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    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word one-liner on #Sentimental

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    All lonely nights

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    Caring was he, mistook she Sentimental!


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    "More Pleasant Adventures"
    A sentimental journey—“gonna take a sentimental journey,”
    And we do, but you wake up under the table of a dream:
    You are that dream, and it is the seventh layer of you.
    We haven’t moved an inch, and everything has changed.


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    , .


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    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short tale on Sentimental
    #society #sentimental #edaquotes

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    My verse sounds sentimental in this judgmental soceity

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    जो दिल-ए-हाल है,
    वही हमारी कलम का कमाल है।


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    To you I may be The one
    For me you are the Only one


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    poems that you never wrote still I read

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    Hang in there

    I know the pain you're going through
    Everyday is a new strain
    Sometimes the rain falls but the sun shall shine bright again
    Sometimes a storm calls but the clouds shall part again
    Just take it day by day and if you ever fall ill be there to lift you
    Today is a gift for tomorrow isn't promised so make the most out of it

    Don't take and wave the flag of defeat just yet for you still have a fight to win
    So many would have gave up by now but you are strong so keep fighting
    A brighter path shall be paved soon and you don't have to be alone you will always have a friend
    I want you to know this is not the end
    Change your thoughts on the inside
    You'll see the change on the outside but,
    Just hang in there

  • mariateresa 49w

    Missing the 2 greatest loves of my life, my Dad who passed on 11/24/20 and my fiance who is in another state far away. This poem is my heart's prayer for the love they both have given me over the years, making me the woman I am. Their love is my eternal gift. Combined with my love of God, this is what I'm grateful to receive this year at Christmas ��

    #christmaspoem #thisismygift #loveisagift #rememberingyou #christmas #merrychristmas #christmastime #christmaseve #christmasishere #christmasgifts #sentimental #christmasgift #christmas2020 #celebrate #honor #christmasspirit #christmasday #christmasmood #thegiftthatkeepsgiving #thegiftthatkeepsongiving #christmaspresent #iloveyou #emotionalpoetry #originalpoetry #poetssociety #writerslife #writersnetwork #writingcommunity #whereiwrite #spilledink

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    The reason for the season

    Despite changed appearances and distances apart
    Your love is never far residing within the depths of my heart
    Wishing you all that these holidays mean
    Joy and peace sprinkled with love in between
    Special are the memories plastered inside
    Never to be replaced for our love is the gift that forever provides
    Songs in my heart, dances in my dreams and cuddles so warm to fill the spaces in between
    Today I remember the reason to celebrate and honor the king
    Blessed are those whose souls sing by worshipping
    Comforted now by these thoughts that breeze through
    Remembering the love that connects me with you

  • mehna_2006 52w

    I couldn't pull the trigger,
    Not when i was looking in his eyes.


  • avanthikaleesha 61w

    A GUILTLESS THIRST (Short story)

    My nerves are breaking out of my body, tormenting me from head to toe and my heart beats like crazy as if it wants to explode. I hear the noise of something getting broken, but is it the fiber flask that slipped of my hand or something within myself? May be I’m also shrinking into small particles along with these shattered pieces of the expensive fiber flask. After that call, I haven’t been in my right mind as it emptied out every bit of my sanity. I hugged my pillow with all my might, hoping to calm my upset stomach and tensed chest. Running towards the yard, I threw up out of extreme stress, but failed to desert my memories along. Even her pretty smile I used to admire turned into a terrible memory that provokes my anxious heart.

    It will be a lie if I describe this news as unexpected, because I had foreseen it a long time ago. I saw the devilish misfortune coming towards everyone subsequently. But still, this is too unfair for me, because Arathi was the only light that reflected upon me in this terrible darkness.

    Only after living in this horrendous dystopia of bloodshed, I realized how peaceful my life was before. I lost count of time and date ever since I began residing here, a place where clouds are filled with blood rather than water, and vivid colours of vibrion are overshadowed by terrible shades of red. When my feelings began to get numbed in this hell, she lighted the first ray of hope to my life.

    For me, she was a mood enhancer who turned even my pessimistic thoughts into something meaningful. She kept hoping for a better tomorrow, avoiding the reality of human greed and its consequences. My ears had worn out from her advice to consider the troublesome present as a dark age before a bright future, where all those violence would just be some memories of a peaceful city. But, I knew some futures were supposed to remain as futures forever.

    My desire to see her one last time gave some strength to my body. May be my mind is being generous enough to fulfill my last dream, the dream of giving away the words I left unuttered with a kiss on her frozen head. But, how am I supposed to look at her face when it doesn't bloom that pretty smile anymore? May be I never had a right to see her happy face as I always ignored the sorrowful shadow it carried. But, what made her do such a thing? What was wrong with her life? Was it too miserable that she had no choice but to give up on it? I can't think of anything other than suspicions on her incredulous act. The things she liked and admired are injecting a sense of despair in my mind, reminding me how our last breath blows off even the slightest joy of our achievements.

    I took a cab to reach Gonola street, the place where she was found dead. Reaching there, I ran towards her flat room, devastated and anxious at the same time. The sight when I opened the door took me aback, forcing me step backwards. The heart touching lines I piled up for her eulogy got vanished in the weight of her breath.

    "You are okay?"
    I wondered why I heard such an absurd news.

    "Look at the blood in your hands."
    She said, startled at my sudden appearance.

    "Oh! I'm bleeding. When did I get injured?"
    I raised my eye brows in surprise.

    "You are not injured Ren. It's not even your blood."
    She seemed disturbed by my presence.

    I looked at my hands carefully, trying to recall how it happened. When I observed closer, my brownish hand seemed pretty in that red bathe. I noticed my drained throat that's eager to satisfy thirst.

    "Was it you, the one who spreaded false news? "
    While licking the tasty blood, I asked.

    "You despised coming hear even if I requested, right? Then why are you desperate now? I think I know why.
    Because you are a filthy vampire who is fond of cold blood... "
    She replied with disgust.

    Her contempt isn’t strong enough to cause me guilt, as my eyes overshadowed my hearing when they wandered around seeking a perfect corpse to suck in more blood.

    #mirakee #writernetwork #story #mystery #drama #sentimental #suspense #silhouette_poetrywrites

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    "The things she liked and admired are injecting a sense of despair in my mind, reminding how our last breath blows off even the slightest joy of our achievements..."


  • anonymousquill 62w

    Looking for a Spark

    I've rent apart
    just to find
    that one speck of star dust
    that used to make me shine
    so bright.

    I found it, finally,
    in the corner of my room,
    secretly stuffed under
    a thousand knick knacks
    like fools gold
    piled up.

    And I declare
    the stars will not shine
    as bright as this
    moon-soaked poem—
    spent ink and feelings
    spread eagle, naked
    upon silvery words.


  • sarahrachelea 63w

    He is a miracle masterpiece
    And also a magic work in progress
    At the same time

    That's why she loves him


  • alxita 67w

    Delay because of short class and other disturbances ��

    A submission to a wonderful challenge by @mirakee_ki_naanima! As always, it turned out sentimental!
    Prompt tag: #daadisbae
    ~~ Exodus ~~

    I always like watching iridescent lights,
    or gazing at the dazzling, dancing sun,
    while birds sing mellifluous melodies,

    // and us lying at the estival twilight //

    In a domicile of poems' livings
    A genesis of virtuous beings
    Lighting the lanterns during evening
    A vivid face of the one who's craving

    All the love faces its efflorescence
    Or the Great Depression in the cold sleep's essence
    Humming at a hundred million diamonds a day
    But never rich enough to tell you 'bout all the feelings it says

    I live in an exodus of life
    Where milky stars are rife
    But a hundred million light-years away

    I regress to the oldest centuries
    Just like photos saying we
    And an exodus comes hitting me

    And the tears come by, as I gaze to the efflorescent lights
    Sublimating endlessly in a bath of coldest nights
    An exodus of iridescence, a genesis of the one bird's flight
    You as a metaphor of flight, whilst me in fright

    Seeking solstices of life, and the zeniths of cloud nine,
    Looking them down from the underground
    A conclusion seems to evade in rounds

    I'll just turn you into a metaphor
    So I'll miss you more in my exodus
    Endearing all the vivid lights agaze
    In a domicile of poems' livings

    I always like watching iridescent lights,
    or gazing at the dazzling, dancing // you //
    while birds sing mellifluous melodies,

    // and us lying at the wintry twilight //
    -- SUMMARY --

    An exodus is an outflow. A yearner of someone they love, who is currently distant or physically far away, may face an "exodus" of emotions for them.

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | iridescent - displaying rainbow-like
    2 | mellifluous - mellow; melodic
    3 | estival - relating to summer
    4 | domicile - a place to dwell
    5 | genesis - birth
    6 | virtuous - having virtues; righteous
    7 | efflorescence - blossom
    8 | rife - abundant
    9 | regress - to go back to a more primitive or worse state
    10 | sublimate - to pass from solid to gas
    11 | zenith - the highest point

    #sentimental #wish #love #relationship #distant #yearn #sunset #light #stars #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #pod @writersnetwork

    Aug. 24, 2020, 2:36 PM (GMT+8)

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  • yoyowrites_ 71w

    With love

    When my mind began to feel lonely,
    Old poems I've learnt crept in to fill the void
    Of the ones I fondly remember are "Daffodils" by William Wordsworth and "When I'm dead, my dearest" by Christina Rossetti.
    Submerged in ocean of melancholia
    The thought of you makes me smile.
    I wonder where you are, how you are doing or
    If you are dancing to off tune music with your loved ones.
    I wonder if you are truly happy.
    With a mixture of regret and longing heart,
    I wish I was a beautiful memory to you too,
    Like someone who came and warmth your soul
    As you are to me.
    You are one of my favourite poems I'd like to remember forever.
    I'll carry the thought of you with me as I cross shore after shore.
    Though God is still silent between you and me
    I'd take this moment of quietness to cherish you again.

    With love,

  • avanthikaleesha 73w

    A Visit to My Sister's Grave (Short story)

    I'm walking to my sister's grave as someone destined to be left behind. I am not brave enough to have a closer look, because her charming smile keeps blenching to my mind. How come she died at such a young age? It is unfair for a girl whose number of dreams was greater than the number of days she lived. She was kind of a poetic person who even had specific plans about her grave. I hated such talks, even though I was clueless about her untimely demise. As she wished, she is buried inside her garden, surrounded by the flowers she treasured the most. What is the point of having flowers when you can't feel the fragrance? I could never understand her. Whenever she tried to express her purpose of life, I felt she was a little crazy. In other words, I was worried about her higher maturity level when she was just in her early twenties. Now, I'm yearning to hear her weird talks once again.. It has been just a month since we watered this garden together. Even though she is the one died, I'm the wandering soul here.

    I appreciate her Romeo for understanding all of her goals within that short time. They were together for only five years. I still remember that long night when she explained his confession scene repeatedly. I couldn't sleep a wink because of her cheesy dialogues then. I had doubts about her consistency in a relationship, but they proved me wrong. He deserved to live with her longer.

    She always talked about a library in her name at a forest area. She believed, reading with a touch of breeze could help the reader to involve well with characters. Her love has fulfilled her dream, even if it is too late. I feel happy to see a library in her name. It puts some soil on the gap she left in me. After entering this library hall, the picture hung on the wall received my attention. I always liked plain style like hanging a single photo on a clean wall..

    But, what's wrong with that picture? Why does she look so much like me?
    If it is me, what about my current existence?
    I'm not able to control my heart beats now.
    Am I losing the equilibrium of my body and mind?

    As I'm falling, someone grabbed my hand before I touch the ground. He hugged me affectionately, warming my confused mind. I released myself from his hands and asked:

    "who are you?

    A man who consoles depressed girls? "

    He answered me with a chuckle,

    "I appreciate your confidence level at late seventies."

    Attending his ringing mobile, he said,
    "You mentioned a missing Alzheimer's patient, right? I think, I found her.. "

    #mirakee #writernetwork #story #mystery #drama #sentimental #suspense

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    "What is the point of flowers when you can't feel the fragrance? "


  • anneonymous 78w

    The strawberry haze
    Of our old school days
    Swirls in my mind like smoke.

    I remember the sky
    On the day that you cried,
    Your bicycle twisted and broke.

    A big, bulbous tear
    Squiggled down to your ear
    And your chest heaved as you spoke,

    "Now, how can I go!
    I'll never make it home!"
    The sun a sunken yellow yolk.

    I knew of your dad
    All the troubles you'd had,
    The fearsome fires this would stoke.

    I held you like a pack
    Swiftly taking you back
    Before he had awoke.

    Your kiss grazed my cheek
    Your sweet gaze left me weak
    We kissed goodbye by the oak.

    That night I breathed awake
    A fragrant burn with each intake
    My first taste of strawberry smoke.

  • toutirabien 79w

    #pod #feeling #sentimental
    Do share your views! :)

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    Its the time of the year when you don't feel like yourself,
    Its the time of the year when you feel the most vulnerable,
    Its the time of the year when nobody else exhilerate you,
    Its the time of the year when incantation stops exciting you,
    Its the time of the year when things starting fall apart,
    Its the time of the year when you find people spooky,
    Its the time of the year when life gives you lemons and you have no idea what to make out of it,
    Its the time of the year when you are stumped,
    Its the same time of the year when your aplomb obviates,
    Its the same time of the year when you no longer feel pristine,
    Its the same time of the year when you start losing yourself,

    Well, at the same time of the year keep yourself coaxed because you have your body and soul, nobody is going to heed onto it except you!
    Well, at the same time of the year, collect every piece of you and start rebuilding yourself unless you don't muffle your inner self..
    Well, at the same time of the year, embrace everything and love yourself so much that you won't be needing anybody else to love you..
    Well, at the same time of the year, be your own tryst..
    It will all end well at the same time of the year because it will be you who put yourself up against every cringe!

  • alxita 80w

    Note: Illecebrous means "tending to attract; enticing"

    -- Illecebrous Lights --

    In the patches of darkness throughout the forests
    A captivatingly minute light in the northwest
    Shining among the insouciant eyes of such glow
    Adumbrating though is the interest being bestowed

    Illecebrous scintillations enticing the minds
    But rather too much that it may go blind
    Nearing the source is the entrance of puzzlement
    In the middle of dark greenery sparking the sentiments

    Perplexity of such origin is prevalently observed
    Though the body's functions still doesn't swerve
    The entrance just settled without a demulcent sense
    Still chilling the nerves, yet interest is of no dents

    Enticingly walking through the door with no dogmas
    Still wondering what it is as a concluded enigma
    Though since interests fuels them like the sole vehicles
    Better luck to hope, for expecting a miracle

    #poetry #interest #lights #peculiar #enigma #miracle #badluck #mystery #puzzle #sentimental #hope #life #thoughts #mirakee #alxita_may_twenty

    Poem no. 93
    May 20, 2020, 1:43 PM (GMT+8)

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    Illecebrous Lights

    "Enticingly walking through the door with no dogmas, still wondering what it is as a concluded enigma"