night will fall
    and there will come the glorious sun
    free warmth and light to the world
    and the sunflower's bloom will return.
    And there will be the sunflower
    with all it's beauty and youth revived
    and there will be I, again alone and abandoned
    while the sun captures sunflower's eyes

    Still I won't come today mum,
    for it needs a shoulder in the midnight hour
    I'll be up whole night and amuse
    the little beautiful sunflower.
    To wait for the nights, to strive for its eyes
    that is all I got in my fate
    but my beautiful sunflower
    is worth every moment of this wait

    Love is all the joy, love is all the gain
    love is all the longing, love is all the pain
    love is in the union, love is in the severance
    love is all impish, yet love is all the innocence
    love is a long spring, love is sometimes a fall
    love is nothing and love is indeed all
    love is sometimes drought, love is all the shower
    love, for me, is in waiting for my beautiful little sunflower.


  • poetrani 10w

    When you left

    When you left,
    You took the whole sunshine away.

    When you told me nothing,
    I kept thinking, what did I deserve silence everyday.

    You brought the storm out of me,
    Because my patience were running out.

    You brought the disaster out of me,
    Because of how desperate I was to bring you back without a doubt.

  • whoisyashu 10w


    तेरे हाथो की मेंहदी का सूरज जले,
    रंग भर आए जैसे ये शाम ढले,
    झरने की झर सी है ठंडक तेरी,
    भीनी बूंदों की छीटों सी मुझको लगे,
    एहसासों की माला पिरोए हुए,
    तेरे ख्वाबों को मैं गुनगुनाता रहूं,
    तेरी आहट को अब भी तरसता रहूं,
    तेरे किस्सों को मन में दोहराता रहूं,
    एक बार मुझे मिल जाए कही,
    वो जमीं आसमां की जहां तू रहे,
    मैन तुझको कही फिर जाने ना दू,
    तेरी बाहों में जी भर के रोता रहूं।।

  • kmprakirti 11w

    Last night i saw him
    felt like everything stopped in a sec
    The same guy
    I used to love from my heart
    But now everything flew away
    Only dark thoughts i have
    Which blends my heart from a knife


  • rupalipawar 11w

    "मेरी अच्छाईया गिनाओ , तो मेरी कमियां भी गिनाना
    प्यार न सही तो नफ़रत ही सही से जताना।"

  • roshnisultana 11w

    When the Light Touches you
    Remember they carry my prayers
    And when there is no light
    Remember I talk to darkness about you
    About how much I adore you
    So never fear because
    I'm always with you.

  • joban8 12w


    MIldi ni maut na khuda mileya..
    Jadd khud nu pauna chaheya tu labbeya..
    Ajj khud lyi khud muhtaaj hogye...
    Mein tan darr darr te c ja tenu mangeya..