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    Trust Less,
    Be Sensible...

  • pink_floyd 4d

    कराहता : Mourn

    I will never hurt you because you know what you have done to him. Though my blood is not same as his but believe me you have murder someone 1000's times with your words, actions and decisions. I used to call you d__ and always have taken your side but trust me I hate myself for this and I always asked myself 'why I have taken your side'.

    Nothing more to say except this saying of APJ ABDUL KALAM :

    Be silent in two situations.

    1. When you feel one can't understand your feelings from your words.

    2. When one can understand you without any words.

    The day you will realize things (which I think you never will) that day you will found yourself to be one of the cruelest person on this earth.

    [This is for someone here on miraquill who is a great writer but never learn anything from her own writing ������].


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    साथ छोड़ उसे चली भी जाती तुम अगर
    तो कुछ वक्त बाद वो झूठी मुस्कान से जी-लेता
    तुमने तो उसकी रूह तक से मज़ाक कर दिया
    अब कराहता है उसका दिल न तो वो उसे भी अपनी मुस्कान से सी-लेता।।

  • pink_floyd 1w

    “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” - Leo Tolstoy

    A real writer is who follow what they want others to follow through their writings. You should follow what you are feeling, expecting & desiring from others. Don't write things which you don't follow himself as that not justify your wisdom rather they show your double-face.

    #No_meme #Sensible

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    You know what a beautiful and great writing look like?

    It's when someone is following what they want others to follow through their writings.

  • pink_floyd 2w

    Before building a relationship
    Learn to maintain relationships


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    Let me give you a suggestion*

    Rishte banane se pehle
    Rishte nibhana sikho

  • pink_floyd 2w

    Human hi ho na? Nahi ho toh kya hi karoge accept karke jab Janwar(animal) me parivartit (change) ho chuke ho.


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    Let me tell you a truth*

    Tumse bhi galti ho sakti hai just
    accept it because you are a human too.

  • propheticsinner 2w

    You can't talk
    butterfly language
    With caterpillar People

  • pink_floyd 5w

    Rounda : Drag
    Pairo : Feet

    ["Bahut sunate ho apne dard ki khaniya... bak-bak-bak.. kabhi kisi ke dard ko suna bhi hai? Tumhe jisne suna tumhe uski kadar bhi hai? Tum uske baare me uske atit me jante kya ho kam se kam vo tumhare atit ka ek hissa to janta hai - Jiske liye usne tumhe apna jazbaaton ke saath saath apne kandhe ka shara bhi diya hoga]


    Every festival has its own charm so does diwali has its own beauty.

    Anyone can find the dark in someone but very rare are there who can find the light. So be the one who can accept dark and help to kindle the light.

    Never ignore someone's care, love, respect and kindness towards you because the more you humble to them the nature would be more humble towards you.

    And plz stop begging for someone's love ,care, respect because for all this you own yourself. Because as I said not everyone would be able to see your light but they can easily assume your dark.

    #No_meme #Sensible?

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    Agar ki hoti usse mohhbhat tumne
    To uske dil ko yu apne pairo se rounda na hota
    Dekha tha uska agar andhiyara tumne
    B-muskil nahi tha dekhna ujala uska.

  • pink_floyd 5w

    Andhiyaare = Darkness


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    Ghar-baar roshan karne se pehle
    Apne andhiyaare se dil me bhi deep jala lena

  • pink_floyd 5w

    Happy diwali miraquill family��❣️

    #No_meme #Sensible?

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    Are miya ab to deepawali ne bhi dastak de di
    Mithai ke is tyohar me ab sabse mitha hi boliyega

  • pink_floyd 5w

    Janni�� - ❤️Maa (माँ❣️)❤️
    To every mother in this world

    मिलती हूं कुछ दिन, महीनों या सालों में क्योंकि खुद का भरोसा नहीं आज बोले जा रहे और कल फिर टपक जाए हम।

    #No_meme #Sensible #Mother_love

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    Suna hai bhukh me bhi vo muskurati rahti hai
    Ha, vo maa hai baccho ka pet bhar khud dukh kati rahti hai

  • pink_floyd 5w

    1.Safed jhooth 2.No-acceptance 3.Be puppet to them
    4.Main karu to sala character dheela hai type�� 5. Righteousness without any fact 6.Dogle log

    I am like "Are kahna kya chahte ho" ��������‍♀️

    #Sensible #Meme

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    1.Some people be like "I can't express my love to him/her"
    But when it comes to express their hate they are at top

    2.Some people be like "I cannot be wrong at any situation"
    But dude it's you only who have made mistakes often

    3.Some people be like "I am not feeling to talk to you rightnow"
    But the same people be like "Talk to me now i am expecting it from you"

    4.Some people be like "I don't expect you to lie to me"
    But the very same person be like "I can tell a lie to you but you cannot"

    5.Some people be like "I can't remember what I was saying when i was angry"
    But sweeties you also don't remember what you were saying when you were calm

    6.Some people be like "I didn't understand things easily and I take usually more time to understand so keep helping me to understand"
    But the same people be like "If I am not getting something in my mind it's my own problem & you don't need to be my mentor for fixing things for me"

  • pink_floyd 5w

    Ayyo..ab smjh aaya mutuswami����?

    #No_meme #Sensible?

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    What they used to say it's never too late
    Today they are the one who says it's too late

  • pink_floyd 5w

    No offense...write for a particular thing.

    You only get this when you are honest or loyal towards your work, relations and ethics. When you never betray, cheat and hurt someone you gets the most precious sleep without any tension to your mind & heart.

    And that priceless and regular sleep is not available to most of the people in the today's world because of their wrong deeds.

    #No_meme #Sensible?

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    Log kahte hai ki imaandaari aur vafadaari se ab kuch nahi milta sirf dukh milta hai
    Par log ye kyu nahi smjhte ki immandaari aur
    vafadaari se kam se kam chain ki neend milti hai

  • pink_floyd 5w

    Kad - height
    Kathi - status

    बड़ा हुआ तो क्या हुआ जैसे पेड़ खजूर पंथी को छाया नहीं फल लागे अति दूर।

    We have learn so many moral lesson in our childhood but among all we remember nothing or less than needed in Todays world. Our education system is not that bad since beginning it just we humans fail to recognise what would be important for long run and we were completely busy in enjoying our school rather than learning important lessons for life.

    #No_meme #Sensible?

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    Badaapn vo hai jab aap kitne bhi bade ho jaye phir kad ho ya kathi par waqt aane par jhukna na bhule

  • pink_floyd 6w

    Chhod jo chale aaye ho use
    Vo aaj bhi tera intezaar karti hai
    Tukde-tukde jo kar aaye ho use
    Vo aaj bhi un tukdo me teri yaad liye rahti hai

  • pink_floyd 6w

    Us muskaan,khushi,sukoon ka kya fayda Jo kisi aur ki muskaan, khsuhi ya sukoon cheen kar Mili ho����

    Hum nahi rah paye�� accha kabhi kabhi aa jayenge��

    #No_meme #Sensible

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    Pucho Khud se ki kahi khud ki/ke/ko...

    Khushi paane se pehle kisi ki khushi to cheen kar nahi aaye ho?

    Muskurahat dhudne se pehle kisi ki muskaan ko nuksaan to nahi de aaye ho?

    Galat tharane se pehle kahi khud galti to nahi kar aaye ho?

    Sukoon paane se pehle kisi ke sukoon to ujaad nahi aaye ho?

    Samaan paane se pehle kisi ke samaan ko thesh to nahi pahucha aaye ho?

    Thokar lagne se bachne kahi kisi aur ko thukra kar nahi aaye ho?

    Rishtaane banane se pehle kisi rishte ko to tod nahi aaye ho?

    Aaram paane se pehle kahi kisi ka aaram haram to nahi kar aaye ho?

    Dhokhe se bachne se pehle kahi kisi ko dhokha to nahi de aaye ho?

    Aanshu pochne se pehle kisi ki aankhe ko bhar to nahi aaye ho?

    Bharosha tutne se pehle kahi kisi ka vishwas to tod nahi aaye ho?


  • lavanya_velpula 25w

    Being sensible is not crime..!!


  • hoorbanu98 34w

    Hey true♥

    And the most Suspensive is Sensible.

  • sirfsadharan 38w

    ऐसे ही कभी

    ऐसे ही कभी बात हम करें
    ऐसे ही कभी मुलाकात हम करें
    ऐसे ही कभी मैं लिखुं तो तुम पढ़ो
    ऐसे ही कभी मैं कहुं तो बेवजहा तुम सुनो।
    ऐसे ही कभी ये समां तब भी बना रहे ।
    ऐसे ही कभी जब मैं ना रहूं तो मुसकान तब भी तुम्हारी यूं ही बनी रहे।
    ऐसे ही कभी..........

  • brokengypsysoul 44w

    You are brave

    You are brave
    You have stood up for yourself when you felt weak
    You are strong
    You used your voice when you thought you couldn't speak
    You are fierce
    You have faced adversity
    You are knowledgeable
    You have educated yourself to feed your curiosity
    You are powerful
    You have shown others how to stay strong
    You are wise
    You have admitted when you are wrong
    You are clever
    You have closed the door to negativity
    You are sensible
    You have embraced your vulnerability

    You are brave, remember that when your world starts to cave in around you.