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    Do you ever get tired of making mistakes ?
    Do you burn with shame and anger?
    Cry tears of frustration?
    Try to go over memories but
    Can't seem to find the missing piece
    Or where it all went wrong?
    Do you become amnesiac
    And can't get facts right?
    Do you clench your hands
    And bit your lower lip
    As a way of self punishment?
    Do you wish to go back in time
    But reality throws cold water on you?
    Do you try, pause and think
    What could I have done better?
    And after, hate yourself all over again?
    Do you fear for your future
    And imagine yourself a public disgrace?
    Do you try to be positive
    But end up all sad and grey?
    Do you?

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    Omg! Thank you so much for pod Miraquill♥️! @miraquill
    Thank you for repost♥️! @writersnetwork

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    Mistakes are our daily bread
    But sometimes,
    We get really tired of eating them