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    These are the days..... Hoping to lapse
    I will be there................grasping your hands
    Strolling with you..........leaving the past
    Leaning to you...............i will be lost..

    Starting to struggle, It will be juggled
    You are the prior to deal
    Affecting affection, reading reflection
    You are that perfect I feel
    Struggling, juggling, affecting, reflecting
    I will be waiting...
    Missing you, trusting you, no matter loving you
    I will be wanting....

    These are the days.... Hoping to lapse
    I will be there.............. Grasping your hands
    Strolling with you........ Leaving the past
    Leaning to you............. I will be lost...

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    When it comes to art
    It's important not to hide the madness :)
    #bored #BTS #SeokJin

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    Guy with pink mic

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    Yeah on is good and all no offense i love it too but why does no one is talking about we are Bulletproof the eternal like just read the lyrics its for us its how does they survive how does they do all this hard work for us how they were only seven but now we all are with them and they doesn't get afraid to anyone anymore cuz they are BULLETPROOF BOY SCOUT i love you BTS and Taehyung you guys are so precious.

    P.s: don't read this if you ain't a Army

    #taehyung #taetae #bts #bulletproofboyscout #wearebulletproof #bangtan #방탁 #사랑해요 #jimin #hoseok #namjoon #yoongi #seokjin #hyungrah #jungkook #tae #classytaehyung

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    We are Bulletproof.
    The Eternal

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    Boys With Luv

    ( XV - Destined together? )

    { Author's Pov }

    There was silence between them. No, it wasn't an awkward one. It was more like a silence, no one was sure of. Krystal and Jungkook were thinking about their future and how they're going to get through it without being on each other's side.

    Yuna was listening to all the shit they were talking about, faking that she doesn't care about it but some part of her knew that it's the right thing to do and she should break up with Taehyung too but she wasn't sure that she'll be able to endure it... that's what all the rebel was about.

    Yuna was debating whether she should break up with Taehyung or not, after hearing and thinking about all the things that Jungkook and Krystal discussed while on the other side Taehyung was praying to God and cursing on Jungkook, for bringing the topic up because he knew that Yuna might break up with him and he didn't want that not even in million years.

    "Some people are meant to fall in love with each other but aren't meant to be together." Yuna was the one broke the silence, three pairs of eyes were glued on her, cause they didn't expect something so deep from Yuna.

    Yuna's lips then part with a sigh, a sigh primarily based on that feeling, that indescribable feeling she somehow can't put a name to.

    "We should break up too, Taehyung!" Yuna suggested, smiling. Even though she is smiling, it was just for sake of Taehyung.

    This was the damn thing I was scared about... Taehyung thought.

    "Do we really have to do this?" Taehyung let out, a part of him expecting to hear a 'no'.

    "Yes," Yuna replied as a tear escaped from her eyes.

    "It hurts to let go, but in this case it will hurt more to hold on." Jungkook stated the obvious.

    "One day, I hope we'll look back at this day, and will regret every single thing we did today to let it end, to let us end."

    Everyone gave eachother an approving look and from inside they knew that they'll once again be together after this but will they be?

    "So, it's a deal!" 

    "After one year, we can get back together... if we're destined to be together."


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    Boys With Luv

    ( XIV - He is right.. )

    { Author's Pov }

    "How can you just break up with Krystal? You dickhead!" Yuna shouted at Jungkook after Jungkook sweetly proposed Krystal to break up with him.

    "Let me expla- " Jungkook tried to speak but was once again cut off by Yuna, who was just one minute away from chopping his head off of his neck.

    "How can you just chicken out!? And not support your girlfriend at the time like this?" Yuna started cussing him, with all her might. While Jungkook just stared at Krystal.

    "Stop it, you two!" Taehyung shouted because though Krystal had put on a brave front, he could see her eyes on the verge of tears.

    "Explain." Krystal said in a low voice and hoped that they could her her and fortunately they did.

    "I want to breakup for your own good, Krystal.." Jungkook sighed before completing.

    Yuna was about to cut him off again as she thought that it was a lamest excuse she had ever heard in her whole life, but Taehyung held her hand, squeezing it a little, his way to calm her down.

    Jungkook continued, "Krystal, you know I love you and always will.. nothing can change that no matter what. You are the best and most beautiful thing that ever happened to me but you can't marry someone when you're already in a relationship with someone else plus it's the right thing to do."

    "Shut up you asshole!" Yuna once again cursed at Jungkook, while this time Taehyung minded his own business which was staring at Krystal.

    "He is right, Yuna. It's like I'll cheat on Jungkook and I don't wanna do that." Krystal sighed.

    "But-" Yuna was this time cut off by Krystal.

    "I never thought it will end up like this." The tears that she was holding in for so long couldn't be contained anymore.


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    Boys With Luv

    ( XIII - Break up? )

    { Jungkook's Pov }

    I was searching for a wedding suit for Taehyung, when I saw Krystal, in Taehyung's arms. She moved away quickly and ran inside the dressing room. And there stood Taehyung, laughing his ass out, pissing me off.


    I was in my room, thinking about the things that happened today. Figuring everything out, I decided to call everyone to meet up in our regular hang out place, to discuss something very important.


    " Break-up? " Krystal couldn't believe my words. While, Yuna and Taehyung were looking at me confusedly.

    Krsytal was praying to god in her mind, that this should be some sick joke, but the truth is that it wasn't.


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    And, I know I'm late, very very late, but,
    Happy Jin Day everyone!!!!!
    He is the most beautiful angel in my life...
    The Worldwide Handsome!!!
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    Forever Mine

    ( XII - Attractive? )

    Yoonah's Pov

    "Douchebag! He didn't even stop me from going alone... Such a gentleman tch." I said.

    Uh-huh..... Why is it so dark in here?.... Tsk. What are you expecting Yoonah... Its night, ofc it will be dark.

    Home..... Please come soon.....

    Don't be scared Yoonah.... You have to prove Kim Taehyung, That I am not scared of anything..... And I even don't need his help.......

    Ahh...my legs....

    I have to prove him..... I have to prove everyone..... That Kim Yoonah isn't scare of anything....

    After some time

    As I was walking, I heard footsteps behind me. I walked faster trying to escape but it was to late.....

    "Ah... Don't come near me.....or I will kick you where the sun don't shine." I shouted at the top of my lungs.

    "Yoonah-ah..... It's me, Taehyung, your knight in shining armour." The person said while holding my wrist and chuckling.

    "You... Kim Fucking Teahyung." I screamed at him while removing my hand from his grip.

    "Don't you even dare to scare me like that again." I continued.

    "Shh...Slow down! I just came here to give you this!" He said while handing me something.

    It was my home keys!

    Yoonah-ah..pabo! .Why you always forget your keys?......

    "Uh--Kamsahamnida." I said while trying to cover my embarrassment.

    He laughed.

    This is the first time I am seeing him laugh......I might have seen him laughing earlier but I had ignored it.....but now..... It's different.... He kinda looks cute.....He has a perfect smile...... And his face was glowing in the moonlight.......How come I didn't noticed him earlier? He is so attractive....... Ahh-hh....Yoonah-ah.... Don't!...

    "Take a picture, it will last longer...." He said interrupting my thoughts.

    "What?..." I asked him, confused me.

    "I know you were staring at me." He said while laughing.

    "Uhh..umm... No-never... Why I will even stare you." I said breaking the eye contact.

    "I know... I am good looking and hot.. Girls just can't resist me." He said while smirking.

    "I would rather look at a mouse than looking at you." I said.

    Seriously Yoonah.... Mouse!?!

    "Are you even listening to yourself...you are comparing me with a mouse?" He said making a disgusted face.

    "Ah... Leave that!" I said to him.

    "You just came here to give me my home keys?" I asked him, raising my eyebrows

    "Umm.... Yaa.. and I wanted to laugh on your stupidity too." He said while chuckling.


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    Since, I'm here after a month..
    I'm gonna post many chapters..
    Hope you enjoy it!��
    #bts #btsstories #forevermine #ninethchapter #dance #taehyung #yoonah #jihyun #yeonjun #seoyeon #bangtan #namjoon #seokjin #yoongi #jungkook #hoseok #jimin #army

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    Forever Mine

    ( XI - Buh-Bye! )

    Yoonah's Pov

    "What happened? Why did you stop?" I asked him as the car stopped in the middle of the way to our home.

    "Ah.. Wait! Let me see." He said getting down from the car.

    "I think there's some problem with the engine." He said taking his phone out of his pocket.

    "What!?.. What are we gonna do now?" I asked him getting scared.

    But as usual he ignored.

    "This is all because of you! I was happily going with Jimin, but you have to come in between us." I said while snatching his phone from his hand.

    "US!?!... Ah-huh." He said looking straight into my eyes.

    "We're just friends. Wait!.. Why am I even explaining to a stupid like you." I snickered.

    "Wait, what? Me and stupid!?... I think you need spectacles babe." He said as he tried to take his phone back.


    "Cause.... You are the only stupid one in here." He continued while taking his phone from my hand.

    "Ahh... Jerk!" I said stomping the ground with my leg frustratingly.

    "Oww-w....." I said in pain.

    Why did I hit the ground so hard...... My leg.... It's hurting......

    "Serves you right!" He stick his tongue out and chuckled. Cruel ass!!!

    I looked down at my feet.

    Blood!?... Aish.. These heels.... What can I expect..... I was literally dancing all night in these fucking heels.....

    "What happened now?" Taehyung asked.

    "No-nothing... Just please find a way out of here.. I want to go home." I pleaded more like beged.

    "I am trying to call Jin Hyung..... But he isn't picking up." He said looking at his phone.

    "Just be quick!" I said being frustrated because of my feet paining.

    "What can I do in this? It's not like you are the only one who is suffering... I am also stuck here." He said with anger.

    "If you want to, you can go alone by walking." He continued.

    "Now you want me to go alone!? Let me remind you!... You were the one who asked me to come with you. I didn't insist." I said and stomp my feet again. Shit!.... Why am I stomping my feet again and again!?....

    "You could've denied my offer that time.... I didn't force you to come with me and you have a mouth to speak OK!.....Just say you are scared of going alone." He said while chuckling.

    "Me.. and scared? Hell no!... I can go alone.... I don't need your fucking help." I said to him and started walking.

    "Buh-Bye.... Just be careful. I have heard there are many dangerous things on this road. I am worried for you." He said sarcastically while laughing.

    Well, thank you so much for informing hoe!
    You helped a lot!!!

    Y'all better note the sarcasm!


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    Forever Mine

    ( X - Sorry )

    Taehyung's Pov

    "Huh.... What are you doing!?!? Get off me!" Yoonah said moving away from me.

    "Shut up! And dance. You should be happy, you are dancing with me." I said pulling her back.

    "After so much ignorance.... Now you want to dance with me...." She said looking at me.

    "Awww... Yoonah is sad that I ignored her." I said sarcastically.

    "No I am not, it's just that...... Ugh... Why I am wasting my time on you?.... Let me go!" She said while pulling her hand from mine.

    I held her close and started to dance. After five minutes of dancing.

    "Oww... My hands are paining." She said looking at her hand.

    "Mianhae.....Are you okay!?!" I said, while I immediately left her hand. As I saw her wrist, the color red was impaled on it..... she was in pain...

    "Are you okay? " I asked looking at her hand.

    "Why do you care uh?....You only did this. " She said as she pulled her wrist out of my hand.

    "Sorry, I didn't do this on purpose." I said looking at her.

    "I know.... Now let me go." She said as she walked away. I just looked at her figure who was walking away from me.

    Yoonah's Pov

    "Jihyun will you drop me home? Its late and I don't want to go home alone." I asked her hoping she wouldn't deny.

    "Yes sure... " She said.

    "Let her talk to Jin. I will drop you." Jimin said smiling as he put his arm around my shoulders.

    "Okie. " I said and smiled at him.

    As we both walked outside the club.

    "Chimchim! You are here. Can you drop Namjoon hyung, actually he is drunk and you two live in the same society so... I am going to my house so I will drop Yoonah." Taehyung said.

    "Ok." Jimin hugged me as he said goodbye and pulled namjoon to his car.

    "Let's go!" Taehyung said while opening the door of his car.

    Why is he being a gentleman all of a sudden!?.... Tch. I think he was guilty for what he did earlier....

    "Wait... You have your own car? Then why do you walk up to college?" I asked while looking at his blue Benz.

    "Cause its near from my house duh." He said while pushing me into his car. He then sat on the driver seat as we drove away.

    "Don't think that I forgave you." I said looking at my hand.

    He ignored me like usual.

    After some time~

    "What happened? Why did you stop?" I asked him as the car stopped in the middle of the way.


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    Forever Mine

    ( IX - Dance )

    "They are here...." Jihyun interrupted my thoughts.

    I looked at them.

    They all are looking so.... HOT!!! umm...  Taehyung  is also looking nice... Ugh.... These hormones...

    "Hi guys...." Jin said looking at us, more on Jihyun. I feel something fishy......

    "Yoonah noona, how are you?" Jungkook asked sweetly as he pulled me into a hug. I saw Taehyung's eyes widened at that moment.

    "I am good oppa, how are y'all?" I said smiling. Yes, I call all BTS member oppa, expect Jungkook and Taehyung ofc.....

    "We are also good....When your hope is here then no fear." J-Hope said making an aegyo.

    He is so cute....

    "Let's go to dance." Namjoon said.

    "I'll just grab some drink from the counter." Yoongi  replied.

    "Yoonah-ssi...Will you dance with me?" Jimin asked me as I smiled at him brightly.

    "Yaa sure oppa." I said looking at Jimin.

    I can see that other bts members were chuckling, probably teasing us but taehyung...he was angry about something. Everyone was enjoying, except taehyung, he was in a deep thought.

    Taehyung's Pov

    Why is Jimin dancing with Yoonah? Does he like her? Ugh.... Why I am even thinking about them.

    Is that, Lee Migyung? Ugh!.. Not now please... She will surely ask me to dance with her.

    "What happened? Why are you not dancing? " Suga hyung asked me.

    "Hyung.. See there, Migyung...eomma's friend's daughter... And also my crazy fan girl." I said pointing at her.

    "Yes she is her.... And she is coming towards you only." Suga said as he chuckled at my helpless self. Meanie!

    "What do I do now? I don't want to dance with her." I asked Suga hyung.

    "I have an idea." Suga said.

    "What??" I asked quickly. I really can't deal with Migyung right now.

    "Just go and dance with someone. So she will think that you are on a date or something, then she will not interrupt." Suga said pushing me on the dance floor.

    Whom should I dance with... Jihyun!?... No, she is already dancing with Jin hyung... If i interrupt them, then I'll surely be murdered by Jin hyung.

    Yoonah??....Umm..no.... Ugh... Migyung is coming... There is no option left.

    I pulled Yoonah close to me and started dancing with her. Her face was just so hilarious, like she just saw a ghost. Ha.ha. She would never had expected me to dance with her, but here I am dancing with her and grabbing her by her waist. Really Taehyung!? You are dancing with this pabo!?


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    Forever Mine

    ( VIII - Clubbing! )

    Three days later
    [ Saturday night ]

    Beep.. Beep...

    "Huh...  My dear phone, where are you? Umm... Finally, found you." I said to my phone. (ha..ha...ha...)

    { Phone screen }


    Hey jiHOE!!!

    Aishh.. Stop calling me that!
    It's Jihyun for 1000th time!

    Whatever for 1000th time.

    Drop that shit.
    Let's go to a club today.
    What say?

    Okie hoe!
    At what time?

    9:00 p.m. ok?

    Annyeong, see you.


    I had enough time to change and prepare myself. I took a quick shower, bunned my hair up and slid the dress on. I applied some makeup and used a light red lipstick to go along with the dress. My eyeliner was done and for eyeshadow, I used a golden shade. When all was done, I slipped on my heels and my earrings. I let my hair fall nicely and gave myself one last look and nodded at the masterpiece.

    This is the first time I have ever looked this beautiful. I sighed and thought that maybe my life will be good for once. The girl who bothered me earlier was just giving me glares sometimes and was not coming in my way at all. So, I thought she might have changed or something. I then took in a deep breath and headed to the club. I also have the right to enjoy.....

    As I entered inside the club, the loud music and crowd scared me for once but then I just sighed and went inside as I saw someone waving at me, and found out it was Jihyun.

    "You are here... " Jihyun said as she hugged me.

    "Yupp! Now, let's go.. " I smiled.

    "Where? " Jihyun asked.

    "On the dance floor, dumbo." I said excitedly.

    "Anni... wait for some time." Jihyun replied.

    "Wae?" I asked her making an aegyo.

    "Because we are waiting for someone." Jihyun said as a smile formed on her face.

    "Who!?!" I asked her, cause she told me nothing about, that her friends are also tagging along with us.

    "BTS!" She said excitedly.

    "BTS!?! wae?.... I thought-" I was saying but was in cut in between.

    "Because they are also our friends now. " Jihyun said.

    I just nodded.

    I don't have any problem with bts members. I just have problem with that Taehyung. He had ignored me these days..... Like I don't even exist. And....  I don't know if today I will talk to him or not..... He will surely just ignore me.....

    "They are here...." Jihyun interrupted my thoughts.


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    Finally updated!!!
    And also, I'm sorry for all the stupid scenes!
    As I told earlier, I was like 11-12 back then, I accept I was stupid and cheesy? So yeah.
    I'm really sorry.
    If you really like this story then thank you so much!!! UwU��
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    Forever Mine

    ( VII - Feeling is mutual✔️ )

    Yoonah's Pov

    Why is he staring at me from past 10 minutes !?!

    "What is your problem ah..? Stop staring at me." I asked him as I turned the next page of my book.

    "Bcoz of you I am here, and you are talking to me with this attitude." He said as he slapped his hand on the table. He is scary sometimes....

    "What do you mean? I told you to, tell me the wrong answer?" I asked him as I faced him.

    "Hey!! Why did you fought with me in the class in front of Mrs Lee?" He asked as he looked at me with those cold eyes.

    "Because you irritated me first." I answered. I was going to defend myself but Suga entered and went to Taehyung.

    "Taehyung, You want to come with us, we are going to the mall." Suga asked before giving me a smile.

    "No hyung, I can't come with you all because of this pabo!" He said pointing at me.

    "Now, what did I do? I didn't tied you up here right? If you want to go, you can. Don't blame everything on me." I said irritatingly.

    "I know why are you saying all this because you want me to go from here and then you will tell Mrs Lee that I am bunking. You made a smart plan but I am smarter that you. You will always be a dumbo." He said to me.

    He is so full of himself!... I will never waste my energy on making some paln for him... ugh!...Why does have to be so rude?.....

    "Shut the hell up dude!! If you say one word more from your filthy mouth.... Then I will surely kill you." I said controlling my anger boiling inside me.

    "You will seriously kill me? Ahh....I am scared. Yoongi hyung please help me, yoonah will kill me." Taehyung said sarcastically as he fake a cry.

    "Shut up, you both! For one minute I thought that I was with two, eight year old kids who were fighting like stupids." Suga said and went.

    Umh.... He is irritated.

    After some time Mrs Lee entered and said that our detention is over.

    "Ah...  Finally!!" I said and let out a fake laugh.

    "Yeah...  Finally. I thought that this will never end." He said while nodding.

    "You know, it's the first thing that we both approved at." I said smiling.

    "Why are you smiling pabo?" He asked. He will never change.... For once I thought that we can also have a proper conversation, but he had to ruin the moment.....

    "Nothing..." I sighed.

    "You know..... You look so stupid when you are smiling."He said. Ahhhhhh!!!!!......

    "You are so annoying. I hate you." I said annoyed.

    "The feeling is mutual." He said while laughing.

    "Ah... Buh-Bye!!" I said and went out.

    As I walked on the road I thought that taehyung might be following me. But as I looked back, he wasn't there.

    I think he went to the mall.

    "Home sweet home..." I said as I entered.

    What do I do now? ... Probably homework or tomorrow Mrs Lee will surely kill me.


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    I could make it better
    I could hold you tighter

    Ooh, I can make it right!
    ( Make it right - BTS )
    #bts #btsstories #boyswithluv #tewelvethchapter #catgotyourtongue #taehyung #jungkook #yuna #krystal #bangtan #namjoon #seokjin #yoongi #hoseok #jimin #army

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    Boys With Luv

    ( XII - Cat got your tongue?)

    { Taehyung's Pov }

    After I changed into my weeding outfit, I looked at myself in the mirror. Out of nowhere, Krystal came and stood next to me, staring at herself. I was observing her from head to toe, in other words, I was literally checking her out, by seeing her reflection in the mirror.

    She was wearing a white fit and flare wedding dress, looking gorgeous. It was tight around her body, showing her curves perfectly. 

    Is she trying to impress me? Whatever. 

    I didn't even realize when I turned my head from the mirror and started looking at her directly. Shit!  She fake coughed to bring me back into the world and I could see that she was trying hard not to smirk.

    "Are you done checking me out?" Krystal asked as she raised her right eyebrow a bit. I just shrugged my shoulder and turned around to walk away, but stopped in mid-way.

    "By the way, You are looking ugly!" I gave a big smile after complementing her looks just to piss her off and it worked well.

    "Look who is talking... Bloody Shitfaced!" She scoffed. How dare she?

    "I guess.. You was the one, drooling over me earlier." I smirked. Her face turned red because of  all the embarrassment. I mentally chuckled at her. How can someone look cute as well as hot at the same time?... And yeah, ugly too!

    "I- I wa- wasn't.. " She stuttered and shook her head. I was really having a hard time to control myself from laughing in front of her. 

    I walked towards her, hands in my pocket. When I was just inches away, she looked up at me, still stuttering. 

    "Cat got your tongue?" I asked to prompt her to react.

    "You! I- " She stomped her feet out of irritation (All thanks to me!) and because of her 4 inches heels which makes her normal height as us human beings, she imbalanced and was seconds away from breaking her ass but I being the gentleman I am, saved her (Again, all thanks to me!).


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    Let's Kill This Love!!!
    Rum pum pum pum pum!
    Yeah yeah yeah!!!
    ( Kill This Love - Blackpink )
    I know I'm weird!��
    #bts #btsstories #boyswithluv #eleventhchapter #rudeass #taehyung #jungkook #yuna #krystal #bangtan #namjoon #seokjin #yoongi #hoseok #jimin #army

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    Boys With Luv

    ( XI - Rude Ass! )

    "Jungkook?! What are you doing here?" I asked and he quickly placed his hand over my mouth to shut me down.

    "You thought, I wouldn't see you?" He smirked, his husky voice sending chills down my spine.

    Oh god, how much I love this!

    "You should go Jungkook." I tried to push him off of me but he pulled me instead. He then started playing with my hairs and started sucking my neck, and I was there, standing still, not wanting to end this moment by pushing him off.

    He then started kissing me, this time with much more passion. It was full of emotions, which I couldn't understand.

    It was like he doesn't want me to let go. I don't why but it felt much more like a goodbye kiss.

    "I- I'm sorry! I didn't know you two were in here!" Someone said while stuttering, suprised. We pulled away and I heard Jungkook groan.

    We looked over and it was Taehyung, clothes in his hands, looking at us with wide eyes, his mouth ajar. He then quickly shut the door, while running out. Cute! - wait, that was the author, not me.

    At first it was a bit awkward between me and Jungkook but then we remembered Taehyung's face and just laughed it off. He then pecked my lips one more time before going out of the dressing room. I adjusted my dress and got out of the room after some time.

    And was amazed at the scene in front of me.

    Taehyung in a black tuxedo, looking like a prince. He was surely handsome. I shut my mouth and gulped at the sight. I then went to the full-length mirror, right next to Taehyung. He didn't even looked at me once and was only admiring himself, looking at the mirror.
    Rude ass!


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    Boys With Luv

    ( X - His Touch❄️ )

    [ Two days later~ ]

    { Krystal's Pov }

    "Yuna, are you sure you wanna help me to buy the wedding dress?" I grabbed her wrist and pulled her, so that we both were facing each other. We are now in the mall to shop for my wedding dress. And my "dear" mom called Yuna to help me with it.

    "Yeah, Krys. After all, you are my best friend!" She smiled widely but I knew she was feeling just like me. Deeply broken from inside.

    I sighed in defeat as I knew she will not listen to me. Yuna was showing me some bridal dresses but I wasn't interested at all. I looked around and my eyes landed on a sharp, tall figure. It was Taehyung. I quickly looked away, trying to hide behind the dresses.

    Shit! What is he doing here? Probably, came to shop for the wedding.

    I looked at him again from behind the mannequin, while Yuna was still looking at the dresses. He was grabbing a black tuxedo by his hands, while was admiring it?

    Someone placed their hand on Taehyung's shoulder and Taehyung looked back and faked a smile. And then it hit me that the someone was freaking Jungkook!

    Why god why? What did I even do to deserve this?

    "Krystal! What the fuck are you thinking? Hurry and try this dress!" Yuna pushed me inside the changing room with the dress and now I am trying to change. When I finally changed into that tight white dress, I unlocked the door and was going outside when someone pushed me back into the changing room, softly. By his touch, I knew it was Jungkook.


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    I feel so sad for Goo Hara.
    She was such an angel.
    I pray she'll meet her friend Sulli in heaven and have a nice time cause these people on earth can't give her what she deserve.
    #bts #btsstories #boyswithluv #ninethchapter #dontwannaendit #taehyung #jungkook #yuna #krystal #bangtan #namjoon #seokjin #yoongi #hoseok #jimin #army

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    Boys With Luv

    ( IX - Don't wanna end it )

    { Jungkook's Pov }

    I went inside the room, where Taehyung told me to. I just hoped that Krystal would be there. I knew it wasn't her mistake.

    There she was, sitting on the couch while crying silently. She looked up at me and a tear escaped from her eyes.

    My heart sank at the sight of her. Her lightened eyes were now red and swollen. Her smile, that was the beautiful thing in this whole world was now nowhere to be found.

    "I'm sorry, Jungkook. I'm sorry. I don't deserve y-" She said after getting up from the couch.

    "Don't say that." I hugged her and rubbed her back, stroking her hair softly. She didn't hug me back and was only sobbing lightly in my chest. It was like she wanted me to assure her something.

    I pulled away slightly, still grabbing her by my arms, not wanting to let go. She didn't look at up me once, like she couldn't make an eye contact with me, because of guilt?

    "You know that I will always love you, right?" I asked but more like said to her. She looked at me, widening her eyes, looking at me confusedly.

    "After all the things I have done, you still want-" I cut her off in between.

    "I love you, Krystal. And I will not even think of leaving you." She hugged me tightly this time while pulling me closer and closer even there was no space left between us anymore.

    "I love you too, Jungkook." I smiled at this.

    "What did I even do to get you as my boyfriend?" She laughed slightly, still her arms around my waist. It's like, I am alive again. Her smile is the only thing to make me feel alive in this whole messed up situation.

    "You know, you look beautiful when you smile." I said as I pulled her close to me. She furrowed her eyebrows at me, looking confusedly and giving me a don't-lie look.

    "I am looking like a mess right now. And you're saying this?" She asked not believing my words.

    Well, she can't see the beauty that I am seeing right now.

    "Nothing is more beautiful than a smile that has struggled through tears."

    And at this she pecked my lips and pulled away quickly, typical Krystal. I then being the typical Jungkook I am, smashed my lips onto hers and she gasped at this. I kissed her softly, smiling through the kiss.

    I don't ever want this to end.


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    Boys With Luv

    ( VIII - I'll wait for you❣️)

    I ran towards her and grabbed her by her wrist. She did everything she could for me to let her go, but she couldn't.

    I can't let her go, right?

    I pulled her towards me, causing her to crash against my chest, but I couldn't care less. I just want her to be close to me, to protect her, to show her that I love her.

    I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her. And that's when a single drop of tear fell on my cheeks and soon after that I was crying in front of Yuna.

    She pulled away and looked at me. Her eyes were full of love, care and guilt?

    Why is she guilty when I clearly was the one who fucked up this whole thing. I pulled her once again and hugged her tightly, not wanting to let go.

    "Shh.. everything will be fine, tae." She said while patting my back as I hugged her tightly.

    "I love you, Yuna. I really do." I said, sniffling in her neck. I pulled away and now our faces were just inches away. I observed her. Her eyes, her nose, her lips. I am gonna miss her.

    "I'll wait for you."

    Yuna said and I looked at her confused but smiled when I understood what she meant by that. I kissed her lips one more time, but this time it was just a small peck, because I knew she wanted to be alone for sometime and figure everything out by herself.

    Her lips were numb but her eyes said it all.

    She didn't want me to help her. She wanted me to stand by her side as she helped herself.


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    Boys With Luv

    ( VII - Can't let her go )

    { Taehyung's Pov }

    "What the- how the fuck can you expect me to calm down!?!" Yuna was yelling at me for what I have done. I was trying to calm her down by hugging her but she was pushing me off.

    She is really scary when she is angry!

    "I'm sorry, Yuna. This all will be over in 1 year and then we can get back together." I was trying to assure her, but she wasn't even listening to me.

    "How can you Taehyung? How can y-"

    "For god's sake! Will you-"

    "I fucking love you Taehyung! Can't you understand? I wanted to be the one marrying you but here I am, on your fucking engagement!" Yuna said looking at me and soon her eyes started to fill with water.

    Fuck! I really messed up this time!

    I couldn't even let out a word from my lips. It's the first time I am seeing her crying. I just wanted to hug her, wanted to tell that how I feel about her. How much do I love her. But before I could she started walking away from me. I can't just let her go... I fucking can't!


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    I know this story is not that good, but thank you for reading it, if anyone is.
    Love y'all��
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    Forever Mine

    ( VI - I hate him!)

    { Taehyung's Pov }

    "Hyung, why were you coming with yoonah noona??" Jungkook asked.

    "Nothing." I replied.

    "Tell us what happened." J-hope asked and all of them were looking at me.

    I told them about me and Yoonah being neighbours.

    "Aishh... Jinja!?!"

    "Wow.. bro! I am shipping you both!"

    I just glared at them.

    "Umm... Cool..."

    "Let's go to class."

    "Yes, let's go."

    Me, Jimin and Jungkook walked to our class. I saw Yoonah looking at me. She wasn't sitting on my sit today. She was sitting at the front.

    "Hi, Yoonah! What's up?" Jimin asked her and sat beside her. Jinja!?? Jiminie pabo....

    "Nothing..." She replied.

    "Noona... Did you do yesterday's homework?" Jungkook asked and she nodded and gave her notebook to Jungkook.

    "Kamsahamnida!! " Jungkook said and started doing his own work.

    After some time..

    Mrs Lee, the teacher entered as we all bowed to her.

    "Students, take out your books."Mrs Lee ordered.

    I was sitting with Jungkook and Yoonah was sitting with Jimin. Mrs Lee was saying something about human's brain.

    "Yoonah, tell me the answer for the second question."Mrs Lee asked Yoonah.

    "Um-mm... I-it's..." Yoonah stuttered.

    Ah..... She don't know this answer.

    "Answer is the third one." I whispered to Yoonah from behind.

    Yoonah's Pov

    Why is he telling me answers.....

    "Ah..  Mam third option." I said hoping it would be correct.

    "No...  Yoonah. First is the right answer. This was so easy. Pay attention in class..." She scolded me.

    As I sat down, I turned around and hit Taehyung with my notebook.

    "Oww.... Why did you hit me?" Taehyungu asked and pouted. Your cute face can't fool me!.....

    "You jerk, you purposely did that." I said as I hit him once again. This time he took his pouch out and threw it at me.

    "Enough!...Yoonah and Taehyung, see you in detention." Mrs Lee told both of us.

    Why..?  I can't tolerate him for one whole hour.

    "This is all because of you" Taehyung said as he pulled a strand of my hair. "Oww...." I winced in pain.

    "It's your fault not mine." I said smacking him.

    "Now stop you too." Jimin shouted at us as we both minded our own business before glaring each other. I hate him.....

    Class got over. After five-six more classes,  now it was time for detention. I entered the classroom and saw Taehyung there.

    "Come Yoonah sit. You both study for the test which is on Thursday." Mrs Lee said and went outside leaving me and taehyung alone. Why did she go!?