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  • kelvinmalunga_ 1w

    Sense organs are for you
    Not to make sense of
    Others' senses.
    They're for you to find
    Your own sense.


  • writerwithin 2w

    O lord of Sea!!!

    Into the deep blue vast sea,
    an extreme infinity I can See.
    The gushing waves are pretty clear,
    oozing with enthusiasm I can Hear.
    Cool breeze casts an enchanting spell,
    with a misty aroma which I can Smell.
    The ocean yields a briny zest,
    droplets filled with salt I can Taste.
    As tide converts to ebb at my heel,
    the strong force of nature I can Feel.
    Oscillating between mild & intense,
    O Posedion, you flood my every Sense.

  • emmagrace01 4w

    Him in everything

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    his embrace is angelic white,
    it looks like beautiful sunrise,
    it feels like warm sunset,
    it tastes like hot chocolate in winter,
    it smells like exquisite vanilla musk,
    it sounds like zephyr singing lullaby...


  • sheez_happiee 5w

    When I step into the cold room, I'm hit by a wave of nausea. It's 4.34 am in the morning and I could see the sun's rays peeking out the window screen. This room has been Linda's for 20 years and it has and will have her memories both dark and colourful. But the girl is no more. My EYES travel around the room. She's there sprawled across the floor with blood dripping from the vein she cut. Her hands hold the weapon of her cowardness. Cowardness? Was she afraid to live? Why? Even after death her face holds beauty behind her masked past. I lean down and TOUCH her. Her body is cold and rigid. Why did she have to do this to her? I walk around to get a clear look of the posters in her shelf. They SMELL a scent of pure love and vanilla. Somehow it reminds me of my mom. I FEEL an ache in my chestbat the thought of her and quickly refocus my mind. I HEAR pages turn, and take a look. A diary. I read it. There. This girl was in love. The first page says "Love always hurts". So then why? She was in love, not with a random guy.. but with her MOM. And then I knew what would've been in the other pages that still carry her life yet she's there dead. Linda lost her mom and the world lost Linda on the early morning of cold November. I TASTE something salty, and then I realise I've been crying. How long? I feel my senses all at once racing through me as I calm myself and let my thoughts wander to how numb my senses have been until now. It wasn't a suicide but a murder of love when love died.
    #senses #wod #momslove #isitworthdyingorlivingbetter?

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    I could see on her lifeless face the pain
    I could taste in her place the lingering sorrow
    I could smell in her last breath the fear of tomorrow
    I could feel the shards of her broken heart
    I could hear her silent cry tearing apart
    I knew it wasn't a suicide
    But a murder of love when love died.


  • peachytae_ 5w

    Drunken senses

    All my senses….
    All my senses sank,
    Into the black water.
    And clasped onto
    The world unknown.
    The reality got merged,
    With all kind of illusions…
    And frightened the ant,
    I flew on……

  • wtf_ankrit 5w


    Life is the flower for which the love is the honey.


  • miss_silentlyweird 5w



    I DON'T
    W A N T E D
    TO BE


    I love that word “Love isn't soft."
    For it tell the truth that love isn't always like loaf,
    With warm smooth texture neither has a sweet aroma,
    That can ensnare in plate since heart growls without coma,

    ~ Life

    Floating in a galaxy with burning meteor,
    With a massive exploding of an emotional barrier,
    Making me choose whether to survive or be alive,
    So instead, I just write a poem I can't contrive,

    ~ Tradition

    With huge smiles and honoring gesture,
    Show a great length love and respect,
    We follow this tradition structure,
    Yet somehow in self it's hard to apply & direct

  • _teal_ 5w


    Rain is the appeasing cocktail of life.
    That sound on the window that instigate sleep
    The sweet taste of water on the tongue
    The feeling of droplets on the skin that raises one's mood
    The smell of dust mixed with rain
    But the topping on the cake
    The sight of the blue sky turning grey
    The promise of a good time.


  • therapisttales 5w


    Staying in the moment with your five senses
    Running after a kite
    Hearing the whistle of a seagull
    Tasting ice cream at the beach benches
    Building a world in a play
    No matter how much you repeat
    Always feeling like the first time
    Incidentally mindful
    Beatifully defenseless
    Not chasing victory
    A place where you started
    Where you want to arrive to nonetheless


  • sproutedseeds 5w

    Essence of life

    Childhood was sweet
    Youth was sour
    challenges to score more.

    Growing into an adult
    sounded very difficult
    eyes focused on the career building
    once settled then fame and fortune
    spread the essence like flowers in spring.

    Old age is bitter
    when past memories twitter.
    Some are looked at as pest
    while some live alone in their nest.

  • asadolphin 5w

    You were my home

    If only you could have seen the way he walked the world
    Head held high with a firmness, an air of protection radiating from him 

    When he spoke the depth of his voice commanded an entire room. With words delivered patiently in vehicles brimming with honor and wisdom

    As he reached out to reassure you, hands, calloused and scarred but gentle, you knew everything was going to be okay.

    A tough exterior by necessity, the tenderness with which he cooked would surprise anyone.

    Fragrant and aromatic waves that danced around your nose from the kitchen.
    The warmth of home cradling your heart as spices jump around on your burning tongue. 


  • anthonyhanible 5w


    Did you feel that
    Use your hands
    Use your feet
    Put your face to it
    Put your body against it
    Did you feel that
    My heart is beating crazy for you right now

  • ranjimamohan 5w

    A verse for a heart that turned into shreds
    On a starry sky across an eerie street
    Abandoned by loved ones
    Near a dilapidated house. no more home
    hunger dancing to tunes of hopelessness
    Stood the child staring at my stretched hand
    He sparkled as he regained his senses
    For I want him to lead a colorful life
    Blood needn't be thicker
    Humanity is!!!

  • a_franteen_writer 5w

    when the stars
    fool me to write
    nuances of love,
    hope and peace
    i coax them hard
    to shut their mouths
    that were left hanging after
    seeing my audacity of
    tuning in only to zip
    them up in the bags
    of time and throw
    them away only
    to be found in the
    stories of people
    who knew me well:
    the ones who know
    why i bled every night
    every time after
    cutting myself; ajar
    for the Orions and
    Sagittariuses to see
    the real me
    even though i could never
    believe that i were a
    human being
    still humans thought i was
    one of them and burned
    in the illusion of me being
    one; now barely anyone
    knows me.
    so after being thrown
    of the throne
    the most awaited revenge
    was served; cold last night
    when i was forced to read
    stances of faith and hope
    a bloody recital
    of dramatic expressions
    and bloated abominations
    of "claimed" prophets
    either true or false
    but in the time being
    there was no right or wrong
    no cloud of hope or
    literature of the most
    Romeos and Juliets but
    only me, who was
    betrayed by her own kin
    the stars that turned to dust
    made me without the will
    of ever being born
    or living happily.
    so i cut my nerve gently
    the one on my left hand
    to bleed profusely
    and avenge the betrayal
    from my own kin
    forcing me to live

    but now i don't wish for anything anymore; evermore.
    // The starry betrayal//
    - a_franteen_writer
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    The starry betrayal

    but now i don't wish for anything anymore; evermore.
    // The starry betrayal//

  • silence_parle 5w


    Talent is dangerous
    It looks wonderful
    Smells good
    Sounds ecstatic
    Tastes great
    Gives a feeling of head over heels
    But vicious when overworked
    Worst when overpowered by someone
    Be talented, be original
    And not let them take control of you

  • kamikazemind 5w

    The smell of petrichor,
    as if soil is gazing at your smile.
    The taste of rain drops,
    as if sky is happy for you.
    The sight of dancing leaves,
    as if trees are welcoming you.
    The touch of streams with your hands,
    as if mud is craving for your foot prints.
    The sound of whistling wind,
    as if nature is singing with you.

  • john_a 5w

    Scenes of senseless

    Mine gaze didn't find any peace from the meadows of nature....
    My ears didn't hear the whisper of the breezes....
    My nose doesn't feel the scent of lavenders....
    My tongue has lost the taste of honey now...

    My skin is dead to feel the cool blows of wind...

    The soul of the body didn't found any peace from the land of infancy....
    To feel me, and my senses, I went to my ideal spot....
    I was roaming in those meadows, I was looking at those flowers... Still I didn't feel the peace...

    Mine eyes were searching my feeble beloved,
    To hold my senseless senses...
    The beloved was out of sight....
    In her absence, the tears were rolling down over the petals of white flowers...

    Every petal was looking of a smile from a deadman's cry....

    Look back.... Look back....
    For the outcries of heavens,
    For the senseless sences....

    Every flower was waiting for you....
    Every meadow was looking for you...
    The charm of lavenders, the breezes of Jehulam, every drop of aerosphere, were looking for you
    Your feebleness of nature marks your inaccessible...
    Over the skies...
    The scene of senseless in her absence
    The scene of senseless without beloved....

  • seenuinfent 5w


    I walked into the wild
    to intoxicate my soul
    with the serene touch
    of the zephyr.

    The rustling of the
    of locusts and
    whispering waters
    smitten my ears.

    The petrichor of
    the earth and
    the ambroisal
    of water lilles
    sniffed by me
    fully drenched
    my thirsty soul.

    Half raw but
    ripened foison
    of fruits
    hanging down
    but lurking
    behind caused
    kilig in tummy.

    Knackered but
    still wandering
    to watch bolides
    in the sky and to set
    the wishes of millions
    turn true.

  • akkshu 5w

    Divine love

    As you come near,
    I hear cupid's lyre
    When I see your glowing skin
    I have to say, you are Adonis' kin
    When your skin touches mine
    I wonder, when did I reach heaven?
    Your lingering body fragrance
    Is my favorite perfume
    Which I'll wear throughout my life
    Don't laugh at my lines darling
    That insane love has possessed me
    Please perform the ritual of union
    I'll get the bliss of billion

  • finding_ataraxy 5w


    Stop... Stand still for just a moment
    Look... at the beauty of the Earth
    The flowers that reach for the Sun's radiant light
    Listen... to the sound of the birds
    Cheerfully chirping as the Sun rises each morning
    Feel... the warmth on your skin
    As the sunbeams kiss your skin and bathe you in Her light