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  • muditbharat 3w

    My Loving wife...

    You seeped quietly into me
    Like gentle rain through hardened soil
    And nourished my life with your gentle embrace
    Bringing to end, my inner turmoil

    Your love was pure and unconditional,
    It glowed softly in your exquisite eyes
    Your touch was soft, your voice mellifluous
    You were the epitome of all that's good and wise

    You loved me the way I was
    Smiling, as you faced my flaws
    You made me want to be a better man,
    Worthier of you today, than I yesterday was

    You were all that was good in the world
    You gentleness, your warmth, your child-like innocence
    You lived upto your name...Chandni - moonshine,
    illuminating the world with your radiance

    You were a stream that adjusts to any course,
    Flowing through life with affection for all
    But when faced with challenging situations;
    Like a mountain, you stood firm and tall

    Your life serves as an example for all
    You carried out to perfection, every role
    You were too good for this sinful world
    For it never deserved your virtuous soul

    I never thought I'd write all this in past tense
    I wish I could get a chance to tell you all this
    While travelling the world, hand-in-hand
    Talking with you, in eternal bliss

    I can write my whole life, and never run out
    Of things to say about you, sweetheart
    I may not be able to hold you anymore
    But you will forever hold my heart

    Death can separate, but not overcome true love
    And our love will travel beyond life
    I'll forever be your "Patidev"
    And you'll forever be, my loving wife...


  • elli_mcfarlane 8w


    Like oil and water we were,
    trying in vain to connect,
    no surfactant provided,
    the universe decreed,
    our separation eternal.


  • thebhavnasaxena 8w


    They told me, stay away
    From fire, it kisses your
    Skin and leaves it charred,
    They told me, guns will pierce
    Holes in me and knives will
    Cut me deep.

    They never told me sounds can
    Leave scars too, but I know, for
    I have been living with the silence
    You left behind, and its screams
    Stab my heart like a thousand
    Daggers, every breath I take.

    Don't leave me writhing so in
    Agony, this silence is my purgatory,
    Make me come alive, call my name,
    From across the seas, call my name,
    Or in some nether realm, whisper it
    To yourself as you fall asleep, as
    I wait for you here, remember my name.

  • subhaprakshit 9w

    To this home of falling flower
    all your melancholy
    all your never spoken rage,
    Oh! If you could tell me all these 4 years back.
    If you could tell me then
    I should pray not only on Sunday
    but each time you slayed.
    Now when you're already gone
    and breaking up over this cellphone you gifted,
    then why all these sudden exclamation,
    why all these hard questions!

    I knew,
    I should have gifted you a gold chain back
    I should have gifted you a valley full of stories In deep
    a room of four brick-walls
    and a concrete roof on its top,
    But I failed.
    I failed willingly,
    I failed because I had no fear of losing you
    I failed because, failing owes some materialistic things
    and I worshiped none of them.
    I failed because
    I knew,
    If one-day all you want to leave
    Love Will Never Leave Me And for Nowhere.

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    I knew,
    If one-day all you want to leave
    Love Will Never Leave Me And for Nowhere.


  • nehahemaraj 10w

    #miraquill #pod #wiremesh #dust #separation
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Here, the beautiful bonding and painful separation of the wire mesh and the dust has been unwired.

    Thanks a million for the repost!! ❤️❤️ @writersnetwork

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    Gauzy, greyish wire mesh,
    Compact within the framework,
    Savours the soothing solitude,
    In its idiosyncratic elysium.

    Contemplates the milieu,
    With lancing stygian stares,
    Dawn to dusk,
    Unless occluded by the blinds.

    Microscopic specks of dust,
    From the encompassing sphere,
    And also from the faraway land,
    Adhere to the thin wire.

    Odyssey of pulchritudinous love,
    Initiated with fond cuddles,
    Graceful melange of heart and soul,
    Pneuma, now craves for eternal company.

    Alas, beautiful never lasts longer.

    Immersed in the closed container,
    Deluge of liquid, suffocating,
    Agonising separation from love of its life,
    The quiet death of paradise.


  • raman_writes 10w


    बहुत याद आता है हमारा बिछड़ना मुझे ।

    तुझे याद है हम सालों पहले मिले थे आज ।।


  • starkanonymous 10w

    the cost

    the trumpets of my apathy

    sound clear across the desolation

    of the battleground of my heart

    with wars waged, both - of love and rage

    and it's cost is fear and frustration

    soon the silent nightmare will start

    my life's become a notturno

    pounding the keys of deprivation

    but I would hardly call it art

    in a moments time, life will end

    mine, my dear, with no explanation

    or consolation shall I part

    I'll just fade away to the past

    a memory, an apparition

    drifting with the lost, welcoming dark

    (All Rights Reserved)

  • anathreek_jey 10w

    Nights without moon is gloomy
    Like my nights without you,
    Sinking all alone in the deepest dark.

    A hand that pats on my back
    To make me fall asleep,
    Now, Hugging tightly around a pillow in tears. 

    Your bed time stories entertained me,
    But now those stories got dumb.

    I love to be get stolen by you,
    Yet I lost myself in memories of you.

    Your sweet kisses blossomed my heart,
    Has fallen like withered leaves in absence of your love.

    A day without you is my biggest day
    That is hard to survive for a while.
    A fight within myself
    From fondness to understanding.

  • sunny0804 10w

    Tha wo to

    Kuch khwaisho ki dher me ek kona tumhara tha
    Kuch bhi tha wo mgr ishq to hamara tha
    Bhale wo chand bn gya tha kisi aur ka
    Pr wo asmaan toh hamara tha
    Shukhe shyaahi ki talb hai likhne me
    Tha wo to , ek akhbaar bhi hamara tha
    Wo chor ke chle gye wo ghr hamara tha
    Hum nibha na ske wafa ye kasoor bhi hamara tha.

  • miss_silentlyweird 10w

    Hands down, it's messy introduction but sure it is me for real
    (life is a mess) ��

    #separation #introduction
    #newwayc #miraquill #wod
    @miraquill @writersbay

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    One: I am potato trying hard to be french fries—mediocre in everything I do.

    Two: The separation of my feelings and thoughts are onerous: I don't go insane, I'm insane and weird —just going sane every day.

    Three: I'm in series of mistakes, film of regrets and literary imperfections.
    Four: Lost and wandering a route of oblivion hoping to find metanoia.

    Five: A clandestine full of nemesism with beliefs and perspectives that can be glimpse in noctiphany.

    Six: My soul is fireworks sometimes its spark and glow yet mostly its just become ashes and smoke.

    Seven: Sometimes I'm a sinner, lover, believer, somebody, nobody or anybody.

    Eight: For me life and death are interchangeable loops of surviving, living and suffering.

    Nine: Honestly, I just live whimsically. Well in fact you don't know me neither do I.

    Ten: Lastly, I'm not good in my words and writing but I'm almost certain what I compose is the kind of person I am likewise I'm certain that occasionally it's not who I am.


  • joybirdpoetry 10w

    #separation #wod #pod #miraquill #writersnetwork #writersbay Wrote this on a plane this morning winging my way North for a holiday

    Soul Expedition

    Clouds move across the sky
    as slow as molasses that drips
    down a cool July dawn.

    We make a run for it
    breathless with exhilaration
    faster and ever so faster
    until taking a giant hurdle
    into the vast empyrean
    and angling sharply into the glare
    of an awakening Wednesday.

    Mount Tibrogargan peeks
    through early morning’s dew
    and the sandbars of Moreton Bay
    resemble a mad hatter's mercury
    spilling across inky blue pages
    the sandy coastline stretching
    like the unravelling hemline
    of a drunk seamstress.

    We are a giant silver bird
    gliding turbulent thermals
    ten thousand heartbeats
    into the blue of infinity
    carving expeditious tracks
    that evaporate without trace
    into the ozone layer.

    Bound for a paradise
    just north-east of Heaven
    my winter spirit restless
    and seeking sustenance
    in the balsam warmth
    of blue skies and sunshine
    aching to feel the salve
    of tepid salt waters
    that will wash clean
    my apologetic discretions,

    and where the separation
    of my bloodshot soul
    from yesterday’s transgressions
    shall knit back together
    under a northern sun’s halo -

    my longed-for salvation.


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    Soul Expedition

    Clouds move across the sky
    as slow as molasses that drips
    down a cool July dawn.


  • msushil 10w

    I never protest:
    Separation of confidence
    from my mind,
    Separation of promising clouds
    from my sky,
    And separation of water
    from my thirst are the things
    situation writes
    on the bosom of my destiny.
    I stand like a lifeless tree
    And indignant leaves leave me,
    gale threatens to uproot me,
    But I never protest,
    I never protest.

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    I never protest:
    Separation of confidence
    from my mind,
    Separation of promising clouds
    from my sky,
    And separation of water
    from my thirst are the things
    situation writes
    on the bosom of my destiny.
    I stand like a lifeless tree
    And indignant leaves leave me,
    gale threatens to uproot me,
    But I never protest,
    I never protest.

  • bellemoon99 10w

    Back to the sea

    The sad droplets depart from the sea. Their huge mother is away from them, unable to wrap her foam arms around their souls.

    They fall as rain, they dive into the rivers, all while longing for their oceanic mother. Can't you hear them cry? Look at them raining from the sky.

    Separation can break your heart, pull your strings until their tear. These droplets are like lonely tears running down the Earth's face.

    One day they'll return to their mother, one day, the pain will fade.

  • bonitasarahbabu 10w

    There is a great separation,
    Between human and nature.
    This has lead to the miscommunication,
    Between both the characters.
    Due to this separation,
    We have forgotten how to plant and reap the fruit.
    We have forgotten how to love nature,
    And we are paying for our mistake.
    Plant more trees,
    And share love with nature.
    For it is through nature,
    We get the oxygen we need to breathe.

  • mma_eagles_eyes 10w


    What do we do when beautiful things turn to trauma
    When love becomes anxiety
    When trust is just a word
    And fear is greater than love
    When you don’t heal as time goes on
    And time doesn’t make you stronger, only more traumatized
    When you realize that the scar is just a coverup and something is eating the wound deeper from within.
    When you can’t say your story anymore cause you don’t even remember how it started, all you remember is the pain

  • wolf_of_darkness 10w

    #separation #wod
    I used to have separation anxiety from my little brother and sister...
    This piece was about this, about how I felt

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    Separation anxiety

    Slowly thinking about where they're at and how they're doing. Hoping that they're safe. Always worried and never happy about my day. Sparking with excitement when I see them. I get in my own mind and get mad at myself that I'm not there with them. To protect them to make sure that they're safe. All I want them to be as happy and safe.

  • _falguni_ 10w

    I guard this spring from the autumn's wreath.
    Seasons of change are on their way.
    A bittersweet separation it is.
    When the windmill halts for a minute
    To embrace the autumn wind
    And to let go this seedtime's zenith.

    The spring leaves love notes for the fall.
    Like a lover on a voyage to a foreign land.
    It leaves the sakura blooms in those notes
    Which turn gold on their way to autumn.

    A dried tear, a hint of spilled ink
    And some unsaid words
    Mark this autumn's heart.
    From blue to red,from red to gold
    The cycle goes on

    The willows sigh, the daffodils dry
    Whilst fleeting through changes of time.

  • dini_ekta_singh_rajput 10w

    Separate yourself from the competition
    by being completely honest
    towards your work.

  • love_unlimited 11w


    Separation is not good and it becomes negative, if it is cropped up from the feelings of rejection or ignorance or feeling boredom and not taking any interest in anything. But the separation is good , if it has come from within without any reason. Then it becomes the seclusion or solitary. If it has some purposes. The separation is meant for seclusion. The seclusion is best for intense mediation. If it has some the experience of spiritual bliss and happiness within. It is good enough, if it is being enjoyed within and without while using one's discretion and determination. Everything has its multiple aspects. Please don't conclude anything in a single dimension only. The separation has also the good and positive dimensions. The consequences of seclusion/separation depend upon the causes, purposes and intension behind. Please know the fact about separation and go ahead.

  • mukesh_syahi 59w

    ये कतरा मगरुर है

    ना मांग इस मेहंगाई मे मेरे लिए दुआ कोई ,
    एक सलाम को भी क्या तेरा बटुआ मजबूर है ।।

    दिल टूटने से तो मैं फिर भी ना मरू ,
    तेरे पछतावे का खतरा जरूर है ।।

    लाख कोशिशों पे भी ना निकला ,
    तेरे हिस्से का वो कतरा मगरूर है ।।

    उम्र घट गई होगी मेरे ख्वाब में मर मर कर ,
    खुदा उम्र बक्शे उसे ,
    वो अब तेरी आंखो का नूर है।।